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"Shang!" Mulan cried as she hobbled down the steps of their new home. "I think…I think the baby's coming!"

He felt the blood rush out of his face. Immediately, he dropped his broom and rushed over to his large wife. "Oh no! You can't be outside! Go into the house and lie down, I will fetch the midwife!"

He ushered her inside the house urgently and ran into town.

Mulan gazed down at the bundle of blankets in her arms. He was perfect, absolutely perfect. Tears of joy began to flow out of her eyes.

Shang gently pulled the blankets back a little and smiled at tiny infant. "What shall we name him?"

She smiled as she remembered her first husband. She had been lucky to find two men that had fallen in lover with her, and event though her heart belonged to Shang, she would never forget the kindness, the gentleness, and the love that the Emperor of the Qui Gong had show her. She would be grateful to him forever. "Jeeki. His name is Jeeki."

Shang smiled "Jeeki then."

Love is a powerful thing. It binds us together. And true love endures.

Jeeki remembered these words that his beloved mother had spoken to him once before his first wedding. As he lay there on his death bed, he remembered Mulan. He knew she had loved that General, and they were had a child.

He loved Mulan. He always had and he always will.

"Mulan…" He whispered with his last breath and passed away.

Mulan was nursing young Jeeki when she felt a void open up in her heart. She heaved a heavy sigh as Shang looked up. "What's the matter?"

She turned her head and faced the direction of Qui Gong. "Jeeki died."

They both bowed their heads in respect for the Emperor of Qui Gong.

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