Sailor Moon T Name List
Japanese HeroAlias

Karasu Kageno Raven Raven
Hoshi-Hi Starfire Koriand'r
Kuro-Hi Blackfire Komand'r
Takaoka Chikyuu Terra Tara Markov
Shouri Iwa CyborgVictor Stone
Rounin Chiba Robin Dick Grayson/Tim Drake/Jason Todd
B.B. Otani Beast Boy Garfield Logan
Kylie Tsumetai DJ Ice Kylie Roselyn Lockhart(OC from T.A.)
Jinx Tsumetai Jinx Jinx
Kali, OonushiKali Meredith (OC from Ravenous)
Tani, Oni-Shi Slade Death Stroke

Sailor Senshi Name (Japanese)PlanetSailor Soldier Name
Ami Mizuno MercurySailor Mercury
Minako AinoVenusSailor Venus
Usagi Tsukino Lunar (Earth's Moon)Sailor Moon
Chibi-Usa Tsukino Lunar (Earth's Moon)Sailor Chibi-Moon
Rei Hino MarsSailor Mars
Makoto Kino JupiterSailor Jupiter
Hotaru Tomoe SaturnSailor Saturn
Haruka Tenoh UranusSailor Uranus
Michiru Kaioh NeptuneSailor Neptune
Setsuna Meioh PlutoSailor Pluto
Mamoru Chiba EarthPrince Endymion

Characters might be subject to change through the course of the story, depending upon when they are introduced.


Sailor Moon T

Crystal Tokyo Era Azarath, Moon of Saturn Planet of Shadows

Skies were covered in a thick fog of black, smoldering smoke that would send any lung into sickness. Red hue filled the sky, a crimson as deep and dark as the very blood that trailed from the girl's tired body. The ground shook in protest to the heavy damage the planet had taken, with its cries sent out to neighboring planets. An open valley way separated further, as rock and stone fell into the bottomless pit created as the life force of the planet shifted and died, with oceans falling into the cracks by the gravitational pull, swirling vortexes and thunderous tornadoes filling the landscape before her. Atop a mountain side, with the view of the planet before her, a Sailor Soldier stood, grasping her right arm firmly, applying pressure to a freshly cut wound. A loose grip held upon her weapon; a familiar scythe, a family heirloom, a precise and dangerous weapon in the right hands. Swift and powerful, though lacking in accuracy when swung, the weapon held the blood of evil and the undead currently lifting themselves from the very grave she herself had placed them in.

An azure leather boot placed firmly upon the rock she stood before, brow twitching to the slight pain of her arm as she attempted to swing the giant scythe around in front of her in a defensive stance, with the zombie like creatures slowly gaining passage way toward her, leaving only a few hundred yards between them. Behind her, lay the very dying landscape, as well as an endless drop, with the mountain they stood upon shaking violently to the protests of the planet, attempting to keep itself alive. Thunderous cracks hollered through the sky, as the warrior stood firm, gritting her teeth.

Lavender locks flowing along with the strong winds from the high altitude. A black lined sailor fuku, tattered and torn from a long battle, stained with the blood of her victims. Lilac hues, strained and tired; ashen-skin tone appearing lifeless and drained. A golden tiara lay upon her forehead, though it had lost its shine long ago. Azure skirt worn around her waist, as tattered as the very skintight black material stretched across her upper body. With black leather gloves attempting to raise the weapon she held, the strain upon her body would be voided by her very drive to end the battle, sweat, tears and blood pouring from her body.

The senshi lowered her body, her hair falling in slow motion suddenly, as her leather boots kicked off the very rock she had placed it on moments ago, leaping high into the air. With the heavy scythe draining energy from her body every second she held it, she gritted her teeth, soaring through the air, over several of the demon shadow creatures sent out to take her out, and bringing the sharp edge of her weapon to the skull of one of them, cutting clean through with no resistance. Like cutting paper, the girl moved her weapon horizontally, cutting the four creatures that suddenly surrounded her clear in half. Before their bodies had hit the ground, or even before they were disconnected, the girl leaped back into the air, leaving the creatures to wonder only for a split second what had just happened to them.

Like quicksilver, the girl swung her scepter around, swirling in and out of the youkai bodies cleanly, with the shrieks of the youma music to the warrior's ears. As she moved down the trail of endless drones, the very rock they were gathered upon split suddenly, the planet shifting once again as it cried out in pain, heavy wounds leading to the very quake erupting from beneath the warrior's feet. Tired eyes widened, as her left leg suddenly felt nothing below, quickly attempting to shift her weight to the right. A tight grip tugged at her left ankle, as a black demon creature grasped at her leg, trying to prevent its death to the bottomless pit below. With her weight shifting back, her grip upon the scythe tightened, swinging roughly at an odd angle, while completely twisting her body to face the creature. A sudden snap at her tendons would result in the unbelievable maneuver, resulting in a low grunt and a loss of balance upon the very edge of the rock platform she stood upon.

