Quiet shifting and muted groans sounded throughout the room. Sheets rustled on the futon as hands spasmed, opening and closing with want to grab hold of something, but not daring to stop the delectable feelings rushing through his blood.

Audacious enough to toy with the man, a coy smile slowly appeared once dark brown eyes met questioning, middle-aged brown eyes. Her head looked up from his lap and hands took over massaging in place of her mouth.

"You like that, Kinshinsoukan-san?" She murmured.

There was obvious gasping and choking for words that said the man very much liked what her hands and lips had been doing for the past five minutes. The man's head twisted both ways a few times before gaining sense of self enough to look down at the young vixen again. Youthful brown eyes were looking up, still waiting an answer. Hair spread around her naked shoulders and his legs in thick strands; slightly pale, slender arms on either side of his hips for balance.

Swallowing at the sight, the man struggled to find his voice despite her continuing ministrations. "C - call me...tousan..." He breathed, hands twitching.

It took willpower to not make a face at that. Call him father? How revolting. She was certainly young enough to be this man's daughter, but she was not one to judge.

She was only here to please this man and get paid.

"Hai...tousan." She murmured, lowering her head. Lips and hands continued on as if no talk had taken place, no dirty secrets of this father having a thing for his daughter, provided he had one. Foreplay was soon finished and she shifted upward, soon flipped on her back as the man took control and entered her.

As always, her imagination took over to pretend she was with someone she loved to try and fake it as much as possible. It wasn't hard to find some enjoyment despite who she was with, as the nerves in her body worked as good as everyone else's. Men didn't like it - some of them didn't at least - when they couldn't please the woman they were having sex with and if she didn't put on a damn good show she would most likely offend the man and her wages would be either cut or not handed over.

All in a day's work was the annoying saying. At least these meetings never lasted long. Men never had the stamina - not one that she found yet - for this kind of stuff.


Footsteps quietly padded up the final steps to the fifth floor, covered in fuzzy uwabaki. Hands finished tying a mildly complicated knot to a thick yukata, giving a good tug to keep the cotton ties in place before drifting up to fix the sloppy towel wrapped around long hair. White uwabaki brought their occupant to the last room on the left before being removed on wood paneling and lined up to be slipped into upon leaving.(1)


Dark brown looked across the mildly small room of four and a half tatami to the sole occupant primly sitting with her back to the balcony.

A sigh wore from her as she stepped onto the straw mats and crossed to the center of the room where the kotatsu was. She slowly lowered herself onto her zabuton, trying to be gentle with the aches shortly accompanying her meeting. As much as she tried to hide them from her hostess, the woman was perceptive, though didn't say anything yet.

Hands propped up a youthful face and stared at closed balcony doors. "He was rough." She muttered.

"I suspected as much the second I saw you stop in the doorway. Where?"

Brown eyes looked to the table, eyeing a simple, steaming teacup in front of the woman. "He bruised me around..."

Her companion's head bobbed in understanding. "You just came from a bath?"

The towel was proof enough and she unwrapped the cloth, working damp strands with her hands for a bit to hurry their dryness. "Yea...I thought soaking for a while would help, but I might be sore tomorrow. There could be some small bruising."

Lips thinned in slight upset through a brief, thoughtful hum. "Your next appointment will be in two days. Do you think you will be okay by then? We can't have the next man who sees you think you are being beaten anywhere by us or any other man."

A finger absently poked at the general area, not pressing too hard since pain was still evident. "I am a little tender, so we'll have to see what tomorrow brings. Evening has only just begun after all."

The woman nodded and deftly picked up the teacup. "Make sure to alert me in advance if you are still not well - I can have someone replace you."

Replaced? That meant not getting paid! It wasn't as if she had anything to spend the money on since the leftovers after expenses paid her bills and she had all the clothes she needed, but no way would anyone do much around here if they didn't 'work'. One did not loaf about and take without doing something in return. "B - but Kikyou-sama - (2)"

"Don't argue with me Kagome or I'll take you off your next meeting." Kikyou evenly cut in, eyes sliding closed to enjoy the taste and feel of hot tea on a cold night.

Kagome's shoulders slumped a little in defeat. NEVER should she argue with the woman in whose place she was living and practically freeloading in. "Understood. I promise I'll tell you hours beforehand. They won't know anyway if it comes down to it."

