Zoe:"Hiya! This idea was from my mind."

"Why? Why does something always happen to me?" thought a extremly annoyed Yami Marik stomping down the hall.

"Frist it was Yugi beating me in battle city! Then it was Ishizu and the monkey that she bought on e-bay! Then it was Malik and His stupid dream of becoming a robot and now this! Every feakin thing happends to me!" Yami Marik thought as stoping infront of room B-14.

It was Yami Marik's frist day at work and you could notice how angry he was just by looking at him cause he was waring a contorted look. Plus he was mummbling under his breath.

Then He opend the door and saw the little idiots sitting there...his worst enemys... children they were every where. They were all sitting in there deskslooking at him... just looking at him.

"Oh hi mr.Yami" said the princible standing in the front of the 5th grade class.

"Hi." Hissed Yami Marik evily

"So you have fun now! Bye bye!" Said the princbile walking out.

"Look you mortals I am Yami Marik and I am your new teacher and you will fear me soon enough!" Yami Marik said harshly.

"I think not." said a vocie in the back of the room.

"Who the hell are y- Oh no." Said Yami Marik.

"It's me Ishizu and I am going to stay here to make sure you don't do anything wrong!" Ishizu said happliy

"This is a nightmare" Yami Marik thought.

"Ummmmmm...Mr.Marik Sir Uh what are we going to do frist?"Asked a red head tord the back.

"Math" Said Yami Marik looking at the agenda.

"Oh" Said the girl with red hair.

"okay. What did you cover in math so far?"

"Well we just finished dividing top heavyfractions" Said a boy with brown hair.

"What the fuck is that?" Asked Yami Marik bewildered.

"NO MORE CRUSING" Screamed Ishizu fuming.

"Sorry..."Said Yami Marik almost freighted to death by Ishizu.

"It's okay." Ishizu said in a Dangrous voice.

Then the kid explained what divieding tod heavy fractions were. Yami Marik just stared at the boy in bewilderment.

"Were going to skip math today cause I have no clue how to do this stuff. So next is... dear Ra no... Dance."

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