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Summery: New villains, old villains, new heroes, old heroes, betrayers, and innocent bystanders. Evil has teamed up against the unsuspecting and some people aren't who they seem to be. Recurring nightmares, broken trust, revivals, blind love, young wisdom, reawakened pasts, and a strange alliance are all obstacles of our favorite team of teenage superheroes. Throw in unhealthy obsessions and a surprise addiction, and you've got this.




Raven glided into the kitchen carefully. Although she took heed of the warning signs of a fight, an empty platter barely grazed her nose and smashed into a wall. A cookie sheet whizzed across the room as Cyborg ducked.


Cyborg's yell was answered by a velocerapter's roar and a flying frying pan. Raven rubbed her hand over the large bump forming on the side of her head from the early morning wake up call. Beast Boy's last missile, the toaster, hit its mark sending Cyborg careening into a wall with cursing to make a sailor blush. The vicious dinosaur morphed into a gorilla, which proceeded to beat its chest and roared. Raven growled low but no one heard.


The microwave exploded. Beast Boy and Cyborg both stopped what they were doing and cowered, watching her fearfully as she crossed the room and opened a cabinet to get tea. She filled a teapot with water and turned around to glare at the boys.

"Now… why don't both of you have a bowl of cereal? If I hear the two of you bickering over pointless matters again today, I cannot guarantee your safety."

The boys raced to get bowls, spoons, (soy) milk, and a box of cheerios. Raven sighed and pulled out a mug and teabag as well as a box of aspirin. Raven read the dosage on the side of the box, but as soon as she heard the video games start up, she dumped out a handful and tossed them into her mouth as she took a swig of fresh tea. She looked into the small box. Empty. Raven took another sip of tea as she read the warnings. An over-dosage like that couldn't be good.

"WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. In case of over dosage, whether child or adult, call poison control. Symptoms may or may not be noticed…. Aww shit." Raven mumbled aloud. She nearly jumped when a voice came just behind her.

"That really isn't something I want to hear you say, Rae. What happened?" Cyborg reached over her head and opened a cabinet. Raven grumbled something and handed the box to the hulking giant. He read the warning label and shook the box.

"Aww, c'mon Raven. I know you didn't. Girl, you've got more sense than that."

Raven shook her head quickly as Cyborg put the box down and filled a glass with orange juice.

"I'm going to be sick…" Raven grumbled as she raced out of the room. Beast Boy stood slightly to see the bathroom door slam from his seat. He turned to Cyborg.

"What happened?" Cyborg put the orange juice back in the refrigerator.

"Aspirin happened." He said, tossing the empty box at the younger boy.

"Aspirin happened?" The two boys turned to see Robin and Starfire enter together with Silkie sleeping in Starfire's arms. "Friends, how does this…aspirin… happen?"

Robin frowned. Cluelessness did not do him justice. Raven came out of the bathroom as the toilet flushed, holding a white hand towel to her face. East Boy was staring at the small rectangular box in his hand.

"Dude… I don't get it either."

Cyborg didn't answer Robin's questioning gaze or Beast Boy's obvious confusion.

"You alright, Rae?"

Raven nodded but didn't say anything. Robin became thoroughly pissed.

"What. Happened." He growled through clenched teeth. Cyborg shrugged.

"Dark girl overdosed on aspirin."

"Oooooh." Beast Boy said, grinning. Suddenly his grin fell. "Wait. That's bad, right?"

Starfire frowned. "This is… bad? I do not understand."

Robin spoke, his unwavering gaze fixed on the cloaked girl currently pouring herself more tea while still covering her mouth.

"Yeah, it's bad. How much did you take, Raven?"

Raven flinched inwardly, and longed to pull up her hood, but didn't. She turned and walked with her tea straight past Robin feeling four sets of eyes on her back, but not meeting a single gaze. She mumbled something quietly. Robin who was closest, was the only one to hear, let alone understand her reply. Thus the reason for his explosion.

"THE WHOLE BOX! Raven! What did- how- why-" The livid boy was, for once, lost for words. Raven didn't seem to be listening anyways. She stared straight ahead and didn't even look as if she was breathing. Suddenly, their com links began to blink and a high pitched annoying tune was heard from Robin's belt as he whipped open his communicator. Raven was the only teen not to move at all.

"It's the H.I.V.E. down town. Titans go!" Four teens rushed past the stoic girl, Robin stopping only briefly to growl, "We'll talk about this later."

Raven only dropped her tea and hand towel to the floor. Suddenly, she blinked and shook her head, then noticing the others already outside, finally rushed after them.


The scene in front of the Wilson apartments was one that stopped the titans in their tracks. Gizmo and Mammoth were pummeling Jinx with everything they had. Stranger still, Jinx did not fight back.

"Stop! Stop it! Mammoth! Giz! Stop!" Jinx screamed as she was propelled into a neon sign for a cafe. Sparks flew, but Jinx missed them as she flew behind a small shop next to the apartments to dodge a few rockets.

Beast Boy frowned and looked to Robin.

"Who are we supposed to help?" They both turned to Cyborg as he charged his sonic cannon.


Robin furrowed his eyebrows.

"What? Why?"