Kikyou gave an inaudible snort through her nose, cradling the glass. "Indeed. They only know your name, not your face. Ayame or Sango could take your name for an hour or two and the person would be none the wiser."

A defined brow rose. "Sango? The man is expecting someone with a little less...zest in her 'work'."

The corners of Kikyou's mouth twitched in amusement. "Indeed. Well, enough of this - go pour yourself a cup of tea and join me properly. And put that wet towel somewhere other than the mat. It'll get all wet."

With a nod, Kagome stood with a little less grace than her hostess owned and padded across the hallway into the kitchen for a glass. Since the water heater was already on low, she turned it on high to boil, so by the time glass and powder was found and ready, the water boiled. The towel was set on the kitchen counter to be put away later, a mental note not to forget it and get chastised for it.

Within minutes, Kagome joined Kikyou in the dining area again and set the tea down before easing herself into the stiff cushion. She tucked the ends of the yukata under her knees, legs tucked under her.(3) Silence pertained for a while, broken only by quiet slurping of green tea and gentle rattling of old balcony doors from the wind.

"I hope I never have the displeasure of having to pleasure a man like that again." Kagome suddenly piped up, the face forced away from the man's words finally coming to the surface. Her nose wrinkled a little to show her discontent, bangs hiding her eyes as she took a sip.

"What happens in those rooms should not be spread around, you know that Kagome. It's disrespectful." Kikyou quietly reminded.

Kagome gave a small nod, face smoothing. 'Tousan indeed. Some people...'

Kikyou suddenly looked over Kagome's head as a face popped into the doorway space. "There you are Kagome-chan(4). I wondered where you wandered off to."

Kagome smiled and twisted in her seat to look at her friend in the doorway. "Gomen Sango-chan, I didn't mean to leave without saying anything, but you were studying and I didn't want to disturb you."

Sango shrugged, slipping out of her uwabaki to keep the tatami from being destroyed and kneeled by her friend. "It's fine Kagome-chan. I didn't mean to be so distant so I will make up for it by spending some time with you. It's only homework after all. Our friendship is more important."

Kikyou mildly disregarded the pair to let them talk and paid more attention to her tea, keeping quiet and taking a sip.

Sango shifted to a more comfortable sitting position and leaned in a bit in curiosity. "So? Did everything go okay?"

Kagome knew her friend was merely concerned for her welfare, but she was a tad uncomfortable answering such a question. It was too embarrassing to give details of exactly what happened in that room, as every meeting was different, but it wasn't as if they never shared stories before. No one bothered to tell Kikyou-sama or Kaede-obasaan that though.

The teacup clacked on the kotatsu with more force than Kikyou ever used, giving the two an indication to not only quit the conversation, but to pay attention to her. "Sango, go pour yourself a cup and join us if you are finished with your homework and plan on spending time in here. You also have a cushion to sit on you know."

Sango looked away a little in irritation, but gave a stiff nod. "Yes Kikyou-sama." Brightening, she looked back to her friend. "Don't say a word until I get back Kagome-chan."

Kagome grinned and watched the girl copy her movements from earlier. "But I'm only a few meters across the way." She quipped.

Sango grinned and quickly returned, sitting next to Kagome. "But good stories should be told in direct company of one another." She playfully denied.

Kagome's head shook at her playfulness and put her glass down to give Sango her attention. An eye caught movement across the table from Kikyou and she gave the woman a subtle glance. A brow was raised on the otherwise statue-like woman, cautioning her not to pour out everything. It was fine to MAYBE say a few things, but blabbing on about one single encounter out of many was silly. Complaining about it wouldn't change the fact that they would ALL continue the same job, and totally divulging the act wasn't necessary.

"Ah, well...it's about the same as it always is." Kagome sidestepped. Her nose wrinkled a little at the memory she wished to banish and Sango saw it.

"Kagome-chan? Something wrong?"

Palms cupped to hold her face as Kagome looked to the white wall behind her friend. "I was asked to call him...t - tousan." She muttered, face threatening to burn up.

Sango was not as reserved as her friend and openly showed disgust. "That's sick." She groused, quickly going for her teacup as Kikyou-sama moved again to keep quiet on any other thoughts.

The pair was silenced in expectation for their superior to say something, mostly since Kikyou-sama didn't move much when enjoying a quiet moment. It was one way she meditated. "You shouldn't be so judgmental to paying customers. Without the lustful ways of men, we would all be out on the street and begging at the very worst. Their thinking is the very least of our troubles."

