A/n: I am so knew at this Wicked Fan fiction but I loved the book and the play inspired me to write a fanfic. Okay, my favorite couple is Elphaba/Fieyro. I do like Nessa and Boq, but unfortunately I can't fit that into this story but I will make another story based off that couple. But, this is my first Wicked Fic so be gentle. Very gentle, some things might not match up but I read the script so I am starting now.

Chapter 1: Undying But True

Elphaba stood in the castle in Kiamo Ko. Fieyro's family owned it and it was quite loving when you got use to it. Elphaba often stayed in the house for fear of rain. She missed OZ. She missed the way the flowers grew. She missed Shiz. Fieyro still in the scarecrow form, stood next to her staring at the tall mountains against the glistling lake. He had been with Elphaba because he loved her. He loved her no matter what she looked like and Elphaba loved Fieyro no matter what he looked like.

"I wish I could just tell Glinda how much I miss her?" Elphaba said breaking the silence. Fieyro looked at her and wrapped his arms around her.

"I know you do. I wish I could tell her also." Fieyro implied looking at his straw hands.

"Fieyro, I am sorry." Elphaba said looking into his eyes.

"For what?"

"Look at you. I know you didn't want to be a scarecrow. I wanted to save you, so bad. I screamed your name a thousand times. I chanted and just chanted and look." Elphaba cried.

"Don't worry about it. You saved me, which is all that matters. I don't care that I am in the straw form." Fieyro said. Elphaba looked into his eyes and kissed him. The evening casted and Fieyro and Elphaba eat dinner in the dining room. Once dinner was finished, they often read a book together trying to find something to pass the time of this bored life in the castle. Fieyro implied they head to bed while the ran poured. It would kept Elphaba mind off of what would happen if she stepped outside. Lying in bed, Fieyro wrapped Elphaba up in his arms tightly falling asleep hoping for a better day.

Elphaba walked down the yellow brick road looking around her seeing the muchkins looking at her. They were chanting a medley in the far distance. Elphaba started to recited the chants that she had heard.

"Ta…hea…la dom…fae…lom dim…jae…" Repeating that chant over and over again, she was scared of her surroundings. Would they hurt her? Pour water on her to melt? They weren't threating her, not doing anything but chanting from the trees and the flowers. Seeing a bubble arriving from the distance, Elphaba smiled knowing exactly who it was.

"Elphaba?" Glinda said stepping to her.

"Glinda, where is Fieyro?" Elphaba asked her.

"You must save him, then save us! OZ is in need of you. Elphaba wake up, say the chant to him. Change him, then flee here, and change us." Glinda said to her.

"Ta…hea…la dom…fae…lom dim…jae…" She said again waking from her dream. It was vivid in what she had to do.

"Elphaba, what's wrong?" Fieyro said sitting up next to her.

"Ta…hea…la dom…fae…lom dim…jae…" She said in a trance. Fieyro felt a funny feeling in his stomach. Something was happening, he looked at his hands They turned from straw to skin, regular skin of a human. He felt his face, no grainy texture.

"I'm…I'm human again." He said with a tear in his eyes. "Elphaba, what did you do dear?"

"Fieyro? Your…your skin, your face, it's you again." Elphaba said hugging him. He hugged her back. "Fieyro, I said a chant, in my dream. Glinda said, help him then help us in OZ."

"Honey, did you hear this chant in the dream?" Fieyro asked.

"I just said I did." Elphaba said. "Maybe it was a sign."

"You said a chant. You looked like you were in a trance and then I looked at myself and saw a scarecrow no more." Fieyro said.

"Glinda is sending me a sign." Elphaba replied looking at Fieyro with her blue eyes.

"Glinda, dear, how can she send you a sign? She thinks your dead." Fieyro implied.

"Listen, maybe she doesn't know she is sending me a sign. Maybe she is praying. Maybe OZ is in trouble and she is wishing I was there to help her." Elphaba told herself.

"But, why would she say 'help him'? She doesn't even know I am alive, let alone was a scarecrow." Fieyro said grabbing Elphaba's green hand.

"I don't know but I think OZ is in trouble and she needs my help." Elphaba responded.

"Elphaba, we can't leave. You know that." Fieyro said.

"I can't just no. I had this feeling when I knew Nessa was in trouble and looked what happened to her." Elphaba said.

"I know. You were right, but what happens when you and I arrive there together? They are going to melt you and Glinda is going to fall for me again and I am not going to deal with that." Fieyro said crossing his arms.

"I can't just forget about it. I mean I changed you back, that has to be a sign." Elphaba said standing up. She saw her broom leaning against the wall and her pointed hat hanging on the coat rack.

"Your right, we can't forget it. But do you want to ruin the lifetime we have together. If we go back its over. Gone!" Fieyro said standing up. He had so much heat and passion in his eyes.

"Fieyro, I understand, but this may be time to set it straight. Glinda and I were friends when we did depart. She took the Grimmie. Boq was a tinman. You were a…scarecrow." She said reminding herself of the past. Fieyro looked at her and stood up. He hugged her tightly not letting go. "The spell, the one I put on you. I screamed your name over and over again. I couldn't lose you. I thought I lost you. I said 'don't let his bones break'. I cried, thinking I lost you. I lost Nessa. Doctor Dillamond was not here anymore. You were sentenced to death." She cried in his chest.

"It's okay, I am here. You saved me, you saved me and I am so glad you did. Thank you, I love you for it." Fieyro cried to her. Elphaba smiled as she looked up to Fieyro's face.

"I love you. Nothing will ever change that!" Elphaba hugged him harder.

"Now, do you still want to go to OZ?" Fieyro smiled at her.

"Not without another sign. How do I know this is a true sign? I don't know." Elphaba said sitting on the bed.

"I have no reason to believe that this is a sign. Yes, my true form is back, but the chant from your dream could have just come to you like a ray of sun shining from the sky. That's the way you came to me." Fieyro smiled to her.

"Sleeping isn't possible now that I am thinking about this. Plus, you just told me you loved me. I couldn't sleep anyways." Elphaba laughed.

"Well, how about we go downstairs and sit by the warm fire, and read a book?" Fieyro implied. Elphaba smiled.

"You know my weakness." Elphaba laughed standing. "And you should know, I couldn't turn down such a offer."

"Lets go then." Fieyro said looking at her.

Glinda stood in her room looking into her mirror at her reflection. She had bags under her eyes and her blonde hair was ragged and in a simple ponytail. She touched the mirror with her pale hand. She didn't want to live anymore. They were taking over OZ. And for all she knew, it wasn't over.

A/n: I didn't like Fieyro as a scarecrow. Next chapter will be up soon.