Her broken form fell from the edge, while her lungs let out a sudden sigh of relief, the sudden pressure her body had been straining under finally giving, and with the wind quickly pressing against her back, she felt at peace. The senshi's eyes grew tired, while darkness started to surround her vision, with the creatures she had fought tumbling down the pit along with her. Like slow motion, she watched each one screech against fate's plan for them, attempting to avoid their destiny. Her eyes trailed back to the sky, scarlet even still, with the planet's cries reaching her ears. Images flashed by her eyes the moment they came to a close, familiar faces and scenes of her life.

'Please! Don't give up!'

The voice… her voice…

Lilac hues flared to life, as white flashed before her eyes. Teeth gritted suddenly, as her grip upon her death scythe tightened. A grunt turned into an all out scream, as a black aura blazed about her form. Like flames to a fire, her aura grew, as her decent was suddenly slowed, until it came to a full out stop. The creatures around her fell to their deaths, as she levitated within the dark canvasses of the planet. With her determination flickering slowly back to life, her back arched forward, while her head dropped. The moment her head moved up to the sky above, her altitude sky rocketed, as her power was renewed, whether be from pure adrenaline, or from an energy source from afar pouring the life back into the senshi.

The lavender haired sorceress shot out from the large canyon, bringing herself safely away from the breaking parts of the planet, falling to her knees. Her weapon was dropped in front of her while she leaned forward, with beads of sweat pouring onto the rock below her. Her breathing was quick and short, as her body wanted to give in right then and there, though her determination quickly proved otherwise, as her lavender hues slowly raised to the fiery form a hundred yards away; the very creature bringing forth the undead of the planet.

Streams of white sprouted from its skull, spiking and curving around its back; piercing yellow eyes, pulsating along with its growing red aura; skin as dark as blood before oxygen touched it, a masculine build with powerful shoulders and large strong arms by its side; clad in black armor, the demon stood firm and tall with its blood stained hands reaching outward toward the sorceress, its palm facing outward. No words were exchanged by the two, as severe winds suddenly picked up from where the broken warrior stood, sucking her in like an air void. A black mist suddenly lifted from the girl's body, as she attempted to keep her ground, being sucked into the palm of the youma leader.

As if her very soul were being sucked from her body, the girl's eyes widened, mouth parting ever so slowly, as her skin turned a deathly pale hue. Her brow twitched, as urgency filled her mind. Gripping her glaive tightly, she pulled herself back against the air void, bringing herself to her feet as she spun her weapon in front of her, smashing the bottom into the rock flooring below.

"Silence Wall!"

A black sphere surrounded the girl, as the winds died around her, almost making her jolt backward from the sudden slack. The demon frowned, as he removed his hand, silencing the life draining attack. The girl's skin turned back to its original ashen skin tone, her eyes flaring with life. Sharing a moment of staring, the senshi was first to make her move. Her grip upon her weapon loosened fully, while it remained stuck in the ground before her. With a motion of her hands, the sorceress voiced out her enchanted words.

"Az'rath, Metrion, Xinthos!"

The untranslatable words surrounded the weapon before her in a black energy. With her hands shifting upward slightly, the glaive was then lifted from the ground itself, controlled completely by the sorceress' telekinetic abilities. With another quick movement of her hands, the weapon was brought to life, moving with great speed, as it spun its sharper end toward the demon creature before her. The demon arched its body to the side, turning sideways as the weapon flew passed him, aiming to pierce through his chest.

Another motion of her hands would send the scythe into a spinning rotation, and spun it back around to attack again. This time the creature did not dodge but instead, threw its claw like hands outward, stretching against the pole end, grasping the hilt of the weapon in mid swing, and with strong might sent it hurling toward the sorceress. Eyes widening as the energy left the moment her spell stopped, she quickly motioned her hands as before.

"Az'rath, Metrion, Xinthos!"

The weapon stopped with the blade mere inches from her tiara, close enough to wide-eye the senshi. The planetary soldier extended her hand to her weapon, grasping it once again, before swinging it about, resting it to her side with her right hand, while she extended her injured left arm, blood trailing from her forearm. Her eyes flashed black, as her aura grew strong once again, voicing out another enchantment of words.

"Az'rath, Ni'trion, Azura…"

The words rolled off her tongue with ease, as her body pulsated with energy. As soon as the last word was spoken, her image shifted to the right, creating a splitting image of herself, with a slightly darker tone. Like a silhouette, or shadow; identical in every way.

"Az'rath, Ni'trion, Azura.."

Once again, her image split, this time to the right. The girl enchanted her words several times, until she had multiple versions of herself surrounding her, all holding her weapon of choice, each swinging it about as she did before, extending their hand toward the youma before them. Soon, the sorceress had up to seven separate shadow puppets, controlled by her alone. With a cry from the leader, they simultaneously pushed from the rocky flooring, just as the ground shifted in a quake, separating itself once again. They all dashed toward the demon, each one circling in and out, making it near impossible to determine which was real and which was a drone.

The crimson red demon simply stood there, while the images ran at him. As the first one approached, the demon swiped its hand outward in a cutting motion, blocking just below the blade of a scythe, and with a twist of his wrist, grabbed the pole. With a strong grip, the demon ripped the weapon from the girl's grasp, and extended his hand through her abdomen. Mauve orbs widened, with a lifeless expression, her coloring wholly shifting to a black shadowing, before the material shattered and vanished completely.

