Title: As It Seems (1?)

Author: Amanda

Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Romance

Rating: PG to PG-13

Disclaimer: I know this isn't how it is on the show. This takes place in a world created by me. Oh and the charters aren't mine.

Elliot has been in SVU for eight years. He and Kathy were married, however they only have Maureen who is thirteen years old. They divorced after nine years of marriage. Kathy has sole custody of Maureen, but Elliot gets visitation every other weekend and some holidays.

Olivia has been an SVU detective for seven years. She dated Michael for seven years and they were engaged for a year, Olivia broke it off.. She has a daughter with him named Marissa who is five. Elliot is her godfather. Olivia is currently dating Aaron for a year and a half.

It was a rainy morning as Olivia Benson trudged toward the precinct. They were working a really tough case, and she had barely had any sleep the night before because Marissa had insisted on telling her about her day at kindergarten. When Olivia arrived at the station, Munch and Fin were already sitting at their desks.

" Hey Olivia," John greeted her.

"Hey Fin. Hey John" she responded. "Where's my partner?" she questioned.

"Right here" Elliot said. Olivia turned around to see him walking toward their set of desks.

"You're ten minutes late" she stated.

"Sorry, Liv. There was a lot of traffic" he offered.

"Benson. Stabler. We got another vic. Behind Jimmy Choo's restaurant. Warner is on her way there" Captain Cragen told them.

"Ok, we're on it Cap" Elliot said. He hadn't removed his coat yet, but he grabbed Olivia's coat off the back of her chair and tossed it to her as they headed out of the squad room.

"So Liv, how are things with you and Aaron" he asked, trying to make up for being late.

"Things are great. Tomorrow will be a year and a half" she said.

"That's good. Got anything special planned"

"Aaron's planning the whole night. All I have to do is make sure I can get off work,"she answered him.

"I'm sure me and Cragen can handle things for one night" Elliot said to her.

"Thanks El. That means a lot to me" she said.

"No problem Liv" he answered. Just then they pulled up to the crime scene.

"What do we got" Elliot asked Warner

"Severe bruising to the thighs and rope marks on the neck. She was found in a T-shirt and panties. No identification found" the ME informed the detectives.

"Any fluids present" Olivia asked.

"Perp used a condom. We'll know more after the autopsy" she answered.

"Thanks Doc" Elliot said.

The two detectives walked over to Mark, one of the CSU investigators they had worked with a few times before.

"We got anything yet" Olivia questioned.

"We found a purse a few feet away from her. Money was gone. No credit cards. We're thinking robbery along with the sexual assault. "

"Okay. Thanks." They turned and headed back toward the car.

"Hey Liv, did you ask Cragen about tomorrow" Elliot asked on the drive back to the precinct.

Olivia sighed"No, not yet. We've been so busy."

"Ask him after the information session. I'll back you up if you need me to."

"Thanks El, you're a great friend" she said. Olivia knew she was lucky to have a friend like Elliot. He had stuck by her through everything, and was great with Marissa.

"You're welcome. I am a great friend though, aren't I" he teased.

They pulled up to the precinct soon after. When they got into the squadroom Cragen was the only one there.

"Where's Munch and Fin" Elliot asked Cragen

"Warner called. I just sent them to go see what she found" Cragen answered.

"Oh, okay. Well, can I talk to you for a minute then, Cap" Olivia said.

"Sure Olivia" Cragen said. He headed towards his office so they could talk in private.

"What is it" Cragen asked.

"Well, I know this is short notice, but can I get tomorrow night off? It's mine and Aaron's anniversary," she asked him.

"As long as nothing extremely important develops, then yes, you can have it off" he answered.

"Thanks Cap." She turned and left his office.

When Olivia got back to her desk she noticed her partner was nowhere to be seen. She sat down to do some paperwork. When he was still gone after ten minutes she went off to look for him. She was headed up the stairs towards the crib when she heard Elliot yelling. She went up there to see what was going on.

"Damn it, Kathy. Why are you being so stubborn about this? We are working a really tough case. Can't I switch weekends" Elliot was yelling into the phone. Olivia assumed he was arguing about Maureen again. She didn't know how Elliot had stayed married to Kathy for so long. Olivia had met Kathy a few times and didn't know her that well. She did know Kathy had accused Elliot of sleeping with Olivia at least once. It was after the first time Olivia had met Kathy. As she started to head back downstairs to give Elliot some privacy she heard his voice calling after her.

"Liv, don't go. I need to talk to someone" Elliot said.

"I figured you would want to blow off some steam alone before you talked" Olivia said. She headed toward the couch to sit beside him. She was used to comforting Elliot after his arguments with Kathy.

"All I wanted was to switch weekends. She's being so unreasonable about it. If I take Maureen this weekend I won't get a chance to spend any time with her" he said. His anger was still obvious, but it was slowly draining as he talked to Olivia.

"I'll make you a deal, El. We don't get any new leads or anything important, and I'll cover Saturday."

"Thanks Liv. I appreciate it. Maureen is not the only problem though" he said.

"Well, what is it, El. You know you can tell me anything." Olivia told him in the same tone she used with victims.

"Kathy's engaged. I've never even heard of the guy until two days ago. Now she wants him to be a permanent fixture in my daughter's life. What the hell is her problem" Elliot's anger was rising again.

"I'm sorry. I can't believe she'd do something like that. Aren't you seeing someone, though" she responded.

"No, we broke up over the weekend. She wanted a commitment that I wasn't ready to give her" he told her.

"Oh I'm sorry. Are you okay? I know it's hard to commit to someone" she said.

"What do you mean, you know about how hard it is to commit" Elliot questioned. "You've been with Aaron for a year and a half."

"I know. It's just I'm not sure he's the one. I love him, but that's not always everything" she answered.

They heard the Captain call for them downstairs. Olivia gave Elliot's hand a reassuring squeeze and they headed downstairs.

"We have a missing person hit. College roommate reported her missing. She's at NYU's campus. Go check it out" Cragen said.

"How's my god-daughter" Elliot asked as they were driving over to the college.

"I was wondering when you'd get around to asking about her. I was beginning to think you'd forgotten her."

"I've just been busy. You know I love her" he laughed.

"She's fine. She knows how to write her name along with yours and mine. She does miss her you though" she said.

"That's great. I'll come by and see her soon, I miss her too." Elliot said. The rest of the ride to the NYU campus was silent.