Chapter 4

"May we check on friend Raven now?" Starfire asked Cyborg and Beast Boy.



"FEEL MY FURY!" The creature shouted. He charged up another eye laser blast, but when he fired Raven easily blocked it. She removed the shield, and Robin acted quickly.

"Come on, lets deal with this thing." Robin said, he charged towards it. Raven took flight using her shadow balls to attack, the bounced off of him uselessly. Robin quickly threw more of his exploding disks, towards the creature midsection. They proved much less effective on the thing then they did last time.

The demons lips curled cruelly as he looked to Raven then to Robin. He charged another blast and fired at Robin, he avoided. But he fired again and again repeatedly, Robin was knocked off his feat.

"No, stop! I'm the one you want!" Raven hissed, the creature laughed. He charged up another more powerful blast, a kill blast. Robin struggled to get up, but could not.

Raven acted quickly and flew towards Robin at top speed. Hatred fired, and just before Robin would have been flash fried, Raven once again put up a shield to protect Robin.

"Raven…" Robin said weakly. He had once again been saved by the Goth witch, but he was not in the best of shape. He was getting injured, and knew he had no chance defeating thing. Still he got up. And the two darted for cover as Hatred quickly chased them.

They found a temporary hiding spot behind some rocks.

"He's to strong; even with your help I can't defeat him." Raven said while removing her hood.

"We need help." Robin replied as he leaned against a rock for support. "Lots of it." He paused for a moment, and thought. "We need the other Ravens."

"None of them are strong enough."

"Its our only chance, get all of them. There all a part of you, together you are stronger then this thing." Robin assured. He looked back to Hatred who was rampaging, madly trying to find them.

"Go, get them. I'll stall him."

"Robin…" Raven was clearly worried. She reached over and touched his shoulder. "I-I-I, uh, be careful. Do not get killed."

Robin smiled as he got up and regained his balance. "Believe me, I won't."

Raven looked down for a moment. "Robin, I'm about to give you something. Just in case something happens to one of us, but if we both survive…I'll kill you if you tell the others."

"Okay, what is it Raven?" Robin asked curiously. She looked slightly embarrassed; she put her hands on both sides of Robin's head and leaned forward pulling him into a kiss. The kiss seemed to last forever, but in reality it was over in about thirty seconds.

As Robin pulled back, he blushed profusely. Raven looked away to hide the fact she was doing the same.

"Do not; I repeat do not tell anyone."

Robin smiled and nodded, he then ran off towards the creature.

Raven smiled and entered her meditation position. She had to contact her emotions mentally, and she had to do it fast before Robin got himself killed.


Starfire poked her head up from behind the couch; she looked to Cyborg and Beast Boy.

"May we now-"



His flesh was torn in many places, he burned worse then before. Robin was losing; he had neither the knowledge on this creature or the sheer fire power available to defeat it.

So what? He thought. Doesn't matter if I live as long as Raven beats this thing. He rationalized.

Robin steadied his Bo staff and braced himself for the next attack. This time the creature wrist open, and a swarm of those odd birds with fours eyes emerged out of the thing. Robin gulped as they charged for him. He smack a good amount of them away with his Bo staff

Suddenly the birds stop attacking him, and fled into the darkness.

Robin looked up to see Raven about to face off with the demon. He was astounded by the sight, there stood Raven, her cloak now white, and much taller, the same height as the demon.

She seemed to glow with a pure type of energy, And yet, she seemed…incomplete. Robin couldn't quite explain it himself. To pure, it seemed so unnatural, he liked Raven the way she was.

"YOU ARE GOING BACK WHERE YOU BELONG!" Raven's voice boomed.

"NEVER!" The demon hissed.

Raven fired a blast of shadow energy, the demon released another blast. They met mid way, and it became a struggled of wills as to who's attack would overpower the others.

"Come on Raven! You're stronger then this thing!" Robin shouted unable to simply sit back and be quiet. He voice suddenly became a whisper. "…and I think I love you."

He didn't know for sure, but he could have sworn he saw the slightest of smiles appeared on the Uber Raven's face. Raven over powered the creature and it fell back, then seemingly shrank.

Into another Raven. This one was wearing a red cloak. Robin was sure what happened next, a blinding flash of light followed and dust kicked up everywhere. Robin rushed forward, ignoring the blood and the pain.

As the dust settled he spotted Raven, normal size, normal cloak, and looking very weak. He caught her as she fell backwards.

Her eyes opened slowly as she looked to Robin. "Thank you Robin." She said weakly as she started to regain her footing.

"Hey no prob." Robin smiled. "Now, lets go home okay?" He asked. Raven blushed and nodded.

As they both limped back a sly grin crossed Robin's face. "So, can ask you a question?"

"I suppose." Raven responded.

