It was an all too familiar scene. Armageddemon was poised to attack the bridge, having just digivolved from about a million Kuramon and eager to show off his new power. The people on the bridge stood witless, being to too stunned to move or not realizing that even from that distance their lives were in immediately peril. Slowly the Viral Mega opened his mouth and began charging his attack.

By now you've probably recognized the scene, but this was no movie. Omni wasn't going to show up and save the day. And instead of firing, Armageddemon explode into a million pieces when Dorugoramon landed on his head and shrieked out his 'Metal Impulse' attack. On the bridge, Gallantmon materialized out of thin air and made his stand at the edge of the bridge.

This was an entirely different showdown.

Not want to waste any time Gallant made the first move, crouching down low and widening his stance as his shield the aegis began to glow.

"Shield of the Just!

Dorugoramon sneered and as a massive beam of light erupted at him. Quickly he brace himself on Armegeddemon's still crumbling corpse and leapt off it, not to dodge, but rather to meet the attack head on, and rip right through it. It didn't even have the force needed to char his armor. Something was wrong, he wasn't this strong before, was he? The massive dragon stretched out his wings and continued forward. People were finally starting to get the idea that they should run.

"Not good~" Gallantmon thought. "But we can still take'em. All his attacks are close ranger and his size makes him slower than us... the water is a bit of an issue but as long as he needs to come to us to attack..." Gallantmon readied his lance. "Then this will be the last day you come after my friends."

Dorugoramon smirked again like he could read Gallantmon's thoughts, then quickly opened his mouth and unleashed a blast that looked and sounded all too familiar. "OMEGA CANNON!"


Gallantmon barely had time to raise his shield before the attack ploughed into him and exploded with an immense shockwave that tossed nearby cars like ragdoll while simultaneously twisting them in half and lighting them on fire. That didn't feel like a long range attack, hell it didn't even feel like he blocked it. It felt more like he tried giving a buss a highfive as it passed by doing 90 on the freeway. The kind of feeling where afterwards you have to check your arm to make sure it's still there.

But at least now he knew why Dorugoramon seemed stronger. He was! When he lost the Tamers instead of just sitting around moping he went back and loaded Omnimon's data like a late night snack. It would have been nice to try and think of a counter measure for this new development but...

"Takato!" Guilmon's voice rang in the Tamer's mind.

Gallant looked down but he could already feel what was happening. The part of the bridge he was standing on was giving away. The knight barely even got a hand up fast enough to snag a piece of jutting out rebar to keep himself from falling into the water, not that it mattered, he was still dangling from the bridge, which was exactly what DoruGoramon wanted.

In on brutal swoop the dragon surged through the section of the bridge tearing it all down. Gallantmon tried to jerk himself up so he could land on the Mega's back but he was merely swatted back down by one massive bladed wing. As big as DoruGoramon was, his timing was flawless. So naturally, the split second Gallantmon was in the air again DoruGoramon clawed at his mask, intending to rip it to pieces. This time the knight was quick enough though, just barely raising his shield in time.

"My turn! Shield of the-"

"To slow, Metal Impulse!"

Now, the shockwave from Dorugoramon's 'Metal Impulse' is a pretty mean piece of work. But when you have direct contact with that attack, it jumps to a whole new level of pain and destruction. The Aegis resonated in the vilest of ways, shredding itself up from the inside while Gallantmon's largely metal body ferried the damage in lesser amounts to the rest of Gallantmon's armour. The shield wasn't just shaken, it was completely destroyed to the point where it disintegrated into nothingness. It was gone, and so was the only attack that might've been able to wear through the dragons metal-armor hide.

Not one for admiring his handiwork until he was done, DoruGoramon nose-dived swinging Gallantmon into the water as hard as he could. So hard in fact he actually skipped 3 times before slamming into the side on a container ship. Gallantmon was still so dazed and wreaked from the last attack he barely felt a thing when the dragon tore into him again.

"Metal Impulse!"

