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Chapter 17: Common Enemy: Part 2.

Later that night a private jet soars above Liberty City containing Carl, Tommy, Claude, and Max. "So what's this genius plan again?" Asked C.J. piloting the plane.

"It's simple." Tommy explains. "Jay has rounded up all of ActionMax's loyal men. He's going to distract most off Leone's troops hopefully getting most of them towards them, and we can parachute down onto Joey's club. Then well take care of Leone, and his troops with the help of Mr. Payne here."

"Right." Max looks down out the window. "How did I get talked into this plan?"

"How did I get talked into this plan?" Said Lazlow driving an armored car through Portland. "I have wife, and kids."

Loc is in the passenger seat grasping a 9mm with his shaking hand. "Chea. I'm to rich to die."

"Whatever happened to that gangster attitude?" Mocked Lazlow.

"Shut up man!"

A slot from behind opens revealing Jay sitting in the back with the guards. 'Will you two cut it out? Its game time. We need to focus."

"I want to ask why we are driving this thing. Why are we involved in this operation?" Asked Lazlow as he pulls into St. Marks.

"Because you need to do something, and since you're both scared shitless you can drive us." Jay said annoyed. "Were in an armored car you'll be fine."

Suddenly a bullet shatters the windshield. "Oh shit." Loc ducks as does Lazlow.

"Let's go Boyyyy's!" Jay's pumped jumping out the back with a pump-action shotgun. All the other guards are armed with M-16's, the mobsters have the numbers but ActionMax's men are better armed. Lazlow and OG Loc stay hidden in the truck.

Joey has just answered his cell phone. "There here. Alright more boys will be there to back you up. Make sure you Kill Vercetti, and his friends." He looks at ActionMax with a smile. "Your friends are here. Their pretty stupid trying to take us head on. I have men crawling the area who will kill them."

"Don't get to cocky buddy." ActionMax warns. "You have three crazy guys coming after you."

"They may be crazy, but their not smart." Said Nick as he loads a shotgun. "I hope at least one of them makes it here alive."

"Yo everybody ready I'm circling over the club. Jay and the others must be in position by now. The night sky should give us cover too." Carl looks out the window. "Who's going first?" Claude steps up holding a pump action shotgun ready to go. "Yo cop you go after Claude, and Tommy after him. I'll follow."

"What about the plane?" Asked Max.

"Hopefully it will fly into the water." Said Tommy with a smirk holding his Colt Python. "We don't want to attract too much attention."

"Let's go!" Carl orders giving Claude the signal to jump.

Claude jumps without a second thought, followed by Max. Tommy stands in the doorway looking down. "Oh shit." He finally jumps, followed by Carl who runs from the cockpit. They open their parachutes as they land in the order they jumped. "That was intense." Said Tommy as they remove themselves from the parachutes preparing their weapons. "Where the hell did the plane go?"

Suddenly the plane crashes into the lighthouse just off the shore. "So much for being subtle."

"Oh well lets go in and get these pricks before they rally together."


"What the fuck!" Joey and Nick look out the window to see the lighthouse in flames. "A plane?"

"It's got to be them there here." Nick cocks his shotgun.

"Boy's go check it out." Joey orders his men, they leave the room. "Nick, Tell Joey to be prepared."

ActionMax starts to laugh. "Getting nervous Joey?"

"No!" Gunshots followed by screams can be heard from outside the club. "Maybe."

"I'm calling everybody back we'll take care of these pests once and for all." Nick dials into a cell phone.

Loc, and Lazlow watch the gunfight from inside the armored car. "Where the hell are the cops? Something's not right."

"I never thought I'd want to see those jerks in uniform again." Loc holds his gun up.

A mafia henchman walks up to the drives side door opening it pointing a gun at Lazlow. "Ah what do we have here?"

"Oh SHIT!" A startled Loc shoots the mobster killing him. He then realizes what he has done. "Chea! I'm gansta! These mother fuckers better not fuck wit me!"

"Good Job." Lazlow shakes.

Jay jumps into the back of the armored only followed by two guards. "We did our part now it's time for them guys to finish the job. Get us out of here."

"You don't have to tell me twice." Lazlow puts the car in drive speeding out of there.

"Man they fucked us up quick. I hope them guys get it done quickly or their in trouble."

Tommy, Carl, Max, and Claude step into the lounge area of the club bodies of Joey's men all over the place. "They know where here now."

"So what now?" Asked C.J.

"We need to split up to speed this along." Said Tommy. "Carl, and Claude you go through that door. The detective and I will take the other hallway."

"Yeah just watch you back." Carl leads Claude one way.

Tommy turns to Max. "Now remember we need our guy ActionMax alive so make sure we play this smart." They walk down a hallway both have their guns ready.

Carl, and Claude:

The duo walks into a large weight room in the lower levels of the club. "Where the hell is everybody in this house?" Claude shrugs.

