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Author's Note: Well, I've wanted to do a whole re-working of Courtney and Jason's relationship, done just a little bit differently than GH did. This story is going to be a continuation of my other story, Holy Water, so while I'm not linking it directly to it, consider Holy Water to be the prologue of this story. It might be helpful to read that first, but I'll probably do a little bit of recapping of it in this chapter.

Just a quick warning, this starts out really slow, and I apologize for that, but I wanted to set things up a little and introduce Carly into the story. But don't worry, the plot definitely picks up in the next chapter, so please bear with me!

I also have to give credit to the television show Gilmore Girls, because I totally stole the name of this story from the title of one of their episodes; the season finale of season 1 to be exact.

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Love, Daisies, and Troubadours - Chapter 1

"I love rainstorms," Courtney announced as Jason opened the penthouse door for her. She spun around and grinned at Jason who was peeling his wet jacket off. She opened her mouth to say something else but was momentarily caught off-guard as she saw that Jason's pale blue t-shirt was stuck to his body, proving to her that he definitely worked out more than he would admit.

"Courtney?" His voice broke her out of her thoughts and her head snapped up as she tried to stop herself from blushing.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I asked you if you were going to stand there all day dripping water all over or if you were going to change into something dry," Jason said as he took her coat from her and draped it over the back of a chair.

"Oh." She wrapped her arms around her midsection as she realized she was getting pretty cold. "Actually, I think I'm going to take a shower first and then change my clothes," she decided. She grinned at him as she shook her head. Droplets of water fell from her hair and landed on Jason, who half-smiled and brushed them off.

"Alright, you go ahead and do that," he said. "I'm going to go change. Both of us are going to end up sick soon if we don't get out of these wet clothes."

"Then I'll be quick about it," she said, flashing a grin at him. She waltzed into the bathroom and was pretty sure she could hear him laughing at her.

Stepping under the hot spray of water, Courtney closed her eyes and let the warmth overtake her. As she felt her body grow warm again her thoughts drifted to what had happened just a few moments before.

They had kissed. Jason had kissed her. Or maybe she had kissed him; her thoughts were still too jumbled for her to process how things happened exactly. Not that it really mattered, she realized, the important thing was that they had kissed. And they had kissed in the rain and what was more romantic than that?

But now what, she asked herself as she lifted the hair off of her shoulders so the water could hit her back. They had kissed, and he said he didn't want her to leave, but what did that mean exactly? He didn't want her to leave that day, or for good? Surely he didn't mean for her to move into the penthouse, did he?

And if so, was she ready for that? Was he?

Jason emerged from his bedroom in dry clothes and patted Rosie absentmindedly on the head. From the sounds of it, Courtney was still in the shower so he went into the kitchen and busied himself making coffee and checking the fridge to see if there was anything they could have for dinner. He did anything he could to keep from thinking about the image of Courtney in his shower. It had been hard enough not to stare when he realized that the rain had made her clothes all but transparent.

As he took a drink of the coffee he thought about what had just taken place. He hadn't planned on doing it that way, he hadn't even thought about it but all of a sudden she had said goodbye and was leaving and he had realized that he couldn't let her go. Before he knew it, he was out the door and chasing down the street.

He had admitted that he wanted her, he let her see that he cared, and that was a little more emotion shown than Jason Morgan was comfortable with. To say he was unsure of what to do next was to say the least. She was just barely out of a horrible relationship and to jump into a new one was something he wasn't sure she was ready for yet.

Before he could overanalyze things further, Courtney appeared in the kitchen doorway, smiling brightly.

"We're definitely need to do that more often," she said decidedly, as she accepted the cup of coffee he handed her. Her smile faded a little as she saw him roll his eyes. "What, you didn't like playing in the rain?" she asked teasingly.

"I don't play," he said dryly, amused at how hyper she was. A far cry from the girl he had brought here just a week ago.

"And you need to work on that," she said, reaching over to kiss him. It was only a quick kiss but she drew back immediately, flustered and stammering. "I'm sorry—I didn't—should I have done that?" She felt her face redden again and bit her lip nervously.

Jason offered her a smile and took the coffee mug from her hand and set it on the table. "I think it was okay," he said before leaning down to kiss her himself.