The damage this time was severe. His armour cracks and broke off into bits and pieces. A wave of darkness passed over him almost sending the knight to sleep. Gallantmon shook it off. He couldn't allow his body to give up on him yet. Quickly he checked to make sure all his piece were accounted for... his lance survived, his armour... had seen better days. Next... DoruGoramon! He let go? No, the piece of armour he grabbed had been disintegrated. But why didn't he follow up? Where was he?

A quick survey of his surroundings revealed mostly darkness save for the odd glint of light off scrap metal. The attack had pushed him inside the ship. The the dragon was probably...


"No!" Gallant dove for the exit, the hole he'd made earlier when he was impulse inside. He thought he'd made it for a second, then everything went white.

DoruGoramon hovered above the bridge and the container ship he destroyed, smiling slightly as the flames acted as monument to his conquest... meagre victory that it was. It wasn't even a challenge. It did nothing to satisfy the warrior inside of him. What was there to do now but take pot shots at the little digital humans that were still yelling and fleeing on the other side of the bridge. Hey! Maybe he could try out Gallantmon's attack on them... that is if the knight ever fragmented into data like he was supposed to... Actually, do Biomerge digimon do that... or did they just revert? It'd be interesting to find out...

"Lightnging Joust!"

...Although that was clearly not going to happen yet.

The attack ripped out of the water from behind. The dragon was too big to dodge so instead he just let the attack collide harmlessly into his back. Glancing behind him, he could see hide nor hair of Gallantmon, just the ripples in the water generated by his attack. A simple, old, yet effective strategy... It would probably work against most digimon... DoruGoramon was not most digimon. Silently he stopped flapping his massive wings... and let himself fall peacefully into the water below.

"Clever knight. I'm impressed you can swim in your state, with that body... However..."

Another blast as soon as soon the dragon hit the water. The bubbles kept him from getting a good look at wear the attack came from, just a general idea. He waited for another. This time it came from the left, The massive mega dodged it. On ground he may have been at a disadvantage but in water his wings allowed him to move elegantly. He closed in on where the attack came from in seconds, but Gallantmon had already dove deeper and evaded. A low growl escaped echoes through the water. It was time to end this. Silently the dragon spread his hands as far as he could, and then slapped them together.

Metal Impulse!

Gallantmon was still moving into position at the moment, trying to find a good vantage point to attack from. The limited visibility in the water that allowed his to stay hidden worked both ways. But that was fine. Gallantmon was in no rush to have more parts of himself ripped apart. He'd stay in the water, prodding DoruGoramon with Lightning Jousts until he found a weakness. Every mon had them after all. And after he found it, he go in for the take down. That was the plan, until for a brief second it felt like the entire ocean tried to give him a bear hug. Bit of loose armour peeled off and the previously formed cracks turned into fissures through his body.

"W-what... the?"

Gallantmon tried to recover himself in the water, but he was hurting pretty bad. Finally he let his body drift for a moment. He needed a second to rest, not that he'd get it. A second later he was crushed again in the same way. But at least this time he could see what happened. He only noticed it because of aimless drifting cause him to look at the surface. It was the shockwaves from DoruGoramon's 'Metal Impulse'. The water was carrying them, making them impossible to dodge.

"I have to get out of here!" Gallantmon could see another shockwave already headed his way. Quickly he aimed lance down. "Lightning Joust!"

"Omni Cannon!"

The beam fired from Gallantmon's lance worked kind of like a makeshift rocket. It just barely had enough force to propel himself up and out of the water for a second. Sadly, it also revealed his location to DoruGoramon who was on him like white on rice. The dragon once again fired his new cannon attack which detonated under the surface, spewing water 3 square blocks in every direction, more than enough to smokescreen Gallantmon. The knight considered firing a blast to clear it, but he might accidently fire straight into the city, and DoruGoramon probably wouldn't even feel it.

Gallantmon didn't even notice the dragon emerge from behind until he felt his claws digging into his armour again, snatching him out of the air by the same damaged arm that used to hold the shield. Instinctively. glancing to the side, Gallantmon could see the dragon's other claw coming up from his left. Another point blank attack to his core might just finish him.