"Because." He lifted his arm and aimed at a small bald ten year old. As he was readying to fire, a gray hand pushed his arm slightly up and the sonic blast shot through the sky harmlessly. Cyborg turned on Raven angrily.

"What the hell was that for!"

" 'because' is not good enough. We should wait until we know why they're fighting."

"She is right, friend Cyborg. We may help the wrong-"

"No. Jinx is who we should help. Look." The teens turned to their green comrade as he pointed down at the fight now in the middle of the street.

"Jinx! You betrayed us and the HIVE."

"Yeah, you booger-sniffing snot muncher! You're going to leave us! And not in the way you had in mind."

Robin raised an eyebrow but nodded anyway as Cyborg recharged his cannon arm and aimed.

"Good enough for me. Titans! GO!"

Cyborg blasted Mammoth down into the street from their rooftop perch while the team jumped down to the street below. A barrage of starbolts pummeled the super teen as he attempted to stand while a green pterodactyl dive-bombed Gizmo with a karate-trained projectile. Soon, Robin stood next to Beast Boy, holding a metal backpack while a certain bald ten-year old tried and failed to run off. Mammoth was having little luck as well, even though he put up a decent fight. It was difficult to fight off starbolts and flying debris, even if the latter was hesitant. The titans' resident mechanic was helping up a pink haired girl behind them. Soon, Mammoth dissipated into an alley the same as Gizmo. The teens gathered around their hulking friend.

"You guys alright?" The leadership skills of the hedgehog hair never failed.

"That was actually kind of easy, dude." Was the first reply.

"Yes, friend Beast Boy, but Jinx was not helping the HIVE."

"Right Starfire. Why not, Jinx?" Raven spoke tersely. And the two gray skinned girls glared at each other.

"Because I quit the HIVE, Raven." Raven narrowed her eyes. The girl spoke her name like poison. "I saw how easy it was for Cyborg and... well… I'd rather be with him than the HIVE."

Raven pulled up her hood. The girl's voice was high-pitched and sweet, but there was something not to trust. Starfire, however, was delighted. Of course, she chose to express her joy with an eardrum smashing squeal and bone crushing hug.

"Jinx has seen the error of her ways and wishes to reform and join the teen titans and-"

"Star… Fire… air…" Jinx gasped. Starfire shrieked again and released her.

"I am so sorry friend Jinx!" Beast Boy cringed. The empath beside him turned her head towards him, noticing the sudden resentment and mistrust. She looked around. Robin was surveying the faces of his team and Cyborg was grinning like an idiot. Raven was jerked out of her reverie as Jinx spoke.

"Join the Teen Titans? I don't-"

"Aww, c'mon, dawg. Bein' a superhero ain't so-"

"Don't call me… dawg." Jinx said, wincing even as she spoke. Cyborg suppressed a grin and bit his lip as if she'd said this before. Starfire's face fell suddenly as if a new thought had come to her. One of which, apparently, didn't appeal to her.

"You… are going to join our team… correct?" Jinx whipped her head around to face the red head.

"Well… I… Only if you accept me…" Starfire grinned, but rather than say anything, turned to Robin. He surveyed Jinx with a calculating look.

"I… Do you have a place to stay?" He asked. Jinx shook her head. She trained her gaze on Raven, who either didn't notice, or didn't want to meet the former foe's eyes.

"Not really. If you don't want me to join you, though, I'll find one." Cyborg's eyes widened.

"Of course we want you to-" Robin cut him off with a gesture.

"You can stay the night and train with us tomorrow. We'll decide then." Beast Boy hadn't spoken in a while. His gaze was trained on his feet, apparently unaware of the violet eyes watching him. Raven sensed his unease with the situation, and she wasn't one to brush these things off lightly. She gently prodded his mind, only to find that he saw Jinx and Cyborg as Terra and himself all over again. She realized that she didn't trust Jinx either, though that was to be expected after being played not once, but twice, by those close to her. All of this she noticed in only a second or two, making tuning back into the conversation at hand fairly simple.

"Well… Are you guys sure? I mean… Our history isn't so great, so if you want me to…"

"No! Of course we want you to stay!" Starfire cried enthusiastically. Robin nodded, slightly hesitant, while Cyborg grinned.

"C'mon let's go, y'all." The four teens walked away chattering happily. Beast Boy continued to stare at his feet. Raven couldn't bring herself to leave her young friend there alone. She lifted her delicate hand jerkily and hesitantly put it onto his shoulder. The smaller teen jumped and jerked his head up to see her emotionless eyes.

"Everything okay?" Her voice was gravelly and level, but it was softer than was normal. Beast Boy searched her face, but finally nodded.

"Yeah. I guess so." His tentative voice was small and uncertain. His kelly green eyes (AN: ha-Ha! You guys thought I was gonna say EMERALD, didn't ya?) darted to the gray hand on his shoulder for the tiniest fraction of a second, but Raven noticed easily. She removed her hand and her cloak fell over it, hiding her body from view.

"We'd… better catch up. The others'll-"

"Worry. Right. Yeah." Beast Boy said, cutting Raven off. The two walked in silence and easily caught up to the other teens. No one had seemed to miss them.


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