An Exiled Scooby

Disclaimer: I own neither the characters from Buffy nor those of Exiles.

Rating: FRT-13 at worst. If somehow things happen that are beyond this rating I will change it as the story goes.

Summary: Xanders reality is broken, off track from what should happen. Luckily a group of people have arrived from outside space and time to fix it.

The town of Sunnydale was not a lively town at the best of times, and this was most certainly not the best of times. An oppressive aura had recently emerged forcing long term residents, both living and otherwise, to leave their homes for safer pastures.

It was for this reason that the many graveyards were quiet for the first time since the town had first been built. Those that lay beneath the earth, enjoying their final rest, could now do so with dignity.

This restful time was soon shattered when, with a blink of light and a rush of displaced air, six figures stood where none had been before.

"This sucks!" exclaimed one of the figures. It clearly wasn't human, a fact driven home by its bone white skin and lack of a nose.

"Oh quit complaining Morph, they can't all be Cancun," said another figure. This one was also obviously nonhuman, and her form would make those in the know about what lurked in the shadows in Sunnydale assume she was a succubus. She wore little enough clothing and her features were undeniably beautiful. One could say that her blue skin, pointed ears, golden eyes, forked tail, and the fact that she only had three digits on each had marred her beauty, but most would say that those features only added to it.

"And I say they all can be Cancun, TJ," said Morph as his body began to melt into that of a muscle man with a physique that would make bodybuilders the world over envious. "We stop some small crime that sets the universe back on course, and I get to spend a week on a beach picking up chicks. It's the perfect solution: everyone wins."

"Hate to say it but I have to go with Morph on this one," said a human-looking Asian beauty.

"I think we can all agree with Morph, but we also know that it isn't going to happen every mission, Mariko," said the last human looking member of the group. He was about six feet tall, with blond hair and well muscled.

"Speaking of missions what do we have to do this time, Clarice?" asked the largest member of the team. He stood firmly on cloven hooves and covered almost completely in armor. His image didn't bring to mind that of a man, but what a man may look like if forced into a new inhuman shape.

"According to the Tallus, we need to awaken the one who sees, so that he may guide the Chosen to the correct path," said a pink skinned woman with elven features, including the pointed ears.

"Great," said Morph as he returned to his first form. "How about me and John get as big and ugly as we can and run through the streets banging trash cans together. That will wake everyone up, including the guy that sees."

"First we need to know our surroundings. I somehow doubt that the one who sees will be in a graveyard," said Clarice as she turned to the blond man. "Mimic, use Northstar's powers to scout around for a place to stay and keep an eye out for any one who looks like they may see more than others."

"You got it, Blink," said Calvin Rankin, known better to the people of his world as Mimic, as he flew into the air.

"As for the rest of you, stay close. I have a bad feeling about this world."

A few moments later Mimic returned and reported that the town seemed to be deserted except for one house. Deciding that some reconnaissance was in order, Blink ordered her team into position around the house so they could observe the occupants.

It didn't take long for them to find what they were looking for, even though they only knew it when the Tallus started to talk to Blink again.

"Does everyone see the guy that just walked out front, the one with an eye patch?" Clarice asked her team. After receiving a series of affirmatives she continued, relaying what the Tallus had revealed to her, "He is our target. Somehow we need to find a way to activate his dormant mutation."