"Metal IMPULSE!"

Reacting on a dime Gallantmon brought both his legs up kicking as hard into the dragon's attacking arm as he could. He didn't want to hit the claws directly of course, that would just destroy his feet and make it all but impossible to evade. Instead he nailed to forearm from the bottom, angling to attack upwards. Ducking as low as he could and twisting around so he was facing the arm head on, he grabbed the arm between his knees and jammed it into the arm that was holding him. DoruGoramon just used his attack on himself.

The beast dragon snarled, paying little mind to his arm being shredded and the shingles of armor being pealed off. He wouldn't drop Gallantmon either, not when he could hold on and ensure the shockwave passed through him too. Gallantmon was still trying to worm free, time to put an end to that.


Again Gallantmon moved with unreal speed, pulling himself by his ensnared arm he did a horizontal 180 this time slamming his knee into the dragon's other arm and wrenching his hand free. At once he started to free fall but quickly grabbed onto the Mega's leg. If he fell back into the water DoruGoramon could just start taking potshots, or enter somewhere and use his Metal impulse. He'd be finished.

DoruGoramon saw what was happening. He was trying to hold back his attack but from the second he started he only had two second tops. However the Beast Dragon was no slouch, with one quick strong flick of his tail Gallantmon was sent sailing through the air. One well placed shot aaand...


Gallantmon whipped around, tearing off it his cape and throwing it in front of him as a faint. Not much of a faint at that distance but it worked. It threw off the dragon's aim just enough to allow him to dodge. The attack ripped through right over Gallantmon shoulder and next to his head. He could feel the heat from it on his entire body.

Wow. I haven't taken my clothes off that fast since that one time Kazu spilt milk on me and told me it was acid... In the cafeteria... in front of all those people.

Gallantmon train of thought was shattered when something stopped his momentum backward. It felt like a brick wall but in actuality it was something more solid, one of the supports for the bridge.

Oww... Well I guess I could use a five second break. Gallantmon glanced ahead. He could already his DoruGoramon flying at him, preparing another attack.


Awww nuts. That is so not five seconds.

Gallantmon lunged upwards as the attack crashed into the support beams. The bridge in it's entirety wobbled.But it wasn't a bad thing, actually it was just what the exalted knight wanted. Gallantmon flipped over the railing once he reached the top, a quick check for civilian stragglers didn't reveal any. He was ready.

"Lightning joust!"

He attack was a direct hit nailing the dragon the second his head peeked over the railing. It's didn't do much damage though; actually it didn't do any at all. It was more of an attention getter like... just being slapped awake by that annoying person in your house who is so going eat a METAL IMPULSE the second you get your hands on his neck.

"I'm only going to ask you this once. Why are you doing this?"

DoruGoramon shirked. "Well it was either this or reading to orphans... I hate kids soo~"

Gallantmon readied his lance. "..."

"Ha ha ha! That's more like it. To be honest this is first time someone in your little treehouse gang hasn't disappointed me."

"It's a shed!" Guilmon's voice retorted

"Don't care. Tell you what. As thanks for giving me at least one moment in my life that was actually worth living, pick a more interesting question and I may just give you a real answer."

Huh? It sounds like he's expecting to die...?

There was so much so ask about. The Digital Field, the girl Ryo found, Calumon's disappearance, the weird dreams he's been having... there was too much. Maybe he should ask about his enemies, anything could help. Who was really behind this and why? How many of them were there? If he could just figure out-

"Cyberdramon!" Gallantmon was shocked at his own statement. Why was he thinking about that now.

"Hmmm...?" DoruGoramon let a bemused expression cross his face.

"What were talking with him about? Who is he really?"

"Lack of trust in one of your 'friends'?"

Gallantmon frowned. That wasn't it. But if there conversation was so bad even Cyberdramon didn't want his partner to know... "What's wrong. Question not interesting enough?"