"Hey right here." Luigi stands at the other side of the room unarmed. "Hey kid how ya doing."

They aim their weapons at him. "One of Joey's main men?"

"Yeah I guess you could say that. Hey have you met my main man Mick?" Carl, and Claude slowly turn their heads behind them spotting the large man. He backhands Carl knocking him to the ground, and his guns away. He grabs Claude's arms making sure he doesn't get a good shot from the shotgun. He picks up the smaller man head butting him then throwing him into a rack of weights.

C.J. looks up just to see Claude go down; he springs to his feet ready for the fight. "You're not so big. I'll show you how I roll." Carl charges landing a few punches in his stomach but having little effect. Mick blocks one punch then delivers a massive fist to Carl's chest knocking him on his back. "Mother fucker." He coughs inching closer to a squat rack.

"Finish them off Mick." Luigi looks over to see Claude getting up raising his shotgun. "No." Luigi quickly takes out a 9mm shooting Claude in the shoulder. The blast distracted Mick giving C.J. his opportunity taking a bar from the squat rack. Luigi hears a loud thud; he looks over to see Carl standing over an unconscious Mick. "You're dead Johnson!"

Carl watches helplessly as Luigi aims to end his life a number of gunshots ring out causing Carl to flinch. He opens his eyes realizing it was Luigi who has been shot, right in the heart, he falls face down. "Shit." Carl gets up with a groan. "That's the third time you saved my ass." He helps Claude up. "Let's go, this aint over yet." Claude grasps his wounded shoulder but is tough putting it in the back of his head.

Tommy and Max:

Max and Tommy continue to make there way through the halls of the club not yet encountering anyone. "Where the fuck is everyone?"

Max looks around unsure. "I don't know, but I sure do have a bad felling about this."

"You should!" Tommy, and Max turn their heads slowly to see Nick with a shotgun aimed at them. "Drop your weapons."

"Yeah right prick."

"You should do what he says." Joey stands in front of them with ActionMax, and a mafia henchman pointing a gun at the young man. "You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to ActionMax here."

"Shit." Tommy realizes their in trouble. "What happened to your powers?"

ActionMax just shrugs. "I know this sucks."

"Make your move." Said Nick with a smirk.

Max looked back at each person in the room assessing the situation. "Tommy drop your weapon."

"What are you a fucking moron?"

"Trust me." Tommy reluctantly drops his colt. Max holds his 9mm above his head then lets it fall. He waits for the right moment grabbing the gun before it hits the ground he rolls forward taking a shot at Nick, which hits his shotgun causing him to drop it. He then turns firing a shot at the mobster behind ActionMax hitting him right between the eyes taking him out.

"Damn that was close." The young man flinches.

Joey takes out a gun then grabs ActionMax. "I'm out of here, and I got a hostage." Joey drags ActionMax along as he tries to escape.

"Vercetti take him I'll go after the Leone." Max follows Joey.

Nick and Tommy face each other the shotgun in between them they both dive for it each grabbing a part of it. "I'm gona kill you Vercetti!"

"Don't think so prick!" They struggle for control of the weapon. "I'm going to get you for back at the bar."

Nick starts to gain the edge as he pushes it towards Tommy's face. "Killing you will be a thrill."

Tommy head butts Nick knocking him back and gaining control of the shotgun. "Goodbye!" Tommy fires a shell into Nick's chest sending his body flying backwards. "Nobody stops Tommy Vercetti."

Max chases after Joey down the halls. Joey turns using ActionMax as a human shield so Max wouldn't shoot. "Back off cop. I knew I should have stayed at the garage!" Max keeps his gun traced on him but spots help behind Joey. "I'm not going to jail." Suddenly Joey fells a smack to the back the head, and everything goes black.

A freed ActionMax turns. "Carl! Claude! Man am I glad to see you guys."

"Yeah sorry Joey old friend but you're done." Said C.J.

Claude stands over Joey with his gun pointed at him ready to finish him off. "Wait." Max walks over. "He's going to jail." Claude shrugs.

"Where's Tommy?" Asked Carl.

"Right here." He walks down the hall. "You got him, its over?"

"Yeah, now let's get the hell out of here before the mobsters show up." Said ActionMax.

The group makes it way to the lounge to realize they have a big problem the Leone's solders have regrouped, and where preparing to enter the mansion. "Damn man there must be hundreds of them." Carl looks on.

"Were going to need to find another way out not even you four can take on that many guys." Said ActionMax.

"I don't think we'll need too." Said Tommy looking to the sky.

A Maverick approaches the club opening fire on the mobsters with a chain gun on the bottom Jay is the pilot. "Yeah take that mother fuckers!"

Many of them are hit others run to their sentinels driving off as others aren't as lucky as their cars explode. "Haha they didn't see that coming." Said Tommy.

