A Child called "It"

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She felt that she was unworthy of being loved, she was forced to suffer shame. Tears of laughter, devastation, and hope: all create the journey of this girl dubbed "It" and her unforgettable search for love.

Thinking -
Talking " "

Chapter 1: Dear Diary

Winter 1995, Tokyo city, Japan - I'm alone. I'm hungry and I'm shivering in the dark. I don't really have a name, my daddy just calls me 'It', but my mommy used to call me Kagome. I sit with my hands in my lap at the bottom of the shrines stairs facing this cold abandoned well. My back hunched in an uncomfortable position as I try to keep warm. My eyes are closed and I listen to voices, voices of people that slowly waft over the top of the abandoned well. That's why my daddy hates me; he hates me because I hear them. But my mommy…my mommy loves me. She's my hero; she promised that one day she and I will leave and go far, far away where daddy couldn't hurt either of us. The voices warn me, and they ridicule me, some try to comfort me. I can't be comforted though. I'm always on edge waiting for my daddy to come and hit me so hard I lose consciousness. But that's nothing new-I'm used to the pain.

I'm Daddy's Prisoner.

I'm nine years old; I've been living like this for 5 years. Everyday it's the same thing. I wake up from the tiny closet I live in underneath the stairs and climb out of the small-shriveled blanket with holes in it; I then fold my blanket and do the morning chores. Under the second floorboard closest to the right corner, I hide bits of scrap food and my treasure. A pink stone from a riverbed in 'America'. Before my Daddy hated me we went on trips around the world. We had visited this pretty mountain place in Tenisee ( AN: I know it's spelled wrong she's nine years old O.K.) There I went swimming in a river and found that special pebble, the pink glow it gives off is the only thing that makes me feel happy, when ever I go near it I feel warm. But I dare not take it out at night, because if my daddy came in he would take my treasure away from me. After the chores I eat what's left from breakfast and then my mother drives me to school. None of the kids like me. They say I smell and I look funny, I'm bad though I'm not allowed to look at them because my daddy says I don't deserve it. When I get home I receive beatings or play another one of my daddy's 'games', then I clean up the dishes from his lunch and then when he says I am done, he lets me go to the well house to sit. If he ever came out and saw me anywhere but sitting on the second step in the well house, he would be mad. The last time I did that he hurt me really bad.-

Kagome Walked out into the hot summers day. Towards the well house. Stopping suddenly when she noticed a small bird lying on the pavement. It wasn't moving. She carefully walked over to it after checking to make sure her dad wasn't looking. It was a robin. It's small lifeless body lying on the ground. It looked somewhat happy. She reached out her hand to touch its soft down feathers when it was suddenly smacked away.

" What are you doing you little brat." A growl came from Naraku's clenched teeth, as he forcefully grabbed her arm dragging a helpless 6 year old into the well house. " Why are you such a bad child? You can't do anything right. That's why your mommy doesn't love you, because you're a filthy little-"

" MY MOMMY DOSE LOVE ME!" She screamed tears streaming down her face.

His red face snarled at her as he threw her against the wall all the while saying " If your mommy loved you why can't she save you from me?"

Kagome wanted to blurt out 'because she's afraid of you.' But thought other wise seeing she would only get beaten harder. She was then dragged to her feet again, this time by her hair. He then looked her straight in the face and before she could comprehend what was happening her head was forced into a near by garbage can filled with rainwater. Kagome struggled and gasped for oxygen…it was hopeless though. Her small hands clawed at the two powerful ones that had ahold of her neck. She had to stop him or she would die. She suddenly felt a growing pain in her chest. Like that of fire erupting through your whole body, she screamed and in took a mouthful of water. Suddenly when she thought her lungs would collapse she was pulled up. Gasping for air she fell to her knees.

" Go clean your filthy face off you piece of trash. You're a disgrace to the whole family." He spat walking away. He didn't look back as he passed her Mother standing at the doorway fighting back tears. Her mother wanted to run over but knew that if she did it would only get worse.

-My days end is only when my Daddy says I can go to sleep, I then lye on the floor where my body curls up in an effort to keep warm. My only pleasure in life is sleeping, dreaming. That's the only time I can escape life, I love to dream.

Weekends are worse. No school means no food. All I can do is imagine myself away in another happy place.-

Spring 1997, Sapporo city, Japan -

Dear Diary,

I'm 11 years old now… Last year I found out that Naraku isn't my real father, and that my mother is going to have his child. She says it's a boy. I pray to the gods that he won't beat him like he does me. Last week my teacher started asking questions about my appearance, so now I have new clothes and I get to take showers everyday so that I look like all the other kids. Naraku got pretty mad at me because he almost got caught he says that if he gets caught he won't get in trouble. I will. He said he would tell the cops that I was a bad child and they would take me away from mommy… I don't want to leave my mother. If I leave then I won't be able to protect her from Naraku. If I leave he'll go after her. I love my mommy I don't want her to die…I love living too much to -

Kagome was pushed from her thoughts as the phone down stairs rang, she heard Souta her little brother answer. She sighed. Looking back down at the scribbles on the page in her diary she flipped the pages. With every page that flipped was another memory. Some painful, some happy. She was still alive but barely hanging on to what little sanity she had left. She was now 18 and could not drive a car, even though she had a license. Her father wouldn't buy her one. He didn't want her to get away, and a car would do just that. She was to graduate high school in 2 years and hoped that she would be accepted at a school over in the states. Anywhere but here. Down stairs she could hear Souta yell that the phone was for her mother. She silently put the book down not bothering to close it, and opened her door just a crack. She looked into the living room and saw that her father was not there. She then opened her window and looked out in the driveway, his car was not there. Good.

Kagome left the room to go eat her third meal that week. Mostly leftovers. She shut the door not noticing when the wind blew open a page in her diary that she read often.


Kagome sat in the well once again. Staring up at a star that brightly shown through the hole in the roof. She was young and naive. Thinking it would change her life she chanted the words she had once heard in a nursery rhyme.

" Star Light, star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight"

Kagome thought long and hard. Deciding what she wanted finally she spoke.

" I wish for a friend that will protect me from Daddy. I want him to be big and strong. Like a night in shining armor, that always comes to rescue the princess like Cinderella. Please star save me. Help me. Help me be strong for mommy."

Kagome bent her head down in shame, knowing full well that she had been foolish thinking that the star could hear her. She would never be happy as long as Naraku had control over her life. Besides stars only granted wishes in the Fairy tales she loved to read in school…. Little did she know that her words had been heard by the heavens, she was never forgotten, she was part of the big picture that everyone had always talked about. An angel had heard her plea. Kagome's Fairy tale was just beginning…it was just a matter of time

'My shadows the only one that walks beside

me, my shallow heart's the only thing that's

beating, sometimes I wish someone out there

will find me, till then I walk alone.'

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