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In taking some ideas from several of the most amazing light and dark stories and fan fiction out there, I will endeavor to bend some of it to my will and weave a new perspective of what Harry's sixth year will be like. Giving new life to "The Power the Dark Lord Knows Not" and making what I would like to think will be an agreeable Alternate Universe of the reality we know and love as Harry Potter!

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Oh! And by the way, this is a sixth year story that branches out of fifth year. You'll notice, however that it will contain and parallel Half Blood Prince, taking some things from the books and ignoring others altogether.

Horcruxes, for one, have been completely thrown out the window.

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Chapter One
Unexpected Alignment

Clearer skies as the ones seen tonight over the park and surrounding streets of Little Whinging, Surrey, have not blessed the sights and visions of humans in millennia. For the skies of this world; the veils of protection that shroud its atmosphere from the universe have not found reason to do so, nor one worthy enough to view its splendor until this night— this very exceptional night.

A night which shall inspire legend and be the base of myth for centuries to come; a night where the unveiled stars, the exposed planets and the uncovered universe are laid bare before closed emerald-green eyes; eyes so thick with sadness that it is almost palpable, almost corporeal in its strength.

Eyes that belong to one Harry Potter: young wizard in training, Boy-Who-Lived, and who, if seen by anyone at this very moment, would be the perfect depiction of complete loneliness. Not because of his lack of friends, for he has many. Nor for lack of people who love him, because even he does not know them all. But because in his heart, in his soul and in his very being, he mourns for those who he has lost, and for those who he might yet lose.

And for this his soul aches, his heart bleeds— for this, his eyes shed tears of loss, tears of lost hope, tears of helplessness. But that which signifies the deepest lament, unusual in its intensity, are those tears he sheds for those he does not know and will never know, due to the darkness that taints the world; that tarnishes the sight of a night such as this with the shadows of malevolent deeds of years past and the evil prospects of the future.

Tonight, laying as he has been for the past few hours; on the grassy fields of Little Whinging's park, the sadness in his heart ebbs away when his eyes open and focus on the majesty before him; as clouds roll away from sight, leaving the firmament bared without their presence; As if some unknown blanket had been pulled back to reveal a clearer sight of the stars than he had ever seen. Tonight, as his senses begin to prickle from hearing sounds he has never heard, and sights he has never seen, he is keenly aware of his surroundings and the fact that something momentous is occurring, something that only Mother Earth knows has not happened since ancient times.

Tonight, destinies will be revealed, the past will be rehashed, and the future will be set on a new course— for this world's Emissary, this era's Ambassador has just made his first call…

- o -

The timepieces of this mortal world mark the passing of the midnight hour on the fourteenth day after the arrival of one Harry Potter at Number 4 Privet Drive. Silently entranced, after hours of watching the unveiled skies, he questions what events have occurred to allow such beauty to grace his eyes; eyes which he would call unworthy of this gift. And yet he cannot remove his gaze, and for the first time this summer, and of those summers past, he feels true happiness at the thought that maybe, just maybe, he could one day be worthy of such an experience, unlike tonight, where to his mind, he is just sneaking a peek at something that he does not deserve.

'Because', he questions himself, 'how can a murderer ever be worthy of this? How can one with such a destiny be allowed to see such magnificence?'

"You are, young one," came a barely audible whisper, startling Harry from his thoughts. "You are worthy," it reassured, as Harry quickly looked around to find the source of the sound, drawing his wand, only to discover that apart from the trees he was completely alone. Knowing that not even his guard from the Order was close to where he now lay. He remained still, vigilant.

"Who's there?" he asked in a whisper to the vast emptiness of the park, his sharp gaze flickering at any sign of movement.

For long moments nothing was heard, apart from the rustling of the leaves as the first breeze since the skies opened up brought the sounds of nature back to its awakened state. "We are," the whisper spoke from behind, as another breeze ruffled his windswept hair.

Harry quickly stood up, turning in slow circles without moving from his spot, "Who are you?" his voice filled with curiosity and caution, "What do you want?"

Again, time seemed to drag out, and the sounds were replaced by the unexplainable silence of the stars, of the moon, and for the first time that night, nervousness was made known in his brain. "We are the custodians," was the whispered answer from his left, as the leaves reminded Harry of their existence. "We mean you no harm, young one," the voice soothingly whispered, "We have come to answer the call."

