Quoth the Raven

AN: Well here it is folks. Part 1 of my alternate version of 'Nevermore'

Robin cautiously knocked on Raven's bedroom door. He didn't want to disturb her, but he felt that they really needed to talk. After what happened to Doctor Light, she had shut herself off from the others even more so then before. At breakfast, Beast Boy had pushed her even further, he tried to talk Beast Boy into apologizing, but he would have none of that. He might be able to talk him into it later, but until then it would be up to Robin to see what was bothering Raven.

No response. "Raven, we really need to talk!" Robin shouted, trying to get her attention. He waited a few seconds more, still no response. He looked to the access panel by the door, he would normally never think of invading Raven's privacy…..but certainly a short peak wouldn't make any difference. He entered to code and the door opened quickly. He looked in, his eyes scanning the room.

"Raven?" He said. No sign of her, the room was quiet twisted, dark haunting images at every corner. In truth he knew it fit Raven personality perfectly. Common sense told him too leave the room now, but he felt himself look around more. He was recently able to get Raven to open up more, he liked her, and she was interesting. He tried to be understanding, ignore the constant insults she threw at him and the others, for some reason, he believed she didn't really mean to alienate everyone.

The room was filled with oddities, small statues, books and scrolls, his eyes caught something on a stand. He picked it up, just a mirror, a hand mirror that looked almost demonic. Before he knew what was going on, a giant hand, apparently made of dark energy exited the mirror, it grabbed him.

He tried to yell for help, but the hand that grabbed his body also covered his mouth, making any sound was impossible. He struggled uselessly as the large hand pulled him into the hand mirror.

Next thing he knew, he was being thrown through a swirling vortex of some kind. Despite himself he let out a little scream. 'WHAT IS THIS!' he thought in a panic. The vortex spit him out, with nothing to cushion his fall as he hit a large rock.

"Oh, guess that teaches me not to snoop around Raven room," He said to no one. He rubbed his head as he stood up. He looked up just in time to see the portal close, leaving him staring at where he was now trapped.

The sky was full of red fiery stars, rocks floated in the air, what was this place, it seemed impossible. Could this be Raven's doing? Perhaps that mirror was a gateway to where she truly was from?

"RAVEN!" He shouted in desperation. He quickly got a hold of himself. "ANYONE!" He hoped for a response. This whole situation wouldn't be so bad if at least one of his teammates were by his side. But here he was alone in God know where alone, with no way to escape.

As if one cue, many of the floating rocks came together, forming a pathway. Seeing no other way, Robin walked down the rocks, until he heard an eerie whisper.

"Turn back" The voice said.

"Turn back"

"Turn back"

He spotted the source of the voice, Birds, with large red glowing eyes. It was surprising, but then again, he didn't know what to expect in this place. The birds walked closer to him.

"Turn back." They repeated. He would like to turn back, but there was no way out that way. The birds, or whatever they were turned vicious; they grew larger, with sharper teeth. The swooped towards him. Robin was scratched a little by there first attacked of the flock. When they turned back to take another dive at him Robin darted back, falling off of the side of rock path towards the nothingness below.

Suddenly he felt his hand being grabbed by someone. He looked up to see Raven, standing upside down the rock path, defying all logic. Even more illogical, was the fact she was wearing a pink cloak.

"Hey cutie, what's up?" She asked in incredibly joyful tone.

"I'm, not exactly sure…." He said, completely confused. Suddenly, as if gravity had flip flopped, he landed next to Raven on the path. He looked around once again bewildered, and then something struck him. 'Did she just call me cutie?' He shook it off and looked back to Raven.

"Raven, what's going on here?"

"Chill out cutie! I'm just want to have a little fun." Raven who wore the pink cloak responded.

"Look, do you know the way back to the tower?" He asked impatiently. She nodded.

"You just have to go through the forbidden door. But you don't want to go there right now." She warned, the big smile she wore never left her face though.

"Uh, yes I really think we should." Robin responded. He looked away for a moment, once again the bizarre scenery. When he looked back to Raven, he noticed her face was suddenly way to close to his. Before he could do anything she gave him a quick kiss. She then laughed and ran down the path.

"Catch if you can cutie, and I'll show you the way to the forbidden door."

To be continued