Part Nine: Jail Break

Xander drove down the road, being very careful not to catch the eye of a cop by speeding. He had been driving like this for five days, and it had worked for five days, so he wasn't going to spoil a good thing now.

"Where are we going?" asked Xanders companion. She was the stuff of teenage dreams, and everyday Xander had been grateful that he had been able to take her with him when he escaped.

"Home," said Xander with a small smile on his face.

"I know that," said the woman with a dazzling smile. "I just want to know where home is."

"It's a secret," said Xander.

"Come on can't you tell me?" asked the woman as she leaned forward to give Xander a better view of her cleavage.

Xander was about to reply when his body put out a strong pulse that seemed to cause everything to waver for a few moments. When he recovered, Xander pulled the car over to the side of the road and got out.

"Was that your mutant power?" asked the woman as she also got out of the car.

"That was just an alarm going off Martha," said Xander.

"My name isn't Martha," said the woman.

"It's what they call you. Considering how sick the people who work here are I think that they would call a brain in a jar by the name she had when she still had a body," said Xander.

"How long have you known?" asked Martha.

"Sense the beginning. As soon as I convinced Essex that I was using my powers to meet the women here while they slept, I figured he would try something. Escaping with a beautiful woman like you right after was too much of a coincidence, no matter how many times you told my brain to accept that I just got lucky," said Xander.

"How did you know it was me though?"

"The dog we saw the first day. I've been seeing that dog every day in my dreams for years now, it gave away the fact that I'm in my own mind," said Xander. "Having you urge me to tell you where my home is sealed the deal. I've had enough people in my head recently to know that home really means where I feel safe, and where my secrets are."

"Then you know they will just torture your friend now," said Martha while looking genially sad.

"Oh I doubt that," said Xander with a large grin on his face. "They have bigger things to deal with at the moment."

"Like what?" asked Martha.

"Like a full scale jail break," said Xander. "Want to come with us?"

"There's only one way I can be free," said Martha.

"Don't worry, I'll do it," said Xander. "Until then, lest play Mr. Rogers. Can you say 'Ka-boom' children?"

A large explosion came from deep within the facility taking out the power, and jarring Xander awake. He was alone as he expected every one of the guards that would have been posted in his room gone off to deal with the crises.

"I knew you could," rasped Xander from a mouth that hadn't spoken in five days.

The blackness that surrounded him was proof enough that everything was going according to plan. Info Woman had used her connection with the computers to cause a malfunction in the room where they were using Jono's psionic energy to power the place at the same time Jono really started to poor out the energy.

Of course not everything was working out, Quicksilver should have been here by now.

"Sorry I'm late; I had to teach a guard why it was wrong to feel up women as they sleep. Especially when that woman happens to be my sister," said a male voice from behind him.

Xander simply nodded. If Ms. Calendar had taught him anything it was that you don't argue with a gypsy about vengeance.

"How are the others doing?" asked Xander as soon as he was free from the restraints he was in. It had only taken Quicksilver two seconds to free him, but it had felt like longer.

"So far so good. As soon as Jonothon woke my sister up she used her powers to release everyone else from whatever the traitor used to keep them prisoner. If we can hurry we can help the people with lower powers to the armory," said Quicksilver.

"In a second," said Xander, right before he picked up Martha's jar and smashed it on the ground. "Now we can go."

"Why did you do that?" asked Quicksilver as he picked up Xander and began to run.

"I promised her that I would free her too," said Xander.

When they came half way to the weapons storage Quicksilver came to a stop as he looked at the carnage that was being created.

"Holly shit," said Xander as he watched a large robotic hand crush one of the mutants. They were prepared for men with guns, not large robots, things were no longer going well.

"Get the magnet girl here now Pietro, and have everyone with even a hint of telepathic powers tell everyone else about these things, I don't want anyone else to be caught off guard!" ordered Xander right before Pietro disappeared.

"You!" said Xander while pointing at a grey skinned teen. "Use your power to pull the wounded to safety. Loosing some of your skin won't kill you, and you'll keep your vital organs out of reach."

The ex-gangster simply nodded and began doing what he was told. Now that everyone had the memories of the time they spent in his head everyone knew how much of a role.

Of course that didn't mean that people didn't know when to abandon his plans when they didn't go right. So when a jet of flame shot out of the robots chest the young mutant was quite quick to retract his skin and seek some better cover.

"Of course it has range weapons," muttered Xander as he attempted to put out the flames that were on his pants. "What's taking Pietro so long anyway?"

"Sorry, not use to carrying people when I run, and I'm getting a bit winded," as he put down a green haired woman.

"So long as you keep up with the last minute saves I won't complain too much," said Xander before turning to the newly arrived woman. "Now if you would be so kind as to crush that thing like a tin can before it burns us all to death I will be eternally grateful."

"No problem," said the woman as the giant robot began to fold in on itself until it was the worlds most expensive paperweight.

"Nice job," said Xander.

"After keeping me drugged for three months it isn't nearly enough," the woman growled.

"Escape now, bloody vengeance later," said Xander before he turned to a now recovered Pietro. "We about ready to burry these guys?"

"The movers were just finishing up when I took her away, as soon as we get everyone out we can finish this."

"You heard the man people, time to ditch this place. Lets get moving," said Xander as he addressed the other mutants present.

No one argued as the advance towards the weapon storage area was abandoned. It had just been a ploy to draw as many people to the center of the building as possible; the further in the guards were the less of them would be able to get out.

The trip to the outside was fairly easy. Between Pietro's speed and the woman's ability to control mettle, there really wasn't much the remaining guards could do.

Once everyone was outside Xander called out, "Okay Dominic, time to burry these monsters! Everyone else try not to fall down!"

Apparently Xander had been very literal in his use of words, because as soon as he had called out to the elder man the ground had began to shake. Soon the ground opened up and swallowed the crumbling building, and all its human inhabitants, before closing back up.

For a long moment everyone simply stood there, as if they couldn't believe the place of their nightmares was really gone. The spell was only broken when a large blond bare like man turned and walked into the woods.

"Okay people, I think Victor has the right idea. Everyone start talking to each other; find out if you're going in the same direction as someone else. Thanks to the heavy lifters we have vehicles, but not enough for everyone to have their own," said Xander while gesturing to the military and civilian vehicles that were removed from the building before it was destroyed.

"So where you going off to," said a familiar voice from behind Xander.

"Jono heard about this school for people like us down in New York. I figure Secret and Surgeon should be safe there, along with all the other young ones. You going to come with us Swampy?"

"Nah, New York is too cold. 'Sides, been too long sense I've had a good pot of gumbo. You ever come down south, look me up, I owe you a card game," said Gambit before walking off to join the others who were heading towards the southern states.

"I'll do that," said Xander with a smile on his face.

"Sir, you need to see this," said a soldier as he handed a group of satellite photos to a General.

"Well, well," said the General as he stroked his graying facial hair. "Any idea how this happened?"

"Early reports indicate that there was a breakout at sight Beta. At this time it is unknown just how many escaped before one of them buried the facility," said the soldier while standing ramrod straight.

"At ease son, this isn't as large of a setback as you probably think it is. In fact I know just the place to replace what was lost," said General William Stryker as he looked at photos of a school that had a jet coming up from under the basketball court.