Calming slightly since he heard no ill intent in the whispers, only ageless wisdom, Harry lowered his wand slightly and soothing his somewhat unsettled nerves, he asked the first thing that entered his mind, "What call?"

An amused reverberation was heard throughout the clearing in which Harry stood, sounding oddly like a breeze swaying the grass. "The world's call, young one, nature's song, the universe's breath; we came to answer."

"But who are you?" Harry asked again, now thoroughly confused. "What are you? I don't understand," he kept asking in his bewilderment, pausing a moment before inquiring, "And what does this call have to do with me?"

"It has everything to do with you, young one," was the reply as another voice joined the first in the whispered answer, coming from everywhere at once. "You have been revealed," they responded as another voice, gentle in nature, joined in, "we came to you and for you, because it is our duty, our purpose," they finished.

If Harry felt puzzled before, now he was beyond mystified, "I don't understand," he finally got out, before looking up to the sky to see if it had any answers, only to find the most particular sight. For the stars, before beautifully exposed, now sparkled all the more, as if something had been obscuring their brilliance all this time; The moon, in its crescent stage, previously dulled, now shone like a silver mirror; where the sun's influence in its display could be seen as clear as day. Finally Harry looked down again, not feeling worthy of this. "I don't understand," he repeated as he sat down on the soft grass, his eyes shining with sadness, "I don't understand," he choked out once more as a single tear leaked down his face only to reflect the sky above, exhibiting a parade of colors as it reflected the moon's silvery glow and tread a known path down his pale face.

"You will young one. That is what we are here for. To help you understand," the whispers came to answer quicker then before, giving comfort to his confused mind. It eased the pain in his wounded heart with warm words and unintelligible whispers, until he raised his head again, feeling at peace.

A peace so far denied to him this summer.

"Thank you," Harry whispered back, eyes bright, as he rested against a tree, "whoever you are, thank you," he finished and sighed. He had not expected anything like this to happen to him, it felt so strange, and yet so right. He didn't even know what was happening. All he knew was that ever since that night in the Department of Mysteries his heart had yet to find something to take comfort in, until now that is, and for that he was eternally grateful.

"You are most welcome, Harry Potter," an ethereal voice whispered to him, a beautiful sound like chimes and bells under the influence of an eternal breeze. "Tonight we are here for you, and you will be the first being to see us in ages. Just know, you are worthy, for your heart is true and wrought out of love for all things, even those that you have yet to understand. It is this, combined with all your other qualities that have made you worthy. Know that all this is for you. Only you," it finished, and as the echo of this being's voice faded, a small spark sized speck of light emerged from the oak tree many feet in front of him, shining brighter and brighter as it neared him until it was two inches in height. Although appearing to be formed from pure white light, the spark strangely did not illuminate anything around it.

It hovered for a few seconds, unmoving, just two feet in front of him, as if evaluating him. Then as if finding him truly worthy, the light began to diminish, until only a slight glow surrounded it, and Harry gasped. For in front of him, beautiful white translucent butterfly wings beating behind it, no, Her, was the most beautiful fairy, if that was indeed what he was seeing, that he had ever laid eyes on.

The being laughed, and as it did, a breeze caressed the grass around him. She smiled, her bright blue eyes sparkling with warmth. "No young one, I am no fairy, although we are distant cousins. We are Sprites, guardians of the skies, custodians of this earth, and keepers of all life." And as she finished saying this Harry noticed that he was surrounded by dozens of these tiny beings and knew that had he not been sitting down already, he would have now; for in front of him was the bodily representation of nature, emitting waves of what he could only describe as harmony and balance.

Minutes passed as he took in the sight of the different colored sparks of light from every shade of the rainbow, and finally set his eyes on the one that had last spoken, only to find another with pearly white, brilliant butterfly wings hovering besides the first; this one most definitely male. He took another look around and noticed that although the greens, blues, yellows and every other wing color repeated themselves; there were only the two white ones, the ones right in front of him.

