The Treasure

An Original Elektra Fan Fiction By: Jennifer S. Started: January 24, 2005



I do not own Elektra or any other Marvel Comics characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Elektra movie and comic fans.

Title: The Treasure

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Comics

Setting: This story is set in the Elektra Movie-verse

Rating: PG-13, for violence

Written By: Jennifer S a.k.a. AssissinElektra

Chapter 1

If you think for a moment that being a warrior is not hard, then you have obviously never been a warrior. You do not spend every second of your life watching your back, making sure that your next step is not your last. You have never felt the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you fought, knowing that each move could end your mortal life. You have not watched your opponent begin to win and realized that you may not walk away from the battle you are waging.

There are moments in everyone's life when they are changed forever, when the person they could have been, is shed away to reveal the person they will become. You will not recognize that moment until it is long passed. You will not have the wisdom to understand that moment until it is too late. You will be left with only regret.

I thought about that moment of my life as I looked over at Amanda. She had been that moment of my life. And now she was handcuffed and hanging from a bar attached to an old warehouse ceiling. We were high enough to kill ourselves if we fell, but she was still trying as hard as she could to break free as fast as she could. Amanda never gave up, not even when death was imminent. You see, Amanda had no fear of death, because she had mastered it long ago.

I watched in silence, gasping as the awkward position of my body made it hard to breathe. Amanda glanced at me, her bright, blue eyes stopping on mine for a second.

"We're going to be fine." She assured me, using her I'm-lying-to-you voice. I knew she did not believe what she was saying, and yet I knew we were going to be fine anyway. It was the strangest, most comforting feeling.

Amanda continued to struggle against her cuffs, swaying her body back and forth in the effort.

"And once you get the handcuffs undone and fall a hundred feet to the cement floor you're going to what? Pick up your guts and brains from where they splattered onto the floor and then rescue me?" I asked her.

"Not exactly the best time to try to be funny, Jeremy." Amanda told me, not bothering to look away from her cuffs. "Besides, I've suffered worse." A thousand emotions splattered across her beautiful face as she remembered a past I could not comprehend.

"Not all of us are martial arts prodigies." I pointed out.

"And, not all of us can control water and fire." Amanda said, smiling sarcastically at me. She has a funny way of doing that, showing a tone of voice with a look on her face. "Oh boy." She said, looking at her cuffs and then glancing at the ground. "This is going to hurt so much."

"You got your cuffs unlocked?" I asked, but Amanda was dropping towards the floor before I could finish the first three words. I watched in horror as she seemed to descend in slow motion, almost as if some cruel being was punishing me by making me watch every moment of her painful death.

Amanda did not land on her feet. As powerful as she was, a hundred feet still really rattled her. There was the sound of crunching bone that rang throughout the warehouse, and then there was a silence so sudden that I was afraid to breathe. Amanda had landed on her stomach, one arm stretch out towards her left while the other was pinned beneath her.

She did not move for the longest time after that, and my mind started to really mess me up with the possibility that Amanda, the strongest person I had ever known, might actually be dead. I was taken back to the first time I had met her, months before somewhere in the beautiful mountains of Japan.


"They say that she is stronger than the last." My guide, Mac, told me. "She is more silent than the night and quicker than the Tiger." I was on a quest, searching for the new treasure of Japan. To my surprise, I learned that it was a she, and she was not Japanese at all.

"Elektra was a legendary an assassin, Abby became a protector of the world, and now this new Treasure is evil? It just doesn't make sense. Why would they pass on the torch to a villain?"

I had only just learned that the treasure I was after was a person. My boss had requested that I go to Japan and not return until I had the treasure, but that was all he had said.

Mac had told me of Elektra. He had explained how she fell in love with a hero called Dare Devil, only to be killed by one of his enemies. Elektra had truly died in the sense that we think of it, but she had lived on in a sense that we can not understand. The great sensei Stick brought her back to life.

Once alive again, Elektra returned to the only thing she felt she was ever truly good at: killing. She became a deadly assassin, clad in a silky, red costume that not only terrified but also taunted her victims. She was as lethal as the sai she carried around as her weapon of choice once she was hired to kill.

Later, after years of being a hired assassin, Elektra met the new treasure, Abby. Elektra protected Abby and her father and even brought Abby back from the dead after the dark temptress Typhoid Mary killed her. Elektra had been a true warrior, and she had handed it all over to Abby once the girl was old enough to handle it. Abby had become a protector of the people, a guardian that lived in the shadows, because in order to sneak up on the darkness, you had to be the darkness. Mac had told me all of this, and at the time I had thought I understood.

