Harry Potter and the Godfather Crisis

Summary: To Sirius, Remus is the love of his life, an obsession, and an unreachable goal. When Light denied him the one thing he really wanted in life, Sirius turned to Voldemort. Now, with the Dark Lord's new demand, Black may finally get what he wanted.

Chapter rating: PG-13

Pairing: SBxRL, with minor DMxHP and JPxLE

Warning: yaoi, implied non-con, lime (this story will contain gay relationships, so if you don't understand the implications, please refrain from reading)

Type: AU, romance, drama

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is property of J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, Raincoast Books and others. But when I take over the world... muahahahaha.

Chapter 1: The Golden-tongued Moonchild

Whimpering, three black robed men stumbled out of the Dark Lord's study. One was blubbering, spewing incoherent words at the floor as he nearly rammed into Sirius Black. If he concentrated, Sirius could see a dim crimson residue of Crucio on the man's fingers. Voldemort was not in a good mood.

He exchanged a glance with Lucius Malfoy. The dim hallway around them seem to grow darker as the three tortured Death Eaters pushed past the door at the far end of the hall.

"Shall we come back later, Malfoy?" Sirius suggested. The blond man snorted.

"He may be angry at your sluggishness, Black, in which case he'll have your dog hide replace his rug if we arrive even later."

There was no bite behind the retort, and Sirius knew that Malfoy was just as scared as he was. Still, he had to sink his teeth into his tongue to keep his words civil. "Can't be, one of those three was Avery. I heard that the raid went badly last night."

Fate had, in a stroke of mischievous genius that would've made a marauder proud, paired Sirius Black with his second most hated enemy from school under Voldemort's rule. Neither had allowed their mutual hatred to dwindle, but for working purposes, it was better to keep a cool mask in place.

Malfoy snorted. "Our lord doesn't need an excuse to torture people, it is almost becoming an addiction."

"Like yours with the mirror, I see," Sirius couldn't resist. "I never see you without one."

"Better than your addiction, Black," Malfoy said coldly. "At least mine is obtainable." The edge of Sirius' lips tightened at that. The git had no bloody right to-

"Gentlemen, kindly remove yourself from the hallway," the Dark Lord's deceptively silky voice interrupted him. "And Lucius, watch your tongue before my so-called addiction acts up."

They both swallowed. Sirius had to give Malfoy some credit. The blond wizard opened Voldemort's door without hesitation and bowed in silence. Taking a deep breath, Sirius followed suit.

One would expect Voldemort's personal study to be a dank and dreary place, with iron maidens and diagrams of Chinese water torture hanging on the walls, but even the Dark Lord can surprise you. He kept a cheery fire on the hearth, and blue velvet armchairs with ebony armrests littered the room. A dark blue carpet sprinkled with stars sat beneath their feet, and the walls and ceiling were charmed to resemble the night sky, no doubt a fondness on Voldemort's part of the old ceiling at Hogwarts.

The Dark Lord himself was still a handsome man despite his age, with long hair reaching his shoulders, almost as long and dark as Sirius' was. At Voldemort's gesture, both Death Eaters seated themselves.

"Now, do you know why I summoned the two of you?" The Dark Lord said easily. He tucked a few strands of loose hair behind an ear and leaned back in his chair. Lately, Voldemort had became crueler and darker, almost as if each Daily Prophet headline calling him evil made him more so. Outwardly, however, he was still as pleasant as ever. Polite, gentlemanly, and as welcomed amongst ladies as fifteen years ago.

"Well," Sirius replied cheerfully. "That may have something to do with the fact that we're your top two followers." Indeed, it had been seven long years since he graduated from Hogwarts with top grades, and he had only risen in the Dark Lord's rank. He was an unbeatable dueler, and had never failed his lord in a single mission.

Malfoy rolled his eyes. "Could it be the pyre builders allying themselves to Dumbledore, my Lord?"

Ah, of course, the pyrelings in east Africa were a group of native wizards and witches that had taken to breeding phoenixes. Through countless centuries of ancient tradition, their powers were uniquely tied to the life cycle of the those flame-like birds. They are natural healers, and specialize in spells of fire and conjuration. To be sure, they are a lethal foe.

"My lord, we are never going to break this stalemate by making more alliances," Sirius drawled. "When we recruited the dementors, the Order went for the giants. We have an army of violent dark creatures, they got themselves help from the veelas and elves. Now that we've got the draconians, they reach down to east Africa for the pyrelings."