"We are the Elders of our kind," the male sprite talked for the first time, almost like he could read his thoughts, his voice as smooth as the waters that flow down the mountains, his tone holding the importance of unchallenged waves hitting the coastline. "I am known as Adrastos, and this is Anthea, my life companion. We are the leaders of our kind; we oversee the skies, the earth and the waters along with the beings that reside within them. We are here answering your call Harry Potter, and we do so not only willingly, but with all of our hearts, young Legatus."

And as Harry was going to voice his confusion the one called Anthea spoke, "We know that this is strange for you, young one, but you must understand that you were born for this, know that we Sprites, caretakers of this world, are here for you, Harry Potter. We will answer your questions; we will clear your confusion," she paused for a moment, and tilted her head to the side, "that is, if you allow us?"

Harry returned her warm gaze, and was barely able to withhold his reaction to the sincerity he saw there, and for that he was even more grateful, because it was the lack of knowledge as much as anything else that made last year a disaster, that made it a nightmare. So with nothing else to say, he simply nodded at her and relaxed further as the Sprites settled around him; in the branches of the tree he was leaning against and the ground around him, while others still hovered; Adrastos and Anthea, for their part, settled on one of his overlarge jean-short covered knees.

After all were settled, and Harry started to wonder what his Aunt and Uncle would think of his late night, not to mention his guard, Adrastos chuckled lightly, drawing his attention, "do not fret, young Legatus, tonight is a special night. Tonight, you need not worry."

"Why do you call me that?" Harry asked impulsively.

"That, young one," Anthea answered, "will be explained in due time."

"First of all," Adrastos began, "you need to know our purpose to understand yours. We Sprites are what is known in legend as the spirits of nature, we care for the trees and the earth, as we care for the creatures that live within, and around them; we care for and watch the waters and air along with the fish that swims in one and the birds that flies in the other; we oversee the currents, we protect that which cannot protect itself, and we maintain order where there would be chaos."

"And what does this have to do with me?" Harry asked, a bit lost.

"Everything, young one," answered Anthea in her ethereal voice, looking up at him from her position in his knee, whispering to his soul. "For all of the hundreds of years that our lives last, it has yet to be long enough to see an Emissary walk this Earth. You see Harry Potter, every few thousand years or so, when the world is in discord, when its inhabitants are all in conflict, one spirit is selected; one being who is capable of leading and understanding the plight and plague that all societies of this world are going through. A spirit noble, caring and pure hearted enough to achieve harmony within this entire planet, amongst all of its inhabitants," she stated, locking her eyes with his. "You Harry Potter are this being. You, young Legatus, are the Emissary. You are to be the Ambassador of this world, and thus we answer your call, we the custodians of this planet come to your aid, and we shall help you in any way that we can."

Harry sat there, stunned speechless, his mind swirling with this information, and although he could sense the sincerity of her words and feel the atmosphere resonate with its truth, he could still not understand them. Finally, after moments of dizzying thoughts, his eyes refocused behind his round rimmed spectacles and he asked the first question that came to mind, "But how?" he stuttered. "What about Voldemort?"

Adrastos looked at him with compassion and understanding. "Young Emissary," he started smoothly, "the self proclaimed Dark Lord Voldemort is but the existing embodiment of a quintessential reality that has brought this world to its current state. Because of him and those like him, muggles fear a nameless foe and wizards run from their long forgotten responsibilities, looking at magic as something other than the gift it truly is."

"What do you mean responsibilities?" Harry interrupted.

"That is easy, young one," Adrastos replied, "Wizards have step by step forgotten their place in this world. They think that the gift of magic makes them better; when truly, they are just like any other creature in this planet, equal in its own right, with its role in the delicate equilibrium of this world's existence. Magic has other uses long lost that are not for their own interests, but for nature's well being, and unless that is remembered soon, chaos will reign, and the scales that balance this world will tip over."

"And then our world will start loosing its life, little by little, it will be drained and finally perish, along with those who still live within it" Anthea said in a sorrowful tone.

Adrastos grasped her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, and looked back up to Harry who was now wearing a horrified expression. "Do not worry, young one," he said as he correctly read the distress on Harry's face, "this will not happen for hundreds of years more, but know that you are the turning point, and that you are able to restore balance at your own pace."