Spinning his new weapon around, the inhuman creature grasped it with a strong grip, and twirled it about. The blade cut against two other shadow-like versions of the girl, having them come to meet a similar end. Four others backed off quickly, preparing themselves for another round of melee. Two shifted like shadows, melding into the rock flooring, and spreading themselves through the shadows of the dying planet's surface, while the remaining two rushed in for an attack, one right behind the other.

Lifting his scythe up, he caught one attack in between the two parts of his blade. With a quick twist of his weapon, it would bring the bottom edge of the scythe to block another blade, striking the side of it. One crept along the shadows, weaving around behind the demon, and forming whole once again, rising from the ground. Twisting her form about, the senshi aimed to pierce straight through the white haired creature's back.

At the last second, the creature spun itself about, barely avoiding the sharp edge's contact. He bounced rod to rod, his power dominating and sending the girl back into a defensive state, her feet sliding several yards back against the ground. A rising knee would have its black armor smashing against a potential sweep, while another spin of his scythe wound clang against another attempted swipe to take off his head. A swift kick wound snap one head back, blood gushing from her mouth, while an elbow cracked into the side of another's head.

The strike sent the girl spiraling through the air, body bouncing against the surface like a rag doll. The demon then spiraled its body around, dropping its grip on the weapon he had stolen, extending his hand to grasp the neck of another attack her. The senshi dropped her scythe, as her hands went instantly to the tight grip upon her neck. Clumsily letting out a gag, and forcing the air from her lungs, half her face twitched against the hold, her body now loosing the vigor it once had. All surrounding versions of the senshi vanished, leaving the demon holding a death grip over the girl, dangling in mid air.

The demon tightened his grip, as he spun around, lifting her into the air and smashing her into the ground, a crater forming from the rough impact. With her wind pipes blocked, her voice couldn't even shriek out from the amount of pain that expressed upon the girl's face, her eyes rolling back from the hit. When lavender hues focused once again, blurry vision would view the still pulsating, demonic eyes glaring. A frightening grin was placed upon its features, as it lowered its head to the girl, its voice ringing through the storm background, crackling skies, and several tornadoes, breaking out in the background.

"You have no choice…"

The voice rung out into the depths of her mind, as the demon's lips moved along with the words spoke.

"Your destiny has been written…"

The girl grunted, her fingers desperately trying to fight against the tight hold the demon held, while her feet kicked against its strong armor. The creature didn't flinch in the least, as its voice continued.

"The prophecy will be fulfilled…"

With another tighten of his grip, the soldier's body would arch, letting out a soundless cry. The girl's lavender hues fought to stay open, as she glared hatefully into the creatures eyes. Gasping in fail attempts for the very air her lungs pleaded for, violet orbs faded, rolling to the back of her head, her body slowly becoming limp. Again, the creature tightened the grip, lifting the body in his grasp, while her arms dropped to her side, head tilting back.

Yellow eyes would narrow, with an appalling grin forming upon his merciless face. Just as his fingers let go of the girl's neck, her body fell with slow motion, while a soundless pierce cut clean through his chest. Black blood would smear over the fallen senshi's body, before the image faded to black entirely, then vanishing like the others. The figure hovering over the demon's back slowly let its shadows dissipate from her figure, shattering like glass. The demon twitched, as the scythe was driving straight through its back, smashing into the ground below, her tight grip mere inches from the creature's back.

"Just like you…." the creature spat out, with blood coughing up from its lungs. "Stabbing your father in the back at his last request…"

The sorceress of shadows yanked out her weapon, resulting in a spray of blood. Becoming splattered with thick liquid, the senshi then swung her body around with amazing agility, swinging the blade to cut the head of the demon right off, through the break in the armor. Black liquid sprayed out from his neck like an erupting volcano, as the body lifelessly fell to his knees, the cold, emotionless eyes of the senshi reflecting a colorless hue. Lavender slowly came back to life, as her body became weak, slowly falling to the ground with a thud. The girl let out a sigh of relief, as the skies flashed lighting, lighting up the scenery her eyes took in.

The planet shifted, splitting the landscape once again. Tired eyes watched, as the planet continued to tear itself apart, feeling her soul leave her body. Just as the planet let out its final cry, the girl sucked in her last breath.


Chapter 1

Present Day

Juuban Junior High School District

Minato-ku, Japan

"Kageno, Karasu!"

Lavender strands were quickly adjusted over lilac hues, which widened in surprise when her name had been called upon. Her view adjusted itself from the partially opened window to the dark haired woman at the front of the class, currently eyeing her through the thick glasses resting upon her button shaped nose. After a small flick of a single misplaced strand, the teacher corrected her voice before she continued.

"Perhaps you would like to share your thoughts on the subject," the woman would arch an eyebrow while shutting the thick book in her right hand while the other was placed loosely upon her hip. "I'm sure you of all people would have something to say about it."

