Summary: What would happen if everything happened differently? What if Sandy and Kirsten had adopted Ryan much earlier, and he and Seth had grown up together? What if Lorelai and Luke had started dating and fallen in love much earlier? What if Sandy and Kirsten moved with their boys to Stars Hollow? (For the purpose of this story, Ryan, Seth, and Rory are all the same age.) This story follows the lives of the main characters of The OC and Gilmore Girls

A/N- The premise for this story came about when I spent an entire weekend switching between my first season DVDs of my two favorite shows- The OC and Gilmore Girls. I hope you like it. Please R R.

A/N 2- The first few chapters are cataloging the lives of the characters before the Cohens move to Connecticut. I will get to it eventually, and then it will be the three of them growing up together (Oh, yeah, and Lane, too)


Lorelai Gilmore sat in her hospital bed, a slew of busy nurses and doctors hovering around her. There were so many people in that room, but she had never felt more alone.

Sixteen years old, she had just given birth to a girl, who she named Lorelai Leigh, without the support of her now ex-boyfriend, Christopher. She was alone and lonely, waiting for someone to save her; that person came in the most unexpected form.

She knew when she held her baby that there was no way she was alone in this world- she had this little girl. And they were in it together for the long haul.

Her eyes lit up when the nurses brought the little baby in to feed. As she cradled her new daughter in her arms, Lorelai whispered,

"Hi, Rory. Thanks for saving me."


A few states away, another woman sat in the same position, but feeling the exact opposite of what Lorelai felt. She held her newborn son close to as her loving husband watched on. She felt important, loved, and motherly- a new feeling that she really liked.

"Kirsten, honey, let me hold Seth," Sandy requested. She handed her new son to her husband and couldn't help but smile at the perfect picture it created.

The moment was shattered as doctors wandered into the room and over to the bed where a blonde woman had been earlier that day. They absently discussed the situation at hand,

"She just left?"

"Looks that way."

"I guess she knew that we weren't going to let her keep the baby... she left the baby here?"

"Yes, but she took her older son and all of her belongings and left. She left a note saying that she didn't want the baby. She actually must have known before she gave birth, because she left presigned adoption papers." At that moment, a nurse purposefully barged into the room and towards the doctors, nervously bouncing a crying baby in her arms,

"He won't stop crying. He needs his mother." Kirsten looked at Sandy and he nodded; they both knew what they had to do.

"Nurse, may I hold him?" The nurse was desperate and eagerly handed the screaming baby over to Kirsten. Suddenly the crying ceased, the Cohens understanding what it meant. They had both instantly fallen in love with this little boy, as they had with Seth.

"Doctor, could we possibly adopt him?"