After Thoughts

"Alright class, today we have a new student." Ms. Asagi announced, snapping a ruler on her desk to wake Kazu up and regain Takato's attention.

Jeri and a one of her classmates, a girl with blond pigtails, Ayaka giggled at the two. Kazu tried vainly to make it look like it did it on purpose while the other youth just blushed nervously. It was hard to believe those two were Tamers. It was also hard to believe they were going to go through another year of this. Even though the Tamers had all become a year older since they first became Tamers, things still looked and felt the same. They even had the same teacher, and most of the same classmates.

"He's lived here before but he's moved a couple times back and fourth. Until recently, he lived in another district…"

Although why anyone would want to move to Shinjuku, Japan when it's attacked by monsters every other week is beyond me. The teacher thought to herself dryly.

"…So be nice to him."

Not that he should have any trouble though. She thought. he's as confident as Kazu, maybe more.

"That means if I hear he got a tour of the entire school…" That was basically code for shoving a guy into the girl's washroom. One time the teacher tried to avoid it by making Kazu show a girl around, but he just shoved her into the boy's washroom and even better, wedged the door shut.

"…I'm going to make you write until your hands wear to the bone."

"Wha, but that's not fair! Whatever happened to the spirit of demography?"

The brunette held her head, some of her hair falling over her shoulders. "First of all, it's democracy.

"Close enough."

"Second, it's also not fair when I get blamed for mentally damaging children when I send them with you."

True, the teacher could send the new students with any number of other children, and most the time that's what she did. However on days when the boy was being particularly difficult to deal with… It was either them or her.

Kazu, clad in his usual visor and heavy metal shirt, folded his arms, leaned back, and tried to act cool. "Ah they're all too soft anyway. Never gonna survive in this town if you can't take a little trauma."

"By what stretch of the imagination is this a town?" Takato asked.

"Kazu has imagination?" Jeri asked mockingly.

"Yeah." Ayaka added. "I always thought he was just dense."

"I've got plenty of imagination. Take right now, for instance. I'm imagining not being here. I'm imagining myself saving you all from a hideous Ogremon and you all basking in my coolness… Except you Ayaka, you got eaten before I saved the day."

Another boy with clean cut dark blue hair and glasses smiled as he stood up and leaned over his friend. "Yeah right. Some imagination you got there, Kazu, didn't Takato do that last week?"

"Tch, it's not fair, I never get any credit."

"At any rate, my point still stands. No tricks, and again, I emphasize that means you Kazu. No cheese sandwiches, (Filling a students shoes with cheese) no plowing them in the face with a soccer ball, (Self explanatory) and NO pretending you know my measurements. (See previous caption.)"

Kazu scoffed. "Fine fine, I give. Although why anyone would want them I don't understand."

"Kazu..." Ms. Asagi said in her normal voice. But something was wrong, her eyebrow kept twitching oddly. "…You have detention."

"Huh? That's not fair! How long this time?"

You could almost swear the sky got darker as Ms. Asagi leered down at the boy. "How long are you going to be in my class?"

"…Umm, well…"

"Mind if I come in now?" Another voice called from the hallways, diverting attention away from Kazu. Not waiting for an answer, a boy with chestnut brown hair, a maroon shirt, and navy green slacks walked inside, causing most the class to oooo, and ahhhh…

"Oooo, Ahhhh"

…See. And Kazu to scream in a voice befitting a five year old girl. "Ryo! YOU RULE!

"There's a seat next to me and Kazu if you need it."

"Huh… Oh hi Kazu." Ryo waved casually and he took his spot standing next to the teacher and leaned into her a little. "Don't sit me with him." He whispered.

"Does anyone have any questions or comments for our new student?"

"Hey, I know you." One of the girls mentioned. "Weren't you naked on one of the giant TVs screens when the big blob tried to eat us all?"

Well, yeah… But what kind of person brings that up in a classroom in front of everybody?

Ryo smiled uneasily. "Yep, but I wasn't the only one you know." Takato blushed furiously as Ryo tried to divert attention from himself.

"I know, but I was only looking at you" The girl winked.