The dragon's smile grew wider. "Alright. You two have more in common than you think. Cyberdramon is actually two digimon. One being Monodramon, the other making your own Megidramon look like little more than a stray dog off his leash."

"..." Gallantmon didn't move, but it was clear his was trying to digest that statement.

"What do you know... of Milleniumon."

"Well this isn't good." Terriermon murmured.

"No kidding. How did Takato get through this?" Henry asked in amazement.

The two were standing at the entrance to the underground tunnel. The place was thick with massive rusted chains wall to wall and one link being the size of a person. There was no way in. Even MegaGargomon would have to level the entire place the reach the middle.

"I think we've been locked out Henry... Maybe there's a key under the mat?"

"Doubt it." Henry stated, only half paying attention. His mind was too preoccupied. partly on trying to find a way around this and the other part... "I still don't understand why he didn't wake me... We've all agreed this place is too dangerous to go in solo."

"Maybe he thought he had too."

Henry gasped and spun around, relaxing only slightly when he realized the voice belonged to Yamaki. The gentleman strolled up to the chains carefully, looking them over as if to appraise their value.

"Yamaki? Don't tell me this is a social visit."

"Strictly business. Looks like I was right about where you were heading."

"Awww. Your no fun." Terriermon quipped

"So this is what all the fuss is about..." Yamaki went on as if he hadn't heard the question. "Interesting interpretation of a firewall. To answer your question I'm here to see you since I suspect my phone has been compromised."

"You knew I'd be here?"

Yamaki nodded. "I had Megumi bug certain systems in Hypnos. Not much since basic PCs aren't equipped to handle data the way Hypnos servers are but at the very least I was able to get the tracking up and running."

"But isn't Hypnos a government operation, which would make what your doing-"

"-Highly illegal. That's why I'm speaking to you and not your father. If Fujiyama figures out what we're doing he look for any excuse possible to take down the monster makers as well."

"Right..." Henry nodded. "So you're telling me because I have easy access to my dad. If something goes wrong I can pass the message on discreetly. But wait, what do you mean Takato thought he had to come alone."

"A recent trend it seems. You new enemy seems to only attack when your isolated. That Digital field yesterday in the park was a mess."

"It was?"

Yamaki turned slightly... "You didn't notice? I guess Takato and Rika didn't figure it out either."

"Notice what?" Henry demanded.

"The digital field. It expanded yesterday and dropped a Rookie right near Takato. I know Digimon can usually detect each other in close proximity but the digital field seems to have changed slightly to render that ability inert... Why do you look so surprised. They didn't mention this to you?"

"No..." Henry frowned. He knew the Digital Field had expanded but no hostiles showed up on his D-Arc. "...They didn't. What happened next."

"I have no idea. Even at Hypnos I've never seen anything like it. It looked like another Digital Field opened up inside the first one. Your friends went off the grid for a while before reappearing on the other side of town. Sakuyamon was barely registering..."

Yamaki stopped for a second, instinctively flicking his lighter open and shut a couple times before deciding to continue. Henry was one of the main Tamers and had displayed excellent judgement in most situations. He could handle what came next.

"...You know, back when I was still making the Juggernaught... I saw a lot of Digimon a lot stronger than she was in that state disperse into data."

Henry sighed. Now he was starting to understand his friend's strange behaviour. Terriermon giggled to himself on the boy's back. "Well at least someone cares enough to keep us in the loop."

"No problem. But your loop might be getting smaller soon."

"..." The Chinese tamer paused. He didn't like the sound of this.

"Two of the systems we bugged we recently lost."

"They found you?"

Yamaki shrugged. "If they did then I should already be in jail... That part doesn't make sense to me." Glancing out of the corner of his shades he saw the Tamer was folding his arms. Clearly further explanation was needed. "Fujiyama is clever but I wouldn't describe him as being the most capable. Plus I don't think he'd be able to exercise the self control needed to keep himself from getting me locked away. My bet is his assistant found them and hasn't reported them to her boss."

