This is my first Dragon knight story, as I think I've mentioned, so be kind. I've read almost the whole series. I think recently 18 came out! I feel happy.

Well, enough with the chit-chat, I'm sure you people(if any) want to read?


The nights in Draqeen were always silent and rather boring as well. Unless you were busy eavesdropping in a conversation that has nothing to do with you, well nothing that's your business.

Rath Illuser had insomnia that night and had decided to take a stroll around the large and fancy grounds of the Dragon Lords palace. Every one seemed to be asleep and that's the way Rath liked it. A small gust of wind ruffled Rath's messy black/purple hair as he passed a tree stump that his blond Elvin friend, Rune, usually sat on.

"No I can't."

Rath stopped walking and hid behind a tree that was wrapped in vines and colorful flowers that were stolen of their bright pigment by the dark cloud that was night. There were two figures standing not too far away. One held a lamp that illuminated pale porcelain skin. The other was somewhat hidden by shadows, his greenish hair illuminated slightly by the light the other was holding. Rune and Thatz, another of Raths dragon knight friends, were talking, about what Rath didn't know, but he was willing to find out.

"Why not" Came Thatz's voice.

Rath climber a tree, trying not to make any noise and not the slip at the same time, which was provingly difficult.

"Because-I just can't." Rune said somewhat sheepishly.

Rath hid himself between branches and watched the top of a blond head and a green head. What were his two friends talking about? What was Rune so shy about? Normally his friend was never shy, cautious, but not shy.

"Becasue he'll hate me."

"How do you know"

Rune gave Thatz a glare. "I have better judgment than you."

Thatz glared back and folded his arms across his chest. "How about you do what Ruwalk and Alfeegi did"

Rath tilted his head in confusion. Ruwalk and Alfeegi. What did that have to do with anything?

"Why should I? Ruwalk is just as reckless as Kai-Stern is."

Now they were talking about Kai-stern?

"So? What's your point"

Rune sighed. "My point is how do we know he's even interested."

"I know. Remember Cesia"

Rath shuddered in the tree. How could anyone forget that girl? She was a shounen-ai obsessed freak who love Rath to no end and would go to great lengths to get him to like her. Every single pathetic attempt failed and she ended up being a fortune teller in Chantel. And obviously Rune remembered her too. She used to flirt shamelessly with him all the time, and that mad Rath beyond mad.

"Of course."

"Cesia's enough to turn any straight man queer."

Rath let his jaw drop. So they were discussing Rune's love life? Since when did Rune go to Thatz for advice? But still, the young yokai couldn't help to feel depressed. He had loved Rune ever since he had hit puberty and now Rune liked someone else. It was lucky that Rath couldn't cry.

Creak. Oh shit.

Rath gave a small whimper before the branch completely broke off the tree under Rath's weight. Thatz looked surprised, but Rune looked mortified.

"How long have you been there" He asked.

"Not long." Spat Rath. "So who's your lover"

Rune's blush could be seen even in the pale and dim glow of the lantern.

"Well" Rath demanded.

"It's...no one." Rune muttered.

Thatz slapped his forehead, but then recovered and said"So Rath why were you in the tree"

Rath felt, right now, that honesty was the best policy. "I heard you talking and I didn't want you to see me." He said simply. "But now I'm wishing I hadn't." He shot a glare at Rune and stomped off.

Rune had crystal tears in his eyes that Rath failed to notice in his fury. Thatz, put an arm around Rune, who buried his head in Thatz's chest and cried silently so as Rath wouldn't hear him.

"See" He said as he lifted his head from Thatz's tear-drenched shirt.

Thatz looked down at his friend. "I think that was all a misunderstanding. I'm going to go talk to Rath; you should go back to bed."

Rune nodded. For once the ex-thief had given some useful instructions. On his way back he ran into Kai-Stern who looked from Rune's tear-stained face to the garden.

"I take it this has something to do with Rath." He said wisely looking at Rune suspiciously.

Rune looked at Kai-Stern in amazement.

"How did you know" He asked.

Kai-Stern shrugged. "I've known Rath long enough to know the reaction of people by what he does."

Rune nodded. "I don't know what's up with Rath. He got upset just because I was talking to Rath about..." He paused"some personal stuff." He finished lamely.

Kai-Stern smiled at him. "Don't worry, Rath is smart, I think, but what ever it was you were talking about you know he's going to find out some way or another."

