Sailor Moon T

Crystal Tokyo Era Crystal Tokyo

Lunar, Earth's Moon

Serenity felt the wind continue to push against her back, while she fell back first, her arms attempting to reach up to the balcony in which she had fallen from. Blonde strands spiraled around her, almost blinding her vision, until she felt an arm tucked under her own, wrapping firmly around her waist. Suddenly, her fall was stopped, her long strands tangling over her face while her eyes attempted to search for her rescuer.

"Prince Endymion?"

She rested her head against the male chest, while her arms found their way around the man's neck, her eyes looking downward just as her hair flew from her eyes. Now seeing the actual drop she would have endured, her arms tightened more securely, gripping to the person who had saved her tightly. Suddenly wondering if she were flying, her eyes looked up to see a man similar to Prince Endymion, with a similar Earth Battle Armor she had seen Endymion wear one time before.

"Kizoku," the much younger masked man replied, while gripping tightly the grappling hook he was swinging upon, his feet reaching out to a ledge further down the castle. They balanced themselves onto the roof of the Eastern Tower, while the stranger looked back toward the battle. "Endymion's my brother."

"Brother?" Serenity asked curiously. "I never knew he had a brother."

"We don't get along too well," Kizoku replied, his eyes more focused on the battle below. "What started this?"

"I don't know," Serenity answered in confusion, her eyes shifting toward the scene. "I don't even know who's attacking us."

"Beryl," Kizoku frowned at the mention of the name. "She's been trying to take over our planet for as long as I can remember. Her attempts to marry my brother have been endless. The only thing she wants is the thrown, and we wont give it to her. She gathered a small group of rebels, and attacked the castle not too long ago, but we were easily able to fend against them. But now, she's much more powerful. She's been given some sort of magic barrier that we weren't able to break. She easily took over the castle, which is why we retreated here."

"But the ball…" Serenity started, but Kizoku quickly assured an answer.

"It was to cover up the real reason," he stated firmly. "We didn't want to worry anyone with the troubles on Earth. Only your Mother, and the older members of your Royal Court knew, and even that, I felt were too many people. This could be the reasoning for their attack."

Serenity brought a shaky hand to her head. She fell to her knees, while witnessing her court fight in her name in order to protect her kingdom. Her legs pressed together, while her weight leaned against her ankles, her head sinking low with tears filling her eyes.

"How was she able to bring forth so much power in such little time?" Kizoku cursed under his breath, while clenching his tightly balled up fists. "There's no way she could have pulled up an army this big in such short of time."


The voice came from just below them, a slightly older version of Kizoku stood, clad in classic Earth battle armor. With a sword in hand, he cut through another shadow creature, while attempting to fight his way to the tower.

"Endymion!" Serenity cried from the edge, catching her prince in not-so-shinning armor as he cracked another skull open, sheathing his sword when the area was finally cleared out. Kizoku shifted his eyes toward his older brother frowning lightly while he crouched over the edge. "Kizoku?"

"Endymion," Kizoku regarded his older brother with a glare, though quickly looked beyond the normal brotherly feud. "Beryl's forces have reached the castle."

"I know," he replied from below, taking a quick look around to ensure the area was safe.

"What's that?"

Serenity's eyes reached a bright white glow from the castle, directly where her mother's room was located. A white gown was dressed around her, with pools of silver sprouting from her scalp, flowing in the wind created from the Queen's awesome powers. Instantly feeling a connection to the power emitting from her mother's extended arms from upon the balcony, Serenity cried out.



Chapter 3

Present Day


Minato-ku, Japan

Humanoid, green tone skin with dark emerald hair spiked short and all upward, flat on the top. Three pronged fingers sprouting from its wrists, each holding the ability to expand its own length. It held a skeleton-like appearance, with skin simply latched onto its bones and tendons. It held lengthy arms and legs, and arched its back in a way that seemed impossible. The second next to him looked nearly identical, only holding shades of blue instead of green. The two came speeding toward the three training martial artists, preparing to take their lives in one fail swoop. Rounin and Makoto rolled to the right, while Muteki rolled to the left, the two large creatures leaping from the ground point in which they landed upon and quickly split apart; the blue one going after the pair to the right while Muteki took on the other, one-on-one.

