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Leonardo was walking through the rain. Squinting behind his bandanna, he noticed he was at the farmhouse. Leo could just barely make out four figures standing around in a circle, looking at something….

Leonardo's eyes shot open and he sat straight up in his bed. Breathing heavily and looking around, he tried to remember what made him wake up. He had been dreaming…about something…

Leo shook his head and raised his arms over his head, stretching. He couldn't remember. It didn't matter anyway. Glancing at his alarm clock, the red numbers flashed 5:30. He was up half an hour early. Oh well. Maybe I can get some peace and quiet for a change.

Climbing out of his bed, Leo tied on his bandanna. Yawning, his eyes fell on his katanas, in their proper place in the corner of his room. He considered for a moment, and then decided not to strap them on his back like he usually did. He didn't need to have them all the time.

Leaving his katanas to gather dust in the corner, Leo walked into the kitchen and filled a pot with water to begin to make tea. He groaned as he heard the faint sounds of thunder echo through the sewers. Thunder meant rain, and rain meant his brothers getting on each other's nerves, including his. He sighed, and made a simple goal to keep his temper in check today.

Leo's sharp ears picked up the sound of someone approaching, but he ignored it. It was either Splinter or his brothers. Turning around, Leo found he was right. Mikey stumbled into the kitchen.

"You're up early," Leo commented. Mikey was known for his need to sleep in late whenever possible. The only person who could ever upstage him was Raph.

"Couldn't sleep," Mikey yawned. "Thunder woke me up."

"Oh." Leo knew perfectly well the sound of thunder scared his little brother, but he decided not to push it. If they were going to be stuck in the lair all day, he might as well not start off with someone mad at him already.

"Good morning, Leonardo," came another voice from the doorway, as Master Splinter stepped into the room as well, not looking the least bit tired.

"Morning, sensei," Leo said respectfully.

"Mor'ing 'ensei" Mikey greeted his father through a yawn.

Splinter looked to Mikey, amused. "You are up early, Michelangelo."

"Thunder woke me up," Mikey said, this time embarrassed. He had shown up in Splinter's room many times when he was younger whenever there was a thunderstorm.

Splinter said nothing, but the amused look remained. "I am aware of the storm," he said. "So I must encourage you all to stay in the lair for today." Ignoring Mikey's groan, Splinter continued. "Leonardo, please keep your brothers from…pissing each other off too much."

Leo smiled at his sensei's attempted use of slang, and then bowed. "Yes, Master Splinter."

Soon enough, Donatello and Raphael had joined them in the kitchen.

"Man, the storm is really going out there," Don commented.

"Yeah," Mikey said nervously.

"Mikey, don't tell me you're still afraid of thunderstorms! They can't hurt ya!" Raph exclaimed.

Mikey said nothing, but jumped about a foot in the air when an extra large crack of thunder boomed.

Raph began laughing. "You're really still scared of 'em?"

"Lay off, Raph," Leo said calmly, looking up from the book he was reading at the table. Raph glared at Leo, but didn't say anything else.

Soon breakfast was over, and everyone had drifted off to do their own thing. Leo was still immersed in his book, Don had disappeared into his room, and Mikey and Raph were currently watching a football game.

"What? NO! C'mon, don't do that, you idiot!" Raph jumped up and shouted at the television screen as someone in the favored team did something dumb.

Mike laughed, pulling his legs up onto the couch so he was sitting cross-legged. "Raph, no matter how loud you yell, the magical people in the TV can't hear you."

Raph grumbled something, and sat back down.

Leo smiled behind his book. So far this rainy day hadn't been going too badly…but it wasn't even lunchtime yet. Speaking of which…

Leo looked at the VCR clock. It was about 11:45. "Hey Mikey, you wanna go get lunch started?"

"Yeah sure!" Mikey exclaimed, eager to have something to do.

While Mikey banged around in the kitchen, Leo decided to go get Don. He knew that by the time he pulled him out of his lab, lunch would be ready.

Leaning in the doorway of Don's room, Leo watched his brother tinker with something for a minute…looked like Mikey's shell cell. Leo shook his head. Mikey always found a way to break something.

"Donnie?" Leo said softly.

"Yeah?" came the answer. Don didn't even look up.



Leo shook his head and left. By the time Donatello remembered what he had said, lunch would be ready and halfway over.

Upon re-entering the living room, Leo caught sight of Raph heading for the door.

"Where are you going?" Leo asked, more out of curiosity than anything else.

"Out. Ya gotta problem with that? It's Saturday."

Leo rolled his eyes. Saturday was the day Splinter gave them a break and let them do anything they wanted. Usually.

"I know what day it is. Splinter said not to go out."

"I'll be fine."

"Raph, there's a storm out there!"

Raph glared at Leo. "I'm just goin' to Casey's!"

"Splinter said STAY HERE." Leo couldn't help stressing the last part. He knew he was doing it again, being 'Splinter Jr.' as his brothers called it. And he didn't care. He wasn't about to let one of his brothers get hurt, no matter how annoying.

"Leo, I know what Splinter said. The storm's probably blown itself out already. I'll be okay."

"Raph! Stay."

"I'm not a dog, Leo, and ya can't tell me what to do!"

"Raph, it's raining. Tell me, how are you going to get to Casey's without being seen?"


Leo held up his hands. "Exactly! It's raining! The roofs are slippery! What if you fall or something?"

Raph's look of anger softened a little bit, but didn't go away. "I'm going out Leo."

Raph started to leave, but Leo stepped forward and grabbed his arms. "Raph…" he started to say, but Raphael didn't give him a chance.

Jerking his arm away from Leo, Raph stepped closer to the door. "Jus' leave me alone, oh Fearless Leader." And he was gone.

At that point, Mikey had grabbed up the remote Raph had abandoned, and flipped to the news.

"-Citizens are cautioned to stay inside, increasing winds-" Mikey turned it off, and both he and Don looked to Leo.

"So…now what?" Mikey asked.

Leo looked at the floor, then went into his room, coming back a few minutes later with his katanas. "We go after him."


"Master, the ninjas you requested await you in the main lobby."

Oroku Saki sneered behind his desk. "Excellent…deploy them to here, here, and here," he said, pointing to certain places on a map.

"And remember. Any information comes directly to me."

"Yes, my lord."

Saki frowned as his messenger left the room. His plan would not fail.