Cannonball Run 5: Overdrive

Trailers, Scene Inspirations, Director's Commentary.

(trailer 1)

The highway in Australia was seen.

"Welcome to the latest running of the Cannonball Run." said Phil in voiceover.

The Stadt was seen racing down a highway in France.

"A new race is waiting in the wings." said Phil.

Super Dave was seen walking to his car in slow motion.

"No fewer than forty-two teams are..." said Phil.

Phil was seen and continued "...preparing to take part and show off how we..."

He was cut off by Velma's scream and Animal chasing her through the crowd while yelling "Woman! Woman!"

Several cars were seen racing through a town in China.

"To be a Cannonballer, you have to be an excellent driver." said the announcer.

The Emu drifted to a halt next to the lagoon on Gilligan's Island. Crow said "Mike, you couldn't outdrive Billy Joel."

"You have to be crafty." said the announcer.

Hank drove the Jones J450 through the river in Africa and into the gas station.

"That was quite an entrance." said Leonardo. "The rest of us drove across the bridge."

"You have to be completely insane." said the announcer.

James Bond jumped the twisted bridge in Australia. The Victory did a rollover in mid-air.

"My last date said I was a little twisted." said James.

"It's a matter of style, you can't fake it." said the announcer.

Ford jumped his bike onto the roof of the train in South America.

"If you've got the soul, you can make it." said the announcer.

The Knight took the brunt of a Gatling Tank's machine gun fire in Asia.

The Sentinel was seen exploding.

"Go! Go!" yelled someone in the Vermont fortress.

The Baja Buggy raced through the Sahara Desert.

The Boost raced through the frozen wasteland of Antarctica.

The Zender Alpha raced through Pennsylvania, then the screen went dark and the car raced across the screen, leaving the title in its wake.

"Cannonball Run 5!" said the announcer.

A quick shot of someone changing gears was seen.

"Overdrive!" said the announcer.

(trailer 2)

The Cohete and Monsoni were seen racing through the American heartland.

"In a world ruled by horsepower," said the announcer.

Several cars were seen leaving the Australian roadhouse.

DeMarco was seen standing on his balcony.

"one man will dare to disrupt the world's most outrageous race." said the announcer.

"Do these motor madmen know how to spend it properly? No." said DeMarco.

"But he didn't count on something:" said the announcer.

The Veloci was seen racing through Georgia.

The Jersey XS and Modo Prego were seen racing in Asia.

The Saikou raced out from between the two trucks in Africa.

"The hottest cars," said the announcer.

Beavis and Butthead leafed through a porno magazine in the Kwik-E-Mart.

Monk smashed the remaining light on the Paris Cop Car.

Meowth shredded George's copy of the Midnight Star.

"The craziest competitors," said the announcer.

Willow cast a magic bubble at Joe and Max.

Knuckles attacked the Elegy with his Hammer Gloves.

The T-X extended an antenna from her finger and touched it to the tank's control.

"The strangest powers," said the announcer.

Stanley held out his cape as Captain Chaos.

"And this guy." said the announcer.

The Modicum XSV was seen jumping the gorge in Korea.

Bowser was seen jumping into the pool and splitting it.

The Monstruo was seen jumping onto the back of the Flatbed.

Tanner and Everett were seen jumping from the Sea Phantom.

The Cocotte was seen dropping into the ocean.

The title crashed into the screen.

"Cannonball Run 5! Overdrive!" said the announcer.

DeMarco stormed through his mansion and growled "I'm so mad, I could explode!"

Memphis, Dominic, and Jesse posed by the entrance to the wrecking yard while the auto shredder exploded in the background.

(scene inspiration)

The Fast and the Furious:
-(chapter 1) George vs. J.J. drag race.
-(chapter 2) Simpsons' intro.

Monster Garage:
-(chapter 2) Team Looney Tunes' intro.
-(chapter 4) The Sabre's demise.
-(chapter 5) The Stallion's demise.

-(chapter 2) J.D's daydream during Team Fowl's intro.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension:
-(chapter 2) Team Banzai's intro.
-(chapter 9) Buckaroo identifies Marybeth.

The Cannonball Run:
-(chapter 2) Super Dave's intro.

Dude, Where's My Car?:
-(chapter 2) Jesse and Chester's intro.

Short Circuit:
-(chapter 2) Jarod and Johnny Five's intro.

Super Dave:
-(chapter 3) The Alarde getting smashed against the wall.

