The Nightmare

By Shippo, Raven, Al

Author's Note: Heh, I love role-playing; here are my different sides: Shippo: Yo! It's me again! Just so you know, High School is NOT by me, it is by my awesome friend Starfire!

Raven: Sure, Shippo. whispers to Al Did you feed him pocky today?

Al: Umm…

Raven-; You did, didn't you?

Al: How should I explain this…?

Shippo: HEY! Let's start the fic already!

Raven: Shippo, calm down. You're WAY too hyper for my liking…

Shippo: Whaddya mean, hyper? XDDD

Raven: Oh god.

Al: Sorry.

Shippo: Adults are weird!



Al: Come on, guys, let's not fight .;



Al: sigh

Heh heh. I love to make people laugh, but sometimes people laugh at me, not with me…BIG difference! Okie, enjoy the fic!

Chapter 1- Movie Night

The titans were browsing the video store, trying to pick out a movie and (as always) fighting over it.

"I say we watch action," Robin said.

"No way dude, comedy!" Beast Boy cried.

"Man, we are watching sci-fi," Cyborg said.

"Perhaps a romance movie would be satisfactory," Starfire suggested.

Raven just stood a ways away from the group, watching them argue. Pitiful. Presently, Beast Boy turned to her.

"C'mon, Raven! Help us decide here! Just side with me and we can go!"

Raven shrugged. She really didn't care what movie they watched. All of the choices seemed boring to her. She wasn't interested in comedy because it was just plain stupid. She didn't want romance because it disgusted her. Action didn't appeal to her because it was all fighting, no plot. And sci-fi was just too…educational.

"Let's just decide on something," Robin called Beast Boy's attention back to the argument at hand, and the fighting resumed. Raven was tired of watching them and looked away. Her eyes scanned the shelves of movies and finally rested on one particular section. Intrigued, she walked over to it.

"I'm telling you man, we are watching sci-fi!" Cyborg yelled.

"Comedy is better than stupid space shuttles!" Beast Boy yelled. "Who wants to watch a movie about Galilion?

"It's Galileo, and space is cool!" Cyborg retorted.

"Would you all just shut up for two seconds?" All eyes turned to Raven, who was holding a movie. "We're watching this tonight." She held up the box and the titans' eyes bugged.

"The RING!" Beast Boy read aloud.

"We can't watch that!" Cyborg cried.

"Raven, are you sure about this?" Robin asked.

Raven smirked. "Positive."

Later, all the titans were in the tower. They had all been too frightened of Raven's evil sneer to protest.

"Please, is this some sort of jewelry program?" Starfire asked Robin as Raven put the tape in the VCR.

"No, Star, it's a horror movie," Robin said with discomfort. Starfire squeaked.

"But I dislike horror movies. Raven, may we please watch another movie? Perhaps Romeo and Juliet?" Starfire asked.

"Why would I want to watch that? We are watching this and that is final." Raven replied. "Damn, someone forgot to rewind this."

"Raven, please," Beast Boy asked timidly, "can we watch something else?"

"NO." As much as Raven wanted to watch this movie, she felt a little bad for snapping at Starfire and Beast Boy.

She rewound the tape and sat down as the movie started.

Heh….Boring beginning, but I swear on my life (OK, maybe not that much) that it will get better! If you want me to continue, I shall! Review is all I can say!