"Even if they are forceful." Kagome mumbled, not trying to be subtle since the room was quiet. The annoyance of possibly getting skipped on a meeting, despite what would transpire, would not fade until the day it happened and Kagome knew she would or wouldn't be able to take it. She was given a job to do and not being able to be responsible grated on her.

Sango nodded. "And quick. The day I find a man who can keep up with me is the day I eat my workout clothes."

Kagome quietly giggled, covering her mouth in a futile attempt to remain composed. "Sadly enough, I agree with you Sango-chan." She got out.

Kikyou went back to her tea, unable to control the two when they got in this mood. She was resigned to let them joke around like this, since everyone would have to go to bed soon. Let them have their fun. A small hum through her nose was the last thing out of her, not agreeing or disagreeing with Sango's statement.


The lock to a front door clicked open, allowing the person on the other side entrance. Just as the door was locked from inside, a clock nearby chimed one a.m. The area was mostly dark, save for a light spreading across the floor a few meters away. All was silent except for near indiscernible sharp rapping every few seconds.

Shoes were wordlessly slipped from and lined against tile genkan, winter coat put neatly away. A black briefcase was leaned against the opposite wall to the closet; one that would be picked up as soon as a little relaxation took place.

The hallway was short and in less than a dozen, long strides, the origin of the lone light was discovered, along with the person using it.

Empty plastic and Styrofoam bowls once holding types of ramen, one a resting place for a pair of chopsticks, littered at least half the waist-high desk. Stacked vertically within the mess were about a dozen books, all having to deal with the final object. A plain, black computer monitor with tower on the floor next to it stood in use, the crown of a head just visible over the top of a tall computer chair.

"Don't you ever sleep?"

The clacking of keys on a keyboard paused as the chair swiveled to reveal a cross-legged, somewhat hunched over form. A wry smile popped up as hazel eyes met yellow in the short distance. "Konbanha to you too. Isn't that calling the kettle black?" He turned away to stare at the computer clock in the bottom right screen. "It IS late, even for you. NOW what the hell are you obsessing over?"

"It's called work, one that I go to and leave when I deem it appropriate."(5)

He snorted, watching his roommate turn around and head into the kitchen. "Uh huh. Why don't you just take your futon with you and sleep in your office next time? Then you won't have to take an extra hour riding the subway home and climb five flights of stairs."

"Don't mock me." Came an even, somewhat frosty response. "I pay the bills you know."

"Keh. I pull my fair share."

"Then pull your share of the hot water and get off that chair to get a bath. You look horrendous."

A black brow rose, but hazel eyes looked to himself in check. He hadn't gotten a bath today for sure and the samue he wore all day and some of yesterday were noticeably wrinkled and in need of straightening. He barely remembered getting out of the chair about three hours ago to use the toilet and get a small glass of water, plus some more ramen. The rest of it was spent staring at the computer screen doing his job.

"I don't see anyone around who I need to impress and the only one who does set foot around here besides us doesn't give a rat's ass." Hazel eyed the man across the way, head stuck in the narrow fridge. "Hashutsufu-san put tonight's leftovers in the left side for you. She told me to tell you she'll need money for groceries in a few days."

A noncommittal grunt came from the other side of the apartment. Hands dove into the cool atmosphere and pulled out a few pieces of Tupperware. The small, plastic containers were set next to the stove as hands puttered around and grabbed a bowl to heat up the food. Yakisoba turned out to be the missed meal and yellow eyes showed a little disappointment at not being able to eat the food when it was fresh and initially hot.

Boredom quickly set in and hands grasped the desk to swing him around to get back to work. He still had some more codes to write before this webpage was up and functional, but that was saying too much. Every link had to be checked to make sure it pulled up correctly and had to be scanned to make sure everything was as it was written and set up.

At least it was nearly over. He'd been working on this thing almost a full day now, taking only a few hours out to nap in his chair. He was currently in the process of double-checking the basic codes on this last section when the idiot finally stumbled in.

A yelp sounded when the back of his chair was pulled on, nearly making him fall from it and send the furniture crashing to the floor. "What's the big idea?" He nearly shouted, trying to keep his voice down for the other tenants.

"Go freshen up. I can smell you quite clearly. It's disgusting."

