Fools with Starry Eyes

Chapter I- A Mask and Ballet Slippers

Meg Giry, who was barely sixteen, was climbing down the portcullis into the Ghost's lair. She was a bit frightened, for Christine, her most peculiar friend, had disappeared after the Opening, and most probably, the Closing Night of Don Juan Triumphant. The metal was slippery and hard to hold on to. Meg clung as hard as she could against the wrought iron that was the gate to the Ghost's lair, and lowered her body to the ground.

When her body collided with the water, there was a loud splash, and, (perhaps too late!) put her hand at the level of her eyes. Oh, thank God. The Punjab Lasso was not around her neck. She felt her neck to make sure. There was no rope. Meg breathed a sigh of relief, and moved about the lair, searching for anything that might be a clue to Poor Christine's whereabouts.

As Meg walked, she noticed many pictures of Christine. They were all hand drawn, some were charcoal, some were painted (many were water colors, some were oil, some were very well done, some were sloppy and dashed off) and some were just sketches.

There was a beautiful charcoal one that Meg noticed. She paused to look at it. It was Christine in her Hannibal dress, the one where she sang the beautiful aria. Meg closed her eyes and remembered that moment, and the wonder she felt, that Christine could sing like that- And just weeks ago, she was a rusty, squeaky hinge!

Meg leaned forward, drawn to the beautiful drawing. In the corner, there was a figure leaning against the curtains of the Opera Populaire and gazing at the radiant Christine. Meg realized with a jolt, that it was herself. Her painted self looked wistfully at Christine, like she was wishing that she could dance with as much feeling and talent as Christine did with every note that she sang, not just in that aria, but in every aria. It was indeed what she felt! How could the Ghost have known what she felt? The Ghost was not present!

She scolded herself. Her Mama would have said, as she so often did, that just because the Phantom did not appear to be present did not mean that he wasn't. Meg, feeling a bit disturbed, moved from the paintings to the 'throne'. In it was carved musical notes. On closer inspection, Meg realized it was the notes to Christine's lines- 'No thoughts within her head but thoughts of joy/ nor dreams within her heart but dreams of love'.

Upon it was something white. Meg did not recognize what it was, and picked it up, and examined it. With horror, she realized it was the Ghost's mask. It was the very mask of a cold blooded killer that stalked her best friend and her fiancé!

It seemed an innocent thing for an evil soul. It was even white.

The other members of the mob were slowly approaching. Her mother stood behind her. "Marguerite," she said, scared. "Marguerite, you must give me that mask, now."

Meg, ever the stubborn girl, shook her head slowly. "No, Mama, if he shall ask for it, I shall give it to him. Until then, I shall keep it safe."

Meg hid the mask underneath her bed, right next to her favorite pink ballet slippers. There it stayed for five months, until she received a most distressing note;

My dear Miss Marguerite Giry,

I am writing this to you to humbly beg for a return of a precious object of mine that you currently are in possession of. I hope that you will be obedient to both myself and your charming Mother, and return my mask to myself, which I have observed is by your ballet slippers that you use.

I humbly beg of you to return my mask to its rightful owner, so I will not have to harm you, or your mother. I assure you that I am both excessively fond of both of you, and it will grieve me greatly to have to do harm to either of you charming Girys.

Please return it to me by Thursday, which is the opening night of Faust, so I might watch the performance.

I am your obedient and most humble servant,

The Opera Ghost

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