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How to Heal Your Burns
Chapter 1: To Those That Are Revealed…

"Beast Boy, Now!"

Transforming into his tyrannosaurus form he came from behind to surprise, teeth digging into the monster. The grip was meant only to force Plasmus to remain steady until Cyborg could puncture a wound in his front chest. A blue sonic beam pierced the air, pierced the flesh.

That's one down… now two more.

"This is my fight not yours"

Stop it. Focus on what's in front of you Robin.

"Then let me in."

"You're already too far."

I am caught by Star fire as the blast from Overload repels me back a good twenty feet. She hovers above the street and I can survey the total damage. Beast boy looks injured, Cyborg is taking on Cinderblock and Raven is using her black energy to encompass Overload. The buildings are torn, cemented sidewalks torn up. All this damage. Why? There was no bank, no other place of significance that would lure them here. And Slade. He was not here. He should be here.

"Robin, are you well?' Star fire dropped me to the ground as another blast from Overload sent us scrambling for the floor.

"I'm fine. Star, get over there and help Raven!" She nodded and took off, throwing green blots blindly at the object encased in black aura.

"I'm angry because I don't know what is wrong with you…how can I help you if I don't know what is wrong with you!"

"Nothing is wrong with me. Everything is as it should be."

Everything is as it should be. Why those words, why do they haunt me. I can't take my mind away from it, from the way her hands shook and the way her face seemed so torturously hopeless.

My bo-staff slams into cinderblocks neck, a crack forms. I am not quick enough though. I can see his hand coming closer to my face.



"Yo man, wait up." I keep the beat of my feet constant. Like hell am I stopping.

"Robin, come on man, just give me a second. It's important." Allowing a sigh to escape my lips I turn to meet the man twice my size.

"What Cyborg?"

"Listen, I just…um…can we talk in private?" He raises his hand to slide the door of his room open, walking in, I follow soon after. The door slides shut and I stand in total silence, arms folded against my chest.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" My eyes narrow.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"You know exactly what I mean. You're getting angry for no reason; you're always by yourself…"

"If this is all you're here to tell me I got better things to do." I uncross my arms and make for the door.

"You're a leader Robin. You got a team to worry about… not just Slade…not…just Raven." I stop instantly, a pang beating in my heart, an ache in my head.

"I know how to be a fucking leader." I walk past the sliding door and make for the wall in the hallway. I brace myself against it, allowing my head to fall to an awkward angle. I just need a moment to breathe, to think, to find peace, to find air.

A Pair of feet is shuffling in the hallway though. A pair of violet eyes.


"Robin!" The hallway quickly faded to a more solid form.

"Robin?" Green and fur. A street, dust lingering in the air, rocks scattered across the ground, across my leg.

"Yo dude, you okay? Wake up man."

I shook out the last of the fluttering image and found myself pinned against the side of the building. Grunting I look up at Beast boy whose hand is shaking my shoulders.

Was the battle over? Why was I still sitting on concrete?

"Man you totally had me worried." I stand unsteadily with Beast boy holding his injured arm and my shoulder. Turning to hear the shouts of Cyborg as his cannon blasts again through Overload I come to realize where I am, what happened. It's still not over, they are still fighting.

I grab my bo staff from against the rock that had pinned me and make in a sprint towards the remaining challenge. Beast boy shouts at me to stop, to wait. I can feel an ache in my shoulders, a wetness along my back…a sting signifying a deep gash along my shoulder blades.

Its time to end this.

But the winds suddenly shift, and I feel deep, plaguing eyes boring into my back.


From atop a near by building he stands there like some god damn divinity. So nonchalant in pose as the rest of the titans get pulverized.

And their memories flood my mind, my vision. The thousands of memories that gather in my mind everyday, the memories of the lives he's damaged, destroyed. And the memories of the reckless abandonment of my own humanity, the twisted pain of being his apprentice floods me like a hallucination. The muffled tears of a friend that had gained and lost his first love, all in one swift movement.

The tortured blood that seeped from her wounds, the heavy bruising on her back. The hopeless sadness that lingers in her beautiful violet eyes.

A myriad of images encompass my common senses as I launch my grappling hook, making my way faster and faster to his ever-increasing form.

"Why, hello Robin. So nice seeing you again." I am dripping in madness and in hate. His sarcastic words only allow the poison to spread through my veins faster.

