Greane byrdez mayd ov Makaroenee suk the blod ov baybeez!

Green birds made of macaroni suck the blood of babies.

(Translation: I'm not putting anymore goddamn author's notes at the beginning.)


Cyborg walked into the room happily. Robin and Jinx just stared. The mechanical giant either didn't notice or didn't care and proceeded to push a small button on the remote. The podium-like platform slid up out of the floor in front of the would-be hologram TV. The computer screen also appeared. He punched in the password and accessed the internet. The two now disgruntled teens sitting behind him on the long black sofa just exchanged glances.

"Uhh… Cyborg? We were watching TV." Cyborg pulled up a search on the circus.

"You hate reality TV." He deadpanned. Jinx rolled her eyes.

"But it was getting interesting." She fake whined.

"Hey, didn't we hear you yell earlier?" Robin asked. Cyborg clicked on a big icon that said 'GET TICKETS NOW!'


"Why were you in Raven's room, Cyborg?" Robin asked, a coy look on his face. Cyborg still didn't turn around as he looked at all the different prices for tickets.

"Because I kidnapped him and held him hostage. I was trying to get top secret information on the obstacle course so I could cheat tomorrow morning."

Everyone immediately whipped their heads around to see Raven sitting on the breakfast bar sipping her tea and swinging her legs absentmindedly. Not so strange(okay, it was), but since her hood was down, everyone did a double take to see the clearly amused look on her face. She actually looked like she was biting her lip to keep from laughing.

"Uhh… are you okay?" Robin asked. "You made a joke that didn't put Beast boy down."

She raised an eyebrow. "What? You mean you expected me to say something along the lines of 'I wonder what could possibly make Robin not want his costume back from Beast Boy.'"

The last line was dripping with her own characteristic sarcasm and Cyborg snickered a little as he clicked on a button to order tickets for opening day. Jinx was completely and utterly lost.

"Why does Beast Boy have Robin's costume?" Robin snickered. This was about to get funny.

"Oh, same reason Cyborg does, and Starfire does… and Raven does." Jinx looked over her shoulder at Raven.

"This sounds interesting." She grinned a little beastie grin and looked back at Robin. Raven shook her head while she shrugged in apathy and slid off the counter. She walked up to the couch before floating over and landing gracefully next to Cyborg.

"What are you-" Her eyes widened. "The circus? Did you talk to him?"

Cyborg looked down at her for a second trying to figure out why she was so concerned before ordering six adult tickets. "Well… yeah. And then I accidentally said something about the circus and-"

"What happened?"

"Nothing. He said he was going to get tickets because he liked the circus or whatever and then asked me to get them."

"Oh." Raven frowned and looked down at her feet.

"Hey… Uhh... Who's 'him'?" Robin asked.

"Never mind. It isn't important." Raven said. Her actions (sitting down on the far end of the couch with her hood pulled up and a calculating look of discontentment) said otherwise. Everyone else just let it go, however.


Beast Boy heard a thump above him in Starfire's room. He looked upward at the ceiling from his place on the floor under the window. ( I mean, why get up and get some aspirin for your headache when you can lie on a filthy floor amongst the old food and dirty clothes?) He stood up and walked over to the door absentmindedly whacking his hand into the button on the wall beside it and wandered out. He morphed into a little Mountain Zebra and loped down the hall to the stairs easily.

Upon reaching the door to the stairs, he reared up and pushed the door open with his front legs. He then trotted up the stairs. Beast Boy enjoyed doing things like this when he was by himself as an animal. Especially African animals. He also fought better in an African animal's form, but dinosaurs packed more punch so he used those just as often. He pushed the next door open the same way as before and changed into a larger plains zebra to walk down the hallway to Starfire's room. He turned his sensitive ear to the door. Subsequent to about thirty seconds of complete silence and impatient waiting, he became Beast Boy again and yelled out to the other side of the door.