"What are these things!" Rounin quickly shouted, while dodging to the left, barely avoiding a fist to his face. Makoto quickly wound her left leg, and struck the creature in the back, forcing it to stagger forward. It let out a hiss, and turned hatefully toward the tall brunette, who hesitated a moment; the creature appearing more angry than actually damaged. She pulled her leg back, fixing her stance while the creature turned and struck its own leg outward. Makoto quickly swatted the leg aside with her wrist, and pulled her fist back, aiming for his face. The Youma was quicker, however, raising his hand and grasping the girl's fist in his own, much larger hand. Makoto frowned, gritting her teeth together when the monster applied painful pressure to her hand. Her eyes squinted, and he squeezed harder, finally receiving a yelp from the girl. Makoto's face twitched, and she fell to one knee, grasping her wrist with her other hand.

"Makoto!" Rounin finally intervened, kicking out the back of the monster's legs. The hold on Makoto's hand hadn't loosened, but she was able to yank her hand back when the creature fell forward, bringing his chest into her rising knee. She heard a gasp for air, and quickly struck the back of its neck with her elbow, sending the creature to the ground. The two fighters jumped back, both taking a defensive stance. The heard an inhuman growl, and the creature pushed himself to a jumping stand, with its eyes glaring hatefully toward the two martial artists.

The green monster faced off against Muteki, who merely dodged every extending fast fist the creature threw at him. With one hand on the hilt of his blade, he continued to shift his body left and right, barely avoiding each punch the creature attempted to strike him with and just as the creature made a final leaning punch, Muteki unsheathed his sword in a fluid slicing motion, cutting against the creature's chest. Surprised, the creature jumped back, revealing merely a scratch across its chest. Muteki said nothing, while grasping the hilt with both hands, shifting his eyes back toward his students only a moment, before blocking another attempted strike with the back of his blade, swatting the wrist aside. Karasu and Ami watched from the side, while the younger of the two turned to Ami with a questionable look.

"What are those things?" She asked, expecting the blue haired genius to know. Ami hesitated, while trying to find a proper answer. Tokyo had always been known for attacks like these, but she herself still didn't know exactly what they were faced with.

"I don't know," she answered half truthfully, her brows lowering while they concentrated on the battle, looking for any sort of weakness the monsters might hold. Her eyes shifted constantly to Karasu, hoping to get a chance at some point to call in her fellow senshi to help with the battle. With Rounin and Muteki around, as well as the enemy themselves, Makoto and herself couldn't transform. She bit her bottom lip in frustration, while her eyes constantly shifted from Karasu to the battle, hoping that the violet haired girl could remain fixated upon the fight.

Karasu's violet hues caught Ami's constant eye-shifting out of the corner of her eyes, almost feeling the frustration radiating off the older sempai. Karasu decided to keep herself fixated on the battle, though kept her ears open to whatever it was Ami was waiting for. When she felt the dark blue eyes upon her, she shifted her weight to make it appear as if she held no attention toward the girl, and noted Ami's change in movements.


Rei continued her endless chanting, while her hands continued to move swiftly in the motions, attempting to get any sort of reading from the fire raging in front of her. Raven strands locked with sweat, while tiny beads rolled down the sides of her head, her frustration showing by the expression and lowered brows of the priestess. Her voice became more commanding, while her movements became quicker, and more fluent. Rei's eyes opened up after receiving no reply for the hour and a half she had given. Frustrated, Rei attempts to start over but is interrupted by a beep, sounding from her back pack to her left. Taking a breath, she lifted herself from her knelt position, rushing over to the communicator that went off. She pulled it out, with the screen flashing an image of a blue haired teen.

"What is it, Ami?" Rei asked rather harshly, hating the fact that the senshi constantly used the device for things aside from emergencies. She noticed the girl hesitate before answering, noting her constant eye shifting from the viewing screen.

"Youma, in the park," she stated clearly. Rei's eyes blinked in surprise, but nodded her head nonetheless. She gave a look to the fire, which had yet to give a response, then turned back to the hand held screen.

"I'll be right there," she stated, then closed the lid. Reaching further into the backpack, she pulled out a small stick, and ran quickly out the door, with the fire still flickering. When she left completely, the fire raged for only a moment, before dying out completely.


"Ami?" Usagi had opened the lid to her communicator, revealing Ami's distraught face. Their communicators weren't usually used during times of peace, though herself and Minako constantly kept in touch with one another with them, since neither held cell phones yet. Seeing Ami's face on the other end, however, revealed a strange feeling within the pit of the princess' stomach; the likes of which she hadn't felt for years. "What is it?"

"A youma attack, at the park," she quickly relayed in a low voice. Usagi noticed the girl's eyes shift from her, then returned to the screen.

"Minako and I will be right there," Usagi said, then quickly closed the lid. The sapphire blue hues shifted to Minako, currently battling another blonde slightly shorter than her. She had been announced as Takaoka Chikyuu, though quickly informed the man to announce her as simply Taka. Their battle thus far had been dead even, Minako choosing Sailor V herself, while Taka chose one of the new characters. The new character looked similar to Sailor V, with thinner strands of blonde hair, and standing slightly shorter. Strangely enough, the girl had mastered all her new character's moves, which included several strong Earth Elemental powers. Usagi forced her way through the crowd in attempts to reach her friend.