A few minutes later the shrill ringing of Jason's phone interrupted them. "One moment," he said, reaching into his back pocket. After a brief conversation he sighed and looked at Courtney.

"Sonny?" she asked, knowing it had been her brother on the phone.

He nodded. "I need to go for awhile, there's a new shipment coming in and someone needs to be at the docks."

"Okay," She kissed him once more. "I'll be okay, I can keep myself occupied," she added when she saw the look of doubt on his face. "If anything, I can go across the hall and play with the boys," she reminded him.

"I shouldn't be too long," he said, as they left the kitchen. "A couple of hours at the most," he promised.

"I'll be here when you get back," she said with another smile. "Bye." She closed the door behind him and sat down at the couch, calling for Rosie.

A couple of hours turned into eight and by the time Jason arrived back home Courtney was curled up on the couch, asleep with the television flickering quietly in the dimly lit room. He turned the set off and glanced back at her sleeping form, debating on whether or not to move her.

He rationalized that sleeping on the couch wouldn't be too comfortable so he carefully lifted her up off of the couch. She stirred slightly, but her eyes never opened. He carried her into the bedroom she had been using as hers for the last week and settled her in the bed, pulling the covers over her. He shook his head as the golden retriever barreled into the room and settled at Courtney's feet.

With one last look to make sure everything was in order, Jason stepped out of the room. As he was closing the door he heard her rustling around and paused.

"Good-night Jason," she murmured sleepily, never fully waking up.

"Good night," he returned before closing the door and heading into his own room.

Courtney woke up to the sounds of a crash and Jason swearing. Smiling to herself she sat up, confused for a moment wondering how she had gotten into bed. Glancing at the clock she saw she had overslept and only had about 45 minutes until she had to be to work.

She was about to open the bedroom door and step into the hallway when she caught sight of herself in the mirror. Hair tangled and sticking up in places, make-up smudges under her eyes, and she was still in her clothes from the day before. There was no way she could let Jason see her like this.

As she struggled to get a hairbrush through her hair she couldn't help but laugh at herself. Jason had seen her way worse than this in the last few months, and she doubt he would even notice. And even if he did notice, he definitely wasn't the type to say anything.

However, none of this stopped Courtney from carefully selecting an outfit for the day or taking extra time in applying her make up.

On her way downstairs to the kitchen she couldn't believe that she was actually nervous about seeing Jason today. What if he regretted what happened yesterday? What if he had wished he had let her go when she tried to leave?

What if he looked absolutely adorable as he crouched on the floor trying to pick up the remains of a shattered plate and a now broken toaster?

She leaned against the doorway and smiled at the sight before her. "Problems?" she asked softly, as not to startle him.

He turned around and stood up. "Rosie tried to snag a piece of toast off of the counter when I wasn't looking," he said, cocking his head towards the dog, which was in the corner happily munching away at her breakfast.

Courtney tried not to laugh. "I'm sorry, we'll get you a new toaster," she said.

Jason dismissed it with a wave of his hand. "I'm sorry I was so late last night," he said. "Things didn't go as smoothly as I thought they would."

"Its okay," she said, pouring a glass of juice. "I fell asleep kind of early anyways."

"I noticed." He grinned at her. "How did you sleep?"

"Good," she said honestly. "Thanks for moving me off of the couch," she said lowering her eyes slightly.

"You're welcome," Jason said. He threw the last of the glass shards into the trash and wiped his hands on a dishtowel. "You uh- you look nice this morning," he said, edging closer.

"Thanks," she whispered, as they each moved closer, their lips almost touching. This wasn't going to be so awkward after all she realized. They were millimeters away from kissing. All she had to do was purse her lips and they would be.

"Jason!" Carly's unmistakable voice called from within the living room, breaking the moment. "Where are you?"

Courtney stepped back quickly and took a deep breath. Jason sighed exasperatedly and ran his hand through his hair.

"I'll be right out Carly!" he called. He shot an apologetic look towards Courtney before leaving the kitchen.

Courtney leaned against the counter and took a deep breath. She could feel her face flushing red again and for the umpteenth time in two days she cursed her fair skin. Once she was composed she headed towards the living room herself.

"Morning Carly," she said with a smile.