"It is not a matter of passing on tradition, my American friend." Mac told me, a little laughter in his voice. "It is an ancient duty, an honor placed upon one woman in every generation. And the new treasure was not always evil."

"Really?" I stopped, interested in what he had to say. "So tell me, how did she step into the dark side of the battle? How did she become so vicious and corrupt that people now refer to her as Silent Death."

"The Hand." Mac said, and at the time I had no idea what The Hand was. Of course, if Mac had tried to explain it to me at that moment I would have laughed. I was still finding it hard to believe the story about Elektra and Abby after all, and learning about a woman who dressed in a sexy, black ninja-type costume and terrorized the innocent was more than I could handle.

But, Mac would tell me nothing about Death and how she had come to be except those two words, "The Hand."

"What the heck is the hand?" I asked Mac, but I was on the ground, a spear pointed at my neck, before I could even look to him for an answer. I looked up, and for the first time in my life I saw Silent Death.

She was beautiful, stunningly, breathlessly beautiful. She wore her black hair long and straight, much as I had imagined Elektra wore hers when Mac had tried to describe her. Death's skin was amazingly pale, but somehow managed to look more normal than anything I had ever seen. And her eyes, they stole my attention the moment I saw them, because they were bluer than I had thought possible, two sapphires set within the statue of a goddess.

Those eyes only stunned me for a moment though, because I felt the sharp end of her spear against my throat and that brought me quickly back to attention. "Who are you?" I asked, not knowing at the time of course, and she kicked my face so hard that my jaw snapped.

"I did not ask you to speak." She said, touching her spear closer to my throat. I moved only my eyes to the side and saw that Mac was already dead. It looked as if she had stabbed him.

"Who sent you?" She demanded, and I snapped my eyes back to face her.

"No one you would know." I told her, and I really meant it too. I mean, how was I to know that she knew my boss, that she had been…involved with him for a while?

"You have got thirty seconds to give me a name or you will learn why they call me Silent Death." She told me, her blue eyes focusing on my own eyes.

Now, I had sworn to never tell my boss's name to anyone, especially those I was hired to capture and bring to him. His intentions were always, well, not good, and the very job I was hired for was kind of illegal. So, we would both get in trouble if I mentioned his name. But somehow death by the beautiful woman who stood above me seemed the worst choice out of the two, so I told her.

"Master Kismet." Once I had spoken those two words Death backed away as if I had slapped her. Her eyes filled with small tears that I only noticed because their blueness had entranced me. I took that moment to escape from her wavering hold on me by kicking her feet out from under her and flipping up to land on my feet behind her.

"You're not one of Kismet's normal men." Death said, turning to face me before I had even landed. "Why did he send you?"

"Okay, now that? That's one thing I'm keeping to myself." I told her, ducking from the kick she had aimed for my head and punching her at the same time.

"He wanted you to bring me to him." Death said, catching my fist before it hit her face at the same time she kicked my legs and knocked me off balance again. "Why?" She asked, once more placing her spear against my throat.

"I don't know, honestly." I told her. "He just gave me a name and told me where to find you. I thought I was hunting for old pirates' treasure or something until old man Mac explained what Kismet was really after." I confessed, telling the truth.

Silent Death studied my eyes for a moment, making sure that I was not lying, then made me stand up. I held onto my jaw gingerly, knowing by the feel of it that it was broken or at least dislocated.

"You and me," Death said, "We're going to find Kismet, and we're going to ask him what I just asked you." She looked at me. "Now lead the way."


Amanda did not move very suddenly or quickly, in fact all that moved at first was her fingers. But, that tiny glimpse of movement caught my eyes and I was saying her name before I even realized it.

After the first tiny movement, it did not take Amanda long to regain her strength, and it was not long at all before she was standing again and looking up at me.

"This is going to be rough you know." She told me.

"What is?" I gasped, as it was getting harder and harder to breathe.

"Getting you down alive." She answered.

"If only we were near an ocean." I remarked sarcastically, and Amanda actually smiled. But then she stopped moving completely and closed her eyes. I knew she was seeing something that was about to happen-an ancient power that Abby had taught Amanda when she was very young.

"What's wrong?" I asked her, and after a few seconds of focusing with her eyes closed, Amanda looked up at me. I knew from the look on her face that whatever was coming was not good.

"They're here." Amanda said, and I knew who she was talking about before they broke down the door.

