A/n: All right, chapter 3 was so boring so I am making it up to you and causing some interesting events to happen.

Chapter 4: Raining on Sunday

"Will it ever stop raining?" Glinda said sitting by the window seal watching the rain.

"The rain will stop in time Glinda." Fiyero said reading a book called '101 Ways to Love Yourself By: Fiyero Tiggular'. Elphaba looked at Fiyero and smiled.

"The rain is boring. Do have anything interesting around here?" Glinda asked.

"Glinda, no there isn't anything to do but sit around, think, and read. We have tons of books." Elphaba said looking at a book that said 'Blonde's in their natural habitat.'

"Books? Books…" She laughed. "Since when were you smart Fiyero? You hated reading books remember?"

"Well, that was before Elphaba opened my eyes and I saw what I was missing." Fiyero said.

"Yeah, nothing." Glinda said. "Do you have any of the Ozmapoiltion magazine's around here?"

"Nope, sorry. We don't read that garbage." Fiyero said still reading the book.

"Garbage! Learning about interesting people in the entertainment isn't garbage." Glinda stood up and paced.

"Glinda, we need to remain calm. The rain will stop. If you want, you can give me one of your weird makeovers. It will at least shut you up." Elphaba said.

"Makeover! Did I hear makeover? I didn't bring my makeup kit. Fiyero, your mother lived here didn't she have a makeup kit?" Glinda asked.

"Why the hell do I know? Are you implying something?" Fiyero said sitting up straight.

"No, why would you say that?" Glinda asked looking at him.

"Well, you asked me where it was and I thought you were implying that I used her makeup or something. Not that I would or not. Does facial cream count as makeup?" Fiyero asked looking at Elphaba. Glinda and Elphaba ignored him. He shook his head and said, "It's in the lower bathroom." Fiyero went back to the book.

"Okay, come on Elphie." Glinda said grabbing her hand and heading to the lower bathroom. Elphie followed her and they ended up doing her makeup.

"Glinda, are you almost done?" Elphaba asked.

"Elphie, you can't rush beauty, but in your case, you're done." Glinda said helping her stand up to look in the mirror. "Fiyero is going to love you."

"Correction, Fiyero likes me no matter what I look like and this makeup isn't going to change anything." Elphaba said looking at Glinda.

"Well, I still think you look beautiful and no matter what you look like, you will always be my friend." Glinda hugged Elphaba. "Oh Elphie! I have an idea! I want to make you and Fiyero a romantic dinner. It seems like it's going to rain all day, and I need to do something. I am bored out of my mind."

"Oh Glinda, I don't know. I don't think that you giving Fiyero and I a romantic dinner is such a good idea. Remember, you and Fiyero were once engaged." Elphaba said.

"Oh please! You know I am over him." Glinda said.

"Alright, alright. Lets go see what Fiyero is doing." Elphaba said walking out of the room towards the library. When they walked in, Fiyero looked up at her and smiled.

"Hello dear, Glinda, you changed her. I love her without make up." He said standing up and walking over to Elphaba and kissing her. She said and pulled away. Grabbing a tissue from the box on the table, she wiped off the lipstick and the eye shadow and anything that didn't make her look real. Glinda shook her head and stood there.

"I am throwing you two a romantic dinner." She said smiled. Fiyero still looked at Elphaba nodded and grabbed Elphie's hand. They walked up the stairs.

"Glinda, call us when dinner is ready." Elphaba said not even looking at her. They entered the bedroom leaving all their worries behind. Four hours later, Glinda went prancing up the stairs of the castle.

"La…la...la, la. You'll be popular. Just not quite as popular as me!" She sang finally reaching the top of the steps. As she got to Fiyero and Elphaba's door, she knocked lightly hearing faint sounds in the distance. "You guys. Dinner will me ready in like 15 minutes." Glinda said.

"We…will…be…out…in…a…few…minutes…" Elphaba said through moaning breaths. Glinda shook her head and went downstairs to the dining room. As she entered, she lit two candles that were in the middle of the room. She also had a boom box on the tray that was carrying the covered food. Elphaba and Fiyero stumbled down the stairs in wrinkled clothes and messed up hair. Fiyero walked over to the mirror and looked in it.

"Fiyero! You're such a sexy beast. Never change!" Fiyero said pointing in the mirror smiling. Glinda laughed at him and gestured for Fiyero and Elphaba to sit down. They both did and Glinda stared to pour the wine while the music played. "Go, and hunt her, and find her, and kill her! Good fortune witch hunters!" Fiyero sang to the music. Elphaba looked at Fiyero with a shocked look on her face. "What! It's a catchy tune." Fiyero said.

"Oh! Oops! That is the wrong CD." Glinda said holding up a CD case which said 'Glinda's Hate Elphaba Mix' "That was when I was going through my terrible phase."

"Obviously." Elphaba said.