Rune nodded, but the thought really didn't reassure him. "Good night Kai-Stern."

The blond dragon officer nodded.

Rune walked off to his room that was next to Rath's and Thatz. He wondered briefly Thatz had talked to Rath yet. He opened the door to his room. Rune had a thing for being somewhat of a neat freak. His bed had white satin hangings; the bed spread was also pure white cotton. It was still neatly made. There was a mahogany desk in a far corner with some papers stacked neatly in small piles. There was also a mahogany dresser in the left hand corner of the room. There was a candle that was burning dully next to his bed on a bedside table, giving that small part of the room a slight yellow tint. There was nothing on thing on the floor and the window was open, letting in a little breeze, making the white silk curtains sway and the candle flicker. Moon light spilled into the room, what was left of the room that wasn't lit by the low burning candle was now colored different shades of dark blue. The room smelled faintly of vanilla.

Rune let him self fall on the bed. He knew it was late, but he wasn't the least bit sleepy. He thought that the talk with Thatz would have helped him fall asleep, but now he had even more to think about than when he was first tried to sleep. Faint and unintelligible voices were heard. It made him all that more curious. What was Thatz telling Rath? Or was it even Thatz?

Rath threw himself on his messy bed. Rath never had much time for cleaning, nor did he like to clean anyway. A few books on demons were littered around the room. His desk had some paperwork Alfeegi didn't want to keep in his office. His sword was propped up on the wall parallel of his bed, and his dresser was open, reveling his wardrobe, that was on the bottom of the dresser, only a few outfits were still on their hangers. Along with the books on the floor was his dirty cloths. And a mirror stood on the far right hand side of the room, next to the polished wooden desk. The room was bathed in moon light. His sheets were black silk so it didn't affect their lack of color.

Rath willed himself to cry, he needed to.


Rath perked his head up. Kai-Stern was leaning on his door frame. Rath cursed at himself for not closing the door.

"What is it Kai" he asked. He was on good enough terms to call Kai-Stern Kai without his head being bitten off.

Kai-Stern just walked over to Rath and sat on his bed.

"Why are so depressed" He asked.

"Rune." He answered simply.

"What does rune have to do with anything"

"I-I love him."

In the dark you couldn't tell, but Kai-Stern eyes suddenly flashed with rage and jealousy, though he did a good job of keeping it away from his voice.

"Oh." Was all he said.

Rath buried his head into his soft fluffy pillows. "But he obviously doesn't love me. I'm just his annoying demon-hunting-obsessed friend."

Kai-Stern pulled Rath into a warm embraced, savoring the feeling of Rath's barley clothed body in his. Rath was wearing no shirt and black silk boxers, he slept with them every night.

"You'll find someone who returns your feelings someday. I know what you're going through." Said Kai-Stern.

Rath pushed away. "You've never been in love before." He said, trying to snap, but only managing a mutter.

Kai-Stern smiled sadly. "Actually I am. But the person I love, loves someone else."

Rath looked at Kai-Stern with sad ruby eyes. "I'm sorry to hear that. Can I help you in any way"

Kai-Stern faced the ceiling. Yes you can. He thought. By not loving Rune, but me.

But instead he just said. "You don't need anymore trouble."

He gave Rath one last hug and left with a final good night. Rath buried himself beneath his covers and closed his eyes and fell in to an easy, but dreamless sleep.

Rune heard Rath's door close. He was going to have to talk to the black/purple haired demon tomorrow. But not to tell him what he felt, just to get back on Rath's good side. Yet, as his eyes closed and his mind began to drift to sleep, he couldn't help to think of why Rath seemed so upset that Rune loved someone.

Somewhere else


The white haired alchemist lifted his head. In front of his was a small tri-colored haired boy.

"Yes, Garfacky"

"You fell asleep again." They boy said.

Kharl looked around. He was in a stone chamber that was lit by burning torches. In front of him was a crystal ball (AN: I'm making it so that kharl can look into crystal balls, I'm not sure if he can, but I wouldn't put it past him)that was clouded by a purplish swirling mist.

Garfacky looked at Kharl suspiciously. "Who were you spying on"

Kharl sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "It was of no importance." He lied. "Go back to sleep it's late and I need you to run a few errands for me tomorrow, get your rest."

Garfacky shrugged and stalked off.

Kharl sighed. Soon Rath, you're going to be MINE!