"…I take it back, Kazu's fine."

As it turns out, that wasn't entirely true. While Ryo sat back and calmly tried to relax, the Visor child and his sidekick made that impossible by trying to talk to him. Fortunately the teacher made them stand out in the hall for a while under the pretext of disrupting the class. Recess came in no time at all, or at least that's what it felt like. Jeri ran out with Ayaka, but not of before waving goodbye to Takato and Kazu and Kenta. For Ryo, she bowed. It was kind of strange to him. They had known each other for a while now but still knew nothing of each other…

Well, That's why I enrolled here isn't it. Rika's nice but I'm already friends with her… besides, no one is stuffing me into a penguin suit, uniform thing. He thought with a smile.

"Hey Takato, let's go find Henry and eat lunch together." The boy didn't bother to invite Kazu or Kenta, he knew they'd come anyway.

"Sure, just let me put my books away."

Kazu chuckled to himself as he slapped Takato on the back. "Ah, Chumly. You and your 'books' crack me up."

The gogglehead smirked back. "Hey, unlike you, I actually care about not being grounded by my parents."

Kazu shrugged. "Eh? I'm gonna get grounded anyway. I just figured it might as well be for a reason."

"Kazu, I am in awe of your logic." Takato joked.

"Finally, some credit." Kazu laughed going along with it.

Recess was surprisingly mundane, as was the rest of the school day. Kazu got kicked out of class again for drowning out the teacher with his snoring. The day was over before anyone knew it and the children were just getting ready to go home.

"Geez, I can't believe how much homework we got today. I think I'll have to go straight home if I'm going to finish this on time."

"Why don't you come over to my house?" Henry asked, leaning in the doorway. "Dad's pretty good with math problems at least. Maybe he can help us out."

Ryo smiled. His chance to make a much more significant impression on Takato and Henry had arrived. He was never a genius, but he had done most of this kind of work before he went to the Digital World. Never thought getting lost in another dimension could have academic advantages… Actually, maybe that wasn't the right way to put it. He was, after all, being held back a grade because of it.

"Hey Takato, I could probably help you out."

"Eh? You… don't have Digimon to fight?" Takato asked, sounding ruder than he intended. Kazu elbowed him in the ribs as Ryo turned around. It would be a challenge to figure out if the gogglehead's comment had actually effected him or not.

"Okay, if you don't want my help then I'll see you tomorrow."

"Er, no wait. I just meant well, you usually disappear… all the time."

"He's got a point you know. Guess he had to have one sooner or later." Terriermon giggled as he landed on Ryo's head.

Henry appeared in the doorway. "Terriermon, remember that little chat we had about rudeness?"


The kids laughed. "Anyway, if you wanna help us out Ryo then by all means come with us."

"With all of us working together, we should be able to finish this in an hour." Ryo stated

"Awww, now isn't that funny. He actually thinks he has a hope of completing it on time." Terriermon smirked while Takato, Kazu, and Kenta just sweatdropped.

"The sad part is he's right." Takato grumbled, shuffling out of the classroom with his five friends in tow.

A girl with fiery red hair and a personality to match sorted through the desk with her usual lack of enthusiasm, making sure she had all the books she needed. Usually, that just meant all of them and today was no exception. Today was going to be a long day, but at least it wasn't going to be dull. Jeri was coming over so the two could do there homework together. Actually, better make that three since the former Tamer was also bringing a friend. Vikki… or something.

The dirt made a soft patting sound as Rika left. The first step out of school was always the best… until your cell phone rings. Rika picked the annoying device out of her pocket. Usually her mother called, but there was nothing going on today, and looking at the number, it was definitely not her mother who called her this time. She flicked it open.


"It's Yamaki." A gritty voice replied. The introduction told her this wasn't a social call. Then again, a social call from Yamaki might make the world stop spinning.

"Great, what do you want now?"

There was a small chuckle on the other side of the phone. "Nice to talk to you too, Rika."

"You're the one that neglected to say hello." The Tamer rebutted casually.

Yamaki ignored the comment. "Can you go over to The Wong's residence. We have a bit of a situation."

