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Epilogue- Nothing Stops Us Now

Meg and Erik packed and left the next morning. They traveled by midnight coach into the country and far, far away from Paris, the Opera Populaire, Firmin, the Emperor, Little Jammes, and last, but certainly not least, Carlotta. They did not regret their decision.

Erik had bought a house in the country a while ago, and they moved in. Erik had saved his past salaries well, and it allowed them to live in a nice, small house, complete with a garden to Meg's delight.

After a week of settling in, they found a priest to marry them. The wedding was preformed entirely in French, to help the young bride understand exactly what she was getting herself into (she still said 'oui' without a thought).

They still lived in fear of the police. Whenever there was a knock on the door, breath always caught in their throats, and Erik would always have Meg hide in the closet (this surprised many callers, when the lady of the house emerged from a closet.)

Erik had bought a piano forte for the living room and often played for Meg, who danced around the room. Sometimes she attempted to play the piano, but played it so badly that Erik (and a few servants) asked her to please stay away from it.

So instead of playing the piano, Meg sketched. Her favorite drawing (Artist's Husband Reading Byron Aloud) was framed in beautiful mahogany and hung above the mantel. Erik was very shy about being a model for Meg.

Madame Giry, though somewhat disappointed that Meg never married the Emperor, came to visit Meg and Erik during the Christmas, Easter, and New Year holidays. She kept Meg up-to-date in all the Paris gossip, and what Raoul and Christine were said to be doing in town. Meg had not heard from Christine since the non-wedding to the Emperor.

Even though they lived in fear, they were still deeply in love. Even though Meg's best friend cut her regularly, they still were happy. Even though Madame Giry was slightly disappointed in their choice, they were still happy. And though they didn't live like the proverbial prince and princess, with all the power, wealth, and prestige, they were happy. And that was the most important thing.


Told you it was a short chapter/epilogue.

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Holy Crap! What are you doing here?


Go hide in the closet!

Madame Giry:

I'm going to be in the sequel!

L. Jammes:

…I might be!


I like cutting my best friend!

The Emperor:

-is about to say something, but too many tomatoes are thrown at him, and he runs off stage-



Okay, so thank you guys for sticking through this story, thick and thin, good times and bad (literally) and when Erik was OOC, and when he wasn't.

Oh, and to cut someone in Victorian society is when you purposely ignore someone in a social outing, in letters, or refusing to come over to someone's house (a la Christine.)

(Yes, Sakume, it was based off of Gaston. Though the stabbing thing wasn't. I read your review and went, CRAP! Does that make me a bad person:looks nervous, then throws self out window: )