Third in my BtVS/LSH crossover drabbles. Still don't own them. Still not making any money from them.

Timeline – HS years for Buffy. About a dozen reboots back for Legion.

Two of a Kind

"So therefore the excessive magical field generated by the dimensional distortion located underneath the high school is what has been causing our time bubbles to crash," Brainiac said.

"I understand that," Willow replied. "But your solution won't work. You need to correct along seven dimensional planes. Not five."

"Not if we properly calibrate our position in time."

"That only works if the dimensions move at the same rate in time."

The two started arguing about the effects of magic on the space time continuum.

"Never thought I'd meet anybody who can keep up with Brainy," Cosmic Boy said.

"I thought the same thing about Willow," Buffy replied. "So if this works you guys won't keep popping up out of the blue anymore?"

"That's the plan," Cosmic Boy answered. "Brainy says the magic around this place is causing our Time Bubbles to be knocked off course."

"That is not what I said," Brainiac said. "Technically we are on course. The energies of the dimensional distortion are actually causing our target to change location within the greater space time continuum."

"You see," Willow jumped in. "Just like planets, dimensions are always in motion relative to each other. The hellmouth puts out so much magical energy that it causes distortions in every dimension near it."

"We just need to create a program that compensates for the distortion effect," Brainiac said. "Of course, the long term solution would be to close the hellmouth."

"It wouldn't matter," Giles noted. "There is another one in Cleveland."

A/N – Ok, it's 250 words instead of 100. What can I say. Its Brainiac and Willow. They talk a lot.