A/N This is a very cliché one-shot. I know this isn't that good but it's a plot bunny that wouldn't stop. You all know how that is. Well without further adieu here is my story.

Warning anything you recognize from Harry Potter is obviously not mine.

A Christmas to Remember:

You would think that after everything we had been through we would have stayed friends. Harry got a big head after he defeated Voldemort. He decided that he didn't need me anymore. And Ron, well he didn't make it through the war. Ron is another reason I figured Harry would have stayed. But no he turned his back on me, his best friend, and the Weasleys.

It's sad, very sad. Ginny was heart broken over Harry. Fred and George wanted to kill him and or hurt him very badly. Bill was simply disappointed. Unfortunately they were the only Weasleys left. We lost Charlie, Percy, Mr. Weasley, and Mrs. Weasley. I also lost my own mum and dad. But since the war the rest of the Weasley family and myself have grown inseparable. We even continued to live at the burrow.

Bill worked at Gringott's still. Ginny was getting ready for her final year at Hogwarts. The twins of course had Weasley's Wizard Wheezes a.k.a 3W's. As for me I had many different job offers. I decided against working at the ministry as an auror. I also turned down a position at Hogwarts. I didn't want a constant reminder of all that I had lost. So I joined Fred and George at 3W's. I helped invent new products and I did the books for the shop. I enjoyed working for the twins.

We got along well as long as they didn't play jokes or pranks on me. After a month of working at 3W's I developed a huge crush on George. Actually it was more than a crush but I wouldn't admit it at the time. I bet you're wondering why I had chosen George. Well, it's simple. He was absolutely brilliant. George was serious, well more serious than Fred. He also helped me loosen up. George was just perfect.

The only person I told about my feelings was Bill. Bill was so understanding. I also helped him figure out his own feelings for Fleur Delacour. Any way that is beside the point. The point was that I was in love with George Orion Weasley. I know if Ron were still alive he would laugh hysterically and say something like "Only you can shock us like that 'Mione!" Merlin do I miss Ron. Ok well on Christmas I decided I would confess my feelings for George. That morning all 5 of us bounded down the stairs to open our presents.

After we opened our presents I got up to start breakfast. George got up as well. Then I heard this jingling sound. Obviously George heard it too for we both looked up. Then I saw it. It was enchanted mistletoe. I know it's cliché but it's true. Then the snickering started. As I had expected everyone had set me and George up. " So 'Mione I believe we've been set up. How about we give them one hell of a show." George said quietly to where only I could hear him. I nodded in agreement. Then he pulled me into him and kissed me. It didn't take long to grow into a passionate kiss. He ended up dipping me to add flair to our performance. Shocks of pleasure went through my veins. All I could say after the kiss was wow. I didn't even register the other people in the room. Then George simply picked me up over his shoulder and ran up to my room.

It's safe to say that Christmas was amazing. And even though George and I are married now we still have that passion. And just to think it all started with enchanted mistletoe.

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