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Raven sat quietly watching the sun rise. She had finnished her cup of tea and was debating on whether or not to take a shower. She knew the rest of the team wouldn't be up for a good three hours, maybe even more. So that meant she had her own peace and quiet for a long while. No Cyborg shouting, no Robin and Starfire flirting shamlessly, and no Beast Boy cracking horrible jokes in attempts to make her smile. Raven's cup cracked a bit as she let a couple thoughts slip into her mind about the green changling. She shook her head and stood up. She felt like she needed the shower now.

The dark girl grabbed some towels from her room and headed to the master bathroom. A fowl smell drifted into her nose as she passed B.B's room. 'God, how much rotten food does he keep in there? It smells like a dead body around here...' She though with a grimace. A sigh escaped her as she turned the knob of the bathroom door slowly. She was a bit starttled to see beast boy sleeping soundly in the bathtub. His green skin looked nearly as pale as her own and he looked very uncomfortable in the confined tub.

"Beast boy" She asked aloud.

He jumped up, not expecting her presence. "Oh, hey Raven...uhh...I'll leave if you need to go to the bathroom..."

She peered at him. Either he had gotten really drunk and collapsed in the bathtub, or something was deeply wrong. Figuring there was no way he consume that much alcohol not have anyone notice it, she went with the path that something was indeed wrong.

"Are you alright" She asked, her usual monotonous voice had a slight hint of worry in it.

His eyes, that were dark with fear, looked up at her. "Hey...uhh...Raven...If I show you something, you have to promise not to tell anyone, alright"

She raised a slender eyebrow in response. "It's not another mutant animal is it"

He didn't even comment on the fact that she was nearly trying to make a joke. He shook his head quietly and stood up from the tub.

"Can I show you or not" He asked.

She nodded and watched as he walked out of the bathroom. She hesitantly followed him.

"If it's anything disgusting or pointless, you're dead for waisting my time." She warned him.

He stopped at the door. The horrible smell filled Raven's nostrils again and she covered her nose.

"Just don't be afraid of what you see...and don't scream." He warned her.

She was almost certian he was playing some sort of prank on her. Almost. The dark tone of his voice and the fear in his eyes suggested otherwise to her.

He quickly opened the door and pulled her in. He locked the door behind them. Raven looked around and shrugged. It was just Beast boy's same, disgusting room. The only thing that was diffrent was that there was that fowl smell.

He slowly walked over to the bed and sighed. She noticed that there was indeed something under the many quilts.

"Are you sure you can keep this secret" He asked.

She peered at him. The posibility of him pulling a prank on her was getting greater in her mind.

He closed his eyes tight and pulled back the covers quickly.

Raven covered her mouth in shock and stepped backward, nearly tripping on a pile of clothes.

"Holy shit..." was all Raven could muster up to say at the sight.

There in Beast Boy's bed lie the dead body of Slade. He had multiple gun shot wounds in his chest and there was blood smeared all over Beast Boy's bed. The body was decaying at a fast rate and flies had already begun claiming the body as a home.

"Raven...I need help. What do I do" Beast boy said in a distressed whisper.

Raven's eyes were wide in shock and she had no idea what to say.


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