Back to the Past

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Chapter Eighteen: Truth

Barbas picked up the athame, glaring at Gideon, "His shield is not up because you've pierced it already. Fools and idiots. Why is it... that every time you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself?"

He lunged at Wyatt.

"No!" Gideon yelled.

Wyatt orbed out safely, leaving the demon and Elder behind in the Underworld.

"Slippery little devil, isn't he?"

"Now look what you've done!" Gideon yelled angrily.


Phoebe took her hand off Chris' shoulder and focused back on reality.

"Are you ok?" Paige asked her sister, seeing the shock on her face.

"What did you see?" Chris asked.

"Oh God. It's Gideon. He's the one after Wyatt!"

"What?" Paige, Tanya and Chris yelled together.

"He and Barbas are working together. They're trying to kill Wyatt, and I think they end up turning him instead. I saw Barbas trying to stab him with an athame."

Chris was silent for a moment. "I can't believe I didn't realize that sooner."

"What are we going to do?" Tanya asked.

"We have to tell Piper. We have to get her out of magic school," Phoebe replied.

Piper was staying in magic school as her baby was almost ready. Chris and Tanya had told her the baby was to be born on Monday, and it was already Friday.

"You three go to magic school and take care of Piper. See if you can get into Gideon's office too, maybe you'll find something. I'm going to stay here with Wyatt," Chris said.

Tanya and Phoebe each grabbed one of Phoebe's hands and orbed out of the dark attic, leaving Chris and Wyatt in his playpen.

Chris paced back and forth, passing Wyatt over and over again. A loud creak sounded from the corner and Chris looked over suspiciously. Another came from the other side and Chris walked over to his older/younger brother.

"Ok, time to get you outta here," he said.

Before he could pick up the blond toddler he was magically thrown across the room, crashing into and breaking the wooden table. Chris groaned in pain, but looked up when Gideon appeared in the room in front of Wyatt.

Chris attempted to stand, but Gideon stopped him with, "Don't make me sacrifice you both."

Chris flicked his hand and Gideon flew across the room. He landed hard, and an athame appeared in his hand before he disappeared again. Chris, fearing for his brother's safety, ran towards the playpen.

Gideon appeared again in front of Chris, and plunged the athame into his stomach. Gideon pulled the athame out of his stomach and Chris clutched the wound. Gideon walked over to Wyatt and picked him up. Glancing back at Chris, Gideon left the manor.


Paige hurried to Piper's room. She had left Phoebe and Tanya to look around Gideon's office and was now ready to get her sister out of there.

"Piper. Gideon's the one after Wyatt! You can't stay here anymore. I'll help you get your clothes and let's go."

Piper stood up with Paige's help. She wasn't as surprised as she should have been, but a life of magic could do that to a person. Fearing for her children's safety, Piper threw her things into a bag, one hand resting protectively on her stomach.


Tanya and Phoebe tore threw the office, looking for something that might help them.

Suddenly Phoebe gasped, pulling back a curtain, and Tanya walked over to her. "What's wrong?"

Phoebe motioned toward the mirror in front of her. "That."

Tanya looked and saw two people who looked like them, but were dressed completely different.

"I think I remember reading something in the book about this," both Tanya's said. They glared at each other, but continued.

"There are supposed to be two worlds that keep the balance, one good and one evil, but with the same events in both worlds."

They stared at each other for a moment. "So you know Gideon is after Wyatt?" the Phoebe's asked.

"Yes," both Tanya's replied.

"So what should we do?"

"No idea- OWW." Both Tanya's clutched their stomachs in pain, grimacing.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I think- oh no! Chris, he's hurt."

"Well we better get back to the manor then."

The girls on each side ran to find Paige and Piper. A few minutes later they were back in the attic of the manor.

Tanya ran over to Chris, who was doubled over in pain. "Chris! No!" she cried, seeing his wound.

"Leo! Leo, help!" she yelled, hysterical.

A moment later Leo orbed in. He saw Chris and placed his hands over the wound.

"Why isn't it working?" Tanya asked.

"Where's Wyatt?" Piper asked, alarmed.

Chris opened his eyes and looked up, his breathing ragged. "Wyatt…Gideon…You have to go after Gideon, he took Wyatt…to the Underworld…His athame is cursed, you won't be able to heal me anyway."

Alarm crossed Leo's face and he orbed out immediately to look for his son after a short explanation that Gideon and Barbas were working together.

Tanya was crying heavily now. "Chris, what can I do?"

"Nothing…the athame was…cursed. I'm going…to die."

"NO!" she sobbed, "you can't. I need you."

"Let's move him to the bed downstairs," Paige suggested. She orbed them all downstairs, Tanya holding Chris' hand.

Phoebe tried to console Piper, who was worried about Wyatt, and Paige and Tanya tried to help Chris.


Barbas picked up the athame, glaring at Gideon, "His shield is not up because you've pierced it already. Fools and idiots. Why is it... that every time you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself?"

He lunged at Wyatt.

"No!" Gideon yelled.

Wyatt orbed out safely, leaving the demon and Elder behind.

"Slippery little devil, isn't he?"

"Now look what you've done!" Gideon yelled angrily.


"Wyatt? Wyatt? Can you hear me? It's daddy. Wyatt? Wyatt, can you hear me? It's daddy."

Wyatt orbed into the cave. "Hello, son," Leo's voice said as Wyatt turned.

"So sorry to lure you like this," he said in his normal voice. "Barbas…where are you?"

Barbas appeared in the cave.

"It's time."

"Took you long enough."

"Your impatience is growing tiresome. I blessed it already. Now it's your turn."

Barbas stared at the athame as Gideon held it out.

"Is there something wrong?"

"As a matter of fact…there is."

Barbas reached forward and stabbed Gideon.


Barbas changed to Leo. "Because you tried to murder Wyatt."

"Leo, please, you have to understand. I am only doing this for the greater good. I swear."

Leo threw Gideon across the cave.

"How is killing a child ever for the greater good, huh? Who the hell are you to decide that, huh?"

"I'm an Elder! So are you! It's what we do. Leo, listen to me. You know what happens. You know what your son came here to stop.

"My son?"


"Chris isn't my son."

"Yes he is, Piper's going to give birth to him in a few days."

Leo paused, picturing Chris' features. He looked just like Piper. Then he remembered all the things that hadn't made sense in the past. Chris was his son. Then Leo thought of him on the ground in the attic, the huge wound on his chest.

"You murdered my son!" Leo yelled, all his anger building up.

"No, Leo. Let me finish what I started. Let me save the future ... the only way it can be saved."

"You're the reason the future's threatened, Gideon…not Wyatt…"

"No," Gideon cried as Leo threw him against the wall.

Suddenly a stream of white-hot electricity cut through the air, aimed straight at Gideon. He rose in the air from the power and the bolt got stronger and stronger.

The Elder cried out in pain as Leo finished with him.


Tanya sobbed by Chris' side, holding his hand and hugging him. She knew he was fading quickly, but she didn't want to believe that.

She looked up when her name escaped his lips.

He was gazing lovingly at her, and squeezed her hand. "Don't worry about me. Just save Wyatt. You'll be fine, I promise. I love you."

Chris took his last breath and she felt his grip release on her hand. She let out one loud sob and kissed his lips.