The girl frowned inwardly as she left the school gates. "Is it important?"

"Yes, but it's not dangerous if that's what your thinking. It shouldn't take to long."

"All right, but this better be worth it."

No sooner did Rika hang up, did she start calling Jeri to inform her she'd be running a little behind schedule, while Yamaki place his phone and turned to see a woman with long red hair and brilliant green eyes holding in her own laugh.

"Was something about that funny to you, Riley?"

"No sir!" She replied doing a salute. "The whole thing was funny. You and Rika are way too much alike."

"She's right you know."

"You stay out of this Talley." The short haired blond stuck her tongue out at her boss as soon as he turned away to leave, Not realizing Yamaki had excellent peripheral vision. "And don't do that either."


Now while Yamaki may have left later than the Tamers for Henry's house, he had the two wonderful inventions of car, and driver's license. Rika had Kyuubimon. So by the time Henry, Ryo, Takato, and the rest walked in, he was sitting down, while Henry's mother brought them some tea.

"What took you gogglehead?"

The mop-head just stared back, surprised. "I… wasn't aware I was racing anyone."

"Hey Wildcat!" Ryo waved as he stepped inside as Rika's eye started twitching. "Wow… Looks like I picked a good day to come over."

"Ryo, remember that personal space rule?"

The brunette tilted his head. "You mean the three feet one?"

"For you it's twenty."

"Aw come on. That's out in the hallway."

"Actually it's the elevator…" Henry said, causing everyone to look at him. "…What? Suzie… measure once… We were really bored." Henry murmered.

Terriermon smirked. "Takato, I take back every bad thing I ever said about you and apply it to Henry."

"Thanks… wait, you were saying bad stuff about me?"

"Erherm!" Yamaki interrupted. "As many of you may have guessed, I didn't come here just to hear you squabble."

"You were nicer when you were fired." Terriermon replied as everyone took a seat around the older gentleman.

Kazu and Kenta gaze supporting grunts as they plopped down on the skin colored floor. Ryo moved to sit beside Rika and totally disregard her little 'rule', but the redhead grabbed Takato by the hem of his shirt and pulled him down next to her. The Gogglehead looked dumbfounded as he glanced at the others beside him. Rika wasn't even looking at him, like she was pretending she didn't do anything, and Ryo looked a bit perturbed.

"What did I do?"

"Well, I can explain it in small words for you if you like." Terriermon answered in Ryo's steed. "You see, first-"

"Quiet, Rabbitmon." Rika replied, silencing the bunny. "The sooner Yamaki tells us what's going the sooner we can get out of here."

"Someone's in a rush." Kazu quipped… a stupid thing to do when you're on the floor and within kicking distance of Rika.

Yamaki said nothing, but his lighter was on rapid click. Finally, when it seemed like everyone had settled down, the man started. "I'll be brief. There's a Digital Field, and like only a few before it, the landscape actually changes as soon as you enter it. Think IceDevimon's field, nature themed."


"Is that all?" Kazu called out, barely dodging Rika's foot again.

"Uh, what Digimon is in it?" Takato asked, thinking that might be in the important part.

Yamaki flicked his lighter again. "Some Monochromon, Palmon, Seadramon, and some new ones like Flamon."

"Wow, that field gotta be bigger than Guilmon's shed." Terriermon said. "Hey Henry, how come I don't have a house?"

"The same reason you don't have a car, it's safer for all of us."

The blond man frowned. "Actually, Terriermon, that's the problem. It is bigger than Guilmon's little shack, by about thirty square miles that we know of."

"WHAT!" Everyone called out at once. In the shadows, Renamon was surprised as well.

"How did it get so big?" Kenta asked.

"More importantly why haven't we seen it?" Rika interjected. Yamaki turned to her… Crap, Riley was right... again. They really did think similarly, at least in this regard.

"It's underground, it's integrated with our sewer system in a way that it not actually causing any problems yet. And there haven't been any fights either, although I trust you all understand how unlikely it is to stay that way."

A collective nod ensued.