"Precisely," Voldemort clapped once and leaned forward. "We are even equal in raw strength. Where I have the two of you, that old fool has the Potter boy and the werewolf. I need the two of you to break this stalemate. Lucius, you will prepare to leave tomorrow for China. I do not want you to return without the complete support of the Chiyen. You may take a group of wizards with you."

Sirius frowned. The magic users of Asia had a reputation of slow decisions and vague policies. To request complete support was possible, but could take years.

"But my wife and son…" Malfoy objected, obviously coming to the same conclusion.

"I'll arrange for Narcissa to move to a house closer to Sirius, and he will look after your family while you are gone." The Dark Lord's voice held no room for argument. "They are cousins, after all."

Sirius cursed his blood.

"That's what I am afraid of, my lord, Black can barely keep himself alive, let alone look after the safety of others,"

"My lord, you know that I may end up killing his son out of annoyance," Sirius raked back black hair, and promptly propped his leg on Voldemort's table. He had only seen Lucius Malfoy's son once before, and had not been left with a good impression. The Dark Lord's eyebrow twitched in amusement.

"Then you should see to it that the agreements are reached quickly, Lucius."

Knowing better than to argue, Malfoy merely bowed with a muttered "Yes my lord," and left the room angrily. As the door clicked shut, Voldemort turned to his third in command.

"Your task, Sirius, is to eliminate one of our oppositions."

"Opposition?" Sirius echoed, feeling a heavy weight settle over his heart. There was something in the dark wizard's voice that he did not like. He straightened himself. "Who is it, my lord?"

Instead of answering, Voldemort swerved in his chair to stare out at the night sky. Sirius felt a chill as he saw that the moon was framed perfectly in the window. As usual, his eyes started to sting, and his breath hitched.

"It has come to my attention that we will be presented an opportunity that we cannot avoid, in two week's time."

But… full moon is in two weeks.

Silence. Sirius closed his eyes briefly as a massive wave of memories enveloped him. Sad, haunted hazel eyes that turned golden with the waxing of the moon. A warm, vulnerable body against his. The sound of shy laughter beside his ears. Sirius' fingers tightened around the wooden handle of the chair.

"Our target is Dumbledore's pet werewolf and ambassador. The key at the heart of many of his greatest alliances. Remus Jeremy Lupin."

Sirius' feet clattered off the table and he was standing in a moment. His blue eyes almost glowed in the warm light of the fire. How dare he!

"Do you know what they are calling him?" Voldemort continued idly, seemingly oblivious of his follower's rage. "The golden-tongued moonchild. It is truly amazing what a pretty face can do for you in this age. The pyrelings absolutely adore him and the giants think he is some sort of divine being."

"My Lord!" Sirius gritted his teeth. "I must protest. Do you not remember what I was promised when I swore my loyalty to you?"

Voldemort scratched his chin. "Remind me, Sirius. Indeed I had forgotten."

"When the war is finished and the Light crushed," Sirius snarled. "I would be allowed to take the werewolf for myself, no matter the circumstance. My lord, I am not fighting a war that could destroy the only thing I'm fighting for."

The Dark Lord suddenly turned to stare at the younger wizard, eyes dark. "Maybe I do not need the services of one that withholds information from me. Should I trust you, Sirius Black?"

Sirius swallowed his anger with difficulty. "I have served you faithfully and without question, my lord."

"You have never told me that on the night of full moon, the werewolf is left without guards. Do you deny that you knew of this before?"

"No, I don't deny it, my lord, but you have no use for that information. You swore you will not touch the werewolf." Sirius glared back at the dark wizard. He was afraid… oh yes he was frightened by the older wizard with powers he could not begin to understand, but if Voldemort wanted to hurt Remus…

"If we knew this, we could have gotten rid of him years ago." Voldemort's voice was low and dangerous. "I am giving you an ultimatum, Sirius Black. Come up with a plan to eliminate the werewolf on your own terms, or I will. I have heard that Dumbledore plans to draw forces in the ice people from the north by sending Lupin. If that happens, I'll use you to appease the dementors next."

Damned… Malfoy was the plotter… Sirius had no patience for such tedious intricacies. He took a deep breath. "How much time do I have to come up with this… plan?"

"Two weeks, Black," Voldemort leaned back lazily. All traces of danger was gone from his face. "Before the next full moon."