Lilac hues would blink from the dark haired professor to the window view again, thick clouds gathering from above, swirling around while it poured heavily down upon the streets of Tokyo. The young student would let out a sigh in her half slouched state, eyeing the small pen currently balanced in her right hand. The point was placed upon the tip of her finger, standing straight up with little difficulty in keeping the balance. A flick of her hand would send the object twirling into the air, and another flick would capture the pen in between her index and fore fingers.

"If you ask me, I would have killed him in the very beginning," her rather stoic voice would call out, thick with boredom. "His plan to lure out his father's murderer by setting up the play was good, but it lacked actual action. Sure, he got the answer he needed, but to what cost? His lack of action cost him the lives of everyone he held dear, and in the end, even his own."

"And thus the story if Hamlet were female," came the side comment from across the room, gathering mild chuckles and laughter throughout the class.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," the girl next to Karasu replied with a grin, while adjusting a strand of blonde hair free from her sapphire hues, letting her own smirk play out. Chikyuu, Takaoka was her full name, though her friends, which consisted of a small group, simply called her Taka, or Taka-chan. Karasu, though she never would fully admit it, was part of that secluded group. The loud chime suddenly awoke the girl from her current thought process, blinking her eyes away from the window and back to the blackboard at the front of the room.

"Alright class," Miss Kuromatsu spoke aloud as the entire classroom of teens attempted to leave before she voiced out the assignment. "Now that we're through with Hamlet, we'll be continuing on with Shakespeare throughout the course, so freshen up on the language. The next few books are not as easy to translate."

"Not as easy?" Taka gave a defeated sigh while bringing a hand to her forehead, letting it arch backward. "Since when was the English language easy in the first place?"

"Taka-chan, you have trouble with your native language, never mind another country," a cocky voice called from the back of the room, with a smirk and slicked black hair spiking all backward. "If you think the English Language of Medieval times are hard to understand, you should have gone on that trip to America last month."

"I forgot about the trip, how was California, Rounin?" Taka smiled, completely ignoring the insult the older of the group made, as she usually did.

"It wasn't that bad," the man said as the three headed out the classroom; the last, as they always were. "They slaughter their own language so badly, you could study the English language for a life time, and still have no idea what the hell they're saying."

"It's called dialect," Karasu replied with boredom, stopping in front of her locker, which just so happened to be next to Taka's; the main reasoning for their friendship. The lavender haired girl shivered at the memory. "How was the tournament?"

"It was great," Rounin quickly smirked at the mere mentioning of the fight. "The school did great, and made it to the finals."

"I bet it was some match," Taka grinned while attempting to shove the rest of her bag in the locker. "How'd you do in weapons?"

"First place," the martial artist grinned, with his hands in his pants pockets, leaning against the lockers while he waited for the girl's to finish. "Don't you have homework?"

"Nope," she said, as she gave the locker a final shove, closing it quickly and applying the lock.

"Talk your way out of more work, Taka-chan?" Karasu asked with an arched brow, while trading books with her locker, and shutting it as well. "I'm surprised you didn't speak up last period when Kuromatsu-sama asked us to study English."

"She didn't say study," the blonde grinned while leading the other two down the hallway. "She said 'Freshen-Up!' And that's what I plan to do today. It is the weekend after all."

"Sorry, Taka," Rounin shrugged his shoulders, while the group walked through the large double doors and down the school steps. "I've got weapons training later today."

"Well, how about it, Karasu?" Taka turned to the girl, with a smirk upon her face. "Got any plans for tonight, or am I gonna to have to drag you out of your room again?"

"Attempt all you want," the girl replied, while giving a careless shrug. "You know I hate people."

"Well then," the blonde stated, while looking beyond the two, toward the crowd of people gathering at the front streets of the school. "I'm going to be heading to the new arcade that opened up. I hear there's supposed to be a big crowd, but later I'll head to the video store and rent a movie. I'll even get a horror movie, is that okay?"

The violet haired girl shrugged, coming to a stop where the trio would disperse their separate ways. Rounin, as he always did, offered the three a ride to their appropriate places. While Takaoka quickly thanked Rounin for the offer, and gladly took him up on it, Karasu denied the offer, shaking her head with an extended hand.

"Thanks, but it's not that far from the complex," Karasu stated. "Plus, your bike is a two-seater."

"I've fit three comfortably, and safely before. We'll see you tonight when we get home," Rounin quickly stated, with a wave of his hand, used to the fact that the girl always denied his rides. Takaoka grasped onto the slightly older teen's arm playfully, grinning widely.

"Well, looks like it's just you and me, then."


"Miss Kuromatsu?"

The teacher turned to the petite form of Hotaru Tomoe, raven black hair pulled back nicely by a white head band. The girl's violet eyes blinked twice in curiosity before the teacher replied with an answer.

"Yes Hotaru, what is it?" The tall teacher asked, after erasing the rest of the board and dusting off her hands. The girl fidgeted a moment, while her head lowered to the floor. Hotaru had just been transferred from her previous school after her testing showed she was well above the average teen two ages older than her own. After the proper papers had been signed, the girl was now under the care of Keishi Kuromatsu during English Literature. "Is the work too much for you?"