"Oh, good morning Courtney, I didn't realize you were still here, I thought you were leaving yesterday," Carly said, tilting her head to one side.

"You must have your days mixed up," Jason said. "Courtney's new place isn't ready for her to move in yet," he lied.

"Hmm." Carly looked back and forth between her best friend and her sister-in-law for a moment before settling her gaze on Courtney. "So what are your plans for the day Court?" she asked brightly.

"Oh, not much really. I actually have to get going soon, I've got to be at the diner in time for the breakfast rush," she said, slipping her shoes on.

"How long do you have to work?" Jason asked. He was still at the desk looking for the stack of papers Sonny had sent Carly over for.

"Probably until two or so," she said, hoping Carly didn't pick up on the little bit of tension that hung between her and Jason. "But I thought that when I came home, I would take Rosie to the park for awhile. She's been cooped up inside for a while now, she probably needs to run around for an hour or so," she added.

"If you want, I could bring Rosie to you at Kelly's around two-fifteen," Jason offered, stealing a glance at Courtney.

"That'd be great, thanks," Courtney said, trying to suppress a smile and hoping she didn't sound overly happy, neither of which, like the look Jason gave her, went unnoticed by Carly, who was watching the dialogue with an amused expression.

"Alright, well I should get going," Courtney said as she picked up her purse off of the desk.

"You know, I think I'll walk with you if you don't mind," Carly said. "I have to run a few errands that way anyways."

"Sure," Courtney agreed. "I'll see you later," she said to Jason.

"Bye," he said, looking up at her quickly and offering her a smile.

"Wow, okay," Carly said once they were in the elevator. "What was that all about?"

"What was what?" Courtney asked.

"You and Jason were acting really weird in there. I saw the look he gave you."

"What look?"

"That 'if Carly wasn't here I'd push you against the wall and kiss you' look," Carly said matter-of-factly.

Courtney rolled her eyes. "He did not look at me that way," she protested.

"No? Well you definitely didn't look like you'd mind if that's how he was looking at you," Carly pointed out.

"He didn't look at me that way!" she repeated.

"What's going on Courtney? Come on, tell me," Carly pleaded as they headed out into the bright sunshine. "I'm dying for some good old-fashioned girl talk. In case you hadn't noticed, there's not a lot of women here I could be friends with, so you're stuck with me, and I demand you tell me what's going on with you and Jason!"

Courtney sighed. She didn't know Carly all that well yet, but she knew telling her anything about her and Jason would be the same as telling the Port Charles Gazette. "I don't know what you're talking about," she said, cringing, as she knew she didn't sound very convincing.

Now it was Carly's turn to roll her eyes. "Are you seriously going to tell me you don't have a crush on Jason?" she asked.

"A crush? Are we in the sixth grade?"

"Fine, you have feelings for him, right? I mean, I don't blame you if you do, Jason's a great guy and personally I'd be thrilled to death if you two got together."

"Jason is a great guy, you're right," Courtney agreed.

"I know, and you two would be perfect for each other," Carly insisted.

"You think so?" Courtney asked.

Carly nodded. "Sonny might not see it the same way though," she said.

Courtney hadn't thought of that before. Of course her brother would not agree with his wife on this topic. On the other hand, it wasn't like Sonny was the boss of her, he couldn't really tell her whom she could and couldn't date, could he? And Jason was the one person he trusted most in the world, would he really have a problem with her seeing him?

"Hey, hello!" Carly snapped her fingers in front of Courtney's eyes. "You didn't hear a word I just said, did you?"

Courtney shook her head and laughed sheepishly. "Sorry," she said.

"Wow, you really have it bad for Jase, don't you?" Carly asked with a shake of her head.

Knowing it was useless to lie, Courtney only shrugged her shoulders and smiled as Carly squealed excitedly and clapped her hands together.

"Oh, we have so much to talk about," Carly said, as they walked through the front door of Kelly's. She sat down at the counter as Courtney threw an apron on over her clothes and picked up a pot of coffee.

"I've got to work Carly," she pointed out.

"That's okay, you won't be busy the whole time," she replied with a flip of her hair. "So tell me, have you guys kissed yet?"

Courtney sighed. It was going to be a long day.