Without bowing, Sirius turned and stormed from the room. At the door, Voldemort's voice stopped him.

"And when we do catch the werewolf, I'll make sure to cast Crucio on him until he is driven mad like the Longbottoms."

Sirius slammed the door behind him. For a moment, he leaned back, trying to shake loose the images that Voldemort's words had conjured. He felt cold.

Remus would remain defiant through the first hour. Longer after any normal man would've started blubbering, Remus would still have glared up at Voldemort through those beautiful, haunted eyes.

But then, Remus might cry… might scream… he would be hurt…

Pain shot through his heart. He had seen the golden haired boy cry too many times. Sirius pressed a hand to his chest. No, there is no way he could ever let Voldemort hurt Remus. He would die before that happened. Even back at Hogswarts, before he had fallen in love, he had promised himself he would always protect the younger boy.

And Sirius Black never broke his promises.

One Week Later

"Please, Moony? Just this once?"

"Prongs, no. Harry is a good kid, but whenever he's here, the Weasleys insist on having their kids here as well. I swear, the twins are worse than you and Padfoot were in school."

"Then just don't tell them! They don't have to know that Harry's here."

"If your wife could resist torturing me, the secret may be kept, but she can't. You have to find another baby-sitter, Prongs. I still need to fix that hole in my living room."

"It's your fault to begin with, I mean, why did you leave your wand on the table?"

"I left my wand on my bedroom table, with the door and window locked. Lily somehow decided it would be funny to connect my fireplace with the floo network, and then gave the twins the password to access my living room fireplace." Remus glared at his friend. "And the twins couldn't resist using my wand when they are still flooing and blew up my fireplace."

"But- but Remus! Can't you let Harry stay with you, and refuse Molly?" James spread his arm, looking every bit the desperate father he was, with glasses pressed against his face and messy black hair sticking in all directions.

Remus shrugged. "Molly I can refuse, but Harry wants them here too, and I can't refuse Harry anything."

To Remus' surprise, James leaped up, raced to the tall mirror near the shoe cabinet, and stared critically at his face.

The werewolf blinked, scratching his head as James inspected every inch of his face. Finally, he asked tearfully. "Moony, Harry and I have the same face… How could you be so mean to me."

With a laugh, Remus pretended to think. "I'm a sucker for green eyes, I can't refuse your wife anything either."

"Really?" James brightened. "I'll go get Lily!"

The werewolf sighed. How could James have forgotten? "No Prongs, don't you remember? Full moon's in a week. I'll be too tired to watch over Harry. I'm sorry, but I can't."

"Oh." For a moment, James was taken aback. He swallowed. "I'm sorry. I should've remembered, but I was just so busy lately and-"

"It's fine. You know? Sometimes even I forget about it. Minerva always has to call me about it." That was a lie, but James looked significantly relieved. He came back and sank into the huge armchair near the demolished fireplace.

There was an awkward silence in the air as Remus sipped at his morning cup of chocolate.

Finally, James spoke up. "Sometimes, I miss Padfoot."

Remus nearly dropped the cup. Nervously, he set his drink down and looked to his friend. "Padfoot is a traitor. He killed millions of innocent muggles. He's a dog of the Dark Lord."

"Yes, keep telling yourself that," James said tiredly. "But really Moony… I never expected Padfoot to turn…"

"We never expected a lot of things from Padfoot," Remus said stiffly. "Never expected him to violently take from another what is not given. Never expected him to hurt Lily and nearly kill Harry. Never expected him to kill Wormtail."

"Moony-" James interrupted. His normally laughing brown eyes were serious. "I know. Don't you think I know? I nearly lost the two most important people to me that day. And I was scared. If I lost Lily and Harry, I don't know what I'd do."

Remus said nothing. James sat down beside him on the couch and closed his eyes. "And I can't imagine what I would do if I was denied the one person I love most in the world, either. If I see Lily before me everyday, but wasn't allowed to be with her, to protect her. I think I would die."

"Would you have joined Voldemort?" Remus asked softly. His eyes had lost its naïve gleam, but not the depth that Sirius once wanted to drown in.

"No, but I am not Padfoot," James said shortly. "He loves you in ways I will never be able to understand."

"Prongs, let's change the subject."

"No, Moony, you need to think about Albus' suggestion. I think it makes sense."