Shouri let out a whistle, while he investigated under the hood of the racer's car, checking to make sure there would be no mistakes. He wanted to make a good impression on his first day, and he noticed that none of the driver's crew assured her car would be in tip-top shape for the race. He checked the fluids, starting with the oil, slowly making his way around the under-hood of the car.


"Rounin, Makoto!"

The two martial artists turn to see their master tossing them two blades from the pack next to him, having rolled out of the way of an extending fully fisted arm, nearly smashing through the tree he had been pushed back against. The two caught the sheaths in their hands, drawing their weapons instantly. The blue skinned youma let out an inhuman hiss, while its head tilted to the right. Both soldiers held their swords out defensively in front of them, waiting for the creature to attack.

The creature then charged after the two, cocking its right fist back. It leaped into the air, letting its fist come crashing downward. Both rolled to either side in avoidance of the strike. Rounin was first to get up, leaping to the creature's exposed back, and slashing diagonally across. Green blood fell from its back, and splattered outward, dripping all over Rounin's blade. The creature turned just in time to have its chest slashed upward by Makoto's blade, letting out an inhumane shriek of pain. More dark jade blood flowed outward, staining both gi tops of the martial artists.

The youma let out a hiss, while retreating back with a leap, launching himself a couple hundred feet back, separating himself from the two armed fighters. Rounin and Makoto kept their eyes focused upon their enemy, both panting and slightly exhausted. A loud chuckle suddenly grasped all fighters attention to the left, where the fight had first begun. Ami's eyes focused outward, her brows lowering in frustration to yet another apparent humanoid youma, this one looking nothing like the others.

Practically human, a man in a dark blue tone suit, a white undershirt with the top button undone. Spiky black hair with strands reaching half a foot off the scalp, with thickly clumped bangs forced to the right side, covering the scar on his right eye. A smirk was placed upon his façade, while he parted the long strands to one side, only to have them fall back into place a moment later. He regarded his own kind with a mere look of distaste, then stated his reasoning for appearing.

"You creatures are pathetic," he stated in a deep tone, while the creatures merely hissed in reply. "Having trouble keeping up with a couple of mortals? Well, I can help you with that…"

His dark ebony hues flashed a full shade of crimson, pulsating with energy while he raised his right hand. A spiraling black aura surrounded both youma creatures, the two instantly grasping their skulls, letting out terrible shrieks of pain. All those around grasped their ears at the high pitched sounds the two gave off, and in moments, the wind died down, revealing two black skinned creatures. Like liquid, they suddenly fused together, splashing their bodies into one, reforming into a much larger, and stronger monster.

"Much better," the blue suited youma chuckled. "Now this should be entertaining."

The creature's face, twisted as it seemed, let out a roar and charged for the most experienced fighter, it's large shoulder forcing the warrior to attempt to hold his ground. Muteki raised his blade, using the side to clash against the creature's shoulder. His eyes widened when his blade cracked under the pressure, forcing him to roll out of the way of the large brute's shoulder. Stopping in his tracks, the youma turned just as the old warrior stood up, throwing its arm outward. Suddenly lengthening, the creature's arm stretched outward, far beyond its normal length and piercing through Muteki's ribs. The swordsman let out a cry of pain, while crimson came gushing from the wound.

The youma grinned while retracting its arm back to its normal side, allowing the warrior to fall to the ground instantly, face first into the dirt and grass. The two fighters remaining let out a cry for their master, quickly rushing to his aid. Rounin crouched to his side, attempting to close the wound with the top of his gi, ripping it off and wrapping around his chest. Makoto stood defensively in front of him, with her blade aimed toward the creature, beads of sweat rolling down her face.

'I have to transform,' Makoto thought to herself, shifting her eyes from the youma to the worried faces of Ami and Karasu. She took a moment to look behind her to the revengeful expressional Rounin, who averted his eyes from his master only once to glare hatefully toward the youma, then returned his full attention to Muteki. Makoto gripped the hilt of her blade harder, her jaw clenching shut tight. Her eyes shifted to Ami, the girl already knowing the thoughts running through the fighter's mind. Makoto gave a pleading look, as if asking her what to do.

The blue haired genius held no answer for the girl, knowing the horrors of transforming not only in front of normal citizens of the city, but in front of their new enemy. Before she attempted to find an answer, however, the gods suddenly came into their favor.