"How?" Harry whispered brokenly, as he realized what more was expected of him, not only with Voldemort but also with this new development.

Seeing the despair that was blossoming in Harry's emerald green eyes, Anthea flew to the air and hovered just in front of his face, a fierce look on her perfect features. "Listen to me, Emissary," her whispered voice becoming steely, as her lithe body glowed brighterand her cheeks flushed, "and listen well," she said, as the wind picked up around him and the trees joined in the cacophonous orchestra of sounds; the sky above shone even brighter as if supporting her every word. "You were chosen only months after your conception because of the purity of your own soul and the resonance of your own heart! Before the prophecy that you think rules your life was even spoken…" She looked intently at him, as this shocked him. He felt as if he had been slapped by reality.

If this was true, then maybe he did have a choice.

"You were to be the Emissary of this world, and as this night grows later you are starting to feel it, you are starting to hear your call, the universe's breath, and this world's song. You were chosen for your own merits, not because of what others think of you, or what you think of yourself!"

And indeed Harry did feel a slight connection, a small pull that showed him the life around him. Could it be true? 'But was this not another thing that ruled his life?'

"No, young one," Adrastos answered his thoughts; "everyone has a purpose in their existence. The difference is that you have found yours sooner then most. A prophecy is made as a prediction of certain events, it does not rule your actions, and it does not rule your life. A prophecy is only a glimpse to what could happen, a road that destiny and fate see fit to uncover. You were chosen as the Emissary before the prophecy was uttered; and as it is only an Emissary that can vanquish evil such as Voldemort, thus the prophecy is just a statement of what the universe already knows."

Feeling a bit more relaxed now that he was starting to understand, Harry looked down at Anthea and Adrastos, who had settled down on his knee again and asked, "Why can I be the only one to defeat Voldemort? Do you know what this power that he knows not is? How can I be a killer?"

Anthea laughed softly, a soothing sound to his ears. "You will understand in the near future, young Emissary, but worry not, you will comprehend soon enough, and we are here to help you in this task. But the alignment is at hand, the call is growing louder, we must bestow our blessing and bond our race and our people to you, so you can fulfill your purpose and so you can fulfill your duty. Come, Emissary, the skies are open to your eyes." She and Adrastos took flight along with all the other sprites. "Come Harry Potter, your future awaits you," she finished backing away from him and gesturing to follow.

And Harry followed, still curious of his fate, but comforted by the thought that he was not as alone as he had imagined himself to be: that there could be a way to defeat Voldemort, and that maybe there was a future for him after all. It was this last thought above all others that gave him hope, and as we all know hope is but the first step to victory.

Step by step, with the other Sprites surrounding him while Anthea and Adrastos led the way, Harry walked to the middle of the park, trusting his senses and his instincts, knowing on some unknown level that no evil could come from beings such as these, in nights as the one unveiled before him. With new purpose at hand, a new destiny to follow and a promise made by his heart and backed by his own spirit, his steps were made more confident and the Sprites fluttered their butterfly-like wings harder, circling him with an otherworldly pattern of light. Before he knew what was happening, the scenery changed and Harry Potter disappeared from Little Whinging, Surrey, to the complete confusion of the Order.

- o -

The sparse trees, open fields and playgrounds of Little Whinging Park were replaced by a thick forest so old it could be tasted in the air; where the plants themselves seemed alive and ageless, wise beings that have witnessed the birth of this world and the evolution of all its creatures.

Harry walked slowly, trying to absorb everything that he could as the Sprites now hovered peacefully around, almost in some strange formation that only they could recognize with Anthea and Adrastos in the lead. By his calculations it was at least three in the morning, and yet he felt completely awake.

After some five minutes of walking, the Sprites once again started to rotate around him, but this time he felt a sort of acceptance radiating from them, some kind of warm embrace. When he took his next step it seemed as if the trees were moving, opening up a hidden barrier of nature that lead to a small clearing in which the exposed sky was clearly visible; and in the center of this clearing hovered yet another white winged Sprite.

"Greetings, Emissary," the female Sprite said, as the elders reached the center and he was within hearing range. "Welcome to Nature's Center, our home, and greetings to you too, mother, father," she finished with a hug to each Anthea and Adrastos, which they returned, before turning to him.

