Something Repetetive Comes this Way

Summary: It's two years after the events of 'This Changes Everything.' Chris lives with Paige in their loft and is extremely happy. He's on better terms with his other family members, and is repairing their relationship. After supressing his powers for so long, Chris can finally use them in the presence of his family. He has more friends, a better social life, and doesn't have to vanquish demons all the time. Things are great. But then, an old threat returns with evil intentions for Chris. Things just got harder for Chris. And then someone from Paige's life returns. Once again, it seems, that Chris is in for a bumpy ride.

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A/N: This is part two of two Paige chapters and here is the first part where the plot really comes into play.

Chapter 3

Second Meetings 2

The figure standing in the doorway, which Paige now saw as Kyle, nodded. "Yep me." He gave a grim smile.

Paige stared at him in disbelief before saying in her normal voice,"Is it really you?"

Kyle nodded again. "It is."

There were tears in Paige's eyes. How could he do this to her? She had barely gotten over him and then he had to come back into her life. Paige knew that he'd leave soon. She didn't want to see him.

"It can't be you,"she whispered before orbing away.

Paige appeared in her office of Magic School. She closed the door, locked it, and quickly muttered a spell so she was untraceable. She didn't want to be disturbed. And she especially didn't want Kyle to find her.

"Why did he have to come back?"she whispered as she sat on a chair, head in her hands. "He's just going to leave like last time."

Paige sighed as silent tears streamed down her face. She didn't want to see him. She couldn't see him. She didn't want to love him again...

Paige sat in the silence of her office for a little over an hour before deciding to orb home. Kyle probably left the loft for some other place in the world. That was just fine with her.

As Paige landed on her bed, she looked around. No Kyle. Paige sighed in relief as she fell back on her bed, closing her eyes. Maybe this is all just a dream, she thought sleepily.

"I knew you'd come back."

Paige sat up quickly and opened her eyes. "Leave me alone!"she exclaimed to Kyle, preparing to orb out again.

But nothing happened.

Kyle smiled grimly. "I put a spell on your apartment. You can't orb away." He took a few steps closer to Paige.

As Paige saw her former boyfriend come closer, she quickly muttered,"Get me out of here, power that I hold. Send me someplace dear, where it is in my heart's hold!" Paige felt herself leave in a swirl of white lights.

Paige sighed in relief as she reappeared in her office at Magic School. She was safe from him. From the person who she wanted to be with, but couldn't bring herself to.

Paige shook slightly. She didn't like how Kyle reduced her to this. She was running away where she would've usually faced him head on. Instead of wanting him to leave, she would've welcomed him. So why was she acting like this?

Simple, Paige thought bitterly. I don't want to be left alone again.

"You can't keep running Paige,"said a familiar voice.

Paige opened her eyes to see Kyle. "Damn you,"she whispered. "How did you find me?"

"You always liked this place. Why do you keep running away from me?"

"Because I don't want to see you!"Paige cried, closing her eyes so tears wouldn't come out. She didn't want him here. Even as the footsteps came closer to where she was standing, Paige didn't move. But when a pair of arms wrapped around her, Paige began to struggle.

"Just relax Paige!"came Kyle's agitated voice.

"You left me!"Paige said, trying to break free from his grip. "And you never came back! And now you're here again! I loved you,"she whimpered before whispering,"and you never came back." Having no more real energy, Paige started to cry.

Kyle stroked Paige's hair. "Shhh,"he whispered gently,"it's alright."

After a while, Paige stopped crying. "So why are you here?"she asked quietly.

Kyle looked at her and smiled slightly. "The Elders wanted me to come back here."

Paige frowned at him as she wiped some tears from her eyes. She knew that her mascara was probably running, but she didn't care. "But why?"

Kyle's smile was replaced with a grim look. "Because,"he responded,"the Avatars are back."

"Piper! Leo!"Paige shouted loudly, orbing into the Manor with Phoebe in tow. After Kyle had said those five words, she had orbed from Magic School after telling Kyle what she was going to do.

Paige immediately orbed to Phoebe's house where she was with Melinda and her husband, grabbed Phoebe without an explanation, and orbed once more. Now she was in the Manor, shouting out Piper and Leo's names.

"What is going on Paige?"Phoebe demanded.