"Right now Hypnos has a handle on things, but there's no telling how long that will last. Also, Digital Fields usually only exist to accommodate one or two Digimon as they Biomerge into our world, this is entirely different. There was around fifty last time we checked."

"Oh man."

Janyuu stepped into the living room, getting another frown from Yamaki. It the blonds hope that he could keep Tamer business just between him and the Tamers, but… Well, Henry's father wanted to know what was happening in his son's (and occasionally daughter's) life, wouldn't you?

"Do you have a plan of action?"

Yamaki nodded. "We don't need to do anything drastic right yet, I was hoping one of you could take a look around down there."

Now, usually Rika or Ryo would take this kind of task. But since Rika had to meet with Jeri soon, and Ryo was hoping to spend some time with the other Tamers, both were hesitant to volunteer. Kazu on the other hand was just looking for an excuse to dodge homework.

"I'll do it!"

Yamaki arched a brow. "…Kazu? Are you… sane?"

The boy jumped to his feet. "What's that suppose to mean? I AM a Tamer too, you know."

"Hmph, barely." Rika responded. Henry glanced at her nervously. That was a bit harsh. "You can hold your own, I'll give you that. But there are dozens of Digimon there. You'll get creamed."


"I'm with Rika on this one." Ryo stated, avoiding Rika's death glare.

"That's not fair! If I remember correctly, there was a time when none of you could go past Champion either and you guys still did well. How am I suppose to learn if I can't even spread my wings."

"Great, he's gone delusional and thinks he's a bird." Terriermon giggled.


"I'll be careful, and I'll have Kenta with me too so it'll be safe."

"Yea…?" Kenta did a double take. "Wait, why are you dragging me into this?"

Yamaki flicked his lighter close and stood up, noticing all eyes were on him. It looked like the he would have to decide weather or not Kazu was allowed to go. "…Well then... let's go, you'll need a ride."

"Oh man." Kenta muttered quickly before Kazu began dragging him downstairs.

Rika and Yamaki followed suit next, Rika stopping by the door. "Hey Takato…" She didn't turn back, but the boys had a could still see the side of her face. She looked pretty serious about something.

"Yeah.?" The gogglehead turned toward his friend. "What's up Rika?"

"…Hmmm, nevermind. I'll ask you tomorrow. Oh, by the way Ryo. I'm guessing you enrolled in Shinjuku Elementary since you came home with Henry and everyone. Does that mean you're intending to stick around this time?"

Ryo folded his arms. "Dunno. Do you want me you stick around?"

Rika glanced back grinning evilly. "Well, up until you made that comment. Take care you guys."

Takato couldn't help but smile at the scene in front of him. This kind of vying for the upper hand in a conversation was something only those two were evenly matched for. Granted, Rika wasn't all that happy about Ryo's sudden disappearance and emergence at the Parasimon incident, but she wouldn't let that get in the way of a long time rivalry err… I mean, friendship.

"Alright." Henry said, snapping Ryo out of his daze. "Time to hit the books."

And a few minutes later…

"You know Ryo, when I said hit the books I didn't mean literally."

The brunette glared back a moment before relenting a bit. He wasn't really angry, just frustrated. "I can't help it. This is impossible. How did any of you EVER pass her class."

Takato smiled. "We have a system."


"Ya, I copy Kazu, who copies Kenta, who copies that girl next to Jeri…"

"Ayaka, I think her name was."

"…Who copies Jeri. Hmmm, now where can we fit you in that… After Kazu maybe."

Henry sweatdropped a little. "It's kind of sad. I can answer most of your guys' questions if I had enough time, but Mr. Murray isn't always… there."

Ryo arched a brow. "Eh? Where is he then?"

"With Ms. Asagi." Takato commented casually. "He always goes along with her. Remember the field trip where the chicken attacked us?"

At this Ryo only became more confused. "A chicken? Takato did you lose it or something? Where did the chicken come from?"

Henry sighed, thankful the Terriermon was with Suzie right now or the disorder would only get worse. "Actually Takato. I was speaking figuratively, although you are right. He does spend some time fawning over Ms. Asagi. I heard they went to the park together one time too. As for the chicken, technically it was a rooster. The Rooster Deva, to be precise. It attacked the dam near our campsite."