"This ends here Slade." I shift my right foot backwards, allow the staff to come to rest in my both my hands, tilting to a familiar battle position.

"This is only the beginning Robin." I crash my staff onto his extended arm. The clanking of metal touching metal reverberates against the glass windows of the skyscrapers around us. I swirl my leg to make contact with his face, with his knees, with his arms… always missing. He is too fast, too quick in mind. He knows all my moves.

I can't give up yet as I levy another punch connecting with his face. He counters by sending a piercing blow of fire. It connects right at the side of my waist. I can feel it still burn. Shit. I roll to the side quickly as his flaming staff makes contact with the exact spot where my head had just lain.

"Don't hide from me, you're safe with me. You can trust me."

"I always have."


Slade connects with my face. I fall backwards again, grasping the new cuts that littered themselves across my cheek, my neck. Metal fills my mouth as I spit out the mixture of blood and spit that builds in my mouth.

I charge at him once more, with bo-staff connecting to bo-staff, pushing him closer and closer to the edge of the building's roof.

"What are you doing here Slade?" I clench my teeth tighter, the anger bubbling beyond a viable point.

Slade eyes turn upwards, an invisible grin forming. He pushed harder against my bo staff and I can hear the small pebbles beneath my feet become dust as I am forced backwards. The eerie orange symbol that now rested upon his forehead glows even brighter.

"Why am I here Robin?" He says as he spins quickly out of the staffed truce… making impact with my stomach. Crap. I spit out more blood and I fall to my knees as the air is forced from my lungs. Cradling my chest I can feel him coming closer, kneeling beside me, balancing on the balls of his feet.

"Why, just to check on our girl. Robin, she doesn't look so good." Just as quickly as the rush of hot air assaulted my ears it was gone. I did not take notice of his leave but found my eyes falling to the ground, where the three monsters now laid defeated. The remaining Titans formed a huddled circle around her. Raven.

In what remaining strength I possessed I grappled down to their circle.

If I had bothered to look at their faces I guess they would have been etched in horror, their mouths all agape.

But all I could see was the dark purple cloak covering a stilled figure. I wanted to rush to her side, to bring her back to the tower, lock her away. She was hurt again, because I wasn't here to protect her. I was after Slade again.


On her skin…

Oh my god…

She lay sprawled against the concrete, her eyes closed, her breath ragged. Her skin was alight in glowing orange symbols. They follow every contour of her body; they trailed along the entirety of her skin, across her face. Large glowing symbols…and one stood out above them all, the one that rested on her forehead. The same symbol upon that bastard's forehead.

In every spot that had once bled onto my hands. In every spot that she had so disgustingly tortured there were sickening circular patterns. It wasn't in her mind. They were real.

Why her, why these marks.

"Robin, what… what…" Cyborg couldn't verbalize all the questions that flew through his mind. Probably the same ones that spun in my own.

"The Tower… we have to get her back." They all nodded in solemnity. Cyborg picked her up gently, her head rolling backwards across his metallic arm.

"Robin do you need help?" Beast boy asked with his voice shuddering.

Do I need help? Me? Look at her Beast boy. She is in the same state she was when I found her that night. She's dying. I didn't protect her again.

But my head is too dizzy to express all that lay in my heart, my psyche.

Instead I push past him and continue our journey home in silence.

It was light touches of the fingertips. First one, then two, then five digits laying heavy trails on her palm. It tickled and burned and felt cool and felt lovely and felt frightening. His fingers made for the pathways of her hands, the creased lines, the small scars. His fingers took on the task of memorization. Each area of her flat palm becoming a new exciting territory to discover, conquer.

She quickly tried to make contact with his eyes, begging for an answer to his exploration. Begging him to stop, begging him to continue over the whole of her hand, her arm, her body. But she couldn't make any of her requests for his eyes remained steadfast, remained locked on her now trembling hand, twitching digits. He didn't seem to notice, he merely let his lips part slight and continued the ministrations.

"Robin….st…stop." He didn't make any motion of notice; he didn't bother to comfort her distress. He merely claimed her hand in one quick, swift movement. Fingers entwined, palms pressed tightly to each other. One participant hesitant and scared. The other needy in the contact, pressing harder.

Her mouth now a gape at his actions, his imposing figure luring closer to her petite frame. The ravishing of her hand, his concrete stare at the motions… she couldn't take much more of it.

"What…why…please Robin, let go of my hand."

