Xander as Marvel Style

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Summery: A series of drabbles featuring Xander as various Marvel heroes. This was inspired by 'Xander as DC Stile.' I may go back and write full stories on some of these but not until I cut down my works in progress.

A/N: Iana is holding my other stories hostage. After much negotiating we have agreed that I will do this on the weekend and she will release inspiration for Inheritance or maybe Endless.

Part One: The First X-Man

As Xander walked along the stone walkway in the cemetery he reflected on the events that had led him here. It wasn't always easy but rewarding never the less.

Soon after the destruction of Sunnydale Xander begin to hear voices in his head. At first he was worried that he had finally lost it, until he realized that it was the thoughts of people around him.

Remembering what happened to Buffy, Xander quickly went to Giles to find out how this happened. Unexpectedly Giles was stumped. Even with all of the books they had no explanation came as to why Xander would suddenly manifest these powers.

Xander learned to control his powers over time. A difficult task indeed when you consider that his powers grew with each passing day. In fact he grew so powerful that he was soon able to read the thoughts of vampires, something that was believed imposable until then.

As time went by Xander began to believe himself unique in the world. He wasn't a Slayer, a Demon, and he wasn't quite human any longer, he was something else, destined to never know others of his kind. This was Xanders belief, a belief that was shattered the day he met Eric.

Xander smiled as he remembered the first time they met. Eric had been full of rage, ready to lash out at the world with his powers. Xander had no doubt that is what Eric would have done if he hadn't show Eric the world of demons and vampires.

Enraged by the sights he saw Eric joined the fight against the darkness and eventually married Anne, a Slayer. They now have two children that would enroll in the school next fall.

Ah yes, the school. Mustn't forget that, it's the whole reason that he was out walking tonight when his aching bones, brittle from all the times they were broken when he was younger, were telling him to be inside.

When he had first learned there were others like him Xander approached Giles about setting up a school like the Slayers had, so he could train them to control their powers. Giles not only provided a school out in Westchester New York, he also gave Xander a substantial budget. With a bit of investing, aided with his new talents, Xander used the budget money to amass a vast fortune that over showed the entire Counsel holdings.

Soon the students came. Scott, Jean, Warren, Henry, and Bobby were his first group and senior class, but often they felt more like his own children. This was their final before they either went to fight the darkness full time or stayed helping him with the newer classes.

He was currently reading the minds of a nest of vampires, sharing information with his students as they waited in the shadows. Finally the time was right, he sent out a call, perhaps the last one this group would hear.

To me, my X-Men!