"Hey Star? You in there?" silence. "I'm coming in, okay?" more silence. Beast Boy pushed the button to open the door. As soon as he heard the swoosh, he gasped and rushed into the room to kneel by Starfire's side. He turned her over quickly. She looked like she was sleeping, but she was a light sleeper and would have awakened when he called out to her from the hallway.

"Aww man, what am I freakin' supposed to do!" He muttered to himself. He was about to stand up to run and fetch another titan when something fell off of his belt. Beast boy bent down and picked up his communicator.

"Of course! Beast boy you moron!" He flipped it open and contacted Robin.


Robin's comm. link rang out, making Jinx jump. He pulled it out and flipped it open. Cyborg turned down the volume on the TV so that robin (and himself, of course) could hear the green teen speak. Raven walked around the back of the couch and gazed over Robin's shoulder.

"Hey what's up, Beast boy."

"Robin- Starfire- I- Something's wrong with Starfire!" Robin's eyes widened.

"What's wrong? Where are you?" Robin bit his lip and the other three titans crowded around his comm. link and absentmindedly leaned in towards him.

"I don't know what's wrong! I just came up here to her room and she was fainted on the floor so I called you!"

"Alright, just stay calm, Beast Boy. We'll be right there." Robin snapped the communicator shut before another word could be uttered. Raven stood up and stopped breathing on the back of Robin's neck.

"Raven?" She nodded and spread her arms. Black aura spewed from her open palms and shaped itself into a black sphere over the teens in only a matter of milliseconds. She melted the sphere through the floors and walls until they finally reached their destination. The glowing black aura substance surged back into Raven's body as the teens dropped to the ground within the room, Robin already at Starfire's side.

The masked boy checked the girl's pulse and breathing, both were currently normal. For a human. "Raven, can you make a-" A black stretcher-like aura formed under Starfire with rails only about two inches high around it. Robin looked up at her.

"Thanks." To the rest of the titans, he said, "Lets go up to the med bay." Everyone nodded and proceeded to leave the room in an orderly fashion. As soon as the stretcher left the room, Robin followed, closely watching his unconscious friend. Raven came after, needing to keep in proximity with the stretcher to hold it strong. Jinx followed warily, wondering what was going on. Beast Boy and Cyborg were last, hanging a little behind the small parade talking in whispers.


"I need to meditate." No one looked up. "I'll go do the laundry too." Raven said, and walked out of the room. Robin stood next to the bed and stared at Starfire's face, his mask giving off the impression that he wasn't blinking. Cyborg was clicking away at a computer keyboard, trying to find a doctor with any knowledge of Tameranean physiology. Beast Boy sat the wrong way on a chair and laid his head down on his arms draped over the back of the chair. Jinx had slipped out of the infirmary and followed Raven down the hall to the underground, sweltering laundry room.

Raven sighed as she lifted out of the massive heap of cloth on the ground and threw all of the darker towels, Beast Boy's uniforms, her cloaks, and her leotards into the first washer next to the door. She poured in a carefully measured amount of Cheer dark and started up the machine. Next, she used her powers to sort out Robin's shirts, red and pink towels, as well as Starfire's pink bed sheets and tossed them into the machine next to the one running. Her back was to the door as she poured specially formulated soap for reds into a cup. If she had only been facing the other way, she might have seen the shadow dart into the room and up onto the rafters in the ceiling. As it was, she started the washing machine, moving on to the coloureds, whites, and delicates in their respective machines with their special soaps. The clothing pile was, by now, completely diminished and so Raven walked over to the door, shut it, locked it, and flicked off the lights.

The shadow mentioned previously was actually a teenage girl in black clothing with quite abnormal light pink hair. She lay on her stomach looking down from her position on the rafter, and watched as the object of interest switched the lights off. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light with a queer likeness to a cat's. The girl below walked back to the middle of the room, directly below Jinx, and crossed her legs, floating in midair. The quiet, steady chanting barely reached the spy's ears and the speech was completely indiscernible over the loud hum of the five washing machines.