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

A fire erupting arrow suddenly exploded directly in the center of the youma's face, forcing its large hands to his eyes. Blinded momentarily, all other eyes turned toward the new fighter, clad in a ruby red fuku, and sailor-like suit. Raven black strands flew down her back, with white tone gloves, clasping her hands together while the two index fingers pointed outward in a gun-like way, her high heeled shoes digging into the ground.

"Fire Soul!"

An aura of red circled around her body, while spirals of fire engulfed her figure. At her command, they collected at her finger tips, and exploded into a ball of fire. The fire ball shot outward, smashing into the blinded youma's chest, knocking it onto it's back. The senshi of fire quickly rushed upward, leaping her figure into the air. With a flick of her wrist, a bow made up of complete flames flashed into existence, pulling back on the non-existent string. A red energized arrow suddenly formed at the tip of her back hand, then let go, forcing a beam of red energy to pierce through its chest. After the array of attacks, the youma let out a cry, then its body faded to ash, staining the once bright green grass into a black aura of death.

"Senshi of Mars," the blue suited man finally announced, an unworried grin upon his face. "It's about time you showed up."

Rounin grasped his master's arm, while Makoto grabbed the other one, the two quickly rushing their master to the sidelines where Karasu and Ami were ready to help with the wound. Sailor Mars stood in between the newly arrived youma and the group, her hands held outward in a defensive state.

"Karasu," Rounin quickly called out, giving in under the weight of his master and falling to one knee while turning him onto his back. Makoto helped with the process, kneeling to the side of her fallen master, her eyes locked upon the thick blood flowing from the wound. "You have to help him!"

"Ami," Makoto shot the girl a glance, the two already halfway to the two. Ami quickly lifted the now crimson stained gi top over the martial artist to inspect the wound, pulling off Muteki's own black gi top, and ripping the black undershirt. The wound was deep. She quickly folded Rounin's gi top, and applied as much pressure as she could to the wound, her eyes locked upon Makoto.

"He needs to get to the hospital, now!" Ami's voice was filled with authority, though Makoto still couldn't pull her gaze from her master.

"Karasu," Rounin stated in a low voice. The violet haired girl knelt down next to her friend, swallowing hard as she literally felt the emotions traveling through the group. "Please … I know you can help him."

"Rounin," Karasu stated in a shaky voice. "I can't …"

"Karasu, please," Rounin looked upward, his eyes filled with emotion. The girl tore her eyes away, letting a hand rub the side of her temple. So much emotion … "He'll die before he gets to the hospital, you have to save him!"

"I've never … I don't know …" Karasu felt emotions swirling inside of her, making her light-headed. She quickly shook her head free, taking in a breath and closed her eyes. "Alright…"

Ami and Makoto merely watched while Karasu removed the medical genius' hands, and pulled away the blood soaked gi top. Before Ami could protest, Rounin raised a hand, assuring the girl that Karasu knew what she was doing. Taking in another breath, Karasu let her hands hover over the wound, her eyes closing once again, a soft glow suddenly emitting from her hands.

"Who are you?" Mars shouted, hating the fact that nearly all her enemies always seemed to know who she and her fellow senshi were, though they held no information on them. The man merely chuckled while taking a step forward, his hands grasping the lapels of his overcoat.

"I'm surprised you don't remember me, princess of Mars," he stated in a calm voice, forcing a hurt-looked expression over his face. "I'm rather offended, actually."

"Sorry, I don't take youma to memory," Mars retorted with a frown. The youma merely laughed at her attempts to remain calm and cool-headed.

"Then I'll just have to make you remember," the youma replied. Mars instantly flicked her wrist, reforming the bow and arrow stance from earlier.


A flick of her right hand would bring forth the spiraling flame that encircled the mystical arrow, summoned forth by the fire senshi.


The bow ignited to flame, while she pulled back on the red energized arrow. Before she could pull back, however, the man's arm stretched outward much like the prior youma, and sharpened its hand into a long needle-like tip. She hadn't even felt the arm pierce her skin, but suddenly felt the sharp pain in her muscles and tendon when the thicker part tore completely through her leg. Mars let out a cry of pain while blood splattered against her stomach and chest, her hands instantly moving to the gushing wound in her right thigh, the fire magic dissolving a the incompletion of the enchanted words. The youma merely smirked while its hand retracted, the tips of his fingers covered in crimson. His tongue grazed along the liquid, letting out a satisfied grin at the sweet taste.

"You're even more tasteful than I remember, Mars," the man replied with a sickening grin. Sailor Mars gritted her teeth while her hands locked upon her thigh, her eyes traveling upward, and widening at what they saw.

