Carrie stood behind a nearby tree, watching Darrion as he rose, dazed into a trance by what had just happened. He glanced around desperately looking both for the creature that tried to drown him, and for the mysteriously beautiful creature that had rescued him.

"I shouldn't have done that!" Carrie murmered in reference to the kiss she left on Darrion's lips. She smashed her head against the sharp tree bark. "Ow!" She whispered as she rubbed her head, feeling the dent in her flesh heal itself. Carrie sighed, "I'd better make sure that Darrion is ok and can get home by himself."

As she flitted across the park and transformed into her human self, a dark man stood on a hidden tree branch high above where she hid. "At last," he chuckled to himself. "I've found myself a woman to become my new bride."