"No, I will not let myself be used like that." There was a catch in the young man's voice. "I'm not going to go against ministry regulation and let him near me again. Once was enough. I don't ever want to live like that again."

"Moony! You need a mate! How many others has Albus suggested to you? You've never given them a second glance, why? Because you're still so fixated on Padfoot that you can't see anything else!"

"I'm fine! It isn't if I'm a veela and I'll die without a mate. Prongs, I don't like Padfoot anymore, and he's a traitor. I don't want to become bait for the Light. As much as I love all of you, this isn't something I'd budge on. You- you want me to parade myself in front of him so he'd-"

"Don't be an idiot!" James finally exploded. "Listen, we're not trying to use you! We're trying to help! If you'd just give those other people a chance, Albus wouldn't be worrying his head off! I wouldn't feel bad whenever I leave you alone in this house to go back to my family!"

His voice softened. "Poppy told me your injuries are worsening every month. Even Snape's potion doesn't help much anymore. Moon… your werewolf is slowly going insane. It wants a mate… needs one…"

"Prongs… I think you better leave."

"Alright, Moony. Just think about what Albus said, alright? Not the part about Padfoot, but about getting a mate. I'd hate to see you hurt yourself."

"Yeah… I know. I love you too, Prongs."

James suddenly looped an arm around Remus and grinned. "Sorry mate, but my heart already belongs to Lily."

"You bloody prat," Remus laughed and shoved him off the couch. "Get out of here."

That night

"You have a plan?" Voldemort seemed slightly incredulous. Sirius, now in an extremely good mood, grinned.

"You didn't think I could do it, did you?" Feeling daring, Sirius nudged the Dark Lord, who's eyes flashed with anger, but then cleared. After all, he was intrigued by what the younger wizard could've thought up.

"It seems as though you work better under pressure, Sirius," he smirked. "Very interesting."

Sirius strode ahead of him, and pushed open the huge doors that led to the meeting hall. Immediately, the hall filled with Death Eaters flashed into view. Each was solemn as stone, and wore almost identical expressions of constipation. Sirius took his seat at Voldemort's right in Malfoy's absence.

The Dark Lord, with his usual quiet grandeur, settled into his throne. Due to tradition, his eyes raked through his followers. A collective shiver coursed through the room, and Sirius felt the hair on the back of his neck rise.

Everyone knew; Voldemort during the gatherings was a completely different leader than him in normal life.

"Nott, Avery, report," he barked.

And thus the meeting began.

By the time they reached the subject of Remus J. Lupin, Voldemort had killed one of them and cast Crucio on four. Sirius, even though he was confident in his plan, couldn't help but feel the sick nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Be strong… he told himself. You've waited for this chance for seven years. You've lusted… wanted… dreamed of Moony for so long… You can't mess up now.

He stood, taking a deep breath. "My lord, I can eliminate Remus J. Lupin. You all know the reasons why I joined these ranks seven years ago. About this time next week, I plan to make my wish a reality."

He paused. Good, everyone was listening.

"There are many things you do not know about the werewolf. First of all, many would assume that in his wolf form, he is male, but," Sirius allowed himself a small smile, "Remus Lupin's transformation is a female wolf."

There were titters across the hall.

"And as such, it has always been my plan to mate with him." Sirius saw some looks of disgust, but decided to ignore them. "As some of you may or may not know, a werewolf can only take one mate, determined through sexual claiming when both mates are in werewolf form. That is why werewolves bite. They seek out those they believe are potential submissive mates and bite them, changing the other into a werewolf, then mating. Once a werewolf is mated, there is no more danger of further biting unless the urge hits them to reproduce.

"Now under normal circumstances, werewolves are forbidden to either mate or reproduce. Under rare circumstances, if both parties are willing and go to the ministry for an appeal, they could gain the permission to mate. It doesn't matter which way you look at it, I will never be a potential mate for Lupin, for I am not the submissive party."

Snickers. This time, Sirius pointed his wand at a black robed figure in the back. "Ganslee, go to Hell. Ignitem thyren."

A flicker of flame shot up from the man's robes. The man screamed as the fire licked up his robes. Beside Sirius, the Dark Lord began to chuckle. His eyes glittered as if he was watching some twisted entertainment.

"As I was saying," Sirius began again, ignoring the man rolling off his seat to rid himself of the fire. "I have once gone to a werewolf specialist in Germany, and he put me through a simulation. If I was ever turned into a werewolf, I would definitely be male, and an alpha leader. This means that within our bond, it is Lupin that will be the submissive party."

