"Two days, twelve hours and..." Looking down at her watch Liz grinned in excitement. "Twenty-three seconds spring break will be upon us. We can leave behind our bulky sweaters and winter jackets and look forward to swimsuits and suntan lotion." Shutting her Western Civ book with a loud dramatic bang, Elizabeth Webber stood from the library table she and her best friend and roommate had been sitting at for the last three hours, ignoring the glares from the other students around her.

"Yup." Emily mumbled as she started to pack up her books, not looking her friend in the eye.

"That's not a here we come Fort Lauderdale yup is it." Liz's smile slipped from her face as she studied the other girl's expression. "That looks more like a, my family screwed my vacation plans again kind of look." When Emily didn't look up, Liz slumped back down in her chair. "No! You've got to be kidding me. We have our tickets."

"I know." Emily grimaced.

"A-and we tortured ourselves since Christmas to diet and get into shape for this." Liz's brow creased as frustration gnawed at her insides.

"I know." Twisting in her chair Emily begged Liz with her eyes to understand. "My brother's business partner and not to mention best friend are getting married. If Sonny hadn't done so much for me when I lived in Port Charles I would've said no, but..."

Waving a hand for Emily to stop Liz tried to give her best grin and bare it smile. "Don't worry about. It's not like I really thought we'd get to go. I mean we do have two more years and all."

"I feel so bad." Emily argued. "I mean every vacation something has come up. I just found out this morning and was trying to find a way to tell you."

"Don't worry about it." Resting her hand on top of Emily's shoulder, Liz winked. "I'm sure I'll find a way you can make it up to me. There's tons to do around here. I mean there's always finding new and exciting ways to avoid my family. I could always go skiing I guess." Liz tried hard not to shudder at the thought of hitting the slopes alone during Spring Break. She knew that Emily always felt so guilty every time she had to bail on one of their vacations.

But coming from a family as dysfunctional as Emily's, Liz knew what a strain it could be trying to ward them off when crisis came about. Plus when a person had a heart as big as Em's it was hard to say no.

Ruined vacations aside, Emily Quartermaine was the best friend Liz had ever known. The first person that not only had met the Webbers but had disliked them from the start. It was refreshing really, having someone on her side, and believing in her. It made going to CU, a college not more than twenty minutes from her parents home a lot more bearable.

Emily chewed on her lower lip until her eyes lit up and a smile spread across her face. "I know! Why don't you come with me?"

"To Port Charles?" Liz shook her head. "No thank you. You've told me enough about that place that I doubt I'll ever cross New York's state line in fear that that town may suck me in and never spit me out. I'd rather go visit my Aunt May and Uncle Earl on their farm in Kansas."

"It's not that bad!" Laughing at Liz's horror stricken face, Emily said. "But Sonny and Brenda aren't getting married there, they're going to Las Vegas."

Rolling her eyes and standing up again, Liz grabbed her books. "Now that's what I call romantic. Next thing you'll tell me is that Elvis is going to marry them. Polyester suite and all."

Picking up her book bag and following Liz through the sea of students all crammed into the library for some last minute cramming, Emily felt the weight of having to burst Liz's Spring Break plans lift. She knew it would only take a matter of minutes to persuade her.

"Besides I can see it now. My with my horrible luck at getting in trouble having to call my parents to get me out of jail." Liz turned around to walk backwards, making the on coming students get out of her way.

"Oh stop it." Laughing, Emily shook her head. True Liz's ability to get herself into jams had kept them pretty busy over the last few years, nothing serious, but always good for a laugh. "Trust me, Jason and Sonny's men will be all over the place, I doubt we could sneeze without someone knowing."

Liz stopped. "That's right. Your brother is part of the M-O-B." A glimmer of excitement lit Liz's dark blue orbs.

Looking around and putting a hand over Liz's mouth, Emily's eyes flared. "I'm sure everyone around here is a little past Hooked on Phonics. Perhaps you'd like to use the intercom and announce what my brother does."

Both girls burst out laughing, receiving glares from the studying students. Grabbing Liz's hand, Emily pulled her to the exit. "Come on before the mob stones us." As soon as they were outside, Emily looked over at Liz. "So you'll come?"

"I don't know. I mean I don't want to intrude." Buttoning her jacket with trembling hands as the Rocky Mountain air stung her cheeks, turning them rosy.

"You won't be." Emily grinned. She knew Liz well enough to know that at any moment she'd cave.

Walking in silence for a few blocks Liz paused and smiled. "I just have one question."


"What does one wear to a mob wedding?"

"And why exactly can't I go to Las Vegas with you?" Carly demanded as she followed Jason up the stairs and to his room.

Grabbing a bag from his closet, Jason sighed and dropped his head a bit. He was tired, it had been a long day, and the last thing he needed right now was another fight with Carly.

"Carly drop it, I've already explained why you can't go." Tossing the large black duffle into the center of the bed, Jason turned his back on Carly and headed to his dresser.