He gave a look that said he was not amused and all but disregarded the person above him. "Maybe that's the leftovers. They're never as good as when Hashutsufu-san cooks."

Yellow eyes turned bored. "Inuyasha..."

Hazel eyes rolled as Inuyasha made to push his chair back. "Fine, fine, I'm going. Sheesh you're cranky tonight." He stopped as if an epiphany just hit. "Wait, I forgot - you're always this cranky."

A finger pointed down the short hallway for the furo. "Bath. Now."

Inuyasha waved the man away and saved the current screen before shutting the monitor off. A quick bath to please the nuisance, maybe a change of clothes, and then he'd be back to work. "It's not as bad as you're making it sound." He called, untying the top half as he wandered to the bedroom.

He mentally retracted the statement upon seeing himself in the small mirror next to the towel rack. His hair looked like it hadn't been combed at all today and though he used the mini-braid to tie it into a low ponytail, the loose strands looked windblown in a way. 'All that shifting in the chair to get comfortable and whatnot. Damn hair.'

Inuyasha noticed a few other things while lathering up a washcloth and running the bath in preparation to soak later.(6) His nails hadn't been groomed in a while and they were pretty long to the point of feminine, or claws. Taking so much time to work on this current project caused ignorance of general grooming it seemed. He snorted at that and made sure to take extra care to not scratch himself until they could get trimmed down. He found toenails almost the same length and an annoyed look soon turned any chance of a good mood at seeping in hot water sour.

Time stretched and the steaming water turned out to be a better idea than anticipated. Inuyasha almost dozed when a sudden rapping on the sliding door came. "You're not sleeping in the tub. It's been half an hour already and I intend on going to bed tonight."

"Yea whatever, I'm getting out now." He called.

'Leave it to Sesshoumaru to get on my case for EVERYTHING.'

After a quick drip dry, a towel went around his waist and another for his hair. He pushed the door out of his way to reveal his brother still standing there. "Can I help you?"

"I'm going to catch a quick bath myself actually. Out of the way."

With a grandeur sweep of his arm meant to annoy, Inuyasha bowed lower than necessary and almost lost the wrapped towel around his head. "By all means aniue, it's completely yours."

Sesshoumaru showed faint traces of irritation as a hand went to loosen the tie of his western-style suit. "Don't call me that." He replied, saying nothing more as he all but booted Inuyasha out.

The man stared at the closed door before a smirk tipped his lips. A hand clutched part of the towel around his hips to keep it from falling as he padded to the bedroom in search of fresh clothes. "He falls for that every time." He mumbled, mood picking up. Snatching the discarded samue just short of the doorway, it went into a clothesbasket for Hashutsufu-san to wash later. A sleeping juban was soon tied, allowing the youth to wander back to his computer for some more work.

The final lines of the last computer code were almost typed out when the bathroom door opened. Keys clacked a few times as hazel eyes never left the screen. "And you whine to me about taking too long." Inuyasha threw to the other side of the space.

Sesshoumaru ignored the bait, not wanting to bicker when all he wanted to do was sleep. Hands towel-dried shoulder-length, white hair for a bit before throwing it back in a wrap to pull his futon out. Hashutsufu-san put it away, which was nice and all, but it only took extra time to unfold it again and get the covers set up the way he liked it.(7) Right now he wasn't in the mood to be as organized as he normally was; he was too dog-tired.

Even after all that time, keys still sounded on the other side of the apartment. Sesshoumaru stood and made for the bedroom doorway, leaning against it. "You are going to get to sleep tonight." He ordered. "I'm not pulling your futon out for you, but I'll wait up long enough for you to get it situated."

A black brow rose in surprise. Was that a compromise? Hell was soon to freeze over.

But over the years, Inuyasha recognized the peace offering and saved his changes, shutting the monitor off again. He would just have to finish whenever he woke up again. The computer stayed on - it was only rebooted once every few days - and quietly hummed in the living area dubbed his workspace as he padded the few meters to their shared bedroom.

Sesshoumaru already had his hair mostly dried and the towel out of the room by the time he had everything set up. Hands put everything in a clumsy braid for tonight before he slid in between the thick mattress and comforter. The chill of fading winter was noticeable and he huddled a little until most of the pad warmed from his body heat.