"No, it's not that," she said finally, unable to take her eyes from the floor. Tilting her head to the side, the teacher shifted her weight, crossing her arms over her chest while she adjusted the spectacles over her eyes.

"Then what is it, dear?" Hotaru shifted her weight again, apparent that she was having trouble with something. "I can't help you unless I know what it is that's bothering you."

"Could you transfer me to another class?" Hotaru finally asked, not bothering to look up.

"Transfer you?" Miss Kuromatsu asked, surprised that the girl would want to leave her after one day of class. "Whatever for?"

Once again, the girl answered in silence. The teacher turned, taking a seat on her desk, while offering the small chair next to the desk to her student.

"Have a seat, Hotaru," she offered the girl the chair, pulling it out enough for her to sit. "I know we don't know each other too well, Hotaru, and I know I'm new here, but you're new too. I'm sure after a few more classes-"

"It's not you," Hotaru quickly corrected while looking up. Keishi caught the strange look that, only for a moment, shown in the girl's eyes when they connected with one another.

"Is it someone else in class?" Keishi asked again. Her eyes shifted back to the floor, though knew it had to be something similar. "Hotaru, if someone's bothering you, you need to tell me about it so I can help to fix the problem."

"No one's bothering me," Hotaru once again corrected with a sigh. "It's nothing. I have to go. Haruka-papa doesn't want me to be late today."

And with that, the girl picked up her backpack, and quickly ran out the door before the teacher could question her anymore. Keishi leaned back against the chair, slouching slightly while letting out an exhausted sigh.


"Hai!" The teacher quickly shouted from her mid dazed state while attempting to straighten herself, with strands of her hair falling over her face. Her glasses went crooked, and quickly attempted to fix them, while turning toward the door of the classroom to face the headmaster's glare. He shook his head while turning to leave, cursing about the laziness of the school board. Keishi let out a sigh and returned to her so-called 'laziness.'



Raven strands bounced to the right while she tugged on the straps of the backpack on her shoulders, turning to face the pink-haired future princess of Crystal Tokyo waving her small arm out to gather the girl's attention. Chibi-Usa smiled brightly to her dark haired counter part, while standing next to the blonde haired famous racer of Tokyo, Haruka Tenoh.

"Chibi Usa! Haruka-papa!" Hotaru waved with a smile on her face, walking over toward the azure blue two door convertible. The young girl's eyes widened at the sight of the new car. Haruka grinned at her adoptive daughter's stare with her arms crossed over her chest triumphantly. "Does Michiru-mama know you bought a new car?"

"I didn't buy a new car," Haruka quickly corrected the girl with a snicker, while placing a hand on Chibi-Usa's shoulder. "Isn't that right, Chibi-Usa?"

"Mm hm!" She nodded her head quickly, the two mounds of pink bouncing with her movement. "She won it!"

"Won it?" Hotaru asked curiously, arching a brow while she looked the car over. "Does Michiru-mama know you got a new car?"

"She will once she realizes my old car is now hers to keep," Haruka smirked, apparent that she had worked out all the problems before bringing the car home. She opened the door for the two to hop in while she sat in the driver's seat.

"How'd you win it?" Hotaru asked once again. Haruka pulled the shades from over her head to cover her eyes, still wearing the same grin from earlier.

"In a race."


Karasu looked up to the large complex that housed her since as far as she could remember. The once well known orphanage had turned into a home for teens who had either lost their parents, or simply ran away from their homes, giving them a better choice than to simply sleep out on the streets. The white painted chips wore off the walls, while leaves filled the gutters. Fall was definitely early this year, with a cool August wind coming in from the shore line, enough to send Karasu into the captivity of the dark blue hooded sweatshirt. As she entered the building, she pulled back on the hood, letting pools of her raven black hair, tinted in some strands with a dark violet hue.

The main room seemed like any other main room that housed several teens of her age. Wallpaper was set up and down the walls, and dark gray carpeting along the floors. A heavy pair of boots slammed their way down the creaking staircase, recognizing the sounds instantly. When you live with the same people for over ten years in an old, noisy home, you get used to the sounds of their walk.

"Shouri," Karasu called up the staircase, catching the baggy blue jean shorts of the African teen, who held a set of tools over his large right shoulder. The blue bandana-wearing, bald headed teen blinked, then offered a smile to his roommate, offering a wave with his free hand while he walked down the stairs.

"Hey, Karasu," Shouri called out to the girl as he rounded the corner of the stair well, stepping down the last four steps to the bottom. "How was school."

"The same," she replied while giving a tug on the single strap of her backpack around her left shoulder. "Find a job yet?"

"Actually, you'll never guess who hired me," Shouri grinned wickedly, while moving passed the girl, toward the back of the house-like complex. Through the kitchen and outside to the back yard with Karasu following right behind him.

"Who," Karasu asked, while the screen door nearly shut in her face, pushing it open as she followed Shouri to the garage. She found him already lining up his tools, popping the hood to his 'new baby' he had just recently purchased.

"The T.R.C. has been looking for young mechanics that can move faster than the older ones there, you know, changing tires for cars when the pull into the pit," Shouri explained, while he lied down on the floor, while he wiped his hands on his shirt.

