Van Helsing: A Vampire's Beginning.

Disclaimer: I do not own Van Helsing. I have created the characters Sirus Dracula, Anastasia Dumond, and Countess Arianna.

Chapter 1:

It is a dark and cloudy night. The moon peeking out from behind a group of passing clouds. A young woman is standing in the middle of a dirt path that is on the edge of a village. On one side of the path the forest begins. On the other side there is the backs of the buildings in the village.

Shadows can play tricks on a person's mind. There are shadows falling everywhere on the path.

The young woman pulls her shawl tighter around her as a breeze blows through the trees. Suddenly she hears footsteps behind her and she freezes where she is standing. Unsure if she should move or stay where she is at. She slowly turns around and sees the shadow of a man in a cloak go back into hiding amongst the trees. Suddenly a voice crys out from the darkness.

"Arianna, what are you doing out here on such a night like this. Supper's ready come along" Said a young woman with beautiful brown hair in a dark cloak.

"Anna, I was going for a walk and" replied the black haired, black eyed beauty.

"Don't call me that! You know I dont like" interupted the fiery eyed brunette.

"-being called that. I know I'm sorry Anastasia it slipped." replied Arianna with a meek smile that was mean't to ask Anastasia's forgiveness. It worked.

"That's alright... Come on now lets get some food before we both starve" replied Anastasia with a forgiving look.

Anastasia and Arianna both walk together back towards the cottage.

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