"This, young one, is our daughter Asherah, she will be the next leader of our people, when our time draws to a close in a few hundred years," Adrastos spoke.

Harry nodded to her and swept his eyes around the clearing, watching, as the other sprites sat in the tree branches around the clearings border, joining many others of their kind. His head filled with many more questions and he wondered why they had brought him here while he became entranced with their movements.

"Love, young one," spoke Anthea, startling him out of his thoughts.

"What?" he asked, once again confused as he set his eyes on the two elders and the now giggling Asherah.

"Love," she stated simply, while he gave her a blank look, to which she explained, "Love is the power of creation, the energy that governs all life, all things. Love is why you were brought here, for when this world was created, these were the first trees that grew; thus this place is where love is found in a much greater concentration than in any other part of the planet."

"You see, young one," Adrastos continued, "not only were you chosen for your pure heart, but because of the vast amounts of love that reside there; for even after all that you've been through you keep giving without complaint. Where the prophecy states that Voldemort marked you as his equal, you are equal in that you are his perfect opposite."

"How?" Harry asked, now completely entranced with the explanation. He felt as though his shoulders were now lighter because someone else knew the contents of the prophecy, and what's more, they actually understood it.

"Simple, Emissary," Anthea said. "Where you represent creation, he represents destruction; where his heart withered and blackened with the experiences of his childhood; yours grew and blossomed, shining brighter every day."

"Where he hates," Adrastos continued, "you love. And that simple reason brings about endless scenarios. Now, because here is where love thrives and where it's maintained in its truest form, here is where our race can bond itself to you, so you may begin your path."

"What do you mean, bond?" Harry asked, wanting to know as much as he could.

For this question, the previously silent Asherah hovered forward and answered; her whispered voice sweet and soft like a blooming rose, "You, Harry Potter, are an Emissary; an Ambassador for this world, a source of balance. And for that you must understand the needs and lifestyles of all the intelligent and conscious beings under your care: all those creatures that can reason and are not governed by instinct, so that you may be able to bring this equilibrium to existence. Because of this you establish a bond with them, an exchange if you will, to help you understand their place in this world."

"Wait a minute," Harry interrupted, a horrified look on his face, "you mean that I have to bond with every living creature?" His voice squeaked on the last few words.

Adrastos chuckled, amused, "No Legatus, not every living creature or being, just those that have a direct impact in this worlds existence. You're already both human and wizard, since they are one and the same, simply with different tasks, responsibilities and abilities. However there are also the Centaurs, Merpeople, Werewolves, Vampires…" he trailed off after he saw the look that was now upon Harry's face.

"What?" he whispered, his eyes impossibly wide.

Againthe sprites laughed lightly, "Don't worry yourself, young Emissary, we answered your first call since it was specifically to us, although it was unconsciously done because of your state of mind; after we bond with you, you will gain a new perspective that comes with our enhanced intuition," answered Adrastos.

"What do you mean, when I gain your enhanced intuition?" Harry asked them, his curiosity overriding his muddled brain.

"You see, Emissary," came Asherah's whispered voice, "when we bond ourselves to you, you will become one of us, in a manner of speaking. You will gain our abilities, our speech, and our instincts, so that you may better understand us; and as you bond with each of the other beings, your body, mind and soul will create a balance between all and from that initial stability, where you are its center, the delicate equilibrium of life will be restored and spread throughout this world," she finished calmly.

Harry just looked at them, finally understanding a part of what was expected of him, "You want me to rule the world?" he blurted out before he could stop himself.

"Oh no, young Emissary," smiled Anthea.

"Please, call me Harry, just Harry," he told them, a bit relieved that he had thought wrongly.

"If you so wish, Harry," Anthea continued, smiling still, "you will not rule, you will oversee. You will not command, you will be followed. Just as we are the custodians of nature, so you will be the custodian of life and its balance in this world. Where we could only see, you can do; where we have only been able to watch as the equilibrium of this world was slowly lost, you can fix it. You will know when that balance is threatened, and how to achieve it again, at whatever pace you decide. You, Harry, are an Emissary, an Ambassador, you are the Legatus, and you will succeed, we know it," she finished fervently, looking him straight in the eye.

