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Chapter 5

Everyone waited in Kayla's living room as minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days. No word had come from Rei or the hospital that Minako had been taken too and everyone was worried including Kim and Ron, who had only met the senshi a short while before hand. At any other time Ron would have been chattering away, but even he had nothing to say. Ami and Makoto continued their hard work in order to fix the machine that screwed with tier friend when an all to fimular feeling passed over them. Even though Kayla was in Kim's body she too shuttered as the feeling washed over the complex. "What is going on?" ron asked his voice shaking with every word not sure if he wanted to run and hide or just scream like a little lost child.

Kayla, Ami, and Makoto all exchanged looks fearing the worst. They all knew this felt to easy and now they knew why. "Youma" all three whispered while Kim and Ron exchanged looks.

"What?" ron asked trying to remain as calm as possible.

"Youma, it's a monster normally full of dark energy." Kayla started to explain.

"Like the monster you girls were fighting when I first arrived?" Kim asked looking thoughtful..

"Hai, that's right." Kayla nodded in confirmation. "here is what we will do. Kim, Ron, Wade, and I will try and figure out this brain swoping machine. Ami and Makoto you try and get the yuma out of the way of any form of human life before it takes lives." Kayla instructed. "If needed, I'll show kim how to activate my powers in the event you two can't dust it alone." She added as an after thought hoping against anything that she wouldn't have to do that.

The others nodded in agreement before Ami and Makoto dashed off to catch the monster before it caused to much damage. However, a good amount of damage had already been delt by the girls arrived outside. "Mercury power….Make up!" Ami shouted.

"Jupiter power…make up!" Makoto echoed as the two girls transformed into the two senshi. Using a series of leaps and kicks they managed to drive the Youma away from the complex, but also noticed it was too strong for either of them. Yet they didn't let it get them down lunching one attack after another.

After about an hour of fighting, the girls were down for the count trying desperately to stay awake, but even that task felt rather difficult. Ami pulled out her cell to call for back up, but the moment she did the Youma knocked it into a near by tree effectively smashing it into a million pieces. Her wrist had been snapped in half in the process, and with the serge of pain her transformation went with it. "Ami chan!" Makoto called as she watched her friend fly into a light post and land inches from a busey intersection.

A dreadful feeling washed over Kayla and she knew something happened to either Ami or Makoto, or worse yet both. Turning to Kim she took a deep breath almost afraid of what she would have to say next. "Kim, You'll need to learn to transform." Kayla stated suddenly. Ron, Wade, and I can hold down the fort here." She finished.

"Alright, what do I have to do?" she asked sounding very unsure about the whole thing.

"Here I'll show you." Kayla said getting behind Kim. First she took the girl's hands from behind and placed them at the starting point. Move for move, hand over hand, Kayla worked with Kim until she got the transformation hand motions down. All the while a funny feeling passed through her, and it took all she had not to start stripping Kim and making out with her. After all different person even though it was her own body.

Once Kim got the hand motions down Kayla begun the instructions on the transformation itself. "First open your mind and trust your heart. The power you will need will flow through you. When you feel it, say: Moon Prisim power…Make up! While doing the hand motions I showed you.

Kim nodded closing her eyes. When the feeling flowed through her vains, she did as instructed. "Moon prisim power…Make up!" she called and in seconds, she now stood as Sailor moon Senshi of the white moon kingdom. Blinking down at herself, she exclaimed, "I did it!"

"Now, my friends need you go get them girl. Now remember my right leg is in bad shape, so be careful with the leaps and kicks. Your heart will lead you to where the senshi are fighting." Kayla assured watching her body now transformed walk out the front door before darting to a run.

Kim ran as fast as Kayla's body would allow for her lungs burning with the attempt. Her legs and arms ached along with her ribs as she made leap after leap in order to reach Kayla's friends faster. Her breath caught in her throught as the screeching of the creature along with broken glass and falling structures reached her ears. The idea someone or something could cause this much damage made her sick, but she had to remember, her mind be that of herself but her body was that of another.

She stopped thinking of what to do when she opened her mind and heart like in her transformation. Once she had done this fighting became a whole lot eaiser. Using a few moves from being a cheerleader, as well as some of Kayla's untapped power, she managed to drive the monster to its knees sort of speak. The fact Jupiter was not as badly injured helped out a lot as well. Between the two of them the monster had been dusted.

After the monster's remains vanished, the destruction started to repair itself. However, Ami still wasn't lucky. She had come too, but she had to many broken bones to be able to move. Makoto called for help while Kim applied as much first aid as she could manage. Neither girl spoke until help arrived. "I'll go back home to Kayla's and you go with Ami." Kim suggested as Makoto nodded.