After the mobsters had been wiped out or retreated the Maverick hovers by the club. A rope ladder falls, Lazlow and OG Loc climb down it and over to the group. "Uh your ride is waiting guys." Said Lazlow pointing to the copter. "I've had enough action for my lifetime."

"I'm GANSTA! No mobsters wanted any of me."

"Sure thing Jeffery." Said Carl.

"We'll this is it?" Said Tommy. "We have are guy, and we'll walk away. You have Leone."

"Yes." Max and Tommy shake hand.

"Wow that's cool I never would have guessed you four working together." Said ActionMax amazed.

"But now we are enemies again if I have to I will arrest you." Said Max with a smirk.

"I don't think you'll have to worry about seeing me again." Tommy walks toward the copter as ActionMax, and the Three Kings get aboard, and make their escape.

"Good job Jay." Said ActionMax.

"Yeah you know I'm good like that."

"Let's get back to Love Media."

Max stands with Lazlow, and Loc. "So what now?" Asked the radio show host.

"We wait for the Calvary."

Sirens can be heard in the background "The cops?" Asked Loc. "Don't they want you?"

Minutes later police cars, and a few FBI agents pull up to the club. "Freeze! Put em' up." An officer orders the three."

"No wait." Anderson has arrived on the scene. "That's Payne." Anderson runs up to Max as fast as he can and gives him a hug. "Payne I'm glad you're okay. You did it."

"Yeah." Max replies uncomfortable.

"I knew you were framed, and I have a witness to prove it." Said Anderson. "Come with me."

A news truck arrives. "Oh chea can you say publicity." Loc says happily.

"I just want to go home." Said Lazlow walking away from the rapper.

Later Max and Anderson arrive at Mama's Restaurant. "What are we doing here?"

Anderson looks over to Tony Cipriani who is talking to other officers. "Mr. Cipriani has entered the witness protection agency. Were going to forget his crimes, and move him somewhere safe."

Tony's mother can be heard from inside the restaurant. "I can't believe you Tony! Witness protection Agency!"

"Yeah MA."

"Your father would never have done this!"

"Sure Ma."

"You thought you where a tough guy!"

"Ma!" He yells back. "This will give us a chance to be successful in the restaurant business!"

Max shakes his head. "Liberty is one of a kind."

"Yes it is." Anderson looks satisfied. "Wait Payne what about those three guys, what happened to them."

Max thinks for a second. "I don't think we'll have to worry about them for a while. But if they appear again. I'll still be here in Liberty. This is my post now."

The next day at Love Media Tommy and Carl prepare to leave. "Well guys this has been interesting and entertaining but now everything must go back to the way it was." ActionMax walks over to the three kings standing in the office. Claude's arm is in a sling.

"Finally." Said Tommy.

"Hey guys no hard feelings right I mean even if I did interrupt your lives, and put you in great danger."

"If you can get me home with everything the same I will forgive, and forget." Said Carl.

"Alright who's first?"

"Me." Said Tommy stepping forward. "Well Claude, Carl this is goodbye." They shake hands. "I'm sorry but I hope I won't have to see you prick's again."

"See ya Tommy." ActionMax snaps his fingers, and Tommy disappears back to where he was picked up in 1986.

"It's now Time for me to go home to my bro sweet." Carl steps forward. "Claude my boy it's been fun. Before I go can you say something man ya know just a word." Claude gives him the finger. ActionMax snaps his finger, and Carl disappears back to Grove Street 1992.

"Well that's that." Claude looks at ActionMax tapping his foot. "Oh crap sorry almost forgot. Claude all the property and money I took for you has been returned." ActionMax now sits at his desk to speak to the reviewers. "We'll that's it for three kings." Claude looks around unsure who he's talking to.

"But don't worry my friends because there will be more with sequels, and one shots involving the Three Kings." As soon as Claude hears this he runs out of the room followed by a trail of smoke. "We'll I would like to thank my loyal reviewers: Kitty Gaby. AdoptedThug, DoWriter12, Music Man, ryando, CrankyFranky, MasklessDuckman, Phoenix Master, uknown50, Aaron Gamemaster, I see my heart is black, Red County State trooper, The Mighty Weasel of Fire, SanAndreasPleb, yunainlovelol, Irisblue, and chump2469. And a special thanks to LordMasterKris reviewing every chapter. I thank you but the war is still on my friend."

"We'll there's nothing left to do." ActionMax sits dwindling his thumbs. "Oh I wonder whatever happened to Joey."

Two prison guards escort Joey through a prison hallway to his cell. He enters the cell, and the door is shut behind him. "Have fun with your cellmate."

"What?" Joey notices a man in his cell.

It is Lav. "Hey a new cellmate, you don't need to worry buddy because they took all of my concealed lighters, and matches so there is no way I can set you on fire."

"Oh man."