"That's right up your alley," Karasu commented, while she leaned her back against the working counter, crossing her legs at the ankle while her elbows were propped upon the edge. "Do you know which racer you'll be working with?"

"Not yet," he said, with various cranking sounds coming from underneath the car. "The position is only temporary, part time right now because someone's on a leave of absence, and they need someone to fill in right away. Hey, can you hand me a 1/18 of an inch?"

Karasu looked down to the tools next to her, reaching her left hand over and pulling out the appropriate size to the ratchet set, then tossed it to the extended hand, which caught it perfectly, reached back inside and continued the cracking sound from earlier.

"So what about you?" Shouri asked, after a light grunt, and a dropping sound. "How's the job hunt going?"

Karasu let out a shudder in remembrance to her interview the other day, though had received the position nonetheless.

"I got a job," she finally let out after holding in a breath. The cranking sound from underneath the car stopped. Shouri's dirt-patched face looked up to her in surprise after pulling half his body out from beneath the car. Karasu frowned at the look. "Don't look so surprised."

"I know you've been looking for a job ever since you turned sixteen, but I didn't think you'd actually get one so fast," Shouri replied honestly, then grinned. "Where do you work?"

"You know the old Crown Arcade down town?" Karasu asked. Shouri nodded, as he pulled himself to a stand, wiping off his greased hands with a hand cloth that Karasu tossed to him.

"Yea, the old arcade that was shut down a little while ago due to lack of funds," Shouri replied while he washed his hands at the counter sink. "I used to go there all the time when I was younger."

"Well, some new company bought it out and set up a new arcade called Hoshi-Hi Arcade," Karasu went on with a look of boredom. "It was the only place that was willing to hire a student."

"Well," Shouri spoke aloud while he dried off his hands. "If things go well with the Tokyo Race Track, I might be moving out of here."

"You too?" Karasu asked in curiosity. "Everyone's leaving the complex now."

"Well, we are at that age," Shouri answered honestly with a shrug of his shoulders. The larger teen gathered up his tools again, placing them into the blue metal tin and locking them up. "I'm surprised you weren't the first one to leave."

"Me too," Karasu replied in a barely audible voice, speaking more to herself than out loud. Shouri placed his tools into the trunk of his car, then walked over to the passenger's seat.

"You need a ride anywhere?" Shouri asked as he sat down in the driver's seat, rolling down the window and leaning partially out. "I got a few minutes to kill before I have to be at the track."

"Isn't it on the other side of Tokyo?" Karasu brought a finger to her chin, while a map of Tokyo popped into her head. "Unless you speed down side streets and up through alleyways, you'll never make it in time."

"That's what I plan to do," Shouri grinned wickedly, already planning out his course. "You need a right or are you all set?"

"I'm heading to the park later," Karasu replied as she pushed herself from the counter she had been leaned upon for so long. She let her limbs stretch outward, then let out a slight yawn. "But that's not until later. I'm all set for now."

"See ya, Karasu," Shouri replied, as the garage door opened at the push of a button. Karasu waved her good bye just as the blue metallic sports car peeled its rubber against the floor of the garage, leaving a nice track of burning rubber. She heard a boyish squeal from the driver, and the car was gone in a flash. The young girl shook her had at the immaturity, though couldn't help but envy the older teen's sense of direction. At least he had his life planned out.

"Everything's changing," Karasu said to no one in particular, while she placed her hands into the pockets of her hooded sweatshirt. She shook her head in distaste. "I don't like it."


"They did what!"

Usagi stood beyond the crowd of teens, while gazing up at the new, brightly colored sign that was held over the once, ever-so-popular Crown Arcade. Tear-filled eyes gazed dramatically at the signage, while she turned hopefully toward her blonde haired comrade.

"When did they change it!"

"Usagi," Minako breathed out a sigh while pinching the bridge of her nose. "I told you twice last week that the arcade was sold to a new owner."

"A new owner?" Usagi turned toward the crowd currently waiting in front of the double glass doors that would grant them entry into the arcade. "How could they replace Motoki-san?"

"Step right up, folks, for the grand opening of Hoshi-Hi Company's very own, Fire Star Arcade!" A voice sounded from the middle of the crowd, a small teen with dark green hair speaking into a microphone while his voice was amplified by the speakers. "Not only are games going to be cheaper for you, but we've got the widest variety of new games not even released yet in other countries!"

The crowd cheered for the teen, who merely let a snicker out over the microphone. Drawing an imaginary line with his finger, he pointed to the sign of the arcade, while shouting out once again.

"And not only do we have the newest games Tokyo has to offer, we've also teamed up with Kuro-Hi Corporation, and have brought to you the first ever Hoshi-Hi Sailor V Galaxies 3D fighting game, with new characters never before seen!"

Usagi and Minako's eyes went wide, quickly attempting to force their way to the front of the line. Their forms finally made it to the front, hanging onto every word this new manager of the arcade spoke.

"Now that I have your attention," the man said with a grin. "My name's B.B. Otani, Manager of Hoshi-Hi Arcade. And for my first day of business, I would like to offer to all of you, a free tournament with our new Sailor V Fighting Game! All those who would like to sign up are now free to enter the arcade!" Instantly, the crowd forced its way through the doors, with the two blonde haired senshi at the front, nearly knocking over Otani in the process.