"Well, your emotions, uh…they called me cutie, handsome and hunky…does that mean you think I'm-"

"No!" Raven shouted. Robin still smiled knowingly.

"Whatever you say Raven."

Raven blushed even deeper then before.


After using the forbidden door, Robin and Raven were transported back into Raven's room. Robin finally gave into the injuries and collapsed

Raven grabbed his arms and put him onto her bed. She filled with concern; she wouldn't be able to live with herself if Robin had been permanently injuries in her Nevermore.


Robin put on his bravest face and attempted to move. "I'm fine."

"No you're not, you're staying right here." Raven ordered. She reached for his shirt, and began to remove it.

"Raven?" Robin let out, very surprised.

"Now is not a time to be shy Boy Blunder, I'm going to check your wounds. She fully removed Robin's shirt, and gasped. He was pretty badly torn up, and badly burned. He sighed.

"Look, it isn't as bad as it looks. Just let me get to the medical room."

"No, stay, I can heal your wounds." A white energy formed around her hands, and Robin experienced a lot of relief from the pain.

"Thanks." Raven smiled very slightly. "Well, at least I got to know you a bit better."

"Yeah, just don't go around telling people what my emotions were saying." Raven warned.

Robin grew serious. "Raven, you know I care about you, a lot right?"

Raven nodded. "I-I wasn't really that sure until today though, they way you almost killed yourself trying to help me."

"Raven…do you think we could be….more then friends? I mean, I'm justing saying is possible that maybe, in someway we could possibly-"


"Yes Raven?"

"Shut up." She leaned over and kissed Robin. It was there second kiss Robin had shared with the real Raven, this time it lasted longer, and was more meaningful. It was love, and the taste was excellent.


"Please, let us simply-" Cyborg and Beast Boy struggled to pull Starfire away from Raven's door.

"Star! For crying out loud! RAVEN WILL HURT US IF WE BOTHER HER!" Beast Boy tried to warn.

"She could be weeping and-" Starfire's hand neared the door.

"No way, no how are you gonna touch that door Star! Do you hear me!" Cyborg let go of Starfire and stepped into front of the door, blocking it from her. He smiled confidently, and Beast Boy stuck out his tongue triumphantly.

Starfire stared at Cyborg for a second, and then let out a pained cry. "Sob I just wish to help friend Raven! Why are you two treating me like a Klo-Bag Valbernelk!"

Beast Boy and Cyborg suddenly felt very guilty.

"Starfire, sorry we didn't mean to make you feel like a cool-hag ball-of-milk." Beast assured, completely miss pronouncing the Tamarian word.

Cyborg nodded. "Yeah, look I'll knock on Raven's door, okay? Will that make you feel better?" Cyborg asked. Starfire sniffed and nodded. "Good." Cyborg knocked on the door, under estimating his own strength he broke the door down. And the three were left staring at Robin and Raven kissing.

Robin and Raven broke their kiss and looked to the three. They blushed so red; it looked like they may just burst into flames.

"Uh, Raven and I were just getting to know each other."

"Oh, so you decided find out what each others mouth taste like was a good start?" Beast Boy laughed a little at his own joke.


"Guess I should have seen this coming, birds of a feather flock together!" Cyborg joked as well.

"Yeah, cause they're just a pair of 'love birds'" Beast added. Cyborg gave him an odd look.

"Oh that was just awful man."

An unbelievably massive smile appeared on Starfire's face. "My two friends are in love! Come, we must celebrate! I will fix a traditional celebratory Tamarian feast, and then sing the four hundred verse song of love!"

Everyone groaned. Starfire rushed off to get started.

"Please stop her." Raven pleaded. Beast Boy and Cyborg nodded.

"Hey, I'm happy for you guy though!" Beast smiled and left. Cyborg nodded.

"We'll give you two some alone time, see you later."

Robin and Raven were quiet for a moment, before the silence was broken.

"I've healed most of your wounds, but you'll have to stay off your feet for a few days." Raven said.

"Fine, but once I'm up again I fully intend to take you out for dinner." Robin replied.

"You…this will take time for me to adjust to. To control my emotions, before we ever…move to the next level of our relationship."

"Raven, I'm more then willing to wait. We both still have growing up to do but now…" He considered his own thought for a moment. "You don't have to feel like you're alone. Raven…I love you."

Raven to a moment to take that in. "Robin…I love you to. Now if you ever leave me, or do anything to hurt me I'll kill you." She warned.

"Hey, you're worth that risk."

The removed the last of Raven's doubt. She knew she would never have to feel lonely again, their love would take work, but it would succeed.

How long would their love last? Quoth the Raven, Forevermore.


Author's note: Okay, it ended with a really bad joke, but it's finally over! I hope everyone enjoyed it! This is the first multi-chapter fic I've finished! Robin/Raven rules!