"Oh that's right, her might and royal Miss Barrette. God forbid anyone upset the Queen." Sneering, Carly put her hands on her hips.

"Carly, it's her wedding." Shoving a handful of socks into his bag, Jason squeezed his eyes shut, silently telling himself he was putting up with this for Michael's sake. That the little boy he had come to love like his own, deserved to have a chance at a family. Even if his mother drove him to insanity.

"Big deal. So I don't go to the wedding. It doesn't mean that I can't go to Las Vegas with you."

"What about Michael? I don't want him there, it'll be too dangerous." Walking over to his closet he pulled out a few shirts.

"My mother can-."

Jason held up a hand, "Carly stop. My answer is no. We've been through this ever since Sonny and Brenda decided to get married at the new casino we bought."

Her eyes blazing, Carly took a few steps forward until she was just inches away. "Jason I swear, if I don't go you will be sorry."

Another Carly threat. Carly doesn't get her way, she threatens. Honestly he was getting tired of it. The woman threatened him more then his enemies did. Most of the time she used Michael against him. Clearly knowing how emotionally attached he'd become to the little boy.

The phone rang as the two continued to glare at one another. On the forth ring, he sighed before turning his back to her and headed to the phone.

"Morgan." Rubbing at the balled up muscles at the base of his neck, he tried taking a few deep breaths.

"Let me guess the bitch is at it again?" Emily's voice came over the line, bringing an instant smile to his lips.

"Emily," Taking a look over at the clock he took note of the time. "Shouldn't you be studying, or at least sleeping?"

With a loud groan, Emily said. "No Daddy. Actually I was getting ready to go to an orgy."

Jason's brows lowered. "What?"

"Nothing, Jesus Jason you used to have a sense of humor. Has the rabid shrew from hell already sucked you dry?"

"You'll see what a great sense of humor I have when I send Johnny or Francis out there to guard you." Jason smirked. He heard Carly mutter behind him before storming out of the room and slamming the door.

"You do that. Liz would terrorize them to the point that they'd come running home within a week."Emily laughed.

He loved hearing her laugh. To know that for once his little sister was happy and out of his families reach gave him a little peace. He had been a little leery at first when she had announced her plans on going out to Colorado for college. She just seemed too young, too innocent to be that far away from home. But she had blossomed.

"Who's Liz?"

"Do you ever listen to me when I talk?"

"Of course I do. Liz is your new dog." The corner of his lips twitched as he braced the phone between his ear and shoulder and continued to pack. Her shriek of outrage nearly had him laugh.

"You know what Jason, forget having that best brother spot in my heart. Even AJ knows who Liz is."

Jason immediately frowned. "That's because when he was visiting you last year he threw up all over her."

"So you know who I'm talking about then?"

"Emily I always listen to you. Liz has been your roommate for the last two years. Her family is from Boulder, she has an older brother and sister, who you hate. She's been kicked out of two private schools and arrested once for indecent exposure."

"Which wasn't her fault."

"Of course." The sound of Carly slamming around downstairs made him pause.

"Well I was wondering if she could come with me. I kinda had to bail on her for Spring Break and I really feel bad."

Sitting down on his bed, Jason pinched the bridge of his nose as he pictured two twenty year olds running around Vegas. "Absolutely not."

"What?" Emily's disbelief was evident, making Jason feel a little bad.

"Emily I can't risk her safety. It's going to be enough just to make sure you're safe."

"Oh come on Jason, we'll be good I swear. We'll do everything you tell us to."

Letting out a long breath, he looked down at his feet. He knew that Emily was going to go crazy by herself at the hotel alone. There was a lot business that had to be done so he wouldn't be able to be there with her all the time. Plus Francis was already going to be her guard, and it wasn't as if he couldn't handle another girl.

"Fine." Holding the phone away from his ear, Jason winced at Emily's excited squeal. "BUT, you do what I say."

"We promise."

"I mean it Emily. I'll send her back to Boulder in a second."

"Jason I swear we will be perfect little angels."

Rolling his eyes, Jason couldn't help but snort. "Yeah more like perfect little devils. Oh yeah one more thing."

"What's that?"

"I want the two of you fully clothed at all times. There'll be no arrests for indecent exposure. No tattoos, no piercings and absolutely no getting married. Do I make myself clear?"

"Jason has anyone ever told you that you're a geek?"

"Bye Emily." Jason shook his head and put down the phone.

Carly stood with the phone clasped in her hand, her eyes in narrow slits as she tried to control the raging anger pumping through her body. So it was okay for his little sister and some stranger to go, but he put his foot down when it came to her? The person he was supposedly trying to form family with for her son.

This wasn't a good sign. She knew that Jason wasn't in love with her. Though he cared about her as a friend, she wasn't a fool to think he was with her because of her. It was about Michael.

Setting the phone back on it's receiver, Carly formed a plan as she grabbed her purse and headed to her Mother's.