Henry arched a brow. "This might be none of my business, but both you and Riley act... not yourselves when it comes to her. I'm guessing you worked together."

Yamaki flicked his lighter again, still staring ahead. "She was the previous administrator of Hypnos, back when I was still a programmer playing with my little Yugoth programs and Juggernaught was still a pipe dream."

"Did she get promoted?"



Yamaki nodded. "I said Juggernaught was a pipe dream right, well that doesn't mean I was still stuck in the planning phase. I had about 2 years of work done on it, and I wanted to make it in an official project so I pitched it to Ms. Shoryu in an attempt to get it funded."

"How'd that go?" Henry asked.

"A little too well. I got the funding I wanted... actually I got three times what I asked for. It became the primary focus for Hypnos. It would be years before a full version of Juggernaught was created and if you'll remember even that had some serious flaws."

"Awww, but Deva's seemed to like it." Terriermon chortled.

"Don't remind me." Yamaki muttered. "Well our director in her infinite wisdom decided to test a trial version only a few months after I pitched it to her. We still couldn't interface with the Digital World well at that point, only monitor it. So testing didn't make any sense."

"But she did it anyway?"

"Yeah. And just about everyone in the building became violently ill within minutes. That was one of the reasons I was protesting it. Primitive versions of Juggernaught weren't safe to be used anywhere near humans. High frequency signals travel through humans easily, but super low frequencies like 1 or 2 hertz can damage cells over time. This was made to be much worse. We were lucky the building was shielded both inside and out."

Henry nodded. "I see. That's more than just reckless. Didn't they charge her?"

"With what? The existence of Digimon was still highly classified. It was impossible to get her into court. They just wanted her to disappear for a while and she did. The wonder of politics."

"You've got to be kidding..." Henry rolled his eyes in disbelief. "... I take it you were the one that hit the kill switch."

Yamaki nodded. "Not that it did anything. Apparently the Juggernaught had damaged our systems and the ones that were shielded were just faulty. Also I didn't have access to the main generators and our fearless director had disappeared. I couldn't even get a hold of her given how much damage the Juggernaught did to my phone. And the crème de la crème, as soon as people started getting sick the doors shut and the building locked down."

Henry gulped. "What happened."

Yamaki smirked. "Our building has some big windows... I managed to get outside and borrowed someone else's phone. I got a hold of the city power grid and had them stage a blackout."

"You actually managed to convince them to do that?"

The man's smirk grew wider. "I've always been good at politics, and one of the higher employees owed me a rather large favour. After that incident they wanted to shut Hypnos down. Who do you think convinced them to restart it with me in charge."

"Hee hee." Terriermon giggled madly to himself. "Geez I may not have given you enough credit. Who'd you sucker into that one?"

"Among others, Fujiyama."

"...Oh." Henry stated blankly. "Where were Riley and Megumi during all this."

"Not at Hypnos." Yamaki started. "Most people quit that day which was fine with me. One of things I asked for in restarting the facility was a completely new team. I had dossiers on all the best programmers and technicians, even your dad."

Henry arched a brow.

"I didn't hire him of course. You see few knew the security and fail safes of Hypnos the way I did. I designed many of the technical aspects myself. Ms Shoryu of course wrote the protocols and was briefed on everything. It should not have failed... not like that. I became convinced that woman was a Digimon sympathizer. I didn't want anyone one my team that I considered an 'emotional risk'." Yamaki narrowed his eyes. Even after all these years, it was easy to see this wasn't just a mere office rivalry.

"But wait, why's she with Fujiyama now if she's..."

Yamaki nodded, loosening his expression slightly. "That I don't have an answer for... maybe I was wrong about her... at least her intentions. But I still think I'm right about her keeping those bugs she found away from Fujiyama." The blond held his head as if he was getting a headache. "I may not be able to tell you what her motivations are, but the fact remains she is very capable and very dangerous. Watch yourself around her."

Henry nodded. "Will do, thanks. Now if we could just get into that digital field... Hang on. That explains why you dislike her but if Riley wasn't around then..."