"Excuse me, Black," a cold voice said from across from him. The man pushed back his hood to reveal a deathly pale complexion and glowing blue eyes. He had black hair that looked as if too much wizard hair products had been used on it. "That piece of trash in the back of the room annoys me. If you would put him out please."

"Why don't you 'put him out' yourself, Snape?" Sirius challenged.

His old school nemesis glared at him for a moment, then promptly turned to utter a spell. The hall grew silent again as the burning man's screams died down. He laid flat against his chair, hair matted down with the burst of water from Snape's wand.

"Thank you," Snape turned back to Sirius with an unreadable look in his eyes. "And please, don't bore us with the disturbed details of werewolf mating, we all know you want Lupin under your control."

Sirius blinked, and a wave of annoyance swept over him. However, Snape was valuable to the Dark side. As much as he wanted to light a fire to his greasy hair, that would not go well with Voldemort.

"If… no, when I bring Lupin back here, I want one thing to be certain." Sirius held his breath. This was the key. If the Dark Lord does not accept his term, there was nothing for it, he would not bring Moony amongst this crowd without securing this promise.

If anything, Voldemort looked slightly amused. "I have only ever heard of werewolves raping humans. For all I know, you are the first human that wants to rape a werewolf. It is amazing you haven't acted upon that urge yet."

Sirius felt a chill. It was as if Voldemort could see straight through him… He cleared his throat. "I want to know if you will allow me one request, my lord."

"Go on."

"I need to know that he will be safe here. No one, not even Malfoy or you, my lord, is to touch him. Approaching him with any intention of harming him in any way will be a violation of this request."

"Granted," the corner of Voldemort's lips twitched in a ghost of a smile. "This may turn out to be very interesting. Most other dark creatures are on our side, after all. That little golden-tongued werewolf should not be an exception."

"He will not be on our side," Sirius warned. "A mating bond does not specify that."

The Dark Lord laughed. "Pity, but that is of little importance."

Sirius sighed in relief. There, the first step of his plan is complete. Now…

"Now I will explain what my plan is. Every full moon, Lupin is held in an underground facility, with so many magical wards in place it is difficult to breath. There is only one moment in which one could use magic. Ten o'clock on the following day when mediwitches and healers are sent in to check for injuries. The magical wards will be down for approximately ten minutes…"



Black has gone mad. Lupin's inaction may have led to dire consequences. Since Lupin is not willing to take him for a mate, he is going to force the bond. We need to move Lupin to another location during this full moon, or he will be taken.

As much as I hate to admit it, Black's plan is nothing short of genius. Although he states that a major part of this undertaking would require me tampering with Lupin's wolfsbane potion, I fear it will go smoothly even if I do not involve myself.

I will give you the full account at school.

Severus Snape

Hastily, Snape rolled the parchment and bound it to a school owl's feet. "Bring this to Albus Dumbledore."

He sighed as the owl took off under the cover of a dark sky. Snape was about to turn around when he heard a sickeningly familiar voice mutter a spell just outside of his window.


"Black!" He was back at the window in seconds, and he could only watch in horror as his eyes registered the figure on the tree outside.

Sirius Black cradled the stunned owl in one hand while he brandished the letter at him. All the blood rushed from Snape's face, and he held tightly to the window pane to steel himself.

"Snape," Sirius acknowledged coolly. "Late night correspondences can be suspicious."

Bloody school owls are too recognizable, Snape raged. If I get out of this alive, I'm getting my own. "Good evening to you too, Black. Tell me, do you have a habit of loitering by windows, perhaps?"

"Go stuff yourself, Snape, I've no patience for your excuses," Sirius snapped. "I know what you are."

Snape's gaze flickered before he donned his impassive mask. "Indeed, Black, what ill conceived notion has gotten to your head this time?"

"You are Dumbledore's spy," Sirius said simply. "I have known since the incident with James five years ago. There is no need to lie to me." Before Snape could come up with a suitable reply, he went on. "Our lord gave me an ultimatum, and now I'm giving you one. Kindly leave your overly large nose out of this one. Mix that muggle tranquilizer with the wolfsbane, hand it to Moony, and your secret is safe with me."

The breath that was held captive in Snape's throat escaped in a rush. He peered suspiciously at Sirius.

"Muggle tranquilizer?" Snape raised an eyebrow. "You are a pureblood wizard, Sirius Black."