A black and red street cycle suddenly pulled up with two occupants upon it, both wearing red protective helmets. The passenger in the back was first to step off, taking the helmet off and swinging back the long blonde strands of hair. Forcing some loose strands to the side, Takaoka bowing her head to Rounin, the driver of the motor cycle.

"Thanks for the ride, Rounin," she grinned, while placing the extra helmet within the side pack of the cycle. The man nodded, while resting the bike on its stand, and arching his back straight, lifting his own helmet up.

"No problem," he said while running a gloved hand through his backward spiked hair. "Call me if you need a ride home, alright?"

"Okay," Takaoka replied with a smile. "Have fun with your fighting stuff."

"Have fun with your game stuff," Rounin replied while placing the helmet back on, pulling the dark blue visor down over his eyes. Kicking up the stand, Rounin then sped off, weaving in and out of cars in the process; one of the many bad habits he had picked up from his roommate, Shouri.

Mamoru continued to watch from his car, having long since dropped off Minako and Usagi, his eyes fully locked upon the motor cycle that had sped off. A look of confusion hit his face at the familiarity he felt within the driver of the red cycle. Unable to shake an eerie thought, he put his car into drive, then drove off toward the Hiwaka Shrine.


The glossy scarlet convertible stopped at the red light, with its turn signal indicating the driver was to turn left across traffic when the light turned green. Haruka's arm was resting upon the sill of the window, holding her head up while she waited for the light to turn, always hating traffic hour in Tokyo. Teal hues shifted to the rear view mirror, which showed the two chibis in the back seat, the small pink haired one never having stopped talking since they had left the school grounds.

"But I don't get why we aren't in many of the same classes," Chibi-Usa finally pouted, while looking away from Hotaru to the view of Tokyo's large business buildings around them. "We're only in two classes together out of six!"

"Well, Hotaru is very intelligent for her age, Chibi-Usa," Haruka in formed the girl just as the light turned green, shifting her car quickly in front of oncoming traffic so she wouldn't have to sit through a second red light. The two chibis were already tightly fastened by their seatbelts, used to the speed demon's driving skills. "Her tests were the second highest for transfers from other schools."

"Wow, second highest?" Chibi-Usa squealed, while turning to Hotaru with glowing eyes. "I bet you'll be as smart as Ami someday, Hotaru-chan!"

A sudden thought hit the young future princess, who instantly turned to the eyes in the mirror.

"Wait a second, are you saying that I'm not in any of Hotaru's classes because I'm not intelligent?" Chibi-Usa fumed when she heard the older woman chuckle. "I'll have you know that before I came here, I was the most intelligent student in my class!"

"Usagi Tsukino, the most intelligent child in the classroom," Haruka joked, while letting out another laugh and switching into the passing lane. Her hair fluttered messily behind her, while her left arm extended against the wind. "I guess our future really is doomed."

Teal eyes shifted to the mirror once again, smirking at the playful pout, and the classic 'eye-pull, tongue-out' insult made by Chibi-Usa shortly after. When they fell upon Hotaru's serious expression, her chuckle stopped.

"Everything alright, Hotaru?" Haruka asked, while taking a right hand turn onto the long street that would eventually lead to their home. "You've been especially quiet since your first week of school."

"Everything's fine," Hotaru confessed, after letting out a low sigh. "I'm just a little tired, that's all."

Sensing Hotaru didn't want to inform her just yet of her problem, the blonde refocused upon the road ahead, passing several cars in the process, and switching lanes in order to keep in front of the slow crowd. Chibi-Usa studied her friend's face for a moment, reaching closer and closer. Hotaru sweat dropped when Chibi-Usa's face was nearly touching her own, even when she was leaned against the door.

"Something on my face?" Hotaru asked curiously, wondering why her friend was examining her so closely. Chibi-Usa finally pulled away, slamming her fist into an open palm, finally coming to a conclusion of her previous thoughts.

"You don't like school?" Chibi-Usa asked with a tilt of her head, placing her elbows on her knees while she rested her head in her hands. Hotaru gave a slight sigh while she kicked her feet out from their resting position, her eyes shifting downward.

"It's not that," she finally confessed after another sigh. "It just makes me feel … uncomfortable."

"School makes you feel uncomfortable?" Chibi-Usa asked again. Hotaru shook her head, while attempting to rearrange her words.

"It's not the school, so much as the people in it," Hotaru replied in a quiet voice, hoping her Haruka-papa couldn't hear her.

"People aren't treating you right?" Chibi-Usa pried in again. Hotaru shook her head.

"Everyone's been treating me real nicely," the black haired girl replied, sighing slightly as she let her thin arms wrap around her midsection. "One of the students just makes me feel … uncomfortable."

"I don't get it," the pink haired daughter of Serenity replied with a pout of confusion. "Who's the student?"

"She's in my Literature Studies class," Hotaru replied, never lifting her gaze from the floor. "Every time I see her, I can't help but feel … feel …"

"Feel what?"