On the way back home, Kim held her head down the booted toes more interesting by the second. She had to deliver the bad news, and the hard part was being strong doing it. Using Kayla's powers proved to have some strange effect on her one that she had yet to understand. Fear now gripped her entire being and now two or three people were down for the count and the only healthy ones left were Rei, Kayla, Ron, and herself.

Kayla's head shot up when the sound of the door opening reached her ears. Her green eyes, for the moment, looked to the door in order to see who had entered it. Her heart sank when it was George, suddenly afraid of what to say to him. His girlfriend's body was out in a battle, but the mind working it had never used the powers before, or was used to the limits it had. "Where…." George started but Kayla cut him off.

"She went to help Ami and Makoto in a battle. I'm glad for once you were safe at work." She finished before he could ask the question.

Moments after, Kayla came in her body covered in dirt and splotches of blood limping in. She had lost her transformation and was now back in her street clothes her brown hair noting and sticking to her face. "Ami was injured in the battle and Makoto is with her suffered some injuries herself." She stated quickly not wanting to drag out the truth from anyone any more then she already had. It was so easy just to lie to herself, but to lie to others was a completely different animal. Weather her mind was that of Kim or Kayla, it didn't matter. Neither girl liked lying to their loved ones even if it may save their lives. It was Kayla's belief that no good come from lying. True growing up she did on occasion what kid didn't try to get away from it. That was all part of being normal.

The room fell into a dead stillness no one knowing what to say. Both kim and Kayla alike tried to hold back unshed tears. Neither girl wanted to lose anyone, and even though Kim hadn't grown close to the senshi in any way, having Kayla's body and being forced to use Kayla's powers opened her mind and she saw the world in an entirely different light. George looked at all the faces in turn seeing mixed emotions etched on everyone's including Ron, who most of the time looked clueless about the world around him.

But, Kim knew all to well Ron was more then most people had given him credit for. He at times had the potential to be really smart…funny and most of all a very good friend. If it was one thing kim loved about Ron it was how much of a friend he really was despite everything they had been through over the years. Yet another feeling kept nagging at her mind one she couldn't quite place. "I think I've figured out how to switch you two back. "wade announced breaking the unnerving quiet that fell over the room.

"Good, the sooner we can get back in our own bodies the faster we can get to the hospital and see our friends." Kayla said sighing.

"We probably should take this far away from people so no one will get with the after shock." George suggested. "Ron, can you help me get this in the back of the truck.?" He asked.

Ron took a deep beth slowing hard before making sure his mission gloves were on tightly enough. Kim held the door open for them while Kayla held the cats back. After the machine was loaded, Ron and Kayla in Kim's body still rode with it in the back while Kayla's body rode in front due to her health conditions. It took all ron had not to start freaking over the fact that. He kept getting every so often by the back wheel of kayla's wheelchair.

Once they were far enough out, Kim Ron, Kayla, and George all unloaded and Kim and Kayla took their places. Two screams echoed as wade pushed what he needed from his end and their minds flashed for a moment before switching back. "good to be me again." Kim and Kayla said in unison.

Jinx you owe me a soda." Kim laughed before she found herself caught in a bone crushing hug delivered by no one other then Ron himself.

"Now, what do you say we destroy this thing so no one can ever use it again?" George asked.

"Hai, you and ron stand back." Kayla stated. Kim and I will handle this." She finished adding her transformation call moments later. "Moon prisim power… make up!"

George Kim, and Ron had to block their eyes from the light that admitted from kayla's transformation. As soon as it had cleared Sailor moon stood where Kayla once just had. Kayla closed her eyes once more a bright light forming in her hand. Her forehead started to glow with her hands as her birth mark made itself known, a sideways crescent moon. It turned the same gold then silver as her hands . With fixed concentration, she aimed it at the machine an explosion sounding nearly a second later.

Kim Ron and George had to duck as fear over took George. It was hard to see the woman he loved just stand there as parts of the remaining machine flew past her But, just as quickly as she had started, the glowing stopped and with it her transformation. Kayla now stood limping on her right side weakened from the events. George ran over only to catch her as she fainted in his arms.

"We had better get her to the hospital." Kim suggested

Even though George didn't want to admit it, he knew kim was right. Loading her back into the truck Kim and Ron jumped effortlessly back into the back. Once everyone was secure, George made a mad dash for the hospital praying against anything Kayla would wake up and everything would be ok. He didn't know what hurt him more, the fact Kayla kept her crime fighting from him, or the fact she now may never wake up. Reaching over when he had the chance, he smiled trying to keep the faith. "Everything will be alright love I promise.

As if she heard his words, Kayla squeezed his hand if only to reassure him that it was going to take more then a simple explosion to knock her down, and as long as he stayed with her and kept his faith in her she would make it out on top.