"I'll explain in a moment,"Paige replied. "Piper! Leo!"

Piper and Leo emerged from upstairs, looking very disgruntled. They looked like they were having some alone time, but Paige didn't care.

"What do you want?"Piper snapped.

"Something urgent,"Paige answered. "Kyle!"

As a set of orbs appeared, Piper, Phoebe, and Leo were confused. After all, Kyle had been gone for a very long time. But as the orbs disappeared, the three saw that it was him.

"What are you doing here?"Phoebe asked, frowning and crossing her arms. She disliked Kyle. He did leave her sister after all.

Kyle looked at everyone sheepishly. He rubbed his two hands together. "Umm the Elders sent me back here,"he responded shortly.

"Why?"Piper demanded angrily. She too held resentment towards Kyle.

Kyle didn't respond. Paige looked at him, knowing that he was trying to find the right words. "Because the Avatars are back,"she blurted out.

"What?"came three cries.

"Why?"Leo asked, pain etched across his face. The memory of his Avatar days came rushing back to him.

"You can explain the story Kyle,"Paige said forcefully,"because we'd all like to hear it."

"I'll get us all some drinks,"Piper declared. As she walked towards the kitchen, she muttered,"Because we'll need it."

When Piper had come back with some beers for everyone, Kyle started to tell his story, with Paige sitting right next to him. Despite her earlier reaction to him, she seemed quite happy that he was back.

"After I was killed by the Avatars and the world was placed right once more, I became a Whitelighter because of the deeds I did. Anyways, because of who I fought against, the Elders decided to make me a very special Whitelighter. I would have no charges. My task was to try and find the Avatars where I could and find out their plans. I was told not to stop them, but get all the information about them that I could."

"Keep going,"Phoebe prodded after Kyle paused.

"It was hard to track them down,"Kyle continued after taking a drink of his beer. "And for two years, I didn't find them. It wasn't until I overheard some demons talking about a very powerful force being stationed into a remote corner of the Underworld. I went to check it out and there were the Avatars!"

"What are they planning?"Leo asked quietly.

"At that time,"Kyle responded,"all they wanted to do was regroup and wait for the right time to make Utopia. After a while, they figured out that somebody was spying on them, so they left. I had to search for them again. Whenever I found out their location, they always moved. That's how I spent all this time, playing cat and mouse with the Avatars. Of course, whenever I saw somebody in trouble, I helped them."

"So why did you come here?"Paige asked quietly.

"After fifteen years,"Kyle continued,"the Avatars decided to return to San Francisco. It was only known because the Elders sensed a powerful surge of energy enter the city a few weeks ago. They contacted me, told me of what was happening, and sent me straight here."

"So why do you want us?"Piper asked, frowning.

Kyle shrugged. "Because last time the Avatars came here after the Charmed Ones,"he replied. "The Elders believe that they will come after you or your children. It's my job to stop it."

"Then we'll have to keep an eye on everyone,"Piper said. "Wyatt can handle himself."

"Melinda can handle herself,"Phoebe added,"and I'll protect her if need be."

"Chris can protect himself,"Paige declared. "And those Avatars will regret coming near me."

Piper stood up. "Well, we can't do anything at the moment. Everyone keep on alert." Grabbing Leo's hand, she walked up the stairs.

"Hey Paige,"Phoebe said,"can you orb me back home? I'm sure everyone's worried about me."

"Sure,"Paige responded. She waved her hand casually and Phoebe disappeared in a cloud of orbs.

"So things really have changed since I was gone, huh?"Kyle remarked to Paige, who got up from her seat.

She crossed her arms. "It has,"she agreed,"but you wouldn't know now, would you?"

"I guess,"Kyle said, laughing nervously, still feeling a little guilty that he had been gone for so long. "So why don't you live in the Manor anymore?"

"Because I moved out so I could live with Chris."

"Ummmmmmm okay." Kyle frowned, clearly confused.

Paige sighed and uncrossed her arms. "Look,"she said slowly,"it's a long story."

"So how bout we go get some dinner to catch up?"Kyle suggested.

Paige raised an eyebrow. What was he planning? "Fine,"she agreed begrudingly. Who knows? she asked herself. Maybe I'll have fun tonight. It's not like this is the first time I actually went out with a guy. Oh wait, it is...

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