"R-Robin?" Starfire opened her eyes. Robin's only widened.

"Star? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, you scared the hell outta me, dude." Beast Boy said. His head was still resting on his arms over the back of his chair.

"I believe I am… Okay." She sat up slowly. "I am not in pain."

"Do you know what happened?" Cyborg asked from beside the computer.

"I do not. I was going to take a… nap of the cat, but then my…stomach hurt and everything became dark!" Starfire replied, occasionally struggling for the correct word. She didn't sound sick, only like she had just woken up, which, is true. "I do fear I may have contracted a common type of illness from Tameran."

"You mean like a human cold, or the flu?"

"Uhm…" Starfire sat up and put her legs over the side of the bed so she could sit upright. "I do not know what this 'flu' is, but yes, much like Beast Boy's colds… only there is a cure for this."

"Yeah… people do forget that there isn't a cure for the common cold…" Beast boy said, shrugging.

"Okay… well, what is the illness?" Cyborg asked, ready punch the information into the database for later. Starfire drummed two fingers on her knee.

"It first begins with stomach aches, almost regularly, for about two earth days…" Robin looked like he was about to say something, so Starfire quickly continued. "Then there is a… fainting spell, I believe it is called. The stomach aches continue for a few days, before there are any serious symptoms."

"Is it lethal?" Cyborg asked, typing away.

"Lethal…" Starfire thought the word over. "Oh! Well, yes, it is, but only without the cure… there was an epidemic on Tameran before the cure was found and many died…"

The boys' eyes widened. Robin stood up to go.

"Well, what's the cure, Star? We'll go to Tameran and get it." Beast Boy and Cyborg stood also, readying to find raven and jinx so that they could leave.

"This is the problem, friend Robin. It is not found on Tameran. Now they have created a… a vaccination, but this only works for those who do not have this illness…"

"Well, where is it found, dude? And what is it?" Beast Boy asked, already at the door.

"I fear that the cure is only found in a place no one dares go any longer… though few ever have."


"The Vicerean Galaxy… it is filled with black holes, and one is an inter-dimensional rift…"

"Well, let's go." Cyborg said loudly.

"Are you insane! The Vicerean Galaxy!" All heads turned toward the new arrival, Raven. "Why would you go there!" The look of shock, fear, and incomprehension was enough to unsettle anyone who knew her.

"I have contracted the Gorfmarj, friend raven." Starfire hadn't moved from her spot, only looked at the floor sadly. "That is where the cure is."

At this point, no one noticed when Jinx slid into the room behind Raven and stood beside Cyborg, pretending to have been there all along.

"Then why would you go to the Vicerean galaxy for the cure?" there was a pause. "You don't know what the cure is, do you?" Starfire shook her head. Everyone was looking between the two girls in utter confusion. Raven walked over to Starfire and helped her to stand, and then lead her out of the room. She shut the door. The titans all listened carefully, trying to hear the slightly muffled conversation.

"Starfire, we have the cure."

"What is it then, friend raven?"

"Promise not to scream?" Everyone leaned closer to the door at this point.

"Why would I scream? This worries me…" Starfire's voice was unsure, and raven's wavered as well.

"The cure is… it's…" Raven whispered something and everyone soon found themselves with their ears pressed to the door. A short, soft muffled scream, as if crushed behind the screamer's hand erupted.

"But how will we get this without traveling to the-"

"You forget what I told you, Starfire. Remember? I'm…" This time, the muffled scream was a bit louder.

"But you would… and I would have to… Raven! This is… this is…"

"Look, I'll get it tomorrow, a full moon here, and then you'll have it by Monday… maybe Tuesday."

"But the thought makes me ill! You are one of my best friends! How could I-"

"Just don't think about it."

Raven turned and opened the sliding door. Four teens fell onto the floor, sprawled in the hallway.

"I'm so glad that you guys were going to wait patiently for us to tell you what's going on." Raven deadpanned.


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