"Ooookay" Ryo replied.

"It was pretty bizarre. He ate electricity and swelled up like a balloon. More than Guilmon at Rika's birthday party. And speaking of eating stuff, I haven't had anything since lunch. Mind if grab a snack."

"Help yourself." The blue haired Tamer replied.

"Thanks" Takato replied as he got up to leave. "Oh wait, you guys don't want anything do ya?"

"Naw, I'm good." Ryo replied.


As soon as the door close Ryo glanced over to Henry. "…Well he's nice."

"You're just noticing that now?" Henry asked, arching a brow.

The brunette held up his hands. "Of course not. It's just kinda odd. I've never been around him in a normal setting. It's always been a festival, or a birthday, or the Digital World."

"Well that's because you're never around."

"I know, I know, but between the media, the fact that I lived in another district, disappearing again, the media again, and now moving… Time's been pretty tight."

"You moved?" Henry asked, a little surprised. Although it wasn't that complex a deduction, of course he would've moved in he's going to a school in Shinjuku rather than Kyushuu.

"I just finished unpacking yesterday."

"You should've asked us to help. It would have been a good time to hang out."

Ryo nodded. "Ya, I know you would've. But my dad is still kinda tense, with me being back and all. And when he's tense it's not a lot of fun working with him."

"You did it yourselves?" Henry asked.

"Well, three if you count Cyberdramon. Although the poor guy kept breaking some of the more fragile stuff, maybe I should've asked Takato and Guilmon after all." Ryo said, noting that while Guilmon was strong, he had a significantly gentler touch then his own partner. "Knowing those two they would've jumped at the chance to help." The boy finished musing to himself.

"Yep, that's why I like'em."

Ryo nodded. "I can see that. Rika too I'll bet. Speaking of which, do you think she's been acting strange lately. I mean, I know I've only been here little over a week but, well, I can't put my finger on it but something seems different."

Henry nodded as he jotted down one of the answers. Five down, another sixty seven to go. "I haven't really noticed anything. But it's possible since the Parasimon really messed around with her head. I asked Takato about it and he said I should ask Rika."

Ryo tilted his head. "Did you ask Rika?"

"Nope, it's not really all that important. And besides, if she wants me to know, she'll tell me."

"I see… Man I should ask you stuff like that more often."

Henry glanced up feeling a bit embarrassed as Takato reentered the room with a dessert. Kind of early for it but I guess if you can get away with it… "Heh. Yeah Henry's really good with this kind of thing."

Neither Ryo or Henry heard their friend though. They were too busy staring at whatever it was that was in the boys bowl. "Takato, what are you eating?"

"Eh? Chocolate sundae. Why, did you want some?"

"Ummm, doesn't it need ice cream to be a sundae?" Henry asked uneasily.

Ryo concurred. "No kidden, how much chocolate did you use."

The Gogglehead frowned. "Hey, come on. There is ice cream in it… somewhere. I just figured, I would have a bit more of what I like better."

"How is that a bit?"

Takato sighed. "Forget it. You guys just don't understand art."

Ryo smirked as his friend delved into the snack…ish thing. "Ohhhh so it's art now. Well I hate to tell you this but you're ruing your piece."

Takato looked up with a huge chocolate drip on his chin. His mouth was even still full. "Mnnnoo! Making it better!"

"Takato, you eat like a pig, or worse, you eat like Guilmon." Henry stated bemused. "Well, I don't really care that much so long as you keep it off the carpet."

Nodding, Takato moved his textbook under his head. "Thanks."

Ryo chuckled at the mop-headed boy on his side. "Your incorrigible. I Hope Jeri hasn't seen that. Speaking of which, how it's going between you two? You were dating her when I left, right?"

Takato sighed. "Actually I was just walking her home. We haven't been on a real date. And by the looks of it, it won't be happening anytime soon… Err, not that I'm into that sort of thing."

Ryo smirked again. "Takato, even Terriermon is less obvious than you. So spill, what's the problem? It looked like… eh well, you know… after the D-Reaper."

