Just when I was thinking about writing a fun and lighthearted story to work on simultaneously with "The Purrfect Houseguest" this plot bunny appeared out of nowhere, viciously attacked me and just wouldn't let go.

So far I have 3 "cases" plotted out, but depending on how it turns out and how people like it I'm thinking of adding more.

Enjoy! (and don't forget to let me know what you think about it)

Title: Im Falle eines Falles… (German for In Case of a Case…)

Author: Rogue 11

Rating: R

Warnings: yaoi, lemon, lime, some violence, bad language, random silliness

Pairings: 13x6, 6x13

Notation: Italics – indicates thoughts

Bold – indicates emphasis

About the Story:
Treize Khushrenada and Milliardo Peacecraft, Lovers, playboys, private investigators…? Can anything good really come out of that?

Treize and Milliardo are two high living, hot-shot PIs who are very particular when it comes to their clients. But then, they can afford to be picky, because they are the best in what they are doing.

This fiction is a collection of short stories about some of the cases they worked on.

1) The Case of the Missing Exchange Student

Chang Wufei is an intelligent, top notch student from China, spending his senior high school year abroad. When he suddenly disappears after going out to a movie with friends, his host family hires a team of private detectives to find him.
Did Chang just run away as the police suspects or was he the victim of some kind of crime? Can Treize and Milliardo find him before it is too late?

2) A Strange Case of Kidnapping

Quatre Raberba Winner, heir to the Winner fortune, gets kidnapped, and the Khushrenada/Peacecraft team is hired to deliver the ransom money.
It looks like an easy case, but it doesn't take long before the two detectives realize that things just don't seem to add up.

3) A Case Too Hot To Handle

When Milliardo's younger sister shows up at their office with the tale of a classmate who mysteriously disappeared, the couple agrees to look into the case just to get her off their backs. But as soon as they start their investigation they find themselves up to their ears in trouble. Did they bite of more than they can chew this time?