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Chapter 16 Captive

Krad covered Kuina's mouth as Kuina tried to yell out Kana's name. She continued to struggle, trying again and again to break free from Krad's hold.

Krad had placed something around them. Some type of force field which hid them from view. How did Kuina know? How could Kana not see them when they were right under her nose?

Krad picked her up and forced her out the door with him. When they were out of the house and far away from it, he dropped Kuina on the floor. Kuina ignored the pain. The outside pain did not matter. What hurt her more was the distance between her friend and her. It was as if Krad had taken a part of her away. Kuina sat dejectedly on the floor, staring at it glumly. She knew it was no use breaking out of the magic force field. She had tried it many times but it didn't work. She felt her eyes water and before she knew it, she was crying…

Krad watched Kuina as tears fell down her face. He could see the fear reflected off those pretty, eyes that held so much emotion. He could also see the sadness.

Krad grew his wings and pulled a thread from the force field and it disappeared. He pulled Kuina into his arms and flew into an abandoned old building. He flew through the huge window and placed her on the floor, himself sitting down. He saw that she was still crying which cut his heart painfully. Krad hesitated, then reached forward, wiping her tear.

"Why are you crying?" He asked softly.

"I don't know," Kuina answered.

Krad knew he was not supposed to feel these emotions. He was supposed to be the cold, heartless bastard but…he didn't know why.

When he first saw them two, he knew that they must have been one of the Hikari's works. They were too perfect and he felt strong magic coming from them. He did not know how these two were released and how they came to be in one place once again.

Kuina gave a small sniff. Krad made up his mind. He wrapped his arms around her.

"Ssh, don't cry," Krad cooed in her ear. Kuina made no move so Krad snuggled in her neck, making her giggle slightly. He realized she was ticklish.

"You're bleeding," Kuina said softly.

"I know."

"You need it cleaned or it will get infected."

"It's alright, you don't need to worry."

Krad removed his arms and stared at the wound. There was no wound. Puzzled, he inspected his body with his hands and felt a gash on his back. It was a 1 inch deep cut. The blood was still seeping through. He heard a ripping sound and when turning, saw Kuina advancing him slowly.

"Take off your shirt, please," Kuina said. There was a faint tinge of red on her cheeks but she looked quite determined. Krad sighed and took off his shirt. Kuina slowly dabbed at the wound. It was wet. But how…?

"Good thing I always carry around a water bottle huh?" she asked.

Krad stared at her. "Why are you so nice to me?"

Kuina didn't answer.

When it came to dressing the wound, she was hesitant. Her face reddened a little more, and she slowly began to wrap the cut. When she was done, she gave him a small smile and sat a little farther away.

For some strange reason, when Krad stared at her, he could only think of…good things. A world filled with light, love, and…pure thoughts. A paradise. He felt very satisfied and content around her.

The walls he had built around his heart were slowly falling.

Kuina was still a little scared of Krad. She scooted a little farther away, unsure of what to do. Kuina glimpsed at him from the corner of her eye.

She gave a small sigh and asked, "Why are we here? Isn't it better if we go to some other place or…your house?"

Krad blinked at her and answered, "This is the nearest place I could find."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'm using you as bai…I'm using you as…."

"As what?"


"As what?"


"As bait? So you can lure Kana?"


"I see. So you won't answer right?"


"Why don't you tell me? What do you want with us two?"

"…I can't say."

"Can't you tell me?"

"All I can say is…you two are…special."

"In what way?"

"That I will not say until the time comes."

"And when is that?" Kuina was getting slightly annoyed. She crawled closer to him.

"Don't ask questions."

"I believe I just did."

Krad was getting slightly annoyed also. She is one persistent little girl. Krad jumped, pinning Kuina to the floor which surprised her. His blonde hair tickled her so she wrinkled her nose sneezed to the side.

"Get off me Krad, you're tickling me."

"That's the point stupid."

"Don't call me stupid!"

"Insignificant little wench."

"And don't call me names."

"Oh and who says I can't? It's a free country."

"I am going to hurt you."

"How?" Krad asked, smirking. His hand slowly caressed her cheek, his fingers trailed down to her neck, then he ran his finger like spiders along her shoulders, making Kuina laugh and giggle.

"St…stop!" Kuina gasped, trying to control her laughter.

She tried to avoid him but his legs prevented her from escaping. Kuina was frantic. She tried to collect her thoughts and came up with an idea. She reached up (remember, Krad's on top of her) and started to tickle him, too. He stiffened. Kuina continued to tickle him and soon, the situation was reversed, with her on top of him and tickling him while Krad was guffawing in laughter.

"St..HAHAHA…o…HAHAHA…stop!" Krad tried to say but Kuina had him at a disadvantage.

Kana walked along the street, following a fresh trail. She picked her way along the sidewalks, the grass. What was she following? Long yellow hairs from the blonde. Kana wondered, How did it get through that force field? I'm pretty sure nobody sheds hair that fast unless someone's balding.

She came to an old building. It was quite small and dirty. Kana went through the doorway. The door was nearly off its hinges so there was no need to open the door. Kana walked quietly, like a cat. Her ears pricked when she heard the sound of…laughter?

She flew up the stairs, five at a time, toward the source of the sound. She listened through a crack in the door.

"Stop it! Haha!" a male's voice sounded. He was gasping and giggling at the same time. (twitch)

"You can't make me!" Kuina's own voice said, cackling in laughter.

"Oh…yes..I…can..ha..you're…fingers…haveha…no…effect…on me," the man said breathlessly, trying not to laugh. His voice sounded quite strained.

Kana looked through the crack in the door. What are they doing? She stared at them.

Kuina was on top of the blonde man and his shirt was off.

Holy shit, she's not doing what I think she's doing? Kana thought. She was starting to think her friend was not innocent as she seemed.

"You..can't…," the blonde started to say but Kana could not stand and watch any longer.

Kana kicked the door open and yelled, "Kuina what the fuck are you doing to him?"

Everyone in the room froze. Kuina stared at Kana for a moment. Then, she smiled and waved, saying, "Hi!"

Krad took this opportunity to push Kuina off of him. She tumbled over and landed hard on her back.

"You'll pay for that dearly," Krad whispered threateningly.

Kana strode over to Kuina and said in a low voice in her ear, "Kuina were you just…."

Kuina thought that she was talking about tickling him so she said, "Yes!" She then frowned at the strange expression on Kana's face.

"What? Did I do something wrong?"

"I can't believe it. Why didn't you tell me that you…had a problem?" Kana said, pausing, trying to find the right words.

Kuina was now confused. "Need what?"

"How can you smile like that after you…tried to…you know," Kana looked uncomfortably at her friend.

"No I don't know."

"You know…errr," Kana leaned down and whispered in Kuina's ear, "rape him."


"But…weren't you...," Kana said.

Kuina was blushing, her face completely red.

"I wasn't trying to..er..youknowwhat. I was just tickling him!"

WhiteWolf92: HAHAHAHA! You thought Kuina raped him!

Kana: Well, all people make mistakes.

Kuina: (blushing) Gee Kana, I'm not that kind of person.