"Well, that's what I hoped but when I asked her… she just said… no."

Ryo tilted his head. "You can't be serious, are you sure you did it right?"

"I'm only eleven, of course I'm not sure!" Takato shouted.

Ryo smirked. "Look, girls love it when you sweep them off their feet. If you really want to go out with Jeri, you'll march over her place, tell her how you feel and don't take 'No' for an answer."

"Okay… And you're sure that'll work."

"Of course, just look at me and Rika." The Legendary Tamer joked.

The gogglehead frowned. "Thanks for shattering that dream for me."

Ryo smiled. "Ah, you worry to much."

Meanwhile, in Shinjuku Park…

A little girl waved goodbye to her two friends as they all parted ways to go home. Well, actually one of them was already home, but anyways. The girl had blond hair tired into pigtails as was generally regarded as Kazu's Arch Nemesis in Ms. Asagi's class. Her name was Ayaka. And she suddenly found herself walking in fog, which was rather odd since it had been a clear night before hand.

"Huh? The forecast didn't call for fog tonight. Grrr, those stupid weatherman. What do we pay them for anyway?"


"Eh? What was that? Mmm… I bet it's just some stupid boys trying to get their late night jollies."

Obvious, this girl had yet to encounter a real Digimon. It should also be obvious that she wandered into a Digital Field without even realizing it.

"Look out!"

"Brown Stinger!"

The girl glanced to where she heard the voice coming from, just in time to see a small pointy spike heading in her direction at a breakneck speed. She didn't have enough to duck, however she did have enough time to be shoved out of the way by another person. They landed hard on the ground. Ayaka winced from skidding on the pavement. At the very least her hero's body protected her from the small explosion the attack made.


"Oh man are you all… wait, Ayaka?"

The girl glanced up. She knew that voice anywhere, partially because she was forced to endure it every weekday. "Kazu!"

"Tch. Great now you're gonna rat me out for staying up late. Maybe I shouldn't have saved you."

The girl narrowed her eyes. "I don't know how, Kazu, but I'm willing to bet this is your fault."

"Yeah, yeah, I've heard that before. It's always my fault ain't it. Look just get out of here, alright."

"I would but your sitting on top of me you lecher." Ayaka replied angrily. The tension was thick you could cut it with a knife.

"Brown Stinger!"

Kazu half turned around and glaring at the oncoming attack. "I'll deal with you in a minute!"

Digimodify! Power Activate!

"Guardian Barrage!" A slightly nerdy voice sounded off as a homing missile collided with the attack.

The explosion was more than enough to make a smoke screen as dirt and dust was propelled into the air. Kazu got up and pulled his fellow student to her feet before shoving her backwards.

"Go on, get out of here."

"…Uh." Ayaka was honestly a bit surprise at how serious Kazu sounded. Finally she nodded and turned around.

As his classmate disappeared into the smoke, Kazu lined up with his partner back to back. Guardromon grunted slightly. "Sorry Kazu, I can't seem to get a lock on the Digimon. It's very fast."

"And it flies." Kazu added. "It's a Flymon and I have one in my deck. It's pretty much a big bee with scarlet wings with yellow eye designs in the middle of them. More annoying than it is powerful."

"Scarlet?" Guardromon replied.

Kazu grinned. "I may not know much, but Digimon is my domain. I just can't seem to remember the attacks very well. I know one was Brown Stinger, but the other was…"

"Poison Powder!"

"Yeah that was it! Wait, are we under attack?"

Guardromon's head spun around to get a visual of his partner. "My audio sensors infer that that attack did not occur anywhere near us."

Kazu placed his hand on his chin. "The heck? That doesn't make any sense unless it found another target… Hmmm, Kenta maybe?"

"I believe it came from the direction that girl you saved ran towards."

"Eh? Oh crap."

Digimodify! Hyper Speed Activate!

