Disclaimer: I'm writing this story as a sort of fanfic of a fanfic. I'm writing a fanfiction story based on Spaztic Arwen's "Adventures in Georgetown" fan fiction. Spaztic Arwen is a good friend of mine who I go to school with. I DO have her permission to use her characters, ideas, storyline, etc…in fact, she wants me to write this story for Just to prove that she is a friend I'll have her leave a review on my story.

I own none of these characters except for "Kevin" and "Darrion". Spaztic Arwen owns the cloths on her back, "Melanie", "Charlie", "Juliette", and "Carrie" (ME!). This is Carrie's point of view on life. Yes, she is a vampire, but born that way…I'm not going into the logistics of "How?" or "Why?"

Flying was the only pleasure for Carrie on days like these. The grey cloudy sky served to amplify her depressed mood. However, the clouds were her realease from life as well. What was fantasy for others was reality for her. She was half vampire and she knew that no one could understand that. Not even her parents understood, nor did they know. Carrie herself didn't know. "I'm just different, and that's bad!" she muttered to herself. Her fists clenched tight. It wasn't until her long nails began to impale her soft, dry hands. She stared at her hands and hovered above the nimbostratus clouds watching the blood disappear as it dripped slowly from the speedily regenerating puncture wounds on her palms. She could've cried if she wanted to, but her crusty dry eyes felt like they bled the very last tear that they could possibly form. So much hurt, so much pain, she could only fly away from everything, but she knew that you have to face your problems sooner or later. Carrie just tried to enjoy the fact that she had an escapethe skyunlike the millions of other people who struggle with the same situations that she did.

"Oh God," she breathed, "I don't understand, but just help me."

Carrie dipped below the clouds when she saw The Park below her. Even in the slightly chilly April weather, she felt like a swim. Once positive that no one was present, she pulled her knees to her throat and plummeted towards the water. A pretty good cannonball. She flew out of the water like a swan, then spun around to attempt what the image spoke of. She fell into a perfect swan dive, smiling at the fact that any Olympic judge would give her performance a 10.0.

She shot out of the water once more and halted midair when she heard someone approaching. Hiding herself in her human form, she watched as the boy she recognized as Darrion stopped near the edge of the water. Carrie sighed, Darrion was the last person she really wanted to see right now. She loved him more than anything, and it was because she loved him, she didn't want to see him. He had no idea how all she ever wanted to do was hold him to her heart with his arms tightly around her. No talking, no kissing, no sex, no intimacy of any kind was required. Those were just perqs. She just wanted him.

She continued to watch him as he turned to walk away. Before she knew it, a giant black batlike demon caught Darrion with it's claws and carried him to the sky.

"Say goodbye, Darrion," the creature hissed. It hit Darrion in the head, knocking him unconscious, and pitched him into the pond. The creature laughed and flew away.

Carrie jumped from her hiding spot, transformed, and dove into the lake.