(This would be Kurogane's world.)

"What in the hell was that..."

Meiling demanded...

"A little magic left in this wand," he smiled hanging the key around his neck, "The chant?"

He whispered to Hiraki, "I borrowed from the other Eriol's staff Chant and "the Prayer of Iao," which maybe the inspiration for the word Clow..."

"It figures..."

Hiraki placed his hand behind the boy, just in case – every time the brat used too much magic, he collapsed.

"Who art thou? Where did thou come from?"

There stood a woman in a beautiful kimono and robes, her reddish hair tied up in a braid at the back of her head, "If ye be demons, I will slay thee..."

"Demons," Te badly reacted – she hated that word, everybody called her that.

She did not even care that the woman had a longbow drawn...

Evading every arrow, slicing them in half with her nails, she pounced ready to kill the woman in her early-to-late twenties...

Until, Meiling tossed her ofuda...

A crash of thunder and Te stopped in her tracks...

Eriol stepped forward, "Please excuse use, beautiful lady," he bowed ready to kiss her hand, "But we are travelers..."

"Ye be foreigners?"

The woman asked almost blushing at the young man.

"You may say that," Yon agreed.

"For a moment, I thought Princess Tomoyo sent you..."

She admitted, "As Nichole always says, "The ninja princess cannot be trusted..."

"Shouldn't we at least introduce ourselves?"

The blond male with dark skin interrupted, he could tell that this woman had never seen anything like him before, "I am Feng D. Hiraki of Celes. Everybody calls me Hiraki. This," he gestured, "is..."


"I am Meiling, I have never known defeat or dishonor until I met this boy," the girl with red-orange eyes gestured at the dark-haired boy.

"I see," the elder woman said looking at her with almost a motherly stare, "I am Kaho."

(Mizuki Kaho, Card Captor Sakura)

"Eriol, at your service," another bow and a wide smile hoping she would lower her bow, "Lady Kaho."

"I am Te," the girl wagged her tail, "Did you say ninja princess?"

"Yes, I did," Kaho replied, "I am in service to Lady Nichole, mortal enemy of Princess Tomoyo, the leader of the ninja..."

"What is this ninja?"

Yon asked.

"They are the creatures of myth," Te reported her glasses fogging up with excitement of this new world she was in; "They are the shadow warriors, masters of ninjitsu, assassins of the highest order, able to do things beyond but with-in the code of Bushido - they can use un-honorable tactics, poison, assassination, espionage, and worse..."

"It almost sounds like you would want to be a ninja," Meiling insulted, "Someone without honor..."

"No," her ear twitched, "I prefer to be a knight in Camelot or a samurai in the time of legends..."

"Looks like you got your wish..."

"Ahem," Kaho cleared her voice, and then bowed seeing a familiar face.

Well at least for Eriol and Hiraki, they knew her...

"Tomoyo is the peak of all evil. Since you have come here, you must have been summoned to do away with her," Nichole said to them...

Hiraki glanced at Eriol and whispered, "Didn't we kill her?"

"Different worlds, same faces. And it was not we," Eriol whispered back, "You killed her with your shamanic magic. I would never dream of harming a lady."

"Tomoyo must be stopped! Especially, now when her favorite bodyguard, Kurogane, has gone missing..."

"Interesting strategy," Yon commented, "But this is no affair of ours, people of your world should solve your own problems..."

"On the contrary," the boy corrected her, "Unless we correct whatever wrong is in this world, we cannot move on..."

"You mean," Meiling slashed with her sword at him, "You got us stuck here!"

As he dodged her slices with a smile; then he paused in thought, "What I know of Tomoyo, she is not really evil - unless, people are truly different in different worlds... Unless you consider that she put Sakura in all those cute little costumes..." (he is thinking of Tomoyo CCS, not Tomoyo Tsubasa)

"Are you sure ye can trust them," Kaho asked Nichole, "They could be spies... or the three magical warriors..."

"Magical warriors," Te's eyes was enjoying this, "I would love to face them... But first, a change of clothes..."

This time, in slurry of peach blossoms new clothes...

"What sorcery is this?"

Nichole asked.

"Illusion, not sorcery," Meiling picked at her clothes, she stood there in an almost perfect copy of Devil Hunter Yohko's outfit, right down to the high-healed shoes...

"You don't like it?"

Yon asked – she was dressed as a Buddhist priest, "I have to agree..."

"What's wrong," Te petted her little white ruff, "I choose what was appropriate for us out of anime. You, Yon, wish not to fight, so I had to choose between a Buddhist priest and "Kenshin;" I chose the former. As for me, I went for someone I think is very honorable, "Fluffy." "Fluffy," the fan-girls pet-name for Shishamaru, Inuyasha's older brother..."

"Admirable," Eriol nodded, he glanced at Hiraki - he was dressed as a warrior from a different anime. Then he glanced at his own clothes, they were an almost an exact copy of Suburu's ceremonial clothes, "But..."

(Suburu, Tokyo Babylon)


Her eyes went all innocent making Kaho pat her head.

"The color will have to go," Eriol snapped his fingers, "White does not suit me..."

Seeing the change, Meiling insulted, "But Black matches your heart..."

"You wouldn't know..."