Something Repetetive Comes this Way

Summary: It's two years after the events of 'This Changes Everything.' Chris lives with Paige in their loft and is extremely happy. He's on better terms with his other family members, and is repairing their relationship. After supressing his powers for so long, Chris can finally use them in the presence of his family. He has more friends, a better social life, and doesn't have to vanquish demons all the time. Things are great. But then, an old threat returns with evil intentions for Chris. Things just got harder for Chris. And then someone from Paige's life returns. Once again, it seems, that Chris is in for a bumpy ride.

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The streets of San Francisco were dark as it was night. There was no sound. No movement at all. It was like everything was frozen in time. Even the moon wasn't shining. It was so unlike nighttime in San Francisco.

And suddenly, two figures appeared out of nowhere in the alleyway. They were both dressed in complete black and were talking among themselves.

"Are you sure?"one of the two, a woman, asked. "Are you sure that he's ready?"

The other person, a man, nodded. "He is. He has to be. Our plans were almost carried out but stopped fourteen years ago by those witches, but with him on our side, our plan will succeed."

"But is he worthy for us?" There was a lot of doubt in the woman's voice.

The man nodded. "Why do you question my decisions?"he asked quietly. "He has powers beyond that of good and evil. And his powers are only growing. He is strong, very strong. Perhaps he will become stronger than us one day. Don't you see? We need that power. With the boy's power, we could finally achieve what we want: to rule the world. With that boy's power, he could kill one of us and then the rest and stop our plans."

"But what if he refuses? You know what he has gone through. His family will have told him about us."

The man smiled grimly. "He won't refuse. He will join us. He'll have to. Because if he doesn't, he could lose his family forever. He will need our help to get them back."

"I hope that you know what you are doing,"the woman muttered worriedly.

The man nodded in response. "I do know. Do not worry. The boy will join us, I'll make sure of it." He looked around. "Let us return to the others."

When the two beings magically disappeared, life returned to normal. An occassional person walked down the streets of San Francisco. Cars raced by to go to their houses. And a very light breeze swooped over the city.

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