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"I want those elites fit to be six feet under now!" White-one yelled to her other two companions standing next to her. With her order they opened fire. White-two fired with his dual assault rifles, while white-three aimed with his two pistols for the on coming elites heads. Three went down with her comrades bullets while four other only caught the bursts with their shields. Those were the ones white-one aimed for, firing six short, powerful bursts from her battle rifle. All four elites fell.

The building they were protecting was built into a mountain and in fact looked like part of the mountain unless viewed 30 meters away. And then you would only see the white-wash cliff that led to the front door to the "building". The door itself was hidden behind large rocks scattered in front of it to make it look like part of the mountain had fallen, scattering the boulders on the wide cliff. The building was meant to be a fortress, a hiding place for the citizens to go when under attack. It was a great hiding place until the covenant noticed one of the transport ships heading there. Team White was sent immediately. Their orders were to hold off the covenant forces until all the citizens were evacuated by airlift through a shaft in the mountain. So far the mission had been like shooting ducks on a pond, but it seemed the luck had finally run out. More dark violet pods had landed in a semi circle around the entrance white-one and her spartan team was defending.

The white team leader leveled her weapon on the closest pod that was sinking into the rock of the cliff as if it were mud. She counted 13 pods. That was six more than the group they just finished. With a loud crack, the pod door of the one she was sited on was kicked open, and it spurted out a whitish fog into the air. White-one didn't wait for it to settle before firing five continual bursts into it. Taking no time to watch the elite crumble to the ground, she lobed a grenade into the pod closest to the first.

Her comrades had already taken three down before they even got out of their pods as she had done, and they were both firing at one that had begun to raise his gun. He was quickly mowed down by both their fire.

White-one was showering a charging elite with her armor piercing bullets when an elite whose pod had landed more in the middle of the semi circle flashed a blue plasma looking weapon from the edge of her vision. Finishing the elite, she turned to find the elite running forward with a sword made of blue plasma.

"That's not good." She said in a tight whisper as he focused on her.

Returning the attention, the spartan poured the rest of her round into him, only making his shield flicker dangerously. She wouldn't have enough time to reload and so took a more defensive stance, slinging the weapon over her shoulder.

The elite suddenly leapt forward with a burst of speed and the spartan was caught off guard with the swiftness of his attack. It was a side slash blow, meant for a killing strike across the chest. Her back arched and the sword cut through her shields the moment it touched. The sword sliced through the black under suit that covered her stomach and a sting of pain shot up her nervous system. Grinding her teeth forced the pain out of her mind, and she concentrated on defeating the enemy. Catching herself with her left hand and foot on the ground, she kicked her right foot upward. The arm that held the sword bent unnaturally at the elbow. A roar escaped the elite and he dropped the sword. Bringing her knee to her chest, she pivoted on her left hand and foot. Using all her strength she kicked in the elite's stomach. The sound of crunching bones was something she never could get used to and didn't think she ever would.

She opened a COM channel with her group as the elite crumbled to the ground. "It's getting too hot to my liking. Head back to defensive position." Two white lights flashed in her HUD.

Grabbing a grenade she threw it at two incoming elites who dogged it by moving to either side of it. But it gave her enough time to dive behind one of the boulders hiding the door. With her back against the rock she reloaded her battle rifle and searched for her other two teammates. Two white tags appeared on her heads-up display. They had both made it behind different boulders. White-three was the closest to the door; apparently he had already sought cover before. White-two was at two o'clock of her current position, the closest to her.

"Ma'am! Elite with sword heading toward your position!" White-two's voice crackled over the COM channel.

"Hose him down! I want to avoid as much contact with them as possible" She yelled back while whirling around the boulder with rifle at ready. She spotted him immediately, partly because he was roaring and the other part because he was the closest to her. She opened fire and was both pleased and unhappy to see she wasn't the only one to fire from both sides. His shields dropped drastically, as hers from the fire of the other elites, but he was also in range to lunge. Spotting the quick twitch of the elite's foot as he began the lunge, white-one turned back to the cover of the boulder. She heard a roar, and the elite landed beside her, a pistol shot through the head.

"Thanks white-three" She said breathlessly.

"Think nothing of it, ma'am." He replied back.

"Alright listen up, both of you. Concentrate all of your fire on one elite at a time. I'll see if this new weapon is as dangerous as it seems."

Two acknowledgement lights flashed.

The rest of her shield powered up while she picked up the still activated plasma sword from the dead elite beside her. Standing with her back against the rock, the spartan swung the sword out in front of her to get a feel for it and could hardly contain the wince from the pain that shot from her stomach. Grinding her teeth, the spartan moved, turning back to face the elites. There were five left, and one was just in range. Taking two steps forward, she sprung forward and used an uppercut move. The elite made a gurgling sound in his throat and collapsed.

Sighting on the next nearest one, white-one ran forward, sliced, and kept running, heading toward another elite. Slashing the third in half at the waist, white-one turned, searching for other contacts. There were none.

Static picked up on her COM system. "White-one come in. This is Captain Sanders. We have all the citizens to safety, and we're pulling you out. There's a pelican waiting for you in the hanger."

"Yes sir!"

The channel snapped off and white-one opened a channel to her companions.

"All citizens are to safety. Let's head inside the hanger. White-three have you got those mines set? I don't want anyone following us in."

"Yes ma'am. Set at maximum sensitivity and ready to trigger its proximity detectors." White-three answered.

"Good, now let's head in before more of our friends show up."