"I can't explain it … it hurts every time I try to think about it. I don't like it. I don't like it at all."


Brunette hair was partially damp from sweat, while determined forest green hues locked upon the imaginary opponent in front of her. Feminine hands gripped upon the middle of the bo staff tightly, then loosened as it swung freely around, her body twirling along with the motion and bringing her grip to the very edge of the staff. After the attack, she spun the long pole arm around again, grasping it in an even hold, forcing out a block in front of her. Pulling her weapon back, her long right leg extended outward for a front kick, first coming up to a chamber position, then shifting her body sideways, extending the full length of her leg outward, right above her own head level. After the roundhouse kick, Makoto twirled her Bo staff back, then tucked it straight up behind her right arm. She bowed, ending her weapon kata, then brought the sleeve to her gi top to wipe the beads of sweat from her forehead, turning to face the blue haired genius currently engrossed in a book of her own choosing.

"Your round house kick was good, but your back kick needs more focus," came the serious voice of her mentor and sensei, Master Muteki, who stood a good half a foot taller than the already tall senshi of lightning. "Other than that, your weapons form looks good."

Long black hair, tied back with thin strands shading his aged face. He himself had combined a variety of martial arts he had learned, and brought forth his own school, attempting to teach those the older styles of martial arts rather than what you see on television. This was one of the many reasons Makoto respected the man so much. Not only was he intelligent with fighting, and the way of the sword, but he was excellent with his business.

"Thank you, Master Muteki," Makoto bowed in front of her mentor, grinning widely at the comment. "How was the tournament across seas?"

"First place in weapons kata and sparring," Muteki grinned keenly. "Second place for hand forms. You should have come with us."

Makoto grimaced at the memory to just why she couldn't leave. It involved several youma, and a plane nearly crashing into Tokyo Tower. Makoto realized her sensei was staring at her, as if expecting an answer.

"So what's your excuse this time for missing another tournament?" Muteki mocked the girl jokingly, while he passed by her toward the corner entrance of the dojo, where Ami currently sat, flipping the next page to her book.

"Well, I …" Makoto hesitated, unsure of yet another excuse to give her sensei. Youma attacks were so constant, she was leaving classes early, never appearing for tournaments, and sometimes taking a long leave of absence due to medical problems, or personal family problems. She could see Muteki's patience wearing thin, but Ami suddenly voiced out calmly in her defense.

"She was helping my mother and I move, Muteki-sama," Ami stated while closing her book with the bookmark set in place. "My mother's a full time nurse, and barely has enough energy to stand when she gets home, let alone lift furnishings. Makoto-chan was polite enough to offer her strength when I called her at the last minute to help."

While Muteki's gaze had shifted toward the blue haired genius, Makoto's jaw dropped. Her brain told her Ami had just lied, though she couldn't believe it even though she had just seen it with her own eyes.

"Very admirable of you, Makoto," Muteki spoke wisely, while he turned to face his student. "Giving up something in order to help out a friend."

Makoto laughed hesitantly, throwing an arm behind her head. The center door opened up, and in stepped a black haired man. He stood slightly shorter than Makoto, with his hair spiked all backward. Ami blinked in surprise, while Makoto greeted the teen with a snicker and a wave.

"Hello, mister first place," the brunette martial artist greeted the teen. The man smirked at her comment, pulling on the gym bag on his left shoulder.

"Who's your friend?" The man nodded his head beyond his master and Makoto toward Ami, who had yet to blink her eyes.

"This is one of my good friends, Mizuno, Ami," Makoto said, while turning toward Ami and extending her arm. "Ami, this is my sparring partner, Rounin."

"Rounin, like the bird?" Ami asked after collecting herself, and bowing her head lightly. "It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

"Yes, like the bird," Rounin stated, while he bows respectfully in return in the proper style taught to him by his master. "Pleasure to meet you as well."

"What did you say your last name was?" Ami asked curiously, attempting to go out on a limb of theory.

"I didn't," Rounin stated in a firm tone. Feeling the room suddenly chilled, Ami placed her hands around her midsection, grasping her elbows while keeping herself quiet. Rounin turned and bowed before entering the dojo, walking toward the changing rooms. Once the door shut, Ami heard Muteki breathe out a sigh. He shook his head, while attempting to console in his student's strange behavior.

"Rounin's parents died when he was younger, and he grew up in an orphanage," Muteki stated in a low tone, while his arms crossed over one another.

"I've tried to pull him out of that shell he has around him," Makoto sighed at her own failed attempts. Ami looked curiously to the closed door, then back to Muteki.

"Does he ever talk about his past?" Ami asked curiously. Muteki shook his head, turning to face his student who had just finished changing. While the two bowed to each other, and prepared to take their weaponry to the park, Makoto pulled Ami aside.

"What's with the curiosity?" Makoto asked Ami with an arched brow. Ami shook her head while she looked Rounin over one more time, adjusting her glasses while she turned to Makoto.

"You don't see it?" Ami asked, baffled that Makoto herself hadn't seen it when the two first met each other.

"See what?" Makoto asked.

"He looks a lot like Mamoru."


End Chapter 1