Yamaki flicked his lighter. "This is actually the second time I've seen that woman this year, after a decade of her being a ghost. Those two must have met during the first."

Henry glanced over. "Oh, when was this?"

"It was about..." Yamaki paused, as if a sudden realization just came over him. Finally he tore his gaze away from the chains and looked directly at the young boy beside him. "...A week before your digimon came back."

Geez. That's the second class in a row he's missed. I hope he's not stuck across town again... maybe rescuing some damsel in distress. Kazu sighed. 'Wish I got to save the girl once in a while.

"Kazu!" Ayeka snapped, bring the boy back down to reality. "Either pay attention or stop looking at my answers."

"I meant the cute girl..."The visor clad tamer grimaced.


Kazu shuffled around in his seat. As usual his inability to sit still without a proper incentive like the sort Ms. Asagi provided though imminent detentions was causing him to lose focus. The teacher had been called to the office for a moment and would likely be back any minute... you can get pretty distracted in one minute.

"Nothing." Kazu snorted. "And by the way if I paid attention I wouldn't need to look at your answers... duh!"

"I am soooo not giving you a place to stay when you're unemployed and homeless."

"Ha! Who needs your charity?" Kazu turned around to Kenta. "You got my back, right?"

"Sure... I think we have a closet you can use. Oh and you'll have to start calling me Kenta Sensei."

Kazu stared at his friend blankly. "You can't be serious Kenta."

"Kenta Sensei!"

"Two down..." Kazu moaned before turning back to Ryo. To his surprise the famous one had his face buried in a book! "Traitor! Wait... this isn't an open book test. Nice!"

"Relax this is a science textbook." Ryo responded. "I just needed a few minutes of shut eye."

"Dude, we're in science."


Gingerly Jeri reached out and took down the book. Behind Ryo face looked positively ragged. "Oh dear! What happened to you. Ummm you need to see the nurse?"

"Cyberdramon again?" Kazu asked.

"Yeah, he's been wound extra tight lately. I think it's the digital field. So many opponents and I don't want him just charging in there like he usually does... At least that what I hope it is..." The last part Ryo said without even thinking. When he realized his friends were still looking at him he figured he'd have to explain a bit.

"I wanted to get him back to his Rookie form yesterday but he asked me not to. Said he had to do some thinking as Cyber..." Ryo trailed off. He looked worried, really worried. Although Kazu and Kenta both just passed it off as sleep deprivation to Jeri it was clear something bigger was in play

"I think you'll be alright." The brown haired girl said cheerfully.


"Even if he acts funny sometimes. He's still your partner."

Ryo forced a smile back at Jeri. "Yeah..." The smile disappeared when he laid his down, still starved for rest. The last sentence he murmured to low for anyone to here. "That's what I'm afraid of."

Another class went by and it was time for lunch. Ryo ended up checking into the nurses office after all. He still didn't want to go, but Jeri had a way of making you feel terrible if you didn't. A good hour of sleep might be just what the doctor ordered anyway. Kazu and Kenta naturally headed outside as soon as they were done their lunch and met up with Henry.

"Yo dude! Perfect timing" Kazu hollered. Henry was calmly reading on the grass next to the soccer field and glanced behind him, smiling from ear to ear.

"Hey Kazu, What do you need."

"A decent challange!" Kazu responded holding out card deck. "Kenta goes down so easily there's not even any sport in it anymore."

"Hey I still beat you almost half the time." Kenta responded.

"I rest my case." Kazu continued. "So what do you say?"

Henry chuckled casually. "Sure but I'm not sure I'll be much a challenge with that new card of yours."

Kazu nodded. "Yeah I kinda wanna see how it works. I checked Kenta's card index but his version is old. Not much help."

"Sorry for not having a new one but, some of us pay for our own lunch."

Kazu smirked at his friend. "I'm just outsourcing my food supply."