The scene around her had completely changed, with white marble set up in a castle-like manner, set inside of a large bedroom. The creature may have looked different, but she could never forget the cold glare she received when he retracted his hand and tasted her blood.

Gritting her teeth, the senshi of Mars staggered back onto her good leg, while bringing her hands out in front of her, clasping them together quickly while extending her index fingers, attempting to ignore the pain. A shadowy figure started to peek through, the silhouette of what appeared to be a half humanoid half demon-like creature. The tips of her fingers glowed with a red spark, while she drew upon her planetary energy, her eyes half lidded with beads of sweat upon her forehead.

"Fire Soul!"

An explosion of fire erupted from her finger tips and a ball of flame spiraled toward the door frame, smashing into the chest of the creature before he came into full view. Dark violet hues widened further when the creature walked onward, through the smoke, as if the attack were nothing. Six feet tall the black armored creature stood, humanoid in appearance, though held six tentacle-like arms total. Four retracted into his back, while one on each side pulled back from their tentacle-like arms into normal, human-looking arms. Attired in battle armor, the creature held sinister yellow hues, and a sadistic smirk. His eyes never left the fire senshi, who already flicked her wrist, summoning her bow of fire.


A flick of her right hand would bring forth the spiraling flame that encircled the mystical arrow, summoned forth by the fire senshi.


Before she could even pull the arrow back all the way, the creature attacked. With a quick throw out of his right and left arm, the four other tentacle-like arms shot out from his back, all shooting toward the fire senshi. Two smacked into her chest, sending her flying into the wall. Before she could fall, two others wrapped around her wrists, holding up with her legs dangling below her. Blood dripped from her right leg while her face winced from the pain though continued to glare hatefully toward the creature that slowly made its way toward her. When he made it into the center of the room, his head turned sadistically toward the princess of the moon, who trembled under the immense stare.

"Princess Serenity," the creature spat out with a deep, scratchy voice. Mars growled in disgust that the creature would dare to mention her princess' name in her presence. Her arms pulled harshly against the restraints, but the kept her well in place, her fighting completely futile. Serenity kept her back against the balcony, her sapphire hues shifting from the creature, to Mars, then back to the creature again. Hesitant, the girl shifted her view to beyond the balcony behind her to the battlefield below.

Like a whip, however, the man's arm smacked at the princess' chest, completely knocking her over the edge, sending her spiraling into a screaming fall to the long drop below.

"PRINCESS SERENITY!" Mars screamed, her eyes filling quickly with rage, her arms working even harder to escape, but to no avail. "LET ME GO!"

"Aren't you a fiery one?"

The creature grinned while turning back to the senshi of Mars. Closing the distance between the two, the creature let its tentacle arm caress the girl's cheek. Like fire against her skin, Mars pulled away, receiving a painful slap across her face, stinging her cheeks and leaving a nice red mark in its place. When Mars attempted to scream out in rage, she was greeted by a familiar sharpened tentacle that had pierced her leg earlier, which still dripped of her blood. With her voice silenced, her eyes twitched with rage even still, her throat letting out a low growl. Letting out a snicker, the humanoid-demon creature brought its arm back, preparing to spear through the girl's skull.

"Say goodbye, princess of Mars."

Lavender hues never left the sinister grin, and sickening colored eyes of her enemy. They widened, as her chest took one last intake of air, feeling the spark object entering through her rib cage, and straight through her heart. Her head jerked forward while her body completely tensed. She felt the blood entering her lungs, her heart attempting to beat blood into her system even though it simply flew out through the large hole. Her head spun and she felt as if her entire body had been engulfed in flames. Her eyes locked upon the sharp tip still aimed for her skull, letting out a cough of blood that splattered over the youma's face. He merely grinned, while he retracted the hand piercing her chest, reforming it and running his index finger to collect the blood trickling down her lips. He then brought the hand to his face, licking up the crimson liquid over his fingers.

"Delicious," he stated in a low voice, sounding much more distant than he appeared. "You taste delicious, Mars."

"And you still do," the blue suited youma stated, as if sensing the girl's sudden flashback of memory. Mars stood frozen, her hands shakily removing from her wound and dropping to her side, her eyes unable to focus on anything. Swirls of colors flashed around her, while her breathing picked up. Short, quick breaths forced her lungs to plead for air, while her head spun once again, feeling a wave of nausea fill her stomach. The creature laughed at the girl's weakness, slowly continuing his way toward the staggering female warrior.

"Say goodbye, Princess of Mars," he said in a low tone, while he wound up the same arm that had killed her once before. "And this time, your soul will remain in the afterlife."


End of Chapter 3