Chapter 2

"So, you kill for fun or do you actually get paid?" I had asked Death. You have to understand that at that point, soon after she had captured me and forced me to lead her to Kismet, I knew nothing about her except what I had been told. But, there are no words that can describe the hatred and anger I later saw in her face when she fought Kismet himself. That had been pure evil. So, as her new prisoner, I was pretty ignorant.

"I kill because I can." Death said simply, and from the way she said it I knew she didn't want anymore questions.

"So why Silent Death?" I asked, and she stopped, spun around to glare at me, and spoke quietly.

"Because when I kill you, you don't even have time to scream. Your death is quick, painful, and silent." She said. She studied my jaw. "Now stop talking. Your jaw is swelling and you're the only attractive thing around for fifteen miles."


They call themselves the Order of Iniquity. They are a rogue section of The Hand, broken off by choice after an argument over where The Hand's power originated. Those in the Order of Iniquity are from an entirely different universe, a universe from which they claim all mystical powers come from.

Their leader decided to take the form of a woman, a woman most powerful and beguiling. Once you look into her eyes, if you do not have your own true love to fall back on and focus on, you are lost to her and under her spell forever. Her first victim gave her a name, because it was the last word he said, and she kept and adopted it as her own. The word was Pain. They call her the angel of Pain. Pain fits her perfectly as she has the ability to reopen wounds long healed. If you've been cut, she can reopen that cut even if it happened years ago.

Beside Pain, always on her right, is her second in command—a man with the amazing ability to create your worst fear with merely a thought. Most appropriately, he is called Fear.

On Pain's other side is always her final servant, Sorrow. Sorrow was named so because of her unique power to recall your saddest memories to the front of your mind and recreate them as a reality.

The three of them entered the warehouse proudly, knowing who and what they had come for. And still, as a precaution—to save her two best warriors I suppose—Pain had two men with guns walking in front of them. They held shotguns, powerful ones from what I could see from so far up, but they still looked scared. That's how I knew that they had heard of Amanda.

I looked down to where Amanda had stood moments before, only to find that she was no longer there. When she had moved I did not know, I had been so wrapped up in Pain's dramatic entrance. The door she had kicked down now laid in a pile of its own splinters.

Pain looked up at me, and her red eyes narrowed. They were alien eyes—lifeless and cold and empty of any emotion. Her skin was pale with a red hue, and the dark veins that flowed within her skin made her look like a walking cadaver.

"Where has she gone to." Pain said, and it was an order not a question.

"Honestly, I have no idea." I said, chuckling a little bit.

"Let me…" Pain held her hand up to silence Fear, and he stopped talking although he continued to look impatient.

"This one is merely human." Pain told him, speaking of me. "Let the humans finish him. We will find Silent Death in our own time." Pain turned to walk away just as the two men with guns aimed at me.

"Make my day." I said, smiling at them. It took the first guy two seconds to pull the trigger, but as soon as he had I harnessed the fire from the small explosion inside his gun and expanded it to fill the entire room. Everything that could burn was turned to ashes, and when the smoke cleared I was standing on the floor, unhurt and ready to fight. I saw the two gunmen's' ashes collected almost neatly where each of them had stood.

I looked and was not surprised to see Pain, Fear, and Sorrow still standing, looking nothing more than a little annoyed with me. Sorrow had her small head tilted and was looking at me like a confused puppy.

"Tell me, do all mere humans possess this great power over the elements?" Fear asked Pain, and I sensed some spite in his voice, it was almost sarcastic. Pain glared at Fear, and he avoided her eyes.

"We did not come to fight this one." She told him, her voice steady and stern. "We came for the Silent mistress. We will not bother with this man." Pain turned to leave, and Fear and Sorrow followed closely behind her.

"You'll never defeat her." I called out, and Pain stopped for a moment.
"That is where you are mistaken, human." She turned only her head and looked at me. "For I did not come here to destroy her. I came to teach her."


Silent Death tied me to a tree that night while she slept for a few hours. I have no idea exactly when I closed my eyes and fell asleep, but I do remember waking up to her hand over my mouth as she whispered for me to be quiet and handed me a small dagger.

I was surprised at first that she would give me a weapon, but once Kismet's men started jumping out of the trees I knew why she had. I quickly cut through my ropes and prepared myself to fight. These men were my comrades, my coworkers if you will, but I didn't think it would be a very good idea to go against them with Silent Death around. I knew for some reason even then that you were either on her side or you were dead.

There were only five of them, but they were each well armed. I saw Richard, the only person I had ever considered a friend, standing in the front.

"Don't do this, Rick." I said, stepping away from the tree I had been tied to. "Don't even try it. She'll slaughter you and your men." Silent Death said nothing as I took another step. "Besides, I can take care of myself."