He thought about it, and nodded, determination flashing in his green eyes, "I'll try my best," he whispered, "I will," he repeated more ardently.

"We know you will do your best, young Emissary. Even if this is new to you, you'll soon understand our point of view. Now come here, for the hour is upon us, the alignment is almost complete and the bond must be made. Any other questions you have will be answered later, young Harry," spoke Adrastos.

As he walked the remaining steps to the center of the small clearing, Harry looked up, and saw what the elder Sprites had been talking about; what appeared to be two comets were in view and they were closing in to form a circular structure around the crescent moon along with stars from different constellations. It was breathtaking.

Asherah hovered beside him looking up as well, her white butterfly wings beating slowly, "It's an Unexpected Alignment," she explained, "since we are the keepers of nature for this planet, we are the first ones that need to bond with you so that the foundations are set, and thus the balance can be reached faster and at your convenience. As your heart ached, and you cried your sadness and loneliness to the world, we felt it," she paused as he glanced in her direction before looking up at the moon again, "we suffered with you," she continued, "and that was our call, that was what told us that the Chosen Emissary was ready, because nothing can influence our emotions, that is, nothing but the true Legatus. And so this planet, Earth, felt you for the first time, your sadness, and your readiness to accept your destiny, and it allowed you to see your surroundings without the veil of protection that until tonight had covered us."

Harry watched as the two comets neared their positions, closer and closer to the ring of stars that would surround the moon as it reached its own position. He remained silent, somehow knowing that Asherah would continue explaining.

"And thus, the Universe saw our sleeping planet open herself up to one individual, you, and sensed your inclination to fulfill your task. Making it known that we have its approval by creating an Unexpected Alignment, so that you may be in tune not only with what is within our planet but what is outside it. So that when you achieve the complete balance of this world you can bond with the rest of the Universe and as a result the universe may gain balance as well."

"That's a bit complicated," Harry muttered, still watching the mesmerizing sight of the Universe moving, realizing something for the first time that night. 'This is for me.' And his heart warmed at the thought, and his eyes shined because this was for him, because he was worthy. Not a freak, not abnormal, not a waste of space, as his Uncle professed. He was accepted, however unique he would end up being and he knew that he would soon feel whole, that he would fulfill his purpose and would succeed in gaining harmony, even as Voldemort's shadow darkened his path.

- o -

At one minute prior to four a.m. Harry stood in the center of the clearing, looking at the moon which was at an almost perfect forty-five degrees from his position, and watched as, second by second it approached the center in the perfectly circular formation of stars.

He looked on, anticipation on his face, as the comets that would take places on the northeastern and southwestern positions of the moon almost reached alignment. It looked glorious; a one in several hundred lifetimes' chance, and it was for him, for just Harry.

Finally, when the last ten seconds commenced their countdown, as one, the young sprites from each color of the spectrum and a representative from each force of nature took flight and formed a perfect circle around Harry, with their future leader, Asherah, in front of him. They explained that to bond themselves as a group to him it must be with the youth of their community, since they represented their future as such.

When four o'clock arrived, as the silvery crescent moon slid into place between the perfectly aligned constellations and correctly positioned comets, time seemed to stretch as warmth spread throughout Harry's body. His green eyes remained fixed on the Unexpected Alignment, while the Sprites, shining brightly in a cocoon of colored light, circled him at ever increasing speeds; their passage causing the air to spiral whilst no sound was made by anything within the forest.

Soon the second passed, the perfect alignment was broken; the moon and comets kept their own trajectories. But still, consciously, Harry knew that there was more out there as the skies once again closed themselves up, leaving behind the dull winking of starlight that had shone so brilliantly before. The opaque quality of moonlight returned, whereas, for a few short hours, it had rivaled the sun.

After watching the sky's beautiful display die down, Harry's attention was brought down to earth once more as a wall of multicolor light erupted around him, mixing until only a pure cylinder of white light could be seen. An overwhelming feeling of belonging washed over him, until he neither heard, nor saw, nor felt any more. Harrydrifted into the most peaceful sleep he'd ever had while being lowered by the Sprites to a comfortable position in the soft grass, unaware of the changes slowly making themselves known in both his body and mind…

To be continued…