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Chapter 1

"AAHH!" Mulan and Shang both yelled as the rope gave a little bit more.

It took a while for them both to recover from the shock. "Shang, hold on!" Mulan cried, looking down at the man she had loved for so long. This could be it…she thought as the tears began to stream down her face.

"It won't hold us both," Shang replied, looking up at his love with fear in his eyes.

"It will…it will, Shang," Mulan choked through her tears. It has to, she thought. Just imagining her life without him was too much for her to handle.

"Mulan…" Shang whispered, sorrow dripping in his voice. He hated seeing her struggle like that. He had to…to give her a chance. To let her have a chance at life. Even if it meant ending his. "I'm sorry." And he let his fingers slip through his, relishing the sight of her and the feel of his hand in hers for the last time.

"NO!" Mulan cried as she watched her beloved fall into the foggy abyss below.

What a pity, Shang thought as he felt the tears gather in the corners of his eyes. I never told her I loved her.

"Over here! I think he's unconscious."

"Oh, he's got some nasty cuts, though."

"But he's so cute! I hope he survives." A high pitched giggle followed the declaration.

Shang slowly opened his eyes and found himself on a sandy shore with two men, one old and one young, and a young girl looking over him.

"He's awake!" The younger man cried.

"Are you alright?" The older one asked.

Shang examined himself. He felt the stings of several cuts over his arms and legs, and his limbs felt a bit sore. And for some reason, he felt a gray, depressed, melancholy feeling glued to his heart.

"Yeah, I'm fine," He mumbled as he struggled to sit up.

"What happened to you?" The girl asked curiously.

"I-I-" Shang struggled. He saw flashes of water, with a feeling of fear connected to them. And he remembered a girl…a beautiful girl. "I don't remember…"

The three exchanged worried glances.

"What's your name?" The elderly man asked kindly.

What is my name? Shang asked himself. It—it begins with an –sh sound…

"Shing?" He replied uncertainly.

"Well at least he remembers that." The younger man sighed.

"Here, come with us. We'll take care of you," The older man said as he hoisted the wounded general up and put his arm around his shoulder. He was surprisingly strong for so old a gentleman.

"Thanks…" Shang replied wearily.

"Our house is just over past that rice patty," The younger man said. "By the way, my name is Xian Thien. This is Xian Mekhi, my father," he gestured to the elderly man who was supporting his weight. "And this is Xian Jade, my sister." He indicated the girl, who flushed and gave a flirty giggle.

On closer examination, the girl had an unspoken prettiness about her. Her skin was pale and smooth. She wore no makeup, but her cheeks were rosy and her eyes shone bright and innocent. Her black hair was long and silky, but tied back to keep it out of her face. But despite her beauty, Shang felt no attraction for her whatsoever.

"Don't worry," She said. Her voice was a pretty, tinkling sound. "We'll have you as good as new." She smiled at him and ran ahead of the two men to prepare his board.

"Mulan, you can't!" Yao tried to dissuade her.

"Please, Mulan! Don't make yourself suffer anymore!" Mei pleaded.

However, she stood her ground. "No. I will not let Shang's sacrifice go to waste. I will finish this mission." She said, her voice oddly firm and eerie.

Ling, Yao, and Chien Po knew better than to argue with her, so they let the subject drop and encouraged the princesses to do so as well.

"Your mission is to protect each other now." She said as she turned to them, her eyes dark and hollow. "Whatever you do, do not follow me. Keep out of sight of Qui Gong." She gave a humorless smile and said, "Goodbye." And with those parting words she strode over to Khan, mounted him and galloped towards Qui Gong.

It was a lonely, depressing journey. Her thoughts often turned to Shang. His parting words haunted her…

I'm sorry too, Shang…she thought as she wept. I love you, Shang. And no matter what I do, I always will. She fingered her half of the Yin and Yang pendant that her mother and father had given to her and Shang. She hid it carefully under her clothes as she approached Lord Chin's palace.

Mushu popped his head out of the saddle bag and looked sadly at the forlorn look that shadowed Mulan's face. The guilt bubbled hot and acidly in the pit of his stomach. He knew that her unhappiness was his fault. And I'm supposed to be her guardian, Mushu thought sadly. Some guardian I turned out to be, he thought in disgust.

When she entered the grand throne room of the palace of Qui Gong, courtiers and royal advisors turned their attention to her. Ignoring the puzzled glances, she approached Lord Chin. She bowed very gracefully, her hair falling around her head like a black, silken curtain.

"Who are you?" Lord Chin asked imperiously.

"My name is Fa Mulan." She replied. "I was sent by the Emperor of the Middle Kingdom to escort his daughters to wed and unite our two nations."

"Ah, yes!" He exclaimed. "Where are they?"

"They are not here." She said quietly. "The carriage crashed. They did not survive."

"What?" He cried. "I was promised that a marriage would be made! Without the marriage, I cannot unite with the Middle Kingdom!"

"A marriage there will be," Mulan declared. Gasps followed her announcement. She bowed again and said, "I would be honored, to wed a prince of Qui Gong."

Lord Chin glanced at his advisors, all of whom were nodding vigorously, approving the match. He nodded back, cleared his throat and began, "This was not what was agreed. However, you will make a fine bride for my eldest son, Prince Jeeki." (A/N- I'm changing Jeeki's appearance, just so you know)

A gong rang, and Mulan turned as several servants stepped to the side and revealed a handsome specimen of a man.

Mulan stifled a gasp. The man stood at an amazing six and a half feet tall (A/N- Which is amazing considering that a lot of Asian men are on the short side). His eyes shone with a sort of inner strength and wisdom, and his features were finely chiseled and rugged. His hair was tied neatly in a topknot and he wore robes of royal blue that showed his toned muscles in several places.

He strode over to where she stood. She bowed deeply and kept her head down, because she did not want to be considered rude. He reached toward her and cupped her chin in his head to bring her face up to his. Mulan's breath caught as his strong hands came into contact with her soft chin. She looked into his eyes and felt a strange melting sensation in her stomach, the same sensation she felt every time she looked into Shang's eyes.

"It's nice to meet the hero of China," He said in a deep voice, that reminded Mulan of the waterfalls. Strong, powerful, yet beautiful and natural at the same time. "I never knew that she would be so beautiful."

Mulan felt a faint flush cross her cheeks. She wanted to look away, but she thought it might be rude, since he still held her chin. "It's nice to meet the Prince of Qui Gong." She replied softly.

Mushu was watching the scene play out behind a curtain. Perhaps Mulan's life would work out after all.

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