He turned this time, first his face, then his eyes, his masked face. He tilted his chin up and made the much needed bond with her violet orbs. And for the first time in her life, for the very first time she felt a cool rush from this boy. She felt his absolute comfort, his absolute need for shelter. She felt his peace.

"No." His tone husky and hushed, but still containing the boyish quiver that she had come to know in his voice.

And within the walls of his room they stood awkwardly. Their right hands held tight, their bodies were mere inches from each other, both hearts racing in anticipation, in terror, and in joy. Both fearful of what they had done, will do. Both shuddering inwardly at the cold expanse of the future and the consequences they could barely begin to recognize.

She wanted to feel his warmth. No, she wanted to feel that cool, cold, arctic taste of peace that he had suddenly found. But knowing the extent of her life, knowing the impossibility of their future, knowing that the word "us" could only exist in her mind she pulled away.

"Let go Robin."


"I don't want you touching me."

"Don't lie to me"

"Don't do this."

"I can't stop Raven."

And her world crumbled.

Not in the tiny sharp clanks of glass but in a massive bombastic explosion that engulfed all her senses. She could not hear, she could not think and she could not speak. Her world had become hot and cold, her world had become bright and dark, her world had become lost and yet blissfully found in the wet, tepid, caressing touches of his lips….against her own.

She had never known a kiss before; she didn't even know for sure if this was what all her pseudo-romance books had described, but she was too stunned to guess for sure.

An instinct far older than her closed her widened eyes, allowed her neck to dip back, pushed her lips closer to his, let her free hand find its way through his muscles, to his chest. An instinct far older than her shot her senses, allowed only the most primal thoughts and urges to take precedent. It was the same with his body. His hand finding the most delicate of places along her neck, forcing her closer, not allowing her to flinch away, taking as much as she offered, wanting more. Taking their joined hand and pressing it hard over his heart, knowing that she felt the tortured; thumping beat that lay skin deep.

Though passion scorched from their most primitive, reptilian of brains their kiss was chaste and delicate, turning into chaste and crushing. Both not knowing in truth what the hell they were doing, both not knowing why their heads leaned a certain way or why small moans were trying to find an escape and both not finding the urge to care.

Though bemused in facilities, this girl knew the true depth of will power beyond any other. Her mind screamed to her the danger this simple small affection could lead to.

She pulled away.

He had lost his grasp on her.

She tumbled back against the wall.

He stood with hands slightly outstretched, wanting to take the first steps.

She felt the burn of her lips, the swollen joy.

He took one step.

She threw up her hand.

He took another step.

She threw up both her hands.

"Raven… I…" He looked dazed. He looked ready.

"No." She looked anxious. She looked desperate.

He walked closer, not having the words to explain exactly what thumped in his heart, through his mind, along his skin. He just knew that there was an intense urgency to touch her again. To feel the blissful peace that came from her nearness.

"Don't you come near me." He stopped an arms length from her, his hand again rising higher, higher to meet the coolness of her cheek.

A blaring tune played through the room, red lights flashed while desire was shaken from both their eyes.

He looked to the alarm that stood over his door, then to the flashing red of their titan emblems.

Her emblem became engulfed in black as she slipped easily through the wall.

He rushed to her disappearing form, only to be met with the barricade, warmed by her back, warmed by her presence. He laid his head upon it, hoping to pick up something, anything, some essence of her left behind.

When nothing came he turned on his heels quickly, making a route for the other titans.

Memories, of today…they won't leave. They never will.

What a fool. What a fool I am. I knew there was something deeper, I knew it.

But she would never…she would never betray us…become Slade's apprentice. Those marks though, what the hell do they mean. Terra never had those. I never had those.

So then what is left?

God Raven, just tell me what is left! What can possibly be left for us to fight, what secret can you possibly have left to keep!

No, no more questions. There are too many already. When she wakes, when she is back, she will have answers. No more hiding, no more games, no more…sigh…no more secrets.

I stand from a sitting position on the bed and allow my body to soak up the warmth of the sun's rays that speckle through my window. My room is a battle ground now, holes in walls, sheets torn from the single bed.

I look to the corner, where our moment was shared. Where I felt the first true sense of what it was like to be a man, to be alive. Where I felt the true sense of what I was fighting for and against.

Now that feels so far away, it feels so endlessly distant, like it had happened centuries ago.

I should have never kissed her.

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