Inuyasha looked across the space separating the two futon at his brother's back. Sesshoumaru was practically asleep already, but that was a given with the five hours he got yesterday and the four he would get now before having to get up again to do it all over.(8) Inuyasha knew work schedules of office workers and was glad not to have to participate in them. Not that it made the crazy hours of HIS job any saner, but the slack time he had was great and used to sleep in.

Finally feeling the weight of tiredness and using his brain so much to remember so many computer codes got the better of him and Inuyasha soon joined his older brother.


I am a BEGINNER Japanese learner, so if these are not 100 correct, please let me know if you care to do so. I only have a web page and a dictionary to learn from. This spot dedicated to new vocabulary only.

Translations: Kinshinsoukan-Incest-san on the end makes it a name - Tousan-Father - Uwabaki-Indoor slippers - Yukata-Bathrobe/informal summer kimono

Tatami-Japanese straw floor coverings - Zabuton-Square cushion used when sitting on one's knees - Kotatsu-Table with heater - Genkan-Entranceway

Konbanha-Good evening (another way to say this) - Samue-Two piece kimono many artists and craftsmen in Japan wear

Hashutsufu-maid or housekeeper in a visiting arrangement-san on the end makes it a name - Yakisoba-Fried buckwheat noodles

Furo-Bath, commonly known for the room housing a tub to soak in and a place to cleanse the body - Aniue-Honorable older brother, rather formal and old saying

Juban-Undershirt, also called inner kimono - Futon-Japanese bed which rests directly on the floor without a frame and is put away every day


Having done much research, this story will be highly Japanese orientated and probably confusing at points. Numbers at the end of sentences will describe the whole sentence, while numbers next to a word will describe only that. If any of these are wrong, please correct me.

1:White uwabaki brought their occupant to the last room on the left before being removed on wood paneling and lined up to be slipped into upon leaving.: Slippers are not worn on tatami since it is only woven straw. This allows the mat to keep its original form longer. Also, when someone leaves, their slippers/shoes/etc are turned around for easy access - this is mostly done by the owner for guests at an entryway.

2:Kikyou-sama: In this story, Kagome is 26, Kikyou is 34. The reason Kagome calls Kikyou 'Kikyou-sama' (despite given names in the subs) is because Kagome lives under Kikyou's roof, is subordinate in training to get to Kikyou's position, and also recognizes the more mature character.

3:She tucked the ends of the yukata under her knees, legs tucked under her.: A properly worn kimono of any kind has no wrinkles in it. It's also comparable to never ironing your clothes - it's about presentation. When sitting on your legs, tuck the fabric behind the backs of your knees, and then the front over your kneecaps as you go into sitting stance. Not doing this and simply sitting down will scrunch the bottom part of fabric. Yukata is made of thin cotton and wrinkles easily.

4:Kagome-chan: In this story, Sango is 23, Kagome is 26. The reason Sango gets to call Kagome 'Kagome-chan' (despite given names in the subs) dictates friend status. -Chan translates into 'suffix for familiar person', which can also be used by someone older speaking to someone younger, or of lower status.

5:"It's called work, one that I go to and leave when I deem it appropriate.": In Japan, a worker of almost any business has business hours, but they go in and get the work done and leave when the work is done. In some cases, those who work in groups at offices will stay so the other doesn't have to work by themselves.

6:Inuyasha noticed a few other things while lathering up a washcloth and running the bath in preparation to soak later.: Japanese take baths, not showers. The bathroom is - first of all - a room with only a bath and place to wash. There is a separate room for the toilet. A person is expected to scrub body and hair clean and wash all soap off before soaking in a tub (body only!) because the water is not changed.

7:Hashutsufu-san put it away, which was nice and all, but it only took extra time to unfold it again and get the covers set up the way he liked it.: Futon are 3 inch thick pads to be used on the floor, but thin enough to fold up and stick in a closet in the daytime. A futon consists of two parts: a shiki buton and a kake buton. A shiki buton is what you sleep on and a kake buton is the comforter. There are sheets placed on either side of pad and blanket, so you are basically sandwiched in, but this prevents extra washing.

8:Sesshoumaru was practically asleep already, but that was a given with the five hours he got yesterday and the four he would get now before having to get up again to do it all over.: Japanese work a lot and are punctual if anything; being early is even better. Since most Japanese walk to their job, or walk to the subway, they get up around 5 or 6 or so every morning, have breakfast, get ready, and then take the necessary walk to work. Combined with late nights, many get few hours of sleep.