"Lets see, here we have gourmet Chicken that was made with smiles and rainbows with love from me." Glinda said.

"Please Glinda, your being way to perky." Elphaba said rubbing her head of the headache she had.

"Perky, I haven't even had my daily dose of coffee." Glinda said referring to the happy pills she takes.

"Isn't the point of having a romantic dinner for Fiyero and I for us to be alone?" Elphaba asked trying to push her out.

"Well, yes that's true." Glinda said hanging her head low. "I can come with you if you want."

"Glinda, come on. Don't do this. You can join us for dessert okay?" Fiyero said.

"Fine, I will just go sit by the fire and watch the rain." Glinda said walking to the living room. She sat in front of the fire and forget about anything that was troubling her.

"Fiyero, we have to do something. She is so lonely. I mean…" Elphaba faded off.

"I understand. I broke her heart." Fiyero said looking down.

"So, are you having second thoughts? You still love Glinda don't you? I knew it was way to good to be true…" Elphaba said wiping the small tears that were escaping her eyes.

"Elphaba! Elphaba…no sweetie, I am not having second thoughts. I am just thinking about how, how I broke her heart by not telling her I loved you sooner. I loved you when…when we took that lion cub to the forest. You looked at me, I looked at you. Then you went to the Emerald city. Things turned out bad and the next time you saw me I was engaged with Glinda. See that is why I wanted to end things sooner. Cause if I did find you, which I did, I was going to profess my undying love to you. My undying devotion and joy for you. And no matter how much I think about it, I realize that I did break her heart. But one thing I will never regret, is falling madly and deeply in love with you." Fiyero said holding Elphaba in his arms. Fiyero looked at her and kissed her. She smiled and they started to eat.

"Glinda?" Elphaba called from the dining room. Glinda entered and smiled trying to wipe the lonely look of her face.

"Yes, do you need something?" Glinda asked.

"Join us for dinner." Elphaba said. Fiyero smiled at her.

"Really?" Glinda asked.

"Yeah." They sat down and ate dinner and then entered the living room to the warm fire. Glinda sat on the couch and smiled. Elphaba lay in the arms of Fiyero. Elphaba looked at the table that was in the far corner of the room and saw a black tape. Glinda wasn't paying any attention to anything as her bubbly, blonde hair was fluttering in the firelight.

"Glinda? What's that?" Elphaba said sitting up.

"What's what? Glinda said looking up.

"That tape." Elphaba said. Glinda stood up like she was rushing.

"Uh…nothing." Glinda said trying to slink away to it.

"Nothing huh?" Elphaba said getting to it before Glinda waving the tape in her face.

"Please can I have it?" Glinda asked nicely not like she was joking.

"What is it?" Fiyero asked standing up.

"Nothing…if I tell you, will…will you promise not to laugh?" Glinda said worried.

"Of course." Elphaba and Fiyero said at the same time. She grabbed the tape and placed it in the VCR on the counsel. She pressed the play button and they all sat down on the couch.

"La…la…la. You'll be popular…" You see Glinda looking into a small mirror on the tape. "Oh Glinda, you look beautiful. Stay that way cutie Piute." Glinda said to herself. It must have been the night she was at the Ozdust. "Oh gosh, Fiyero! Oh Fiyero! I love you so much." This made Glinda blush again to the site of saying she loved Fiyero again. "I am waiting." She said laying on the bed laughing. Of course she was talking to herself on the video but it didn't matter. Glinda had posters on her wall of…Fiyero.

"Glinda, why are there pictures of me?" Fiyero asked.

"Sorry, I was obsessed." Glinda said. It was official. Glinda Uplands of the Upper Uplands was in love with herself.

"Glinda, why did you make a tape of yourself…talking to yourself?" Elphaba asked.

"I was going threw my bubbly stage. Plus, Fiyero puts that effect on you. And also, I thought it would be fun to tape my life." Glinda laughed smiling at him.

"Man, I am good!" Fiyero said flipping his hair. Well at least trying. "Remember that?'

"Oh gosh! I was taught that the night Glinda was obsessed with saying it was tomorrow." Elphaba said.

"Hey, it still catches the guys." Glinda laughed.

"Elphaba didn't catch me with hair flipping." Fiyero smiled.

"You guys, this is so much fun. Being together as friends again. Well, before everything happened." Elphaba smiled.

"Yeah, I know. Oh goodness, what am I going to tell Oz?" Glinda asked.

"Well, we will figure that out when the time comes. I hope the wizard doesn't try anything." Elphaba said.

"Oh, he won't." Glinda said fixing her nails.

"Why do you say that?' Fiyero asked.

"Because, I sent him away." Glinda said.

"Well, hopefully tomorrow it will stop raining and we can leave." Elphaba said.


"Oh Elphie, Dr. Dillamond is back." Glinda said surprising both Fiyero and Elphaba.