By the time Kazu and Guardromon reached their destination, the Flymon was already hovering over it's unconscious victim and the poison smog was still spreading. Kazu immediately searched the area for something he could use to shield her from the poison spores but he wasn't having much luck. He knew he could blow the cloud away, but from his current position he'd just blow all of it toward Ayaka. And the stupid insect didn't look like it was willing to let them get any closer. It was also to close for Guardromon to risk using his Guardian Barrage.

"Damn… If only I didn't get separated from Kenta. Yamaki was right. I'm in over my head." Kazu thought to himself.

Now, there comes a time in a man's life where he has to throw in the towel. To accept he is out of his league and that he is the loser. Yes there is a time to admit defeat, to withdraw before you get hurt, to deal with the changing times. And then… there is also a time when you just have to grit you're teeth, close your eyes and do something so incredibly brave and stupid, that even Davis would say 'Wow… and people call me dense'. Guess which one Kazu was.

Digimodify! Hyperwing Activate!

"Umm, Kazu. I seem to be having a elevation problem."

Kazu, who was busy running towards the insect halted a moment. "Don't worry, just draw his fire."

"Er, Understood." The mechanical Digimon began waving his arms. "Over here you large, grotesque, bug monster."

"Try insulting it's mother."

"Very well… Your mother was a bug on my windshield once."

"Brown Stinger!"

Well that worked….

Kazu, brash as always, didn't even slow down when he entered the thick of the poison cloud. He covered is mouth but it wasn't that effective. The orange smog was so thick now he barely see in front of him, but he managed to find Ayaka… by tripping over her. Well, why argue with what works, huh?

Too bad Kazu still didn't have a way to stop her from breathing in the gas… or did he. He took of shirt, bundled it up and pressed it to her mouth lightly. He wasn't exactly sure how effective it would be, but it had to be better than nothing. Still, his job wasn't over yet. He still had to get out of the smog so Guardromon could blow it away without sending him into a tree, and lifting Ayaka was harder than he thought. The boy wasn't sure if it was just the poison working it's magic, or if Ayaka just really needed a diet, but either way his arms were killing him.

Come on, don't wuss out now Kazu. Even your mom could handle this. He thought to himself.

On the outside, Guardromon was getting pelted. He was a big heavy target, and if he dared fire back, he might risk ignited the poison smog. Wouldn't that just be lovely? Suddenly Kazu burst out shroud, Digivice and cards in hard. Oh, and shirtless no less. He was wheezing and despite his heroic stance, it was clear he was going on guts alone. The poison had definitely effected him. He dropped the blond on the ground carelessly as his body tried to suck in more oxygen and swipe his next card.

"Poison Powder!"

Digimodify! Swanmon's special attack, white wing flapping!

Now Guardromon had been with his Tamer for a long time. And in the card game he was good, but this was easily one of the best moves he had ever seen his partner make. White Wing Flapping? A good choice made all the better by the fact that with the Hyperwing card Guardromon now has six of them. The poison was cleared out in a typhoon of power with tore right through the insect's frail wings forcing it to the ground, but the bug wasn't out yet. Or at least that's what it though as the machine Digimon wings began to flash-flicker.

"Umm, Kazu. I seem to be having another elevation problem."

"Brown Sting-"


…Another bug was now a gooey mess on Guardromon's frontal plate.

"Kazu sir! I seem to be having what you humans would call a headache."

"You an' me both buddy."

Kazu stumbled over to Ayaka, practically collapsing on top of her. At least his legs still had some strength in them. He checked he pulse, and felt her stomach, noting that he couldn't stop it fingers from shaking. Was it fatigue? The poison? Well, it didn't really matter. Her heart was fine, and her breathing strong.

And she's still probably going to be angry at me. The boythought, smiling in spite of himself.

Trying to push himself to his feet, he was surprised to have his arm give out on him completely.

"Kazu. Are you alright."

"No! I'm touching her, er, it, uh Ayaka. Ewww" The boy hollered back. "I-I just need a couple minutes to let the poison wear off I think. I'm just going to rest here."

Not like I have much choice…

"In the middle of the road?"


Now the fog was clearing he could see he really was in the middle of a road, right by Shinjuku park. His head, however, was not on the road, it was on something soft and warm pulsating like a gentle massage that was making his eyes droopy. Yes his head had collapsed on Ayaka's chest. He tried to move it a couple times but his body just would not listen.

