In One Year

Summary: Now that Ryan had left to go back to Chino, things were back to normal. The way it was. The way, that in the end, it should be. One-Shot.

Note: I'm not quite sure how to spell Comicon, but I'm sticking with my way unless someone corrects me. Yes, I'm aware the ending isn't the best, only I, in my opinion, didn't know where to go.

In one year, things changed so much. Seth Cohen went from an emo-loving queer to a emo-loving, semi-popular kid with Summer Roberts' as a girlfriend back to an emo-loving queer.

When had it all changed?

Seth could pinpoint it to the day he first saw Ryan Atwood. Seth was in those dorky pajamas, playing video games. He had wished for days after that he could have been wearing boxers and a wife-beater instead of those pajama bottoms and a tee shirt. He wanted to be cool. He wanted to be a kid that Ryan Atwood would smoke cigarettes with, not this kid that Ryan would beat up for the sake of it.

Seth could also pinpoint his demise back into his old self the day Ryan left.

How had Ryan changed his life? Seth didn't know why the appearance of Ryan Atwood made him cooler. Maybe it was because Ryan was mysterious and sexy and cool and broody, everything Seth was not. If Seth tried to be mysterious in his black turtlenecks his mother informed him he looked too pale and needed to get out more. He definitely was not sexy, more "cute" in the words of Nana Cohen. Seth was not cool, being left out of so many things that he had decided not to try to be social anymore. He was not broody, for when he tried to brood, it looked like he had to go to the bathroom.

Seth didn't know why Ryan made him popular. Seth was still a dork, he still loved Death Cab for Cutie ferociously. He still read comic books filled with heroes and incessantly chatted on about Comicon.

Now that Ryan had left to go back to Chino, things were back to normal. The way it was. The way, that in the end, it should be. Seth had sailed away for a few days because he so was angry at Ryan for leaving. But he freaked out after running out of Goldfish crackers and bottled water, and when he came back, Summer had left him a note in his bedroom that stated that she was officially breaking up with him. Summer and Marissa were also super-popular again. Summer was back to making out with random guys at beach parties in her bikini, and ignoring Seth. Marissa was back to sipping drinks surrounded by huge crowds. And Seth was back to normal, which meant blasting music, and practicing his French in his room, and talking to Captain Oats.

It was probably for the best.

Seth was glad that Ryan had showed up. Seth had always wanted to experience the life of glamour for himself. Just to see what it would be if things were different.

But in the end, he didn't want that life.

At least that's what he told himself.


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