"I'm not a potions fanatic, so I don't know what will work. Better be safe with a magic-less ingredient than risk tampering with magic."

"Dare I ask how much time you spent thinking of this?" Snape said dryly. "Black, I will not keep this a secret. Lupin will be warned."

Without warning, a large shape barreled through the window. Snape found himself pressed against a wall with teeth at his throat. Shaggy black hair flew into his eyes and claws dug into his shoulder blades.

He would never leave his wand on his table again.

With difficulty, Snape managed to shove the large dog off him. The grim-like creature tensed, growling at him. Snape swallowed, pressing his palm to his throat, where incisions from the dog's fangs had began to bleed slightly.

"Damned, Black, you better not have rabies. Shouldn't you have fallen out of love by now?"

Sirius' dog form stiffened. What Snape said had struck a deep cord in him. He turned himself back into human. Climbing slowly to his feet, he felt a dead rhythm in the beat of his heart.

Yes… he should've fallen out of love by now, but no matter how long it took, his feelings were as clear as the last time they kissed.

"You know how I feel about the werewolf, Snape. You were there at Hogwarts. Take my advice and make sure this plan of mine works."

The Night of Full Moon

The pain had already began. As the last of the three doors of his monthly cell slid close, Remus allowed all the exhaustion of his work to overwhelm him. There were muggle lights in the corridor outside his cell, but they never bothered to light his room. The walls were padded, to reduce the damage that may be caused by his urges of self-harm.

Small glass in hand, Remus made his way to the furthest corner. Here goes nothing…

Gripping the cup securely, the werewolf tipped the foul, almost smoking drink down his throat. The horrid taste hit him like a truck, and Remus coughed several times before leaning back against the wall.

His legs began to weaken.

Perhaps he was a little too tired. Uncontrollably, his thoughts drifted to Sirius, the only one he'd ever allowed himself to love. Remus grabbed his shoulders tightly, willing himself to forget.

Sirius was evil. He had joined Voldemort. What more proof was needed?

"Padfoot…" Remus whispered. Clenching his teeth, he rubbed his eyes and tried to think of happier thoughts. Being too upset before a full moon caused his transformations to be particularly violent.

"Yes, Moony? What is it?"

Remus froze. For a moment, he thought he had imagined those words, but then, from the darkness, a tall form appeared.

What in the world? Why was someone in here?

Frightened, Remus pressed himself against the wall. He blinked rapidly, trying to recognize the form that seemed so familiar…

"Get away from here. It's not safe," he managed. "I- I'm going to change soon."

"I know that Moony."

In a flash, the figure was before him. Remus felt both his wrists grabbed in a vice-like grip. A hard, rough body pressed against his own. The familiar scent of warmth and seawater stirred the memories in him.

Padfoot! Padfoot… who was a Death Eater.

Remus panicked. He struggled, and felt a leg hook around his foot. He tripped, sprawling forward into his invisible attacker's chest. Hands fell around his waist, pulling him tightly into a warm, dominating embrace.

"Pad- mmmmft-" he gasped.

A pair of lips had descended upon his own. Remus clenched his teeth tightly together as a heated tongue wormed its way past his lips. He jerked his head back in an attempt to escape, but only succeeded in bending backwards as the larger man leaned over him. His muscles stretched at his back. Fruitlessly, Remus gripped his assaulter's shoulders, trying to force him back. Reaching deep within him for that well of furious power that spilled over him every full moon, he shoved.

A hand crept up to his face. His own fists loosened.

What- What was going on? He couldn't touch his werewolf strength. His arms were as weak as an octopus'. He was suffocating… the kiss didn't stop…

Finally, when his head was dizzy with the lack of oxygen, the kiss ended. Remus turned to one side to avoid the next, gasping deeply. The hands tightened around his waist and the werewolf found himself entirely at the mercy of his greatest nightmare.

With eyes now accustomed to the dim lighting, he saw the other wizard from the corner of his eyes. The same piercing gray eyes and sharp gaze.

His waist was released. Remus spared a breath, immediately ducking under the offending arm and dashing away.

But his opponent was faster. A hand grabbed his shoulder and slammed him against the wall, while the other found his chin and turned his face back. There was a predatory gleam in those normally clear, laughing gray eyes.

"I promised you seven years ago, Moony," Sirius whispered. "You will be mine."

And Remus' transformation began.

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