I'm going to need an acid bath after this.

"Uh… I'm fine. You?"

"I may need a repair whenever you can manage, but I predict I will be as good as new in no time."

Kazu sighed. This was severely unpleasant. Ayaka was his enemy, an evil girl amongst a throne of evil girls. They were always against, Kazu and his loyal companion Kenta. And yet here he was using her as a pillow. Ugh, the boy would never let himself live this one up. But that's not what was really bothering him. The thing that was really bothering was…

Why the hell is this so comfortable?

Kazu sighed. He was steadily losing the energy it took to fight off the tiredness. Probably another side effect of the poison. How did he end up in this position. Let's see first there was…

Arguing with Ayaka.

…Walking home with Ryo…

……Chatting with Yamaki……

………Entering the Digital Field………

…………Getting lost and separated from Kenta…………

……………Following the Flymon……………

………………Encountering Ayaka (Again) ………………

…………………Defeating the Flymon …………………

……………………And finally checking to make sure she was alright……………………

………………………She was warm………………………

Man Takato… Henry… and Rika… How do you guys do this all the time?


-I only Proofread this once so it's bound to be full of errors. It's also kind of a side project so I didn't bother sending it to AOF.

- I have no idea why I gave the story the said name. I don't intend on naming chapter either. I just wanted to do a story that displayed the Tamers lives after the Parasimon. The whole giant Digital Field thing is just a way for me to keep them grounded on their Tamer tasks. They will also have to face other prospects such as getting a job, parental squabbles, ect. As for each character…

-Well let's start off with Kazu. I find that he is like Davis. Despite having his moments he is not that bright. Big deal, when was it written you need to be smart to be a good person. Kazu has other redeemable traits, such as the ability to cheer people up, his wit, and his infectious personality. I happed to like this character, which is why I handled him like so. Ayaka is also a character in Tamers, another of Takato's classmates. In the series, she was often portray as a general girl with somewhat of a grudge against Kazu.

"Besides, I know plenty of girls that like the fight."

"Oh I'm sure you have. Hee hee. Like Ayaka, you want to fight with Kazu, right?"


"Ummm, guys… I think we lost that round."

-Takato, Jeri, Ayaka, and Kazu. Episode seven, now you see it, now you don't.

-Very few people seem to understand the friendship between Jeri and Rika, and honestly I'm rather shaky on it myself. Despite being different in almost every way, they were actually displayed as being quite good friends. Rika even mentored Jeri as I recall. I am well aware portraying Jeri properly will be one of my biggest tasks since I've never had much luck understanding her character the way I do the others… That sounded pretty pompas of me, didn't it…

-Impmon, often overlooked in fics with the Tamers. I intent to develop his relationship with Takato, Guilmon, Renamon, and Jeri a fair amount. After all, he is a main character. The issue with him is that most think he'd always be sidetracked by his Tamers. I don't intend to do this. Impmon developed a very outgoing, in your face lifestyle and I don't think he's abandon it completely after finding his Tamers.

-Asagi, Mie, Takehiro, Yamaki. Another hurdle to overcome. You're probably wondering what all the characters have in common. The answer is that they've all been mentors to Takato, and all (Except Asagi, but I intend to fix that) have learned something from him as well. A wise man knows how ignorant he is, and Takato has a great deal more to learn from these people.

-Henry. He'll be in support. Why, because he is extremely mature and developed already. His biggest asset though, is his family, they add to his character, and show how became what he is. It makes sense to since Henry always had trouble making friends before Takato and Rika. And even in the end his closest ties are still with them.

-Alice is somewhat of a mystery. But she is also unique, and very interesting. Because of this, I will be including her later on. I look forward to developing her relationship with Takato, since no one is and island, it would be unrealistic to declare that she will be on her own, forgotten forever.

-Ryo is one year older than the Tamers it's true, but he missed three months of school plus however long the Tamers were in the Digital World. The would make it virtually impossible to pass, thus he'd retake the grade