That was when one of the other men lunged at me. I knew his face, but his name had never seemed important enough for me to learn before. He fought with a Samurai sword, and quite skillfully too. But a few punches and one kick later, I had him lying on the ground, out cold.

"You fool, Jeremy." Richard said, scoffing at me once I had regained my breath. "Kismet know that you betrayed him." He looked me up and down. "You'll be dead within the next hour." His eyes turned to Silent Death. "I'm surprised you aren't all ready."

"What does Kismet want with me?" She asked him, her tone never wavering and showing not even the slightest bit of fear.

"Just to settle an old score." Richard answered, smiling at her.

"Tell him we settle nothing until he comes to me himself." Death said, her voice demanding and direct.

"He can't make the trip, babe. You should know that better than anyone." Richard began to laugh, but gasped as Silent Death shoved her spear through his heart so quickly that I hardly saw her move at all. She twisted the spear, making it more painful for Richard, but kept it buried deep in his rib cage. I heard one of his ribs snap as she gave it one more twist before yanking it out and letting Richard's body fall to the ground.

She looked at the other three men, and all of them held such looks of fear that she smiled. That small gesture scared them so badly that they all took off running, hurrying to get back to whatever fate Kismet had planned for them for failing him.

Silent Death started to walk the other direction, leaving me standing there. "Wait!" I called out, but she didn't stop. "Fine." I snapped, searching the ground with my mind. As soon as I found some ground water I pulled it up to the surface, making a thick wall of water that quickly became ice to block her way. She stopped and looked back at me, curious.

"Kismet's after me too now." I told her. "And I think we'd make a better team than corpses."

"How did you do that?" She asked, motioning to my wall.

"Oh that?" I waved a hand and the ice melted, returning the water back deep into the ground. "That was just to get your attention. So, do you want to take Kismet down with me or do I get all of the credit?"

Death tilted her head and glared at me in anger before lunging at me. We rolled a few times until she punched me—caught me off guard—and straddled me to keep me on the ground, her spear's point against my neck once more. She looked beautiful then, her hair all falling over her right shoulder and her eyes glowing with anger. I don't think I'll ever forget how she looked at that moment, sitting on my stomach.

Then she spoke, and that pleasant moment was gone. "Who are you?" She demanded, her tone so serious that I took no hesitation in answering her.

"They call me Inferno." I told her, and her eyes narrowed with recognition.

"The same Inferno who killed three children just to get an ancient Egyptian treasure for Kismet?" Silent Death asked, her tone now more angry than anything.

"Hey." I said in irritation, because that had been when the cold memory of my past deeds had played out in front of my mind like a movie. "We all have our personal demons." I said in my defense, glaring back at her. "You're not exactly the perfect girl scout yourself." She pulled her spear away, but still sat to hold me down.

"You're right." She said. "But, I would never harm a child." She stood up then and backed away. I had jumped to my feet, glad to be free, but I still remember wishing she'd lay on my stomach like that again.

"So, what do you say?" I asked her. "You and me, are we going to take Kismet down for good?"

"He will not be easily defeated." Death told me.

"You're preaching to the choir, babe." I said, and she had actually given me a half smile.

"As long as I have your word that you will not betray me." She said, her tone dead serious again.

"Deal." I told her, holding my hand out for her to shake. She had looked at it for a moment as if the image brought back so painful memory, but then she had shook my hand and the deal was set.


I stood there and watched Pain, Fear, and Sorrow leave the warehouse. For some odd reason I was surprised that I was alive. Their names sound goofy, but the Order of Iniquity doesn't usually leave survivors. I had fought them before, true, but I had fought them with Amanda at my side. And that turned my mind back to Amanda.

"You can come out now." I said, once I was sure that the Order of Iniquity was really gone. Amanda walked out from the shadows, her heals clicking on the cement. "You missed all the fun." I told her, putting a fake pout on my face.

"Oh, I didn't miss it at all." She said, smiling. "I saw everything. Surprised to be alive?"

"You know me so well." I said.

"We need to think of a plan, because the next time they show up they won't be leaving survivors." Amanda told me. "And if they think I'm going to join them and work for The Hand, they're even dumber than I thought." She started walking towards the door.

"Does it bother you, Amanda?" She turned and looked at me questioningly. "Does it bother you when you have flashbacks of your evil days and actually want to feel that way again? We could so easily slip back into the dark side of this war. We've both seen and done things that are horrible, and we've both enjoyed doing those things. What if we aren't strong enough to keep to the straight and narrow?"