Henry face palmed, closing his book with his other hand. "Interesting way of putting that. You ever consider being a Public Relations representative. You could work for Hypnos"


All faces turned to Ayeka standing over the boys. She had one hand holding her chin up with her eyebrows furrowed as if she was thinking deeply.

"Kazu in a suit... Nope, still looks like a monkey."

"Back wicked witch of the east! Back I say!" Kazu made his fingers into a cross and held them against Ayeka. She responded by giving him look as if he were the dumbest most immature animal alive. Kazu probably took that look as a sign he was doing something right.

"I thought the Witch of West was the main villain in Oz." Kenta stated.

"She was." Henry stated, pondering his opening move. "The East got crushed by a house."

Kazu looked up. As far as he was concerned stranger things have happened. Ayeka realized he was probably praying for a house to fall on her and proceeded to punch him in the stomach. When he hunched over she ducked down, she clasped his leg and began pulling him across the grass.

"Let's go 'Dorothy'. We have a track meet today."

"Awww man. Not another one. Tell them I'm sick." Kazu complained.

"They already saw you."

"Then tell them I.. Hey Kenta! You better not be stealing my cards!"

The blue haired boy jumped. "O-of course not. I'm just... gathering them for you."

"Really? Then how 'bout taking those three you put into your pocket and adding them back to the deck."

Kenta did as he was told before scooping them up as best he could and running after Kazu. Henry chuckled for a moment. It was safe to say there match was over. But then his expression darkened... Takato wasn't back yet. He wasn't even sure how worried he should be given the call he made to Yamaki at the beginning of lunch. He may not have a cell phone but fortunately the school office does. Apparently Takato was still in the Digital Field, alive and kicking.

Henry leaned back, a small yelp jolting him straight up. He almost forgotten his partner sleeping right behind him. Normally Henry didn't like bringing Terriermon to school, but given the strange attack at the park, it was beginning to seem like a much better idea to keep his partner on him at all times. He silently thanked himself for choosing a small Digimon when he first played that game so long ago. Guardromon and Cyberdramon, even Guilmon didn't exactly fit on the school grounds.

"Geez Henry you trying to crush me?"

Henry grinned playfully. "Why not. Maybe that'll finally teach you some manners."

"Hey, I am plenty well mannered, compared to Impmon at least."

"Which isn't saying much." Henry chuckled while Terriermon put on a pouty face. "Hey Terriermon... I know I already asked you this but are you sure you have no idea why Takato went off alone."

"Hmmm..." Terriermon put a paw to his chin and pretended to think. "...Goggles to tight?"

"Terriermon~ I'm trying to be serious."

"So am I." The little rabbit/dog giggled. "let's see he nearly destroyed the Digital World with Megidramon after what happened to Leomon, ran off the fight the D Reaper alone to save Jeri..."

"Oh yeah. Good thing Rika and I caught up to him at the tunnel."

"...And speaking of Rika, didn't he almost fall off a train trying to save her. Let's face it Henry. The kid doesn't think to clearly when someone hurts his friends."

"Yeah..." Henry murmured to himself. As annoying as it was, that trait of unyielding loyalty to his friends was impossible to hate. It was just too bad his brain didn't always match his heart. "...Any chance he went in there with a plan."

"About the same as me Digivolving into Angewomon~"

Henry smiled, if only slightly. Yamaki had assured him that Takato's signal was still strong back when there were in the tunnel but then why hadn't he come out yet? Were those chains the problem, was the exit hidden or was it something else. And then there were the other things Yamaki mentioned. It was time for the Tamers to gather together and have another meeting, if only he knew when their goggleheaded leader would return... Maybe Rika and Renamon might know a way too...

"Renamon!" Henry cried.

"Eh? You lost a marble or something Henry?"

"No. She can phase through things. She can get into the digital field and check if Takato's okay. I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. I'll go see her right now."

Terriermon wrapped himself around his partner's shoulders as the boy took off post haste. "Momentai!"

Another long chapter. Hopefully I can bring this fight to a close in the next one. I haven't stopped writing I just don't do it as often these days. Thank you to all who keep reading and Rukato forever.