Police Academy:
-(chapter 3) Mahoney parks the New York Patrol Car.
-(chapter 11) Foyt vs. the Simpsons.
-Mahoney points out Jessie's wig.
-(chapter 13) Hooks apprehends DeMarco.
-Tackleberry misses his moment.

Speed Zone:
-(chapter 3) Race start.
-(chapter 7) Lara skips the ocean.
-(chapter 8) Rob jumps the river.
-(chapter 9) Corvax vs. the van.
-(chapter 11) Ghosts on the highway.

The Gumball Rally:
-(chapter 3) First rule of Polecat Racing.
-(chapter 9) Kid warms up.

Full Throttle (the game):
-(chapter 4) Ben jumps the Crusero.

If Looks Could Kill:
-(chapter 4) Paul and Feliz chase the Simpsons.

Flight of the Navigator:
-(chapter 4) Jarod and Johnny Five get lost.

2 Fast, 2 Furious:
-(chapter 4) The Oceanic gets flattened.
-(chapter 14) Ford and Kid get pulled over.
-(chapter 16) Jarod misspeaks his line.

Caddyshack 2:
-(chapter 4) Everett takes out the caterer.
-(chapter 5) Everett tries to recommend a meal.
-(chapter 13) Everett vs. Slimer.

The Man With the Golden Gun:
-(chapter 6) Bond jumps the river.

The Transporter:
-(chapter 6) Marcus and Regis hijack the truck.
-(chapter 12) Marcus enters the fortress.

beer commercial:
-(chapter 6) Regis gets scared by the dummy.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:
-(chapter 6) Max swings on the hook.
-(chapter 9) Butler vs. the Hot Alien Chicks.
-Bond vs. the Lasher tanks.
-(chapter 10) Stanley vs. the trailer trucks.
-(chapter 13) Fowl and his team take a tank.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:
-(chapter 7) Maya predicts a winner.

Black Sheep (suggested by Generation X7)
-(chapter 7) Modo Prego breaks nitrous line.

Vanishing Point:
-(chapter 7) Race for the bridge.

The Faculty:
-(chapter 8) Malcolm is attacked.

Nash Bridges:
-(chapter 8) Phantom disco.

-(chapter 8) Ford escapes Kid.

Romancing the Stone:
-(chapter 8) The Knight jumps the river.

The Meteor Man:
-(chapter 8) Darden and Korpi get high.

Spaceballs (with a little bit of Howard the Duck thrown in)
-(chapter 9) Worker gets attacked.

Wayne's World:
-(chapter 9) "Would you have any Grey Poupon"
-(chapter 13) Garth's belt.

Arrested Development:
-(chapter 9) "Dead lizard, do not eat." (episode "Top Banana")
-Annie finds out what she did. (episode "Motherboy XXX")
-(chapter 10) Hsu scares his opponents. (also "Motherboy XXX")
-(chapter 11) Dublin police vs. Bernie. (episode "Meat The Veals")
-(chapter 13) Star Wars Kid. (episode "Sword of Destiny")
-(chapter 16) Gob's fireball fails to ignite. (episode "Burning Love")

Midnight Club 3:
-(chapter 9) Snowplow collision.

The Amazing Race:
-(chapter 10) Dominic makes the tribesman a deal.
-(chapter 11) Hsu complements Belgium.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:
-(chapter 10) Mario makes a very wrong turn.

-(chapter 10) Ethan makes good use of a flare gun.
-Max and Highway go sailing.

The Fall Guy:
-(chapter 10) Motorcycle obstacle course.

Big Trouble:
-(chapter 11) Jezz on the radio.
-Jesse and Chester run from Darden and Korpi.
-Darden and Korpi on the plane.

-(chapter 11) Mystery Inc. takes a shortcut.

-(chapter 11) Kermit finds out where he is.

Rainbow's "Death Alley Driver" music video:
-(chapter 11) Lone Wolf vs. black van.

Now You See Him, Now You Don't:
-(chapter 11) The Veloci goes invisible.

The Smashing Pumpkins' "Perfect" music video:
-(chapter 11) Johnny and Lance vs. police car.

Kazzer's "Pedal To The Metal" music video:
-(chapter 11) Sonic vs. other racers on foot.

The Apprentice:
-(chapter 12) Meeting in the cabin.

-(chapter 12) Poker game.
-Stanley's escape.

The Matrix:
-(chapter 12) Come on.

The Road Warrior:
-(chapter 12) Jesse dares DeMarco.

Tale Spin:
-(chapter 13) The flamethrower. (episode "Mach One For The Gipper")

candy commercial:
-(chapter 13) Beavis' daydream.

Terminator 2:
-(chapter 13) Snake surprises Johnny Sasaki.
-Tommy and Max vs. Christine.

Smokey And The Bandit 2:
-(chapter 13) Chasing Yuri's army.

Donkey Kong:
-(chapter 13) Mario climbs the tower.

-(chapter 13) Christine's last song.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:
-(chapter 13) Christine gets crushed.

Police Academy 2:
-(chapter 13) Mahoney reads the HAC their rights.

National Lampoon's European Vacation:
-(chapter 14) Photo op at the Twine Ball.

-(chapter 14) Wario's cheat is discovered.

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World:
-(chapter 14) Marcus drives into the water.

Old School:
-(chapter 14) Regis makes an announcement.

Ridge Racer Type 4:
-(chapter 14) The final parking arrangement.

-(chapter 16) The Super Taxi fails to start. (episode: "The Parking Garage")

Mischief: Invasion:
-(chapter 16) The Torrida loses its spoiler.

Just Like Heaven:
-(chapter 16) Bernie's nose.

Smashing Pumpkins' "Today" video:
-(chapter 17) Tanner drives the Mr. Whoopie.

3 lbs:
-(chapter 17) Lara's hands fight over her zipper.

(director's commentary)

"Hello, I'm R.J. Justin." said the Australian man in the chair. "You might remember my work directing the popular Australian chase film 'The Mad Dash', or the riveting thriller 'Hot Tempered', or even the popular American television series..."

A long bleep was heard accompanied by the caption "Series produced by a rival studio."

"But enough about my past works." continued Justin. "I'm not here to talk about them. I'm here to talk about this work, 'Cannonball Run 5: Overdrive'.

"When Hal Needham asked me to direct the film, I thought he'd gone bonzer loco. I mean, we're talking about the sequel to a rather lucrative franchise here. And he's handing it off to a relative upstart? 'Okay, I'll give it a shot.' I said.

"All throughout the shoot, I was worried I was going to do something wrong and get the fans all pissed off. Luckily, Hal stayed on hand to guide me through it and I must say I was rather pleased with the results. I think it worked well."

The scene where Lara's team confronted the Australian cop who pulled them over was shown.

"Well, except for this scene." said Justin. "The actor playing this cop was just awful. I should have fired this guy on the spot. Wait a minute. I think it's actually me in a cameo."

The black van was seen attacking one of the cars.

"This was one of Hal's suggestions." said Justin. "While we were talking about the shoot, we got to talking about his earlier works. This was inspired by a movie he did for television, 'Death Car On The Freeway'. I wonder if that's of any relation to Death Cab For Cutie? Anyways, we talked about this movie that was about a psychotic killer in a black van that attacked other drivers who performed minor infractions on the road. Kinda like that whole road rage thing that went on in the nineties."

Mitzi and her girls were seen.

"I'd like to take this moment to thank Mitzi Martin and her 'Dude' co-stars for reprising their roles." said Justin. "However, I think a lot of the male cast members were a little disappointed to discover she still had a boyfriend when we shot."

The scene where Mitzi and company are arrested was seen.

"This scene was a headache to shoot." said Justin. "Not because of the actors and extras and getting the lines correct and everything. It was because of the practical joke Team Rocket played on them during the shoot. I thought they'd know better after the prank with the cuffs in Africa. When I do Cannonball Run 6, I think I'll try to do as few scenes with handcuffs as possible."

The scene in Tanner's room where he faces off with Super Dave and the Bluths was seen.

"This particular scene was just brilliant." said Justin. "I thought the writers and set designers were just great working this out. You see the poster on the wall reading 'The Beer Molecule', then Gob throws the fireball."

Gob threw the fireball and Tanner fell over and tore the corner off of his poster.

"And Tanner rips off the corner." said Justin. "And from this angle, you can see what I'm talking about. The remaining words on the poster reading 'The Mole' and the two arrows pointing to the unconcious Tanner. Just a little foreshadowing through set design.

"One of my biggest regrets was not being able to fit in all of the teams we chose. However, I talked it over with the producer and we're planning on working them in as a Special Edition. Keep your eyes open for that.

"Anyways, I hope you found this commentary insightful and entertaining. I hope you found the movie good too. We had fun making it and I hope you had fun watching it. See ya."