She walked back over to me, placed her hand against my cheek, and, with tears in her beautiful eyes, spoke soothingly to me in an almost whisper. "Jeremy, we were strong enough to make it this far. There will be no going back for us, because we realize we can make a difference now. Don't fear the past, but don't forget it either. You didn't enjoy any of those things you did, you just think you did. That's your mind playing tricks with you, that's the demons of the shadows calling back at you, telling you lies to lead you astray again. You're above that now. And, you're no longer alone." She pulled her hand away. "Never forget that." Then she turned and started walking again.

Chapter 3

So, we started our journey out with a handshake. Amazing what that handshake eventually led to, but anyway, at the time we were nothing more than acquaintances. Getting to know Silent Death seemed like my top priority, because I was quickly falling for the mysterious beauty even though she had almost take my life more than once. But, my jaw was still out of place and talking hurt, so I didn't ask much at first.

"So, what's your story?" She looked back at me with a look that asked if I was serious. "You're The Treasure, right?"

"Right." She said. "What do you know about The Treasure?" It was more of an accusation than a question.

"Not much, except…owe." I stopped talking and held onto my jaw. "You've got quite a kick." I winced when I told her that, but she gave me another half smile, so it was worth the pain.

"Hold your head still." She said, and I did for some odd reason, without question. Silent Death pulled her fist back then punched my jaw again.

"Owe, what the…!" I was ready to fight her again, but I realized then that she'd put my jaw back into place. "Hey, it doesn't hurt anymore." I said, smiling. "Thanks."

"No problem." She said, looking amused as I stretched my newly fixed mouth.

"Okay, now you definitely have to tell me your story." I said to her.

"Are you sure you want to hear it?" She asked, her voice sad suddenly. "It's no fairy tale."

"Sounds kind of like the story of my life." I said.

"If it is then I feel sorry for you." Death said, sitting down on a fallen log. I took a seat on a rock right in front of her and listened careful, having no idea what I was getting myself into.

"My mother was killed when I was very young." She started. "It happens to every Treasure. It's not fair, but it happens." She paused, looked as if she was going to cry, then got a hold of herself and continued. "My father abandoned me at the age of 13, and I walked the streets begging for food and shelter for almost a year when Abby found me."

"Abby, the Treasure Abby?" I asked, and Death nodded.

"Abby took me in and taught me all that she knew. I became an expert with almost any weapon, and I was even more deadly without a weapon. My body became a weapon itself, a fighting machine that was capable of killing. But, Abby taught me also to love this world, to protect those who could not do so for themselves."

"For a while I fought at Abby's side, protecting those who needed us. And then one day she took me aside and told me that it was time for me to move on, that it was time for the legendary Elektra to train me." Death paused, thinking back.

"I remember the first time I saw Elektra. She was older, but she still had an amazing body and wore the red, lacy outfit she'd adopted as an assassin. Her eyes were greener than anything I had ever seen before, and she reminded me of my mother. The first thing she said to me was, 'Your heart is filled with anger and pain. I can not teach you until you let go of both.' I'd had no idea what she was talking about back then, but I marked her words knowing that she had experience."

"So, what happened?" I asked, interrupting her. "I mean Abby and Elektra taught you. What led you to…well to becoming an assassin?"

"The Hand." Silent Death said, her voice shaking with anger. "They captured me one day, and they tortured me for three years. Elektra saved me as soon as she found me, and she tried to help me recover, but I was too far gone and she was nothing more than an old woman to me at that point. I had been told awful things while The Hand's prisoner, and I had been shown awful things. Once a person has seen the things I did there, they can never go back to doing good." She said, coldly. "It changed me forever. I'm no longer worthy to protect the innocent."

"I think you're wrong." I told her.

"You have no idea." She snapped. "You don't even know me. All you know is the stories that you've heard and the rumors that spread in quiet whispers after I kill someone important. Besides, you forget that Elektra was an assassin for years too."

"What's your name?" I asked her.

She seemed confused but said, "Silent Death."

"No, I mean your real name. I'm Jeremy Rich. Who are you?" I asked.

"That's not important." She said quickly.

"I think it is."

She looked at the ground, then looked up fiercely at me. "What's your story?" She asked.

"Well, I grew up like any normal kid until I learned I could control water and fire. As soon as I learned that I realized I was too good for the world, so I broke away from my family and friends and started working for Kismet." I said. "That's pretty much it."

"You're lying." Death had told me, and she had been right. But, how she'd known I still don't know. "There's more to your story."