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Chapter 4

"Carl!" Van Helsing yelled in the crowed market place.

"Yes, what is it Van Helsing?" Carl asked while running from a vegetable cart.

"Dracula has taken a friend of mine. Her name is Anastasia Dumond" Van Helsing said quickly.

"Dracula? You killed him." Carl said with confusion in his voice.

"This is his brother..." Van Helsing responded.

"Do you know where he took her?" Carl asked.

"I found the place last night, but we have to hurry. Come on." Van Helsing said with urgency as he raced from the market place.

Anastasia stirred from her slumber. Her eyes opened to darkness. There was no sun shining in the window next to her bed. She opened her eyes fully and looked around the room. Her eyes stopped on a figure sitting in a corner. There was the handsome Sirus staring at her. He must have been watching her sleep all night.

"Anastasia, I have a question for you..." Sirus said, while making sure she was still under her trance.

"What is it..." Anastasia responded with slight feeling of love for this man.

Little did she know she was under his spell and she wasn't truly feeling anything for this evil creature of the night.

"Would you become my bride?" Sirus asked her.

"You already have two. Why do you need me?" Anastasia asked.

"Ive been watching you for your whole life. Ive been waiting for you for the longest time. I want you Anastasia. Only you." Sirus said as he moved closer to her.

"Alright." Anastasia breathed.

Suddenly the only thing Anastasia felt was the feelings of his lips on hers. He kissed her and while she was under his trance she felt like she liked it and kissed back.

"This won't hurt a bit, I promise..." Sirus said as he lowered his grown teeth to her bare neck.

"I can't believe it!" He made her is bride. This is ridiculous." Countess Arianna screamed into the dark corridor.

"No its not. I've been with him for years. He's been wanting Anastasia ever since she was born." Famke responded.

Countess Arianna and Famke looked at each other then both made noises of disgust when they thought about Sirus wanting Anastasia when she was born.

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Suddenly Anastasia comes out of her chamber. She is now wearing a deep red flowing dress.

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"Well if it isnt the new bride..." Famke said with hatred in her voice.

Anastasia glares at both vampiress's and raises an eyebrow at them.

"How does it feel to be the husband thief." Countess Arianna said.

"Why Arianna when did you ever become so bold." Anastasia said slyly.

Arianna grabbed Anastasia by the shoulders and threw her across the roomm slamming her against a wall.

"How did you know it was me!" Arianna yelled.

"Simple...You always were the backstabber!" Anastasia responded while walking closer to Arianna.

Arianna then slapped Anastasia across the face, scratching her in the process. There were 4 cuts across Anastasia's face.

"Enough!" Sirus yelled as he entered the hallway.

Arianna huddles next to Famke's legs obviously terrified of Sirus. Famke stands her ground since she had been with him longer.

"Both of you will leave tonight. I wish to have some time alone with Anastasia." Sirus said while motioning for Anastasia to come towards him.

Anastasia walks towards him and he puts his arm around her waist possesively.

"But Sirus-" Famke starts.

"But nothing! both of you will leave for 3 days. Do not return before then. Go!" Sirus yelled.

His yelling caused Famke and Arianna to turn into their vampire selves and fly out of the castle in anger.

"Now my dear would you like to dance." Sirus asked.

"Of course I would my love." Anastasia responded as he led her out to the dance floor of the castle.

To Be Continued...

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