Time Stands Still

A/N: Hello. This is my first shortstory for this site and my first story for Cold Mountain. I'm not sure if this is any good. The movie was the best one I've seen in a long time. It was bittersweet and beautiful. I hope I did it a little justice. o.O

Disclaimer: I own nothing Cold Mountain.

I hear gunshots and my heart stops. For a minute time stands still. And then I see the black crows. The omen from my vision in Sally's well. I don't think, I just scream your name in terror. A hard fist in my stomach just tells me that something terrible has happened to you, Inman. I run. I run as fast as my sweetly-sore legs can carry me. A dozen thoughts and memories dance through my mind in the moments it takes for me to reach you. To see your black silhouette stumble towards me and fall. I see your hands gliding over my body, I feel them. I see your eyes darkened with passion and love. I see your smiling face. I feel your warm lips upon my own. I hear your deep, firm voice.

"No. No I will not."

Will not what Inman? Turn away from me? Then what are you doing now? You're turning away from me, you're leaving me. Please don't leave me, Inman. I need you, lord, I need you so much. I love you Inman, I've no doubts about that now. How I wish it were last night again. How I wish I could still be safely wrapped in your arms. I long for last night, Inman. I long for this all to be a nightmare, when only yesterday it was the sweetest dream I've ever had. I yearn to feel you inside me, Inman. I yearn to be back in that little world we created for only us two. I even wish for it to be this morning, when I woke beside you with sweetly-sore limbs. Everything aches now, Inman. But not sweetly. Horribly. Worse than even that. Worse than the day I watched you march off to war and away from me. Then I had only the fear of you dying. Now I see you dying.

I fall to my knees beside your limp body. I have no strength left. I touch your cold cheek and my heart jumps in despair. You're slipping away from me, Inman. Every second that passes, you're gone from me more. There's so much blood. And it's all yours. I wish it were my own. I wish I was the one in pain and not you. You're whispering something to me. I have to lean close to your mouth to hear. You got him back. Who? Who did you get back, Inman? The last of those monsters? You killed him. I can almost read your thoughts. But the bastard didn't die without taking one more life. Yours. Why, God? Why are you taking him from me? Why do you take everything from me? Wasn't my father enough? Your eyes are glazed over now. You're slipping further away. Please hold on just a bit longer. Give me a few more moments with you. Don't leave me yet, Inman! Don't you dare! I'm soaking in every last second with you. This is the last time I will feel your heart beat under my hand, or see your eyes open to gaze into mine. The last time I will ever feel you kiss me. I see the fear in your eyes. I don't want you to be afraid.

So I kiss you and tell you it's okay, that I love you. In my kiss is the silent permission for you to go. Just go, Inman. I don't think I can bear another moment of this. Of wondering which breath is your last. Of eagerly counting each of your sluggish heartbeats. Of hearing you hiss in pain. Just go, Inman. Go to heaven. Be my angel now. I kiss you until there is no trace of you left. And then I lay immobile over your cold shell, trying to imagine that you're still alive. That we're only in bed after making love. I cry until there is nothing left, until I am numb. And I find myself thinking once again, Come back to me, Inman. Come back.

A/N: Eh, not that